The Code Recap 06/03/19: Season 1 Episode 8 “Lioness”

The Code Recap 06/03/19: Season 1 Episode 8 "Lioness"

Tonight on CBS  their new series  “The Code” airs with an all-new Monday, June 3, 2019 episode and we have your The Code recap below. On tonight’s The Code season 1 episode 8 called, “Lioness,” as per CBS’ synopsis, “Abe and Harper travel to Afghanistan to investigate when an Afghan commander is killed on a U.S. base. When a Marine is accused of the crime, Trey and Maya join their colleagues to defend him in an on-base hearing.

Also, Col. Turnbull and her husband, Asa, disagree about how to handle their son Adam’s physical therapy.”

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Harper arrives at work and is surprised with an award for her combat skills. Turnbull presents her. She wears a troubled face during the process. Later, she is back to herself when she realizes someone stole her soy milk. She is then told Abe is headed to Afghanistan which irritates her even more. Harper rushes and meets on the plane. She is going with him. He updates her on the case.

Turnbull is with Adam in the hospital. His pain makes him throw up. Meanwhile, Abe and Harper arrive in Afghanistan and head right to talk to a witness who sold candies to an American soldier found at the scene of a crime, the murder of a captain. In fact, he is standing just feet away, the witness tells them.

Dobbins jumps on the same investigation and case as Abe and Harper but on the opposite side. Trey discovers this and heads with her even though she should have asked him for permission. They arrive in Afghanistan. One of the female soldiers tells Harper that she shot the captain. Harper cuts her off before she can say why.

Trey and Dobbins question the female soldier. She knows the captain was a drug dealer but didn’t know he was cruel. They got into a fight. She shot him. Dobbins points out that this was self-defense. The female soldier didn’t come forward because of what they do to women in Afghanistan.

Turnbull’s ex-husband comes to visit. He wants them to be more of a team for Adam. Meanwhile, Abe and Harper face off against Dobbins and Trey in a makeshift tent as their courtroom. During the hearing, a female soldier calls the suspect a hero who was only trying to save a boy from the village. The suspect yells out for her not to share. But the witness tells them that the boy was being sexually abused by the captain and the female soldier shot him to save the boy.

Turnbull speaks with Adam’s nurse. She explains that they are bringing in a therapist. Turnbull doesn’t want her to be insulted, its her ex’s idea. The nurse understands. Parents do this to feel better.

Rami wakes Abe. He was sent to help. They all head to court. The boy from the village is brought in. He takes the stand and says the captain did not harm or threaten him.

That night, Abe, Harper, Trey and Dobbins cannot reach a deal. They all go to bed in the same room on cots. Harper talks to them about her lack of family support when it comes to her military career.

Turnbull and her ex arrive at therapy. Just minutes in, Turnbull tells her ex and the therapist that this isn’t where she wants to be. They aren’t getting back together and they are both equipped to help their son even is they aren’t together. 

Abe makes his statements in court. Trey and Dobbins insist the captain was up to no good with the boy. They are forced to ask the female soldier to take the stand. Abe rips her apart when she says the village boy looked scared and she believed he was in harms way. A belief is not good enough, he points out. Later, the team heads to meet the village boy’s mother who admits they sold him to the captain for money.

Turnbull finds Adam making progress with the VA nurse. She is happy. Meanwhile, Abe and Harper announce that they plan to drop their case in light of new details.

The team gets on the plane. Trey gets a call, he and his wife are finally pregnant after trying so hard. Everyone claps and shouts with excitement.