The Amazing Race Recap 5/22/19: Season 31 Episode 6 “Who Wants a Rolex?”

The Amazing Race Recap 5/22/19: Season 31 Episode 6 "Who Wants a Rolex?"

Tonight the CBS series The Amazing Race airs with an all-new Wednesday, May 22, 2019, season 31 episode 6 and we have 1your The Amazing Race recap below. On tonight’s season 31 episode 6 called, “Who Wants a Rolex?,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Teams must drum up enough strength for an intense head-to-head battle before checking into the mat.”

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Teams will depart and must hail a taxi, make their way to Kampala, Uganda; where four million people travel through every day. They will find their next clue at the Uganda National Mosque. All teams are on the same flight, its another restart for the teams that are lagging behind.

The plane lands, teams all find taxis and race to get to the Mosque. Teams have to dress in respectful dress wear. They have to climb 272 steps, which they have to count.

Nicole & Victor are in 1st place, they get their clue; teams must take a taxi to Owino Market and enter the main gate, search and find their next clue.

There are thousands of people in the market, teams have to look for a restaurant. Nicole & Victor find their next clue, it’s a Road Block; Who Wants A Rolex? Teams must shop for ingredients and make a Rolex which looks like a crepe.

Janelle & Britney are in the last place, but at least they count the 272 stairs in the first try.

Nicole & Victor make their Rolex and get their next clue. Teams must now travel to the Gava Landing site and find the village boat makers to find their next clue.

Having arrived last in the previous leg, Rachel & Elissa must now complete a Speed Bump; they have to Wash ‘N Go, doing laundry in a chaotic market and finding a place to dry them in the busy market.

Instead of reading the clue properly, Britney is actually looking for a real Rolex.

The next clue is a choice between Salty Roll where they have to skin a salt perch, and Move the Pole, they must deliver wood by bicycle and stack it – to get their next clue.

Not only have Rachel & Elissa finished their Speed Bump, but they have finished their Rolex before Janelle & Britney who are looking in the market for a Rolex watch.

Tyler & Korey are in the first place, they have to now compete in a head to head drum puzzle in order to go the Pit Stop at Jahazi Pier. The last two teams will compete in a head to head, the loser will be eliminated.

The first head to head is going to be Tyler & Korey, Colin & Christie.

Tyler & Korey win the first head to head and are the first team to arrive at the Pit Stop. They have won a trip to Singapore for 5 nights.

Colin & Christie are team number 2, Nicole & Victor are team number 3, Chris & Bret are team number 4. Becca & Floyd are team number 5. Leo & Jamal are team number 6,

Rachel & Elissa, Janelle & Britney are in the final head to head, it is a Big Brother battle.

Rachel & Elissa win, they are team number 7 and still in the race.

Janelle & Britney are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated.