The Enemy Within Recap 03/18/19: Season 1 Episode 4 “Confessions”

The Enemy Within Recap 03/18/19: Season 1 Episode 4 "Confessions"

Tonight on NBC their new spy-hunting thriller, The Enemy Within premieres with an all-new Monday, March 18, 2019, episode and we have your Enemy Within recap below. On tonight’s The Enemy Within season 1 episode 4 called, “Confessions,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Intelligence obtained by Shepherd at the ADMAX prison is linked to a pending attack on U.S. soil, so Keaton and the Cointel team embark on a manhunt to find and stop a deadly international operative.

Keaton confronts questions of loyalty and betrayal when it comes to Anna Cruz and his late fiancée’s father, Thomas Heffron.”

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The Enemy Within begins at the Canadian border where a man traveling from Bulgaria is told to turn off his vehicle, remove the keys from the ignition and escorted away from CBP. Once inside the building, he attacks all the officers and makes his way through the building; pulling the fire alarm he manages to escape, where he walks past a sign that welcomes him to the United States of America.

Meanwhile, Erica Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter) stands trial where she is told no punishment will justify the pain and suffering she has caused the loved ones she’s responsible for killing; Will Keaton (Morris Chestnut) and Thomas Heffron (Robert Gossett) sit through the hearing as they learn Shepherd is to be remanded to the Phoenix Penitentiary where she will serve 15 consecutive sentences without the possibility of parole. It is the past moment Erica sees her daughter, Hannah.

ADX Maximum Security in Colorado is where Erica is fingerprinted, strip-searched and placed into prison scrubs and put into her solitary cell. Erica helps the FBI, revealing that Alyin Demire who is responsible for the bombing of an airbase in Turkey 4 years earlier. Kate (Kelli Garner), Jason (Noah Mills) and Keaton know she always claimed to be acting alone but says since they both had in common the betrayal of their country, she did give up the name Aslan Aksoy (Edward Akrout). Keaton reveals this is the man who broke into the country a few hours earlier. He is an excellent assassin as Keaton says he is on their soil, planning an attack and they need to stop him.

Will Keaton meets with Deputy Director who voices her concern about Shepherd’s cooperation, including using a civilian. She wants to know if Erica is influencing his decisions and feels he is the wrong person, not objective nor unbiased but rather a victim. She wishes him luck catching Oksoy, but will be keeping a close eye on him.

Jason (Noah Mills) arrives greeting Jackie (Cassandra Freeman), who reveals that she is on the team now, as Keaton pushed the paperwork through and they are now teammates. Keaton calls everyone into the boardroom, where everyone reveals what they have been doing but no one has come up with anything. Erica mentions that Alyin has a sister and it is possible she might get in touch with her, which means Aksoy could be headed straight to them.

Outside the office, Kate reveals Bragg that Blake’s father has reached out to her and since she is a friend she cannot avoid him forever. He suggests she contact him and tell him the truth about Shepherd helping them with the case.

Erica observes Anna Cruz (Coral Pena) at her desk, watching as Anna talks to Keaton. She says that she has information she is following up on and promises they will find Tal; she quickly adjusts Will’s tie, something Erica isn’t too keen on but when she questions Kate about it, she is told to be escorted back to her holding cell.

Jason and Jackie meet in the garage, where he admits he isn’t happy working with Shepherd, but he also agreed to work with her. She receives a call, revealing a vehicle Aksoy owns. Alyin was seen boarding a bus and they firmly believe she lent the car to Aksoy; causing them to follow their lead. Meanwhile, a construction worker spots Aksoy parked on one of their sites but when he walks away, Aksoy pulls out a gun and shoots the worker.

Keaton is in the FBI building when he declines a call. He meets with Hannah who wants to see her mother, Erica. He says she cannot just show up there as he needs advance notice; Hannah says she received a message from her mom and knows that they are working together. Keaton allows the visit, as Hannah admits she listened to the message over and over again. Erica wants to know everything that has happened since she has been gone and since she is going to be there for a while, she can hear it all. Hannah reveals how she quit a sport she loved because some of the kids from the other teams found out about Erica and it was her dad that decided she needed to stop playing sports for a while. She agrees that her father has always been a good dad but it might be for the best that he doesn’t know she is there.

Kate finds the license plate on the car that Aksoy has and they realize where he might be headed; once again Keaton avoids another call as they all race off to the Port of Maryland, where they are certain he is there. The spot him among some of the freight containers but he is able to dodge them, even evading shots fired at Jackie. She tells them, he is headed North and the search continues. One of the trucks takes off as Keaton realizes he is jumping from container to container from above.

FBI are unable to find anything, searching for the container that Aksoy was tracking; it was fro Shanghai where there is medical equipment like CT and x-ray equipment. Erica feels that stuff was too big to move on it out, but there is an MRI machine missing. Kate is told to track any of the devices that were taken as Erica reveals that equipment, if it falls into the right hands, could harm dozens if not hundreds of victims. Keaton suggests Anna going home, but Erica notices the exchange and doesn’t like it. She suggests a way to track Aksoy, making sure Anna hears everything she said, but Keaton tells her absolutely not. Once Shepherd is escorted away, Anna writes down Erica’s idea.

Aksoy shoots another victim and hides him in the car. Thomas Heffron tracks down Keaton, saying he found people talking that Erica Shepherd was arrested in DC and she is now working with them on an investigation. He says he is doing this to catch the man killed Laine. He tells him to stop making excuses and how is he supposed to tell this to his daughter’s mother?

Keaton talks to Erica, saying he can’t help but wonder about this and her. He admits he is hurting a lot of people he cares about. She feels the pain and anguish too; knowing what she did but he needs to ask what he is willing to endure to catch Tal.

The FBI drops off Senator Covington (Michael Quinlan) at the airport, securing the flight but they have no idea that Aksoy is there. He is able to show ID and continues to deliver the luggage he has for the flight without question. Aksoy is able to place the equipment he stole in a storage shed and using his cellphone he is able to activate it. Kate reveals the airport has lost all air traffic control abilities, but there is no explosion or fire. Kate explains that the things Aksoy stole could create a magnetic field and be able to take out the entire airport.

Keaton arrives at the airport where he is greeted by Jason and Jackie, an airport employee was shot to death as Keaton delegates what they need to do. He needs Kate to be his eyes and ears at the airport, which is in utter chaos. Kate tells Jason who is all at the airport and 3 of them are in airplanes on the tarmac. Kate has Erica with her for help; meanwhile, Senator Covington tries to reassure his daughter Luren (Eve O’Brien) that they are fine as they are completely protected.

Erica and Kaste work together on the surveillance when Jason and Jackie find the device. Daniel (Raza Jaffrey) confirms that the Senator is their target, but his team tells them they have a car to get home out of the airport. Kate scans photos of the terminal and is able ti find Covington and his daughter in an elevator, she shows them where the restricted door is and to use that. Keaton rushes down the stairs and into a tunnel where Covington has been taking by his security.

Unfortunately, Aksoy gets extremely close to them and Keaton gives chase. The senator is kept safe by Daniel as Keaton gets into a physical altercation with Aksoy, shoving him off the bridge. Jason wants to know how Kate was able to do what she did with the IA service, something he didn’t know was possible. She tells him to put on the hollow lens, showing him the 3D prints of the airport. He is able to remove things with his own hand, completely impressed at what Kate can do. He admits they would have been lost without her; he thanks her.

Keaton sits with Erica, revealing they took Aksoy into custody and he has given them intel. Keaton wants to know if it is a problem that Hannah is seeing her with her father’s consent. She knows he won’t get over it, but Keaton suggests that she tell Christopher the truth but she fears if she tells him the truth, he would try to save her and that would mean Hannah would have to live with the fact that she is alive because they are dead and she doesn’t think she could do that again. She is willing to do everything for her daughter but Keaton says if Christopher asks him, he will tell him the truth.

Anna claims the network isn’t working, lying about who she is working for and wants to get into the computer room. He leaves but doesn’t make sure the server door is closed, causing Anna to break into it and work on breaching the system. She is continually denied and when she returns to her desk she finds a note.

Anna comes to see Erica in her holding cell, where Erica tells her that her secret is showing and that she has feelings for Agent Keaton. She says she is simply grateful for him saving his life. Anna throws it in her face that she left her daughter, Hannah without a mother. She blames Erica for damaging the system and she only wants to help give him back his trust and sanity. Erica doesn’t trust Anna at all.

Kate finds a security alert on her system, excusing herself. Keaton says all their success today was thanks to Shepherd, but Kate calls him away saying there was an attempted breach on the computer system and whoever it was they were careful, only after confidential informant files. The focus was on a Tal. Keaton is furious and accuses Erica, saying she is the one who breached the system trying to get information on Tal; Erica says she asked him specifically so that Anna Cruz would hear her and she is the one who did it. She says Anna is a mile who is working for Tal!


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