The Enemy Within Recap 03/11/19: Season 1 Episode 3 “The Ambassador’s Wife”

The Enemy Within Recap 03/11/19: Season 1 Episode 3 "The Ambassador's Wife"

Tonight on NBC their new spy-hunting thriller, The Enemy Within premieres with an all-new Monday, March 11, 2019, episode and we have your Enemy Within recap below. On tonight’s The Enemy Within season 1 episode 3 called, “The Ambassador’s Wife,” as per the NBC synopsis, “A U.S. ambassador is selling classified intelligence to a Colombian cartel, so Shepherd devises a plan to catch him that will push Keaton’s moral code to the brink. Keaton brings a new member on to the team.”

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The Enemy Within begins with the Santa Domingo ship’s engines failing and in need of assistance; their mayday is heard and by the DEA who are rushing over to help them. Unfortunately, when they arrive, they speak to the captain who says his engine has ceased, but when the DEA asks for his registration, something feels off. The police and DEA find a wire loose, but it is too late as the men open fire on them, killing all the agents.

Erica Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter) is chained and escorted out of her cell by Jason (Noah Mills) and several FBI agents. He informs her that there was an Internal investigation and the man who was died was ruled as a suicide. Erica, observes everything as she walks through the room to where Erica asks Daniel (Raza Jaffrey) and Will Keaton (Morris Chestnut) what happened. She knows she is there to help them with the deaths of the DEA patrol boats. She learns 13 agents have been killed in the last week, all off the coast of Columbia. Keaton says if they are right and someone has given out the agents information, dozens possibly hundreds of agents are at risk. Keaton says this has to do with Tal because they have seen him associating with these criminals and Shepherd is going to help them!

She is told about a classified meeting that the DEA will have to stop the murders and it is where all the classified information is shared; only the 12 people inside the room know about it and if Tal finds out the information, it is one of them who is working for Tal. Kate (Kelli Garner) has a list of all the attendees which they review. Erica finds a folder on Dennis Gordon who is the US Ambassador to Columbia, revealing there was a bombing at the agency then, except for Columbia as Dennis felt it wasn’t necessary and obviously working for the cartel; Keaton says Dennis is their informant.

In a parking garage, a woman holds a knife to a soldier’s throat and tells Agent Brown that he is never supposed to engage with a hostage negotiated. She tells everyone they are young, which makes them stupid but if they want to remain there, they need to use their head. Jason claps at her training, but she knows Keaton sent him, explaining that they are investigating a US official who has been selling intel to a cartel. Jackie (Cassandra Freeman) learns who the target is and works with Jason to take photos of Dennis and his family, including wife, Elizabeth (Kaili Vernoff) and Andrew (Keidrich Sellati); they catch him using his son’s phone as he sets up a meet with someone in the cartel.

Keaton visits Shepherd in her cell, telling her it is time to go. She reminds him that they agreed for her to see her daughter, but he says he simply promised to protect her. Keaton says if she doesn’t want to help he will send her back tonight and begins to walk away. She stops him dead in his tracks, asking what he remembers about Lane, as she shares memories about her daughter. Erica was alone in the cell for 3 years and continued to live in that moment feeling she would never see her again and now that she did see her, she broke her heart and hurt her so badly; begging him to help her make it right.

Erica suggests they use Dennis’ wife for a tracking device and she is their best bet. Kate did a deep dive into Dennis’ finances and it’s the same bank the cartel uses to pay their associates. Jason feels they can’t do that because if the cartel finds out they won’t stop until they kill her and they won’t gamble with people’s lives. He begs Keaton not to do this, but he ignores his request. Erica wants to question Elizabeth, saying she can get answers as she is a mother. He prepares her for the interview, saying he did try to call Hannah but it only went to voicemail.

Erica tells Elizabeth she isn’t there to talk to her about her husband, but her son; showing her his phone records. She insists Andrew wouldn’t contact a drug cartel as Erica tells her to stop lying that she knows her husband is the one who is using their son’s phone to do this. She knows who her husband is and that is why they live completely different lives and in different places. Erica reminds her that nothing hurts worse than her son being embarrassed by her being his mother. Erica doesn’t believe that she will protect her son. She knows she will be an outcast if she protects her son and if she is not willing to do that and have everyone she knows hate her that she is truly not willing to protect Andrew. She asks Erica what she wants her to do.

Anna (Coral Pena) asks Keaton if she is crazy for not being able to get the bombing and Tal out of her mind. She wishes she could go back to work so she could have something to focus on, especially since she knows so much about Tal’s finances; but Keaton doesn’t bite, telling her to take time off to recover. She says tomorrow there is a memorial service and was hoping Keaton would go with her as he is the only one who understands what she is going through. He promises to think about it.

Jason calls Keaton, saying Dennis Gordon is on the move and probably heading to the fundraiser, but there have been no attempts at handing off the intel. Kate sets Elizabeth up with a camera, showing her the file she would be looking for; she admits she has seen them before. She wants Elizabeth to place the tracking device inside the pouch where the classified information is kept. She isn’t so sure she can do it. Erica returns, saying if she needs to convince someone of something that isn’t true she needs to embrace the fear. She has the choice to utilize her fear and harness it into something she can use; promising to be with her every step of the way.

Keaton brings Erica into the office, reprimanding her for what she said; demanding she tells Elizabeth she is not part of this. She tells Keaton that Elizabeth needs Erica, even though she is fully aware she isn’t part of the team. Keaton says he once again called Hannah and still hasn’t got an answer, but Erica calls him out on his lies. He admits he spoke to her but she doesn’t want to see her mother, Erica.

The FBI keeps an eye on the camera on Elizabeth’s necklace. Keaton tells Elizabeth if she needs help at any time, he just needs to signal her and he will be there. Her son, Andrew arrives asking for food as both his parents are together. Dennis kisses Elizabeth, but feels that she is “off”; he quickly excuses himself to schmooze with other people. She tells Keaton she is going to get the file right now, but suddenly the audio and video feeds are dead.

They notice a truck arriving, which has a blocker and Keaton says they need to shut it off right now. Jason doesn’t want Jackie to deal with the vehicle at all, but she crawls under the SUV and disconnects everything, which brings audio and video feeds back up. Elizabeth panics and wants to speak to Erica immediately. She wants to wait but Erica tells her it needs to happen tonight but Elizabeth worries about what will happen to her and her son, Andrew. Erica reminds her that she is doing this for her son and one day he will understand why she did this and he will love her for it. She tells Elizabeth to close her eyes and count to 5, able to compose herself and she takes off again.

Elizabeth goes into Dennis’ office but finds a gun instead of the folder. She continues to rummage, finding it in a folder, working fast to insert the tracker as everyone watches on the video feed. Dennis decides to go to the office to grab some alcohol, promising to share it with one of the guests. Elizabeth comes out of the bathroom, saying someone was using the hallway bathroom and needed to use this one.

He again asks her if she is okay, but when he grabs the bottle, he notices the drawer is open and orders her to stay there. He says it is classified intelligence and she is not supposed to touch it. She says she is not feeling very well when he spots the tracker. He asks if she knows what they will do to her when they find this out. She reveals the FBI told her everything, including using their son. She grabs the gun ordering him to stay away from him. FBI rushes in as Keaton begs her to put the gun down, she shouts for her son to go back upstairs and the gun fires; shooting Dennis.

Daniel tells Keaton they are taking Elizabeth’s statement and Andrew is with his grandparents; unfortunately, Dennis didn’t make it. Keaton says they didn’t have any better options but it is thrown in Keaton’s face that he is only listening to Shepherd. Keaton talks to Elizabeth, apologizing for putting her in that position but she admits that she knew deep inside how her husband really was. She is sure she and Andrew have each other and the rest they will figure out.

Anna sits at the memorial, leaving a seat open and pleased when she sees Keaton arrive. She says she feels better that he is there now, even though it doesn’t feel real that they are gone. She wants to know how Keaton got through it after his fiancee died. She begs him once again to let her help him find Tal. He suggests she comes by the office tomorrow as the memorial begins.

Meanwhile, Erica sits in her cell when Keaton returns, giving her the phone and 5 minutes to speak to Hannah, but all she gets is her answering machine. Erica feels Hannah deserves answers, but sorry she cannot give them to her and sorry for so many things. She reminds her that she thinks of her every second of the day and the hope of seeing her again is the only thing keeping her going; but if it will hurt Hannah, she doesn’t want her to come. She tells her the only thing she wants is for her to be happy and loves her sweet girl with her whole heart. Hannah cries as she listens to her mom’s voicemail over and over.


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