The Fix Recap 04/29/2019: Season 1 Episode 7 “Ghost Whisperer”

The Fix Recap 04/29/2019: Season 1 Episode 7 "Ghost Whisperer"

Tonight on ABC their new legal drama The Fix airs with an all-new Monday, April 29, 2019, episode and we have your The Fix recap below.  On tonight’s The Fix season 1 episode 7, “Ghost Whisperer,”  as per the FOX synopsis, “Sevvy begins to have hallucinations about his departed ex Jessica, while her disgruntled sister, Lindsay, tries to take matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, the police find a homeless man wearing a jacket that belonged to Sevvy, and things escalate with Maya’s stalker.”

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The Fix begins tonight with River “Riv” Allgood (Marc Blucas) finding Maya Travis (Robin Tunney) hitting the punching bag really hard. She denies that she is avoiding, saying this is just aggression therapy. Riv reveals him and CJ Emerson (Merrin Dungey) found a bug in the house, causing Maya to not understand the escalation; but Riv feels he provoked him by telling the “scumbag” he was coming for him. Maya praises Riv, with him fixing the security in the house and Maya begins to carry a gun; glad that he is there.

Ezra Wolf (Scott Cohen) finds Angela Ashley (Skye P. Marshall) in the office super early, he says he only came there to grab his dry cleaning from Charlie (Kj Smith) as he is having a “me” day. He throws it in her face that Sevvy Johnson (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) made her first chair and now she has to wear all the hats; she feels she just needs to be a damn good lawyer. Ezra wants Charlie to report back to him everything Angela “Georgia” is doing while he gathers rope for Angela to hang herself with.

Lindsey Meyer (Molly C. Quinn) aims her gun at Sevvy, demanding that he tell the truth and face up who he is and what he did. Sevvy doesn’t know what she wants him to say, but she insists he stole her sister Jessica Meyer (Taylor Kalupa); pulling her away from her and their family. Sevvy continues to insist that they loved each other, but Lindsey plays several voice mails from Jessica. She confronts him about how things were tense between him and her sister because he abused her. Lindsey doesn’t want him speaking for her sister but demands him to say that he murdered her sister; something he doesn’t do, asking her to shoot him, reminding her that she will spend the rest of her life in prison and Jessica’s real killer will go unpunished. Lindsey says she will take that chance!

Lindsey suddenly drops to the floor, screaming about her hand, as Buck Neal (Robert Wisdom) arrives, asking Sevvy if he is okay. Sevvy tells Buck to take care of the situation, covering his ears as he walks away. Buck calls Ezra, revealing that Lindsey was at Sevvy’s when he got there; she had a gun pointing at Sevvy and now she is bleeding pretty good. Ezra feels this is the perfect time for Angela to learn about a day in the life of Sevvy Johnson, asking Buck to pretend they never spoke.

Maya arrives at work, finding CJ waiting for her in the parking garage; saying she is her personal bodyguard. CJ asks about her booze fest with Matthew Collier (Adam Rayner); Maya reassures her she simply has a hangover and that was all that happened. Meanwhile, Sevvy has Angela at his side as the police take photographs and interview both him and Buck. Lindsey screams that he is a murderer and won’t get away with this as she is escorted out of the house. Sevvy chastises Angela for calling the police, explaining how Ezra would have handled it but she reminds Sevvy that he is the one who made her first chair. She tells Sevvy to get some rest because she is going back to the office, he pleads for her to stay but she needs to focus on the case. She reveals Ezra turned off his phone, taking a “me” day, suggesting Sevvy do the same.

At the DA’s office, they are frustrated that the judge believed Ezra when he blamed Julianne “Jules” Johnson (Robin Givens) as the real killer. Maya redirects their conversation, saying the bail hearing was yesterday they now need to focus on what happens next. First, they need to get Julianne off the table as a suspect, they can’t work on verify it and are certain Jules’ words will be shredded on the stand; Maya insists they need more. Alan Wiest (Breckin Meyer) walks in, informing them that Sevvy was almost shot this morning by Lindsey Meyer; but she was stopped when Buckshot the gun right out of her hand. Maya is furious that as long as Sevvy walks around in this world, he ruins another life and they need to stop him. CJ gets a message from Detective Vincent North (Robbie Jones), saying he found something.

CJ and Maya drive over to a scene as North says he has something they would like. After combing through a homeless camp, they found someone wearing a jacket with dried blood on it; the man claiming he found it in a ditch on the PCH. North shows them a photo of Sevvy two weeks before Jessica’s murder and he is wearing the identical jacket. CJ says if this is Jessica’s blood on it, this is a game changer.

Wiest visits Loni Kampoor (Mouzam Makkar) at her home, asking her if she has vertigo from playing both sides. He tells her she missed a lot of action the past few days; he is not there to fire her because the DA office needs the win and he wants Ezra gone from the defense counsel by sending Loni back into the wolf’s den.

Maya finds this too convenient because Sevvy did everything to have Gabriel “Gabe” Johnson (Alex Saxon) get rid of the evidence. She worries that when somethings are too good to be true, they really are. Maya returns to the office, needing to speak to Matthew, revealing what the police have found. She believes this doesn’t feel right after all the crap Wolf has been pulling. She wants to keep the lid on the jacket until forensics comes back and he agrees to have her back. She has to leave as Angela requested a meeting with her.

Sevvy pours himself a drink as he hears helicopters flying outside his home. He leans down and attempts to clean up the blood, only making it worse. He quickly holds his head, rushes to clean off the blood from his hands and begins washing down his pills with alcohol. Ezra is getting measured for a suit when he gets a call from an unknown number, they then leave a text for him to answer. He learns it is Loni, who reveals that SID is interested in his witness list; wondering if there is anything that ties her to him. He brushes it off, saying it is only a fishing expedition and not to worry. He tells Loni he will be in touch, she tells him not to.

Wiest praises Loni at how good she is at that; saying if Wolf thinks they are investigating him, he won’t know which lie to cover up and make a mistake when he scrambles to cover all of them up. Loni has to wear a wire to gather enough evidence to nail him. She feels when Maya wins the case, Wiest will get all the credit.

Maya meets with Angela, who says Maya is a hero to a lot of people; talking about the last trial and she was a huge inspiration. Angela doesn’t want a deal as she plans to prove Sevvy’s innocence in court. She is there to simply make sure they have an open line of communication, so any time she needs to contact them, Maya should contact Angela. She wants everything the DA’s office has; Maya lies, saying she has everything. They shake hands, saying they are both on the side of truth, they just disagree on what that is. Maya says it was smart and risky to do what she did in Atlanta, but warns her that if she leaves an opening Wolf will attack.

Maya tells CJ that Sevvy’s new lawyer is a badass who has a phenomenal record, making Maya more eager to know about the jacket before they share it with them; both feel it is quite magical that this piece of evidence showed up the day after the bail hearing. They wonder who planted the jacket.

Sevvy comes back downstairs and walks towards the patio, where he demands to know who is sitting there. The woman turns around and it is Jessica saying, “Hey Babe, I’m home!”

Ezra sits with Buck, revealing that CJ called and he is being investigated; asking for a list of his witnesses. Buck doesn’t think they need to narrow it down, but they should start with Maya Travis. He wants Buck to find out what she has on him but be sure to cover his tracks. Ezra proposes a toast to defeating Maya again, but Buck won’t take a drink.

Sevvy asks Jessica how this is possible, she tells him not to ask that; wondering if he missed her. She looks at him with her black eye, as he tells her it has been hell. She uses makeup to cover up the bruising, telling him that no one has to know. She asks Sevvy to come to her, Sevvy touches her hand, asking if this is real. He says he remembers what he said to her right there, saying she was beautiful and afraid she would break. Jessica stands up, still holding his hand, saying he did try to break her and now it is time to face what he has done. He looks out, suddenly realizing he is alone, but begs Jess to forgive him.

Maya is at the FBI and the agent is ready to see her. At home, Riv scans the backyard, finding a small hole in the fence leading to another yard; he breaks into the empty house, finding a ladder and the attic is open. Once in the attic, he finds it looks directly at the house, sitting down he hears all the conversations him and Maya have had in their home.

Maya confesses that she transferred the jacket to the FBI, because she didn’t want it to fall back on anyone but her. She doesn’t know if it was a cop who planted it or someone else; CJ warns her that Wiest is going to go nuclear when he hears this. CJ informs her whether she likes it or not, she just started a war.

Maya comes down the stairs, thanking the agent and asking for the results as soon as possible. Leo Foster (Erik Palladino) remains at his security post as Matthew approaches her, saying if the jacket comes through that could be enough to get bail revoked at the preliminary hearing. Sevvy, in the meantime, continues to see visions of Jessica. He begs for forgiveness, saying he never meant to hurt her, using a sob story for what he did. She tells him that he lies about everything to cover up the darkness; he couldn’t even confess to her sister because he doesn’t know if he killed her or not. Sevvy is confused, not knowing what he has done.

Ezra returns to the office, telling Angela the only thing she needs to worry about is their client. She believes Sevvy is probably sleeping and could do the most for this case by working from the office. Ezra calls Charlie up, who gives him all their encrypted files on a thumb drive. Charlie says no one from the DA’s office nor LAPD called, he reassures her that he is the only counsel she needs and remains calm.

Ezra closes all his windows, opening a safe with his thumbprint and removing some envelopes. CJ calls in her ex, for a huge favor. Maya learns from Riv that the person who was bugging the house, but she is unable to hear any more of his conversation; getting disconnected as he asked her if she has her gun. Maya runs to her car when she hears noises in the garage. She opens the glove box and finds a note, “You don’t need a gun, Maya. I’ll protect you.”

Maya comes home frazzled, calling out for Riv. He is grabbing her things, wanting her to stay in a hotel for a few nights, revealing that the guy is spying from the empty house next door. He called the detective, but he wants her to get out of there. She protests that Riv stays behind and admits that the stalker stole her gun and she put in a report. She knows Riv, saying he can’t take this into his own hands because she needs to know he is safe. He finally relents, saying her and him in a hotel… it could be worse. Maya gets a message to return to the office, promising to meet him at the hotel.

Buck informs Ezra that he tailed Maya Travis this morning and she went to the FBI. Ezra fears that this could be it and he is going down; Buck isn’t about to let him wind up in a bad spot. Buck says he needs to go as he needs to protect Ezra’s sorry ass; a job that is never dull.

Sevvy continues to tell Jessica he loves her, she holds him as he apologizes. She tells him if he is truly sorry, he would have let her sister kill him. Sevvy opens his eyes and sees Jessica’s head is covered in blood. He calls to speak to Angela, but Charlie says she isn’t in the office and will transfer him to voice mail. Charlie then calls Ezra, mentioning the rope he was talking about.

Maya walks into the office, where Wiest confronts her about giving a key piece of evidence to the FBI without his approval. She feels she didn’t have a choice since he only cares about politics. He says doing this shows they don’t trust the LAPD and that hurts the case an entire office. She knows Sevvy Johnson killed Jessica but she firmly believes someone planted that jacket; it is either the nail in Johnson’s coffin or the door to his freedom and she needs to know which one it is. Wiest feels she did this because she is seeking redemption but she reminds him she had a life outside of this and now that is falling apart. CJ brings up a list of police that was involved in the case 8 years prior and the only name that stands out is Detective North!

North took the kids out of the house when Cassandra was killed and stayed with the kids until the family came. Maya remembers that North was the firsts detective at Jessica’s crime scene; something they all find is awfully convenient. Wiest is furious as Maya hates being right about this.

Ezra walks into Sevvy’s house, calling out for Sevvy, finding him curled up in a corner. Ezra asks what happened as Sevvy says he can’t do this on his own; Ezra tells him he isn’t going anywhere.

Wiest tells Matthew that the chief of police is pissed but he is going to send over Detective North’s internal file. Wiest talks about the view as Matthew says that is half the reason he wants that office; Wiest tells him to enjoy it while they can because they might not be there for long. Wiest sees Matthew getting closer to Maya, wondering if he is still going to let Maya take the fall if this blows up in their face. Matthew says he has no idea what Wiest is talking about but after what she did today, she is on her own.

CJ brings over shots, celebrating that Julianne Johnson’s alibi checks out and this is one more notch closer to putting Sevvy Johnson away. Maya feels the city is bad for her liver, blaming Sevvy for a lot. Maya tells North that he found the jacket so he is MVP of the week; he wants to know if the blood on the jacket is really Jessica’s. CJ believes they will prove the jacket was his; all agreeing that Sevvy needs to go down. North says him catching the case was not luck when the call came in, he immediately took it out of rotation; there was no way he was going to miss the jury telling Sevvy he is guilty. Maya leaves the table.

Riv stares out the hotel windows when he gets a message that there is a motion at the front door of the house; he races off to investigate when the camera stops working. Buck walks through the house, looking through papers when he is attacked from behind. A fight ensues with the intruder aka Leo having a wire around Buck’s neck. He kills Buck, leaving him on the floor.