The Enemy Within Finale Recap 05/20/19: Season 1 Episode 13 “Sierra Maestra”

The Enemy Within Finale Recap 05/20/19: Season 1 Episode 13 "Sierra Maestra"

Tonight on NBC their new spy-hunting thriller, The Enemy Within premieres with an all-new Monday, May 20, 2019, episode and we have your Enemy Within recap below. On tonight’s The Enemy Within season 1 episode 13 finale called, “Sierra Maestra,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Tal’s war on the CIA expands to two fronts. Keaton and the Cointel team must locate the domestic target before Chigorin launches an all-out assault on the unsuspecting innocents.

Shepherd convinces Keaton to let her go to Cuba to thwart Tal’s attack on Sierra Maestra, the CIA’s secret detention center imprisoning his operatives. Shepherd’s ever-shifting allegiance raises the question if she is there to stop Tal or join him?”

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The Enemy Within begins with Erica Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter) on the phone with Mikhail Tal (Lev Gorn) who wants to know how Erica is going to escape and meet him in Cuba. She feels Will Keaton (Morris Chestnut) will let her go because he trusts her; Tal looks forward to seeing her again giving her coordinates to where they are to meet.

Will Keaton tells the agents he will take Shepherd from there, he wants to know if everything is all right as everyone is in the conference room. Keaton holds the meeting, informing everyone that he found out yesterday that Union Station is Tal’s location for the attack; but he tells Jason Bragg (Noah Mills) that they’re not going there because Keaton doesn’t believe that to be the real target. Jacqueline Pettigrew (Cassandra Freeman) questions him as Will and Erica say this is the truth Tal wants them to believe but he planted the Union Station with the operative they go because Tal knew they would be able to get the information out of him.

Tal isn’t a terrorist, so an attack on the station doesn’t make sense; Keaton assures them they will have agents at Union but Kate Ryan (Kelli Garner) explains, they’ve been tracking Backus’ phone to a location that is a sheet metal plant. Keaton says they are going to execute a raid on the plant; leaving Kate behind so she can keep them up to date on both places. Erica doesn’t think Keaton has a choice to put Sierra Maestra on hold but he feels domestic threats take priority. She asks him to send her, but he says they will go together after he has dealt with this one first. He has a plane standing by and once he stops they attack they can be in Cuba in 3 hours. Erica reveals that when she spoke to Hannah (Sophia Gennusa) she told her daughter “goodbye.”

FBI races to the sheet metal factory, when they breach the building, everything is clear. Keaton tells Bragg to check the other side as Erica walks with other agents. She recalls a conversation with Tal, who had told her the situation has evolved and he needs her help with the FBI. Bragg puts his ear against a door where there is clearly a massive bomb on the other side. Erica demands a phone from the agents, saying there is no time and she needs to speak to Keaton; they deny her request; forcing her to get physical and running off.

She tells Kate to call Keaton immediately as it is a trap; Kate stops the agents from apprehending Erica and calls Keaton just as Bragg tells them to use the ram. Just as Keaton tells everyone to “fall back” the door explodes, everyone hearing the explosion over the phone. Keaton runs towards Bragg, who was knocked unconscious by the blast; he tells Jacquie to stay with him and Will finally tells Kate that he is fine but Bragg is a little injured. Kate thanks, Erica.

Walking around, Erica learns that Bragg and 4 agents have been injured and they have no idea where he is going to attack. Erica says stopping the attack is not his priority but stopping Tal is. Keaton can’t stop thinking about putting a bullet in Tal’s head, but he can’t do it until he stops this attack. Erica pleads with him to let her go to Cuba without him, saying Tal won’t kill her when he sees her. She admits that she stole a burner phone out of evidence and has been in contact with Tal; saying in exchange for her freedom she would feed him information on the FBI for freedom and protection; she insists she was lying and worked him like any other target. She wants to stop this for the both of them, but Keaton needs to let her.

Keaton gets in the car, taking Erica’s cuffs off; he is reminded about a conversation he had with Anthony Cabrera (James Carpinello) who warned him about not trusting her. Keaton looks Erica in the eyes and they drive to the airstrip. He tells her that once she is in Cuba she is on her own; she reassures him that she wants to do this a says goodbye to him as she boards the plane.

Keaton sits down with Daniel Zain (Raza Jaffrey), who is eating dinner. Will tells him he needs some help, revealing about the domestic attack Tal is planning there in DC and he cannot do this without him. Meanwhile, Erica walks through the streets of Cuba, quickly jumping into a car and using jumper car cables she shocks herself to make the GPS inside her body no longer function.

Kate, Will, Bragg and Jacquie review with Daniel about everything they know so far. He reminds them that Tal’s actions are never random, saying Tal has done everything to prevent them from knowing where he is going to attack. He talks about Tal’s brothers dying from a CIA attack and his world ended that day; every attack he has done has had the same target – the CIA and its personnel. They feel it would be a suicide mission; Daniel insists that it is the CIA, but they just don’t know how he is doing it yet. Keaton calls Cabrera, revealing they strongly believe this attack is going to be on the CIA. Cabrera reveals they are having a ceremony outside of the building in about an hour, but feels it can’t be the target as it is on a military base. Will hangs up believing that place is the target and the FBI gets ready.

Erica walks into a bar, where Nico (Alexis Suarez) checks her for weapons before promising to take her there. He says if they find a tracker inside her that is still working, they will know she is working for the FBI and he will put a bullet in her; they find nothing so she follows Nico into a jeep and they head out to a remote location. Once there, Erica is able to see many, many militants carrying lots of weaponry; Tal emerges from a tent and greets Erica.

Erica walks with Tal, saying 3 years of solitary confinement can change someone. He says her eyes are like ghosts, she said she survived by creating distractions. She admits she had dreams of her family and of killing him; she wants to know why he brought her there but he says in time. Firsts, he wants to know how she got Keaton to release her; she says he is wounded so it was easy to manipulate his obsession with Tal. She questions why he has two attacks in one day so he says the domestic attack is about the past and their attack there in Cuba is about the future.

Cabrera is busy greeting people on the military base when Keaton and his agents arrive to warn him that the base is the target; they have no proof but Tal’s operatives are on their way. Cabrera reveals the most senior people of the CIA are there and if this attack is happening, they need to get them to safety. Erica admits to Tal that Keaton firmly believes she will return to him. She wants to know more about Sierra Maestra, but he is more concerned with her being the asset he hoped she would be. She knows he wants to reshape the world in his image which is going to take numbers. She thinks he is going to take his army/ operatives and rip out the agencies. Tal feels he was right to recruit her, as he arms himself and hands her a backpack, saying it is time.

Anthony Cabrera starts the graduation ceremony as Keaton and several FBI agents walk around. He welcomes Director Paul to say a few words, suddenly a gun is lifted and Daniel spots several people outside, shots are fired; Daniel ordering everyone to stay down. Keaton returns with many guns and they return fire to the fields outside. Will tells Anthony they need to get out of there or they will get massacred. Cabrera says he cannot move these people, but Keaton tells Daniel to follow him and together they take on the intruders and a kill them one at a time.

Keaton and his team escape through the back of the building and run into the brush behind the building; chasing the operatives off but continue the gunfight in the woods. Bragg chases one into the empty building, but the physical fight is brutal as the operative outweighs him. He is able to throw Jason to the ground but Will shots him. Another gun fight erupts, causing Will to get Daniel to cover him. He fights off a man inside the cabin while Will is left alone in the woods, fighting for his life with a man armed with a knife. It is Chigorin (Dale Pavinski), holding the blade to his throat telling him to beg him like “she did.” Will angrily grabs the knife and stabs the man in the throat as Daniel watches on.

Erica walks with Tal, who says when they arrive to keep the men away from the clear. She learns that after today the leadership of the CIA will be crippled and on this side, the Sierra Maestra will be ripped open for the world to see but the operatives who work for the CIA will still be alive and that is where Erica fits in. She is going to help him hunt down every single CIA operative until he is able to erase the CIA completely.

Will arrives in Cuba where he is met by Clara Baez, CIA Operative. She takes him to her jeep, saying the facility she is taking him to is more than secure; he isn’t so sure. Meanwhile, Tal brings his team to a decommissioned Soviet missile site and under their very feet is the Sierra Maestra. She hands him the bag while under them a prison guard tells another that everyone is accounted for. Keaton and Baez review the location, but he feels there is something else planned; Baez reveals it is secure but there are ventilation shafts.

Erica also learns they are using the shafts and not the main entrance; everyone drops their bag into the shaft and Tal tells Team 1 to go, causing an explosion; something that Keaton and Baez hear and causes the prisoners to panic. Team 2 doesn’t respond as there is gunfire everywhere; it appears that Keaton and Baez have killed the entire team. Tal looks at Erica, saying this is her but she denies it so Tal knows it is Keaton.

All the agents around Keaton are shot in the head when Tal emerges having a gun pointed at Erica. He is able to disarm Keaton, asking if he feels peace for killing the man who killed his fiance. He hopes that Keaton is beginning to understand that there is no peace after losing a loved one, even though he had gone after the CIA for his brothers’ deaths. He orders Keaton to take off his vest, knowing that Keaton knew all along about Erica communicating with him, working him as an asset. Tal assures him that Erica was lying as the two continue to stare each other down. Erica reveals that when they were closing in on Chigorin, she called Tal and warned him, helping the murderer escape. Keaton promises Tal that he will never win because there are more agents that will hunt him down.

Tal says it will not be today, giving Erica a gun with one bullet in it and ordering her to kill him so he knows for once and for all that her loyalty is good or not. He begins to count down and Erica shoots Keaton who falls to the ground. Tal laughs, saying Erica surprises him and now they can work together; his man confirms that Keaton is dead, but Erica takes the guns and begins killing the operatives. She shoots Tal than rushes to Will’s side, saying she is putting pressure on his chest. She uses the radio and says there is an agent who has been shot and they need medical.

She tells Keaton she shot him in the chest but nowhere near his heart, he tells her to “end it” and she takes off after Tal, whom she already wounded. Tal is leaning on a tree looking at the ocean when Erica finds him. His gun is lying on the ground, he asks Erica if she can swim. When she raises her gun, he tells her that he couldn’t have possibly done this alone and has someone else working in the intelligence community; someone with real power. He begins to choke on his blood but refuses to go on about this, suggesting she search her mind and she will see the truth. He asks her to spare his life and he will help her bring them down and capture this enemy. Erica says she doesn’t need his help and when he lunges for his gun, she shoots to kill.

One Week Later…
Hannah is playing volleyball when her mother, Erica is able to sit by the sidelines and watch her. Hannah notices her mother, they exchange smiles and the game continues. Will stands on the other side before joining Erica. She thought there would be sirens, but he says not this time. When asked how he is feeling he reminds her that she shot him and how is he supposed to feel; she reminds him that she saved his life. She apologizes, admitting it was hard getting back in the United States.

Will questions her reasoning for working with Tal. She admits she could not risk Hannah’s life again as Will says he is going to bring her back to her holding cell but has asked that she remain in DC and assist his team with counterintelligence. He cannot guarantee this will happen but she cannot withhold any information from him again and if there is anything she knows, she needs to tell him. She recalls Tal saying there was someone else working with him, but denies knowing anything else to Will as she smiles at her daughter.