The Fix Recap 04/01/2019: Season 1 Episode 3 “The Wire”

The Fix Recap 04/01/2019: Season 1 Episode 3 "The Wire"

Tonight on ABC their new legal drama The Fix airs with an all-new Monday, April 1, 2019, episode and we have your The Fix recap below.  On tonight’s The Fix season 1 episode 3, “The Wire,”  as per the FOX synopsis, “Maya convinces an asset to wear a wire during a rendezvous with Sevvy. Meanwhile, Ezra works to create an alibi for Sevvy and he sends his henchman, Buck, to pay a visit to Riv at his ranch.

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The Fix begins tonight with Sevvy Johnson (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) squeezing his girlfriend, Dia’s (Vannessa Vasquez) arms demanding to know if she killed Jessica Meyer (Taylor Kalupa); but she is able to prove she was out of town and forgives him for hurting her. Meanwhile, Maya Travis (Robin Tunney) talks to Riv ( Marc Blucas) who is at their ranch, as she wishes she was there to feed the horses and both are tired of being alone. Riv encourages her, feeling she may win this case quicker than she thinks; a noise distracts her and she hangs up the phone to investigate. With a gun in hands, she finds a jewelry box with a note that says, “Welcome Back!” she stores it with dozens of others/

Ezra Wolf (Scott Cohen) has a live interview, saying he hasn’t been able to verify the video and the press conference only proves that Maya has a vendetta against Sevvy. He smirks when asked if he is responsible for Ben Mitchell’s death, but he claims his suicide is a travesty and should not be used as a publicity stunt, but it seems like Maya will do anything to win. After the interview, Ezra is told he has a problem controlling his client, revealing where Sevvy went the previous night.

In the morning, Sevvy is confronted by his son, Gabriel (Alex Saxon) who demands to know where he was and shows him the press conference showing Jessica’s bruises; he shouts that he was only trying to be a good son and that Sevvy knew Gabe would run the extra mile to prove he is a good and loyal son. He rushes out, saying he doesn’t have to believe his dad at all.

Maya learns she is a meme on social media as CJ (Merrin Dungey) reminds her of the old rumors of Maya and Matthew Collier (Adam Rayner) having a secret love child. Maya reveals she got a present from her stalker/biggest fan, but they need to drop this discussion as she needs to focus on the case. Matthew calls her into his office, saying they are not a team and he is the one who handles the media. She doesn’t think they have enough to arrest Sevvy, but they are hoping to get someone from his outer circle to talk.

Ezra is on the phone with Loni Kampoor (Mouzam Makkar) who defends her lack of knowledge on the press conference, but he orders her to figure it out. Sevvy is getting his IV infusion when Ezra arrives giving Sevvy a guilt trip as he is making it hard to make it appear like he is a grieving boyfriend if he is out getting a booty call from another girl. He warns him that this isn’t 8 years ago, and Maya just took a knife to their jury pool and any fans he had left. Ezra gives him a new phone with only his number on it. Ezra learns there is a way in and out of Sevvy’s place that no one knows about; realizing they are screwed because the only thing they had going for them is the security cameras didn’t catch him leaving the house the morning of Jessica’s murder. Sevvy wants him to figure it out.

Loni says Maya’s press conference took a lot of balls and is offering a white flag. She encourages Maya to use her team as CJ comes in with information about his Sevvy’s newest side piece. The kitchen manager gave her a receipt, asking if she is ready to meet Sevvy’s other woman and they head off to Dia’s house. Maya immediately gets into her face, saying Sevvy did this on purpose to use her as an excuse and she really isn’t anyone special. Maya tells her she is under arrest for a DUI from earlier, taking the name “bitch” as a compliment from Sevvy and Dia.

Sevvy is furious as he loses his career, fans and family; begging Jules Johnson (Robin Given) to talk some sense into Gabe, even though she feels he won’t listen to her because she isn’t his mother. He denies that he is hiding anything from her, but if she wants to keep everything they built together, she will help him.

Dia insists that Sevvy is innocent, while Maya questions whether Sevvy ever hit her and if he hasn’t done it, its only because she hasn’t been around long enough. She calls Maya a “white bred bitch” and Loni says she is like a raptor in heels. CJ feels Loni is selling it in interrogation, as Maya can’t believe what is being said about her. Loni plays the victim card and becoming nothing to the men in their lives. She asks if Dia wishes there was a way she could take her power back.

Charlie (KJ Smith) escorts Dr. Lisa Abboud (Lynn Collins) to his office, wanting to talk to his ex about Sevvy. He suggests that she help them and maybe she used the private entrance the morning of Jessica’s murder. She feels he is desperate but he reminds her that he always wins; she smugly tells him that he will have to win this one without her.

Maya greets Effy (Daniella Alonso) at the door when Matthew comes outside as she reveals they flipped Sevvy’s mistress who has agreed to wear a wire, but she needs his approval before moving ahead. Matthew is concerned that they believe he already killed three women, Maya doesn’t think they will get a confession but he could say something incriminating. She taunts him about running behind his nice, safe desk; so he either trusts her or he doesn’t. He signs the papers, saying he always trusted her and she needs to keep her safe.

Ezra finds Lisa, after she discovers the CD of Connor Zane, reminding her he was the rising rockstar she used to treat but died from an overdose; only being saved by Ezra and now she owes him, threatening to make the case reappear if he has too. She knows he is ruthless, wondering if he would actually destroy her in order to get what he wants; he immediately says yes.

Dia is prepped for her meeting with Sevvy, saying they need him to talk about anything about Jessica and his ego is what will get him talking. She reminds Dia that she can sell this and they send her out for her rendezvous with Sevvy. CJ reassures Maya that they have taken every precaution to make sure Dia is protected. Matthew wakes up, quietly crawling out of bed to call Maya; she reminds him this is below his pay grade now. He says he wants her to know he supports her as she knows he misses all of it; he wishes her good luck as Effy confronts him, saying she knows he is tempted to fall back into bad habits. She reminds him that she didn’t give up her career so they could play the runner up to Alan Wiest (Breckin Meyer); he promises it is all going to happen for them. She claims to trust him.

Dia sets up the room for Sevvy’s arrival, nervously waiting on the bed. Gabriel sits at the bar, asking for them to change the channel as he doesn’t want to see Ezra’s interview on his father anymore. He is told the TV is for everyone and if he doesn’t like it, he can drink in his own living room. The drunk recognizes him as Sevvy Johnson’s son and wants to know how he lives with himself, taking his Daddy’s money especially since everyone knows Sevvy killed his mom. A fight breaks out and Jules rescues Gabe.

Sevvy has a drink while waiting for Ezra. He shows him paperwork from his doctor, saying that he was knocked out from the medications she gave him that morning. He says Lisa’s reputation is sterling and he can make this stick. Ezra reminds him that being innocent and proving it are two very different things. He wants Sevvy to memorize the words and tomorrow they will use it like the Bible and preach.

At the hotel room, Dia takes off the bracelet Sevvy got her as she looks at a photo on her phone. She quickly writes down that she is writing a wire and loves him. The door opens and it is Buck Neal (Robert Wisdom), Ezra’s fixer. Maya wants to see what he has to say; Dia is shocked to learn that Sevvy sent him to break up with her. He pulls out $50 grand out of his pocket, encouraging her to be a good girl and take the money.

Dia storms out, saying she will sell this and steals keys from the valet; Maya ordering them to follow her. She is heard on the wire saying that she was going to save his ass. As they give chase they lose audio when she gets out of range. She bangs at the gate, demanding Sevvy Johnson to open the gate in front of the press.

Sevvy lets her in as she angrily confronts him about trying to pay her off like some whore. He is able to prove that Ezra took his phone and even though Wolf broke up with her, it was done with the right intentions. He suggests they lay low until things cool off. She is able to bring up Jessica’s tapes and how they only show one side of him, and she wants the world to see the side he sees. Maya, Loni and CJ are thrilled that she is back on script.

Sevvy says he did not put those bruises on Jessica, but as soon as he is out of this mess he will be with her for real. Sevvy confesses that Ezra has it all figured out and has made a fake alibi with his doctor. He suggests she take the private way out to avoid paparazzi.

Jules tells Gabe she is glad she got to the bar when she did and that his dad isn’t the only one worried about him. He admits nothing is okay and doesn’t know what to do as he feels really alone. She touches his face and leg, promising to help him through this. Meanwhile, Maya meets with Ezra discreetly as she plays the recording of Sevvy confessing to Dia. He realizes she ran a wire on Dia as they bicker about who can take the high road; Maya says this is about ending the road for him, as she plans to get him disbarred. She also knows about Sevvy’s secret entrance now and it will drive a massive hole in his case. She taunts him that Sevvy is going down for murder and Ezra is going with him!

Matthew brings her a reward for pulling an all-nighter; reminiscing about their first wire and the treats they had. Maya feels he should have been there as she never saw him happier than being in the trenches. She doesn’t judge him for his career choice while she was away but she has to wonder if this is really him? He leans in and gently touches her hands, admitting he didn’t know how hard this was going to be having her back. Before it can get overly emotional, he tells her to enjoy the treats and leaves.

Loni finds Ezra in the parking garage, angry that they ran a wire on Dia. She says she wasn’t part of the plan and he is furious that she is lying. He threatens her with “We’ll see!” as she steps into the car terrified. Jules returns to the bar and meets up with the patron who fought with Gabe. She hands him an envelope of cash, as he says it was a pleasure doing business. She reminds him this was a one-time thing.

Sevvy rushes into Ezra’s office, showing him the paparazzi’s video of Dia at his gate. Ezra reveals they no longer have an alibi, revealing that during his meeting with Dia she was wearing a wire and Maya has this all on tape. Sevvy feels he is better off without Ezra, firing him. He says if he does fire him, he will crush him; Sevvy stands up to him and will do it back. Ezra says he needs another million dollars to get them out of this mess.

Sevvy throws a chair out of office window but Ezra suggests he focus on the long game and focus who has thrown him in prison – Maya Travis!! Ezra swears he is going to destroy Maya as Buck arrives at the ranch, with Riv unwittingly giving him a tour of the ranch as he claims to be looking for a new horse.


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