The Enemy Within Recap 04/22/19: Season 1 Episode 9 “Homecoming”

The Enemy Within Recap 04/22/19: Season 1 Episode 9 "Homecoming"

Tonight on NBC their new spy-hunting thriller, The Enemy Within premieres with an all-new Monday, April 22, 2019, episode and we have your Enemy Within recap below. On tonight’s The Enemy Within season 1 episode 9 called, “Homecoming,” as per the NBC synopsis, “After a major Tal operative escapes CIA custody, Shepherd returns to Langley to help track the fugitive down. Shepherd and Keaton discover the CIA is withholding vital information on Tal, so they spy on the CIA to find out what the agency knows.”

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The Enemy Within begins with CIA DETAINEE CONVOY in Norfolk, Virginia. A female prisoner named Carla Mendoza (Ana Kayne), Foreign Operative is being transported. Dennis Carpenter, CIA Interrogator wants her to talk about the first time she spoke to Tal, but she continues to deny ever talking to him. The driver is informed they are 6 miles from the location as Carpenter questions her about the attack Tal ordered her to do; she doesn’t know what Tal could possibly want with her. He slides closer to her, telling Carly he knows everything about her, all her secrets, fears and that is why sooner or later she will tell him everything about Tal. Carly looks at him with evil in her eyes.

Once again the driver is given directions as to where they are traveling; Carly glances back at Dennis Carpenter. Suddenly the convoy is under attack and the SUV’s escorting them explode. Carpenter spots two men, telling the driver they are coming for them; he jumps out and opens the door, telling them to get out of there now, but as soon as Carly is uncuffed, the driver shoots both the CIA men with her before they take off.

Anthony Cabrera, CIA Director (James Carpinello) informs Erica Shepherd (Jennifer Carpenter) about the attack and a prisoner escaping during transport. Will Keaton (Morris Chestnut) listens as Cabrera explains Carly Mendoza has been in custody for three years, a structural engineer and one of Tal’s top lieutenants. Daniel Zain (Raza Jaffrey) continues, saying authorities believe she was killed in Spain. Cabrera tells them this is the cover story CIA made up in order for them to have more time with her, apprehended in Madrid. In the attack, 5 private security contractors were killed, including one of his top interrogators. Erica says they have no leads because there is no other way the FBI would be asking the CIA for help; especially when they are working with a traitor!

Cabrera suggests they speak to Dr. Alan Novak (Michael Braun), who is a physician on Tal’s payroll. Thirty minutes ago, he walked into the CIA headquarters and revealed he knows where she is hiding. Novak came to them because he wants out of Tal’s organization in exchange for a new life, protection and immunity for him giving them Tal. Four years ago, Novak did the same thing, speaking to a CIA Agent Rebecca Martin, they spoke for months and now she is the only one he is willing to talk to. Keaton is surprised to learn that Erica is Rebecca Martin as Cabrera asks for her help because they have 3 maybe 4 hours at the most to find Carly.

Cabrera escorts Shepherd to the van, while Keaton and Daniel question this alliance. Keaton suggests the details of Mendoza’s transport would have been classified, both feeling Tal had an inside man and decide to investigate. Keaton reminds Erica she is the CIA’s most hated person in its history, but she feels that is the same as every room she walks into. The convoy leaves as Erica checks out the vehicle quietly.

CIA HEADQUARTERS Langley, Virginia
Erica is checked over thoroughly for any weapons but is cleared. Cabrera wants to keep her shackles on. Erica follows him.

Erica, still as an Agent, is greeted with cheers and applause as she is welcomed as the new Deputy Director of Operations. She thanks them, talking about that intent on destroying their country and corrupt their ideas; those threats are real, dangerous and multiplying rapidly. She has no fear, knowing they can overcome it all, honored to be working by their side as they are the first line of defense for the country. She thanks them for their faith and trust, promising not to let them down.

Cabrera brings Erica in front of the agents working on the case, welcoming Erica home! Everyone turns off their computers and phones so she can’t see what they are doing, everyone glaring at her. Keaton watches it as Sarah Ward (Hannah D. Scott) can’t imagine what Erica is going through. Keaton joins them in the office while the other agents look on. Erica admits that she never met Novak face to face making Cabrera question whether this is the man she was really talking to. Keaton removes her cuffs and suggests they find out.

Erica walks in the room with Anthony Cabrera. She tells him it is nice to finally meet him in person, but he knows instantly that she is Erica Shepherd and she works for Tal. She informs him that Rebecca Martin was an alias she used, they exchanged dozens of emails and now isn’t the time to be shy. She wants to know what he wants to do since time is running out. Keaton speaks to Kate Ryan (Kelli Garner) and Jason Bragg (Noah Mills), who reveals that Roger Bowman (Lee Aaron Rosen) was a former Marine and an extraction specialist; they all believe he is the one who planned the escape and will want to get Carly out of the country as soon as possible.

When Keaton is done the call, he looks up imagining his dead fiance sitting at her desk. Erica tells Novak about her life in prison, completely solitary and he couldn’t imagine how it erodes someone when they have no human contact for days on end. She pushes, saying everyone who works for Tal either dies or ends up in prison and unless Alan talks to them; that will also be his fate. Dr. Alan Novak begins to explain that he only wanted to do one job but Tal wouldn’t let him stop. He has a family and wife that he simply wants a better life for. He says something has happened with Tal in Cuba; one of his operatives was injured in a firefight; Novak went to treat him when militarily attacked. Tal has never sent him to Cuba and before Erica can get an answer of why Tal would be there, Cabrera asks to speak to Erica alone.

He reminds them that they are on the clock but she wants to know what the CIA knows about Cuba. Keaton sides with Erica as Cabrera tells her they are there to get Mendoza’s location from Novak and if she isn’t going to do that she can walk. Shortly, Cabrera gives his team the address but Erica protests that Tal values Mendoza and she won’t be at that location anymore. Cabrera felt this would happen and tells them they are done as Erica suggests he doesn’t let his personal feelings for her interfere with doing his job. Keaton says she is an asset, someone he already agreed to work with and says since they are there FBI and CIA can work this together.

Keaton knows Erica wants to know what Tal is doing in Cuba, agreeing with Erica while she explains how everyone is working for a Secret Case. She is determined to find out, saying she is going to spy on the CIA. With Keaton by her side, she observes everything, explaining to Keaton what is going on. Cabrera is looking at the house but Keaton says this is definitely not the place; Erica leaves to use the restroom, listening intently on phone calls.

A helicopter takes off, as Jason explains they have a lead on Bowman. Jacqueline Pettigrew (Cassandra Freeman) says they believe Mendoza will be on the medivac helicopter to get her out of the country. Keaton wants Bowman alive but ends the call when Erica returns. He is talking about a CIA investigator so Erica feels she knows someone that could help her. Erica plays an agent, saying they should share and help each other, but she scoffs and walks away. Sarah leaves with Keaton following her, she immediately goes to the elevator finding out she went to the 5th floor. Keaton learns up there is transportation. Cabrera returns saying Novak was just given a new location and Cabrera pushes him to do this, ordering him to start driving.

Novak leaves the parking garage with Agents following him, meanwhile, FBI sees a black car sure it is Bowman; he shoots at them then takes a hostage, ordering them back or he will die. Jason Bragg sets up his rifle and has the shot but they want him alive. Jacqueline slowly approaches them, putting her gun on the ground, she tells him she is trusting him and needs him to trust her. Daniel is watching it unfold, saying it is imperative that they get him alive. Bowman climbs into the chopper, but when he starts to fight with his hostage for the gun, Daniel orders Bragg to take the shot and he does.

Cabrera drives through traffic with Keaton and Erica on his tail. They both observe the time, when Novak suddenly turns away, as he was given another address. Keaton learns from Daniel that they had to take out Bowman, they have his cell phone and some encrypted texts. Novak pulls over, taking his medical bag down an alleyway. Erica tells Cabrera they can’t follow him down the alley because it bottlenecks and the operatives will be able to see them; Keaton once again agrees with Erica so Cabrera attempts to race to the other side of the alley but is caught in a traffic jam. The alley is completely empty and the agents don’t have a visual on him; they are ordered to put facial recognition out.

Anthony Cabrera stops at a car, while Erica tells Keaton that something is wrong. Keaton quietly tells her about the shooting of Bowman when Cabrera returns feeling betrayed that he and Shepherd have been running their own game from the start. Keaton reveals they know about Cuba, and they’re transporting something – either weapons or people. Erica knows it is either illegal or embarrassing to the agency but they will find out. Keaton reminds him that there is always a fall guy for these situations and he would hate it to be Cabrera.

Kate tells Keaton and Erica about the messages; Erica realizes it is a grid zone and they believe that is where they are hiding Mendoza; rushing off when Kate gives them the address.

Annapolis, Maryland
Keaton drives up to a wooded area, unable to tell how many operatives they are dealing with. Erica wants to help, but Keaton cuffs her to the car and leaves. Keaton rushes towards the house as Novak does surgery on Mendoza, one of the operatives learns that Novak was working with the CIA and they are to take him out as soon as he is done with surgery. Keaton attacks the operative without anyone noticing; taking his weapon. Keaton feels there isn’t enough time and won’t wait for the rest of the team.

Will enters the house, Erica smashes the radio and is able to break free from her cuffs. Keaton continues through the house, forced to hide behind a pillar, listening as surgery is almost complete and one of the operatives is needed upstairs right away. Keaton fights with him, causing the people in the basement to hear the ruckus; Novak is ordered to continue working. An operative comes up and tries to shoot Will, but Erica shoots him instead, she slides the gun to Will allowing him to shoot the others. Erica is hurt as Novak comes down, saying Mendoza is upstairs and alive.

Back at HQ, Novak learns since the CIA has Carly Mendoza in custody, they no longer feel they need to put him into their relocation program. Keaton assures him that the FBI is going to put him into the Witness Protection Program today with an agent coming in soon to fill him in on all the details. Novak is grateful that his family has a second chance, Erica tells him that there is nothing to say.

Keaton watches as Daniel interrogates Mendoza. He says she will have to talk sooner or later, but she reminds him they know nothing about her. Daniel reveals they know that she was in a relationship with Tal for 3 years, is his confidante and a very important person. She fends it off, saying they don’t know what they’re talking about. Daniel says they saw the messages, allowing her to rest before they have another chat where they can be honest with each other.

Daniel tells Keaton they have never seen someone this close to Tal before; Keaton thinks they can turn her. He receives a call, excusing himself from Daniel. Anthony Cabrera is in his office, saying that Mendoza is the CIA’s prisoner, but Keaton kindly reminds him they lost her on American soil and they got her back. He tells Cabrera they are in the Hoover building and will be doing things differently; Keaton says they will share everything they have on Mendoza, including transcripts if Cabrera will reveal everything he knows about the operation happening in Cuba.

Erica finds out from Keaton that over the past few years the CIA has had problems with security, Erica was the case and point. Six months ago, they were sending all of their Tal prisoners to a detention center in the Cuban Mountain Range. She is impressed that Keaton got Cabrera to crack, he admits he had some help; both wishing each other a good night. Erica tells him all the pain he has been through and all the pain he put the people in his life through he will see that it was done in honor when they catch Tal.

Keaton leaves Erica in her cell and heads out. He rings the doorbell where he is greeted by Lane’s father. He understands why he hates him but reminds him that working with Shepherd is the hardest thing he has to do. He loved Lane more than life itself and they share the same grief but this isn’t about Shepherd; this is about finding the man responsible for all of this. He believes if Thomas were in his shoes he would make the same choices. Will begins to walk away but Thomas invites him inside.

Erica wakes up suddenly when she sees Carly Mendoza being escorted in. Carly attacks the guards, running to Erica saying she needs to prove she wants to work for Tal, whatever the consequences.


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