The Enemy Within Premiere Recap 02/25/19: Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot”

The Enemy Within Premiere Recap 02/25/19: Season 1 Episode 1 "Pilot"

Tonight on NBC their new spy-hunting thriller, The Enemy Within premieres with an all-new Monday, February 25, 2019, episode and we have your Enemy Within recap below. On tonight’s The Enemy Within season 1 episode 1 premiere called, “Pilot,” as per the NBC synopsis, “This character-driven investigative thriller set in the world of counterintelligence focuses on former CIA agent Erica Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter), now known as one of the most notorious traitors in recent American history. Shepherd is brought out of a federal Supermax prison by FBI Agent Will Keaton (Morris Chestnut) to help stop some of the most dangerous acts of espionage threatening the United States today.”

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The Enemy Within begins with former agent Erica Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter) being arrested by Will Keaton (Morris Chestnut) for espionage and conspiracy against the USA. She is talked about in the media, called one of the worst traitors the country has ever seen.

Three Years Later
In Washington, DC at Union Station it appears a man is being followed. In Philadelphia, another woman is leaving for work and followed. Back in Washington, the man attempts to run across the street away from his pursuer to no avail. He runs across the street, only to get shot by another man. The woman who is rushing off in her car is surrounded by two motorcyclists who throw black sludge on her window, she loses control of the car, but one of them shoots her. Another office in New York is blown to smithereens, causing mass chaos.

Will Keaton is stopped by FBI Agent Daniel Zain (Razaq Jaffrey) who informs him of the 3 attacks in 3 different cities; there are 14 victims so far, including a US Treasury officer, a district attorney and 3 CIA operatives. Keaton says this is planned and synchronized like before and is sure it is Vassily Tal. He quickly reveals the suspect to Elizabeth Cordova, Deputy Director of National Intelligence, Richard Bregman, (John Finn) FBI Assistant Director of Counter Intelligence. The bombing of one plane that killed 21 people was only one, but the intel received from that saved thousands of lives by the CIA.

It was Erica Shepherd who was hired by Tal to kill the four operatives that stopped the bombs. Keaton is told to bring in another weapon as Finn tells him that he wants to bring in Erica Shepherd who knows Tal better than anyone; refusing to do it because Erica killed his fiance, Lane. He is told he doesn’t have to like it, he needs to do his job!

Agent Keaton arrives at the prison, where he goes to see Erica in a private room. He informs her that the agencies have him there with an offer in exchange for help with Mikhail Tal. He believes she will cooperate as she is living in a glass box, and if she doesn’t he can make life a lot worse for her. She will be transferred to a federal detention center in DC, where she can help Tal stop an attack on an Intelligence Agency. She calls Keaton a “liar”, she knows they want intel on Tal but Tal already did the attack. Keaton confesses that it did, but they need to find out who he is working with. Keaton throws a chair when Erica says he needs to look at someone on the inside, she is more than willing to help him find Tal.

She has a surgery, where a tracking device is planted in her if she attempts to remove it; it will kill her. She has flashbacks to when she was taking her daughter to school, as a tear rolls down her cheek. Kate Ryan (Kelli Garner) quickly throws her shoes on when she learns Keaton is back; everyone shocked to see Erica back in the building. She scans the room and people as Keaton orders her to sit, with Rangers all around them.

Will faces backlash from his team as he explains that Bregman wanted him to bring Erica in; all of them hate that she is a traitor and it looks like they are giving her a visitor’s pass. Keaton says he is willing to work with the devil to capture Tal. They all review the information on the 3 bombings that they have but are frustrated when they are 16 hours later and still nothing from the Union Station shooting. Erica says it’s because Tal knows how they work. She reveals Tal doesn’t clone the phones, he rips them. Keaton tells her if she is playing and wrong about this, she is going back tonight; but the search reveals she is telling the truth.

They have to find who it was close to one of the victims when it happened, and are quickly able to nap Inez, bringing her in for questioning. Daniel says he can only help her fix the problem if she begins telling him the truth. She says Viktor Nemec (Pawel Szajda) paid her to do it, but she doesn’t have any other names. Erica watches the interview and knows she is lying causing Keaton to come in and screaming at her; she says she doesn’t know her name. She freaked out and went to go see Nemec and only saw him taking someone bound into the car, only thinking she was hurt in the explosion; revealing Anna Cruz (Coral Pena) is alive.

The agency reviews Anna’s job interview for the CIA. Erica drills off questions to Kate, the last one being how long she has been in love with Keaton; but they are interrupted when he returns to the room saying they are to find Anna and bring her home and they are looking for Viktor Nemec who has no fixed address nor associates. They have a map, which points out a Children‘s Hospital, but Erica explains that it is spotted that were used during the cold war; operatives would always send a map of a city that looked like theirs and since they have similar features and realize he is in Brooklyn, believing they found out where Nemec is.

Keaton locks up Erica, who tells him not to do this as he wouldn’t even know Anna Cruz was alive if it wasn’t for her. He says there is no redemption for people like her. She knows the names of all her victims, as she has lived with their ghosts for the past 3 years. He says he has lived with Keaton in his life too long and his fiance would be alive if it wasn’t for her!

They surround the building and rush in on Keaton’s orders as Erica sits in her cell. She uses the steal tray to break her teeth, given novocaine for her pain. She also needs x-rays. Meanwhile, the FBI breaches the building, pounding on the doors ut a man takes off with Keaton chasing him; Daniel and Jason check out the apartment, where a shooter hits Daniel in the vest. Keaton finds the man on the roof, who is killed but Daniel returns saying Cruz and Nemec were there, her cell was there and they just missed her.

Erica’s x-rays give her 30 seconds to grab a dental tooth and break out of her cuffs. She throws equipment through the window and escapes; Keaton gets the call that Erica escaped.

Keaton learns Erica had a medical emergency and was taken off property for testing; the tracker has gone dark as well. She escaped a lead apron, which stops the device from transmitting. Erica is able to avoid the police cars and breaks into a store, stealing a hat and jacket; but Keaton has no idea where she would go as she has had no contact with the outside world in 3 years. Since he has lost Cruz and Nem3ec, Keaton wants to join the search for Shepherd but is told that he needs to stay there.

The laptop reveals several searches of Logan airport and flights to Boston. Keaton calls Bregman, saying Shepherd didn’t want to just get out of prison, she also wanted to go home. Meanwhile, Erica arrives at St. Catherine’s school, where she spots her daughter, who also recognizes her. Unfortunately, the reunion doesn’t happen as police nab her before her daughter can hug her.

In Boston, MA Kate calls Keaton saying Erica is back in custody and gives the location of Nemec; telling Keaton and Daniel to be careful when they go to Pier 19. Bregman receives a call from Kate who gives him the update. Erica admits that Tal is leading them back to Boston, which was the site of the first attack. Tal doesn’t just care about Anna Cruz, he wants to take out as many lives as possible. She reveals she had a team of operatives and German officers and Tal had them all killed; she pleads with him to warn Keaton, and he does.

Keaton tells Daniel to keep an eye out for IEDs, but they quickly give chase to the silver car ahead that is driven by Tal. He leads the car directly over an IED, which blows up between the vehicles, causing Daniel a little pain and Keaton has to drive. They race around the shipping yard, where Keaton crashes into the car and then physically beats Tal. He rescues Anna from the car, begging her to wake up and she suddenly takes a deep breath as he Keaton tells her she is safe.

Keaton comes to the hospital to see Anna; she is happy to see him as she thanks him for saving her. Keaton assures her that they are trying to find Tal. She says the people Tal killed were her friends and she wants to help with the investigation as she wants him to pay for what he did; he promises they will figure it out.

Keaton returns to see Erica, who was surprised to see him, admitting she wouldn’t be there if she really wanted to escape. She won’t answer why she warned them to save him. He needs to know the real reason she did what she did for Tal.

There is a flashback to Erica receiving a call that her daughter, Hannah didn’t show up to school, but when she races home she finds a phone ringing on her porch, showing her a video of a man saying he is watching her daughter, who is a beautiful girl and she should be proud. He demands the name of the four CIA operatives that stopped the bombings. He says it is up to her whether her daughter dies today or not. The choice is her daughter’s life or those 4 names and when he begins to count she gives it to him.

Erica says she never worked for Tal, she only saved her daughter and kept it secret to keep Hannah from feeling like she was responsible for the death of four people. She says suffering and living for your child is hard; being hated by your country and everyone is hard but she wants to be close to her daughter and be the parent her father never was but she also wants to catch Tal as he is after her because of her discovery of how many people there are in the US like Tal, it has blossomed from 100 to over 3000 in a year and it is still skyrocketing; highly trained operatives hiding in plain sight. This is not random, it is a coordinated effort, she doesn’t know what it is for but Tal is connected. She knows Keaton can save this country but he cannot do it without her.

Tal calls Anna, who says the FBI doesn’t suspect a thing and she has already made contact with Keaton; as their plan worked perfectly and she is in!


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