The Enemy Within Recap 04/01/19: Season 1 Episode 6 “Eye of Horus”

The Enemy Within Recap 04/01/19: Season 1 Episode 6 "Eye of Horus"

Tonight on NBC their new spy-hunting thriller, The Enemy Within premieres with an all-new Monday, April 1, 2019, episode and we have your Enemy Within recap below. On tonight’s The Enemy Within season 1 episode 6 called, “Eye of Horus,” as per the NBC synopsis, “After a bomb explodes in Jersey City, the Cointel team captures a key planner, Sam Fathi (guest star Rudy Roushdi), who can lead them to Tal, the mastermind behind the bombing. When Sam proves difficult to break, Shepherd convinces Keaton to detain a former Egyptian intelligence officer to help, leading to an urgent mission to stop another bomb from going off.

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The Enemy Within begins in New Jersey at 9:05 AM where it is very busy at the waterfront, two men are about to go for a 4-mile jog when another drops a backpack in the garbage, causing a massive explosion. Will Keaton (Morris Chestnut) informs Erica Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter) that her visit with her daughter, Hannah will be supervised as they are doing inspections with the dogs today. She confronts Keaton on looking like hell as he admits that he turned Anna Cruz (Coral Pena) before she was shot.

All classified information is being shredded under and the purge is happening to get rid of everything Anna Cruz had eyes on. Kate Ryan (Kelli Garner) informs both Keaton and Daniel Zain (Raza Jaffrey) about the sudden uptake in chatter; suddenly Keaton tells them to turn up the news that is showing the bombing in Jersey City and whoever did this is still at large. Keaton is positive it is Tal’s doing.

9:37 am Kate explains there were dozens of Tal’s people speaking minutes before the bombing but the problem is finding out who actually committed the act. She shows them the data on the calls, feeling if they find the man, he is their communications expert and if they find him, they can find Tal. Jason Bragg (Noah Mills) and Jacqueline Pettigrew (Cassandra Freeman) are positive they will figure out who did this as Keaton and Daniel join them, saying they can use a signal tracker to find him showing him within 10 miles of them. Keaton wants the man brought in alive.

Keaton and Daniel rush inside the building but are told the target should be on the roof. They spot him strapping a bomb to one of the railings and give chase. He orders them to not come any closer or he will jump; Keaton attempts to calm the situation, lunging and catching him before he falls.

Hannah tells her mom that her cell is really small and dark; also empty. She feels it is a lot better than where she used to be. Erica says she works all day and uses her memories of Hannah to get by. She reveals she is allowed to listen to music for one hour a week; feeling completely outdated when asking what her daughter listens to. Hannah admits she loves The Doors, and how grandpa told her Erica loved them. She shows that she has a piano recital tonight, wishing she could be there. Hannah feels the FBI might owe her for helping them, but Erica says she asked for Hannah to visit her in return; nothing else.

Erica asks cautiously if Hannah would let her hold her, once she learns it is okay, Erica hugs her daughter tightly, saying she still fits. Hannah worries that it will always be like this and they cannot talk about anything private. Erica encourages her to talk, wondering if something is wrong, but Hannah says there are things she needs to tell her but are interrupted by Keaton who tells her they need her upstairs and it is important. Erica learns about the 8 people dead, saying the same way she helped the FBI with Cruz, she is going to help them now.

Daniel confronts their captive, who says he knows nothing about their networks as he only builds telephone lines. Daniel shows him that he is wanted in Egypt, but he tosses the paper as Daniel tells him to save them both some time and wants to know where the bomber is. He says their guess is as good as his. Daniel tells Erica he won’t be easy to break and Erica says the clock is ticking. Bragg calls, revealing the material used in the bomb. He tells him “good work” and “keep me updated.”

Daniel continues to press, suggesting he could work out a deal with the agency; but he asks if it is the same deal they made with Viktor Nemec (Pawel Szajda), knowing he died in custody and is willing to take his chances.
Bragg arrives in Virginia at the fertilizer plant, where they learn the people took over 1000 pounds of fertilizer but they need to be prepared as they are going to use it soon. Keaton learns the bomb they used today only used about 100 pounds, so there are more bombs out there.

Erica tells them she has learned forms of torture in prison and maybe she is better at this than FBI’s. She suggests they contact her Egyptian contact that will reveal their perps weak points. She had a falling out with him so if they want to bring Amel in they would have to black bag him; Daniel refuses and returns to interrogation with photos. Daniel reveals that his wife wasn’t just a protester, she was a leader and he must be very proud. He admits it was the first time to be bigger than himself and proud to be Egyptian.

Unfortunately, when they returned to Cairo to celebrate, the police were waiting and they were separated during the chase. Nadia (Amel Khalil) was captured, imprisoned, tortured and then killed. He begs Daniel not to talk to him about pride as they were all fools to believe in it. Daniel apologizes to Sam (Rudy Roushdi), who says he began working for Tal to seek revenge against the men who killed Nadia, not Americans. He reveals a man who came to him, promising to give him the name of the man who killed Nadia, but he says he only built Tal’s network and didn’t kill anyone. He refuses to take a deal, feeling it is spitting on Nadia’s grave. He explains that Nadia taught him conviction and if Daniel gives him the name of who killed his beloved, he has nothing else to say. Erica tells Keaton they should get him a name!

Amal sees Keaton approaching and beings to run as Keaton and Bragg take him down in the streets, arresting him.

Amal demands to know under whose authority was he detained and Erica reveals it was hers. She pours tea, saying it has been a long time and they have a lot to catch up on. He demands to know why he is there and she says they want the name of the killer of Nadia; suggesting what Tal would do if he thought Amal was cooperating with them. She gives him an empty book, asking him to imagine if the pages were filled with words of a story he told. She reminds him this tale wouldn’t be so difficult since he only needs to believe it might be true.

Amal says they have both used threats before, but she informs him that doesn’t mean they don’t work. He knows there are at least 1000 people who want him dead but what he realizes now is for every man they took off the streets, two more would appear. He advises her to use more than threats; both admitting they took their jobs for the devotion of their country and she needs a name to save the countries and collection of families. She promises that if he does this when the men come seeking revenge, she will be there along with the FBI.

Daniel shows Sam a photo of the police officer who killed Nadia but he is dead. He says he gave him the name and he needs to tell him where the next attack will be. Daniel shouts that he understands Sam is angry, but hundreds of people are about to die. He shows him Nadia’s photo, saying if the next bomb goes off it will be on him; demanding for the next target. Sam says Nadia had twice his courage and would never agree to work for Tal. He gives him the address as Daniel thanks him and Keaton rushes off.

Kate tells Keaton they are headed to Crossroads Bank, an International Investment firm. She recognizes one of the men as being a victim of the New Jersey bombing. Erica says this isn’t a real bank, the people on the page are civilians who think they work at an actual bank and now that the threat has been revealed; Tal plans on taking out the whole bank. The FBI arrives where there is chaos, trying to get everyone at least 2 blocks away. Unfortunately, there is a problem, everyone above the first floor is shut down and there are 13 stories, with hundreds still locked inside.

Keaton and Bragg approach security guards, as Erica informs him the one guard works for Tal. She believes the other operatives are on the fourth floor as that is the only floor the cameras are not working. Keaton runs up the stairs where he finds a door propped open and finds the bombs attached to the structural columns, revealing the entire floor is filled with explosives. Bragg, in the meantime, fights with the guard, forced to shoot him; but not before he triggered the bombs. Kate is desperately trying to deactivate them, but Keaton is forced into another physical fight with Tal’s operatives. He is able to grab one of the propane tanks, pry open the elevator doors and toss it once he learns there is no one in the basement. It detonates as Keaton confirms he is okay and this is over.

Sam learns that he saved 164 lives for Nadia, asking to see his wallet. He gives Daniel the pin that Nadia gave him; the eye of horus – a symbol of protection also a symbol of healing. He says that is what Nadia gives him, even in her time of death. Daniel tells Sam to stay out of trouble, but he reveals that Tal asked him about a train over water or a warm gulf; Daniel isn’t sure what that means. Keaton tells Daniel that one day he will be a good interrogator, but he says he will get him fired one day. He hopes Keaton knows what he is doing, considering he black bagged someone in the street; feeling it has something to do with Shepherd.

Keaton is praised for his work today, but it was also his fault they got a mole inside the agency. She feels the objective of the unit isn’t to gather intelligence, only to apprehend dangerous spies and operatives like Tal. She warns him that Anna Cruz was his last mistake, next one he is fired. Keaton backs Erica Shepherd, but she is concerned that Erica still works for Tal.

Keaton goes to see Erica in her cell, revealing Hannah called him today. He takes Erica to the hall where Hannah is performing on the piano. She plays wonderfully as Erica gets emotional. She recalls seeing Hannah for the first time and their conversations in the cell, including their tender hug. She smiles proudly at her mom as Erica wipes a tear from her eyes, shaking her head at Keaton.


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