The Blacklist Recap 04/26/19: Season 6 Episode 18 “The Brockton College Killer”

The Blacklist Recap 04/26/19: Season 6 Episode 18 "The Brockton College Killer"

Tonight on NBC their hit drama The Blacklist starring James Spaderairs with an all-new Friday, April 26, 2019, episode and we have your The Blacklist recap below. On tonight’s Blacklist Season 6 episode 18 called, “The Brockton College Killer”,  as per the NBC synopsis, “A frozen corpse is discovered in the woods, and the Task Force is drawn into the investigation of an old case that has gained notoriety due to a popular true crime podcast. Meanwhile, Red visits Dom Wilkinson for help making a difficult decision, and Ressler makes a discovery about Katarina Rostova’s past.”

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A college female walks through a dark campus. She hears something and runs. In her form, she is attacked. The next day a runner finds a woman in the woods frozen. He touches her. She falls over and shatters.

Liz arrives at Red’s apartment. He is listening to a podcast about a killer who freezes his victims. He went to jail years ago. The murders started happening again. He thinks she should look into it. Liz admits to him that she turned him into the police. Red admits that he knew it was her. But he let his hopes trick him into ignoring the feeling. He will never believe her again.

Donald watches a video of a man using quarters in a candy machine. Later, he brings a bag of quarters to Aram. He wants the prints off of them. Liz arrives. She updates the team on the murders of several women who were killed and set up like frozen statues. Aram knows the story well, he listens to a podcast on the murders called Thaw. He believes a teacher at the Brockton University where all three female visits went had something to do with. Liz and Donald get to investigating. They visit the suspected killer. Meanwhile, a female college student has been taken and screams for her life from a small space.

Aram visits with the professor who still works at the college. He questions him about why one of the victims filed a sexual harassment complaint. The man gets angry and starts spewing how it is all lies.

Red is getting ready to head out. Dembe gets ready to go. Red tells him he needs space. Dembe thinks he needs to tell Liz. He also knows that red shouldn’t be mad that he kept his secret and Liz’s as well out of loyalty.

Aram returns to tell the team he thinks he might know where the professor could be hiding the girl if he is, in fact, the killer. He received ownership of a cabin deep in the woods in his divorce. Donald and Liz arrive a short time later. The place looks abandoned. They break in and find the missing girl.

Red consults with his longtime confidant while Dembe consults with a spiritual friend. They are both torn.

Donald senses someone is following him on the street. He turns fast. It is the Russians. They tell him they will be watching. Meanwhile, no-one can find the professor. Tobias, the suspected jailed killer, is set free. 

Liz confides in Donald that she is worried about Dembe’s safety. Red continues to spend time with his old friend. He thinks he may ex-communicate. They take the teacher in after finding him at a student’s home. In interrogation, he tells them he isn’t the killer. The night of the murders he was with a student. They were having an affair. He can prove it.

Liz and the team can verify that the professor isn’t lying. Maybe the real killer was in fact set free. Tobias arrives at the home of the woman who runs the podcast. They sit and talk. He kisses her. She kisses him back. 

Tobias and Kim talk more and more throughout the night. Meanwhile, the team visits the source of the nitrogen. The head of the lab is the stepfather of Kim. He tells the team how she has always been obsessed with Tobias.

Tobias discovers Kim is the killer. Before he can leave to go to the police she hits him over the head and drags him to her basement where he has a freezer. Donald and the team arrive just in time.

Liz calls Red. He doesn’t answer. He isn’t sure how he is going to love with Dembe’s betrayal. His friend tells him to get revenge. He will feel better. Miles away Dembe gets ready to leave on a trip. 

Dembe comes down the stairs to find Red sitting in the dark. He tells him he does not need forgiveness. Dembe tells Red that he cannot, however, forgive him. He leaves.

Donald tells Liz he didn’t stop researching Red’s real identity. He found her grandfather. Liz arrives at the doorstep of Red’s confidant, Katerina’s father. He is caught off guard but lets her in.