The Fix Recap 05/13/19: Season 1 Episode 9 “Jeopardy”

The Fix Recap 05/13/2019: Season 1 Episode 9 "Jeopardy"

Tonight on ABC their new legal drama The Fix airs with an all-new Monday, May 13, 2019, episode and we have your The Fix recap below.  On tonight’s The Fix season 1 episode 9, “Jeopardy!,”  as per the FOX synopsis, “Sevvy offers a reward for anyone with information on Jessica’s murder and convinces Ezra to help him follow a lead in Las Vegas; CJ and Riv hatch a plant to lure in Maya’s stalker.”

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The Fix begins with Maya Travis (Robin Tunney) being confronted by Leo Foster (Eric Palladino) in the parking garage. She tells him she needs to get back to the hotel where her boyfriend, Riv Allgood (Marc Blucas) is waiting for her. Suddenly, Leo rambles off a date of the first pair of earrings he sent her during the first Sevvy Johnson (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) trial. He was upset that she vanished 8 years ago, as she tries to tell him that he should have just told her they were from him. He talks about all the things he knows about her; asking if Riv knows her to like him and is he willing to do anything to make her happy. He admits he killed a man for her; she knocks him to the ground, giving herself enough time to get into the safety of her car, but he pulls her back out and the two struggle for her to get the keys. She runs towards the building after she gashes his face. She runs down the stairs to another garage, screaming for help; CJ Emerson (Merrin Dungey) has her gun drawn, reassuring Maya that she is safe.

Matthew Collier (Adam Rayner) checks over Maya, who assures him that she is okay, other than a few scrapes. Alan Wiest (Brecklin Meyer) is as shocked as everyone that Leo has worked there for years and people never know. Matt confirms that he deactivated his security clearance and tripled the guards around Maya; the police are checking the area as surveillance shows Leo leaving the parking garage. Riv rushes in, holding Maya. He looks from CJ to Matt, confronting him that Maya needed more protection but Wiest comes to his defense saying this is on LAPD who pulled the tail on her; promising to wake up the Chief and have them both shadowed until Leo is caught.

Ezra Wolf (Scott Cohen) walks into his office with a cane, telling everyone if they stare at him they will become unemployed. He is surprised to see Sevvy in his office saying there was a bit of commotion in the office last night and Angela Ashley (Skye P. Marshall) quit. Sevvy is busy looking through all the tips that came in, but Ezra said Angela was right that 18 million dollars will bring out all the crazies. Sevvy shows him the tip that could prove someone was lying, as there is video showing Jessica Meyer (Taylor Kalupa) getting into another man’s vehicle. Ezra tries to convince him not to go astray and dark but Sevvy said it was after that trip that Jessica was acting distant and that is why he hired Buck Neal (Robert Wisdom) in the first place. Ezra says they will check it out, but Sevvy insists on going with Ezra to Las Vegas to check it out on his own, telling Ezra to figure out what to say to the judge because that is why he pays him the big bucks.

Maya thanks Wiest for having 2 units on her; he questions her about Julianne “Jules Johnson (Robin Givens) visit the previous night. She is willing to testify that she planted the jacket; Wiest shares that Wolf is trying to torpedo Gabe Johnson (Alex Sexon), showing them a signed affidavit from Star Johnson (Chasten Harmon) who insists Gabe followed her and Sevvy into the woods and assaulted Sevvy without provocation. Maya knows it is a lie considering there is no mention of a duffel bag at all. Wiest is concerned the jury may believe it as they already caught Gabe in a lie. Matt reveals he called the hotel they hid him in and he’s been gone for two days; Wiest tells them this is a problem and they need to flip Star as their case is hanging on by a thread.

Maya arrives at Jules’ place, not wanting to explain the police that is with her; Jules invites her in as Maya is about to ask a favor but spots Gabe in the backyard revealing she’s been worried about him. Jules reveals he is staying with her now. Maya tells them both that Star is on record saying the bag never existed; Gabe swears she is lying. Maya tells Jules she thinks there is a way to fix this problem Wolf is causing; she wants Jules to get Star to come in and do a deposition admitting she was coerced into the statement but Jules says Star is her father’s daughter. Maya reminds her if Star gets on the stand and lies, she will go after her for perjury. Jules is aware of the stakes with Gabe reminding her that Maya on wants Star to tell the truth; Jules agrees to do what she can.

Ezra is on the phone, getting permission for Sevvy to go to Vegas, but he worries going there could be Sevvy’s demise as Maya’s case is getting weaker and weaker but if they start turning rocks without knowing what is underneath is gambling. Sevvy is told he cannot fly, so they are taking a road trip.

CJ meets Detective Vincent North (Robbie Jones) at Leo’s house but it is futile as there is nothing that could lead them to find out where he went; no family and no friends. CJ sees the wall and scrapbook Leo created about Maya. They found some audio files, confirming they he planted bugs in the war room, her house and her car so he could know her every move. CJ meets with Maya and Riv, suggesting she lures Leo out by driving around and letting him find her. Riv wants to go in Maya’s place feeling he is the bigger target because he is preventing Leo from being with Maya; CJ agrees, saying James Meloy (Cranston Johnson) can help as the LAPD is on their side now. Maya reluctantly agrees as both Riv and CJ feel this is their best bet.

Matthew meets with Effy (Daniella Alonso) and Brianna who is a political consultant Effy met the previous week. She let it slip that he is planning to announce his DA run soon. Brianna has a plan, saying the Johnson case has become a complete disaster, but he could resign and denounce Maya Travis and Alan Wiest for incompetence; then announce his running for DA with a plan to clean house at the DA’s office. Matthew says she is blunt as Brianna says if he decides to do this, he can call her and she will get him there. Matt tells Effy that he will not do it as she calls him a loyal man, something she loves the most about him; he’s already saved Maya once and there is no saving her so he should be thinking about himself now.

Riv and Maya know they cannot go back to the hotel, Maya suggesting to stay at a friend’s place; giving explicit details of the spot as Leo listens in. They exchange I love you as she promises to be careful before exiting the car. She stands with CJ who says now they wait; Maya looks concerned.

Sevvy is fitted with a tracking device, saying he can only travel to and from Las Vegas with only one night stay over; any violation and he will go to jail. Wolf warns him that Maya will be able to track every move they make but Sevvy doesn’t care as he only wants to know why Jessica went to Vegas. Sevvy promises to not let Wolf out of his sight to gamble, Sevvy taking the keys to drive.

Riv sits in the cabin with James, who encourages him to be patient. CJ checks in with them; Riv admitting he likes CJ as James tells him that she would kick his ass if anything happened to Riv. She handpicked the surveillance team outside, both frustrated that they have women who have the “I can take care of myself” mentality. Riv says he is a cowboy and chivalry will never be dead. Suddenly there is a noise outside causing both men to get up.

CJ is looking over surveillance of Leo walking down a hallway a few times in a week, both thinking he has to be stashing something. Jame says there is no sign of Leo outside and it’s probably the winds picking up but when there is another noise, James goes to check it out as Riv grabs a gun after being told to stay inside. CJ, in the meantime, checks the room at the end of the hall, finding a ladder and the bags Leo kept with him; inside is duct tape and blood on the ladder. Riv holds the gun checking the house, drawing it higher when he spots a shadow. CJ rushes in, relieved to see Maya, okay, revealing she found a murder kit and fresh blood in the basement. She is concerned that Leo is still in the building, Maya orders her to put the room on lockdown as she tries to call Matt. Unfortunately, Matthew is being tied up to a pipe by Leo, who says he has quit the fight in him; holding a knife at him.

After some coaxing, Leo says there is no helping him as something went wrong and it is too late. Matthew attempts to talk to him, suggesting he could arrange for him to talk to Maya. Leo says no one knows Maya like he does, listening to hours of her voice, getting to know the real Maya Travis and what she really was. He says Matthew knows deep down and all Leo wants to do is help her, taking risks for her but she doesn’t care and there is a price for that. Matthew works on getting the rip ties off his wrists.

Riv calls out for James but gets a call from Maya who reveals that Leo isn’t going to the cabin as he is still in the office. CJ walks down hallways with her gun drawn, following bloody fingerprints into each room. Leo feels Matt should be grateful because he and Maya have something special but Matthew denies it. Leo says he is a lucky guy because at least he knows Maya will miss him when he is gone. Leo lunges at Matt who is able to free himself and a physical fight ensues, but Leo is able to stab him in the stomach before CJ arrives and repeatedly shoots Leo.

Sevvy thanks Ezra for coming with him, but he tells Sevvy they can’t stay at the MGM as he has been banned. Sevvy has to ask if there is a place he hasn’t been black booked for life from most places but he does have a plan.

Maya rushes after Matthew who is being taken away by EMS, who is hurt but says he will live. Matt denies Leo saying anything, saying it is over since Leo is dead. Maya stops herself from saying something, but Matthew says, “I know. Me too!” before he is loaded into an ambulance while Maya sheds tears. CJ is put on administrative leave, fretting that she killed someone but Maya assures her she is a hero for saving Matthew’s life and probably hers too.

Star feels like she is being ambushed when she arrives at Jules’ place and sees Gabe and Samuel Johnson (Jordan Calloway) at the table. She apologizes, saying she cannot do this. Gabe isn’t mad at her, telling her that this whole thing has screwed the both of them. Jules encourages her to stay and make peace as Sam says this is just dinner and the best families always learn how to solve their problems. Jules prays as Star and Gabe stare each other down.

Ezra comments how Vegas feels like home, but Sevvy says a place that steals your money. A knock at the door brings Ezra to saying he hopes this brings the right people. He opens the door to Stephanie Reynolds (Louise Lombard) who confronts Ezra about being in her hotel. He wants a favor but she gives him 90 seconds to clear the room. He shows her Sevvy, saying that he is on trial for another murder he didn’t commit and it looks like this casino may be implicated, revealing Jessica Meyer spent a weekend there and it might be the very reason she was murdered. Stephanie knew it was going to be a bad day, so Ezra asks her to dig up the footage of Jessica and he promises to keep it out of the news.

Maya returns home, where Riv is happy to see her; Matthew is in surgery but Maya feels this nightmare of a day is over with. Riv says the day had him thinking about a few things and their future. He produces an engagement ring, saying after all the insanity, their future hasn’t been more clear. He feels this case has taken too much from her and wants her to put it in the past so they can have their future on their farm, forever. He gets on one knee asking if she will marry him, she smiles and he isn’t hearing a yes. He doesn’t want her to say it. She has thought about it but can’t just leave as this is her work. Riv reminds her that it used to be a part of her but now it is all of her. He feels she is being destructive, causing her to tell him that he clearly doesn’t understand her at all. He says he is in the wrong place and leaves to go pack his bag.

Jules talks to Star as they do the dishes together, saying it was nice tonight even though Sevvy couldn’t be there. Jules reminds her that lines have been drawn and she can no longer protect him; as Star needs to stop too. She reveals that she knows her and Gabe are telling two different stories about the woods. Jules is trying to unburden her daughter, asking what really happened.

Star breaks down, saying she didn’t know what to do, Jules pushing her to talk about the bag as Gabe listens from the hallway. Star tells her to stay out of it as Jules tells her Gabe told her there was evidence in the bag she burned. She realizes her mother is recording her and Gabe says it is not a trap, they just want dad to pay for what he did. He reminds her that Jessica was her friend and they should do the right thing for her; Star calls the entire family toxic and rushes out of Jules’ home.

Sevvy is anxious as they wait for word from Stephanie. Star calls her dad, telling him that she is done with all of it. She is not going on the stand for anyone, not going near the trial and she is done with this family forever. She hangs up on Sevvy before he gets a chance to respond. He tells Ezra that Star won’t testify but Ezra isn’t worried, saying they will get her back. Sevvy is upset that Star said she hated him, but Ezra says he hasn’t spoken to his daughter in 6 years and their kids can only hurt them if you love them but if you don’t, they don’t care what you do; as he knows.

Their chat is interrupted when Stephanie returns, showing them the security footage where Jessica is being picked up Andre Spencer (Michael Cognata) who runs the tactical shooting club; who trains clients with deep pockets. Sevvy had no idea since Jessica hated guns, claiming to him that she never shot one in her life.

Sevvy and Ezra go to the gun range as Sevvy demands to know what he was doing with Jessica. Andre figured someone would come eventually, admitting he is a big fan of Sevvy. He says they took care of her, surprised Sevvy didn’t know about it. He shows them footage of Jessica who bought the whole place out, saying she needed her training to be quick and private. She said it was for a part in a movie, but it shows she was a quick learner, handling the firearms with ease. She specifically used the same type of gun they had at home, next to the bed they slept in. Sevvy is shaken, thinking Jessica was planning on killing him.

Maya goes to the hospital, where Effy tells her that Matthew just got out of surgery and she is the last person he needs to see as he almost died because of Maya. She reveals the only reason Maya is there is because Effy convinced Matthew to bring her back so she could take the fall if this case went south. Effy informs her that Matthew is planning to run for DA and all Maya is to him is political cover. She returns to Matthew’s room as he is watching the news, but Effy turns it off reminding him its not worth the spike in his blood pressure. Matthew tells her the surgeon said he was lucky as it was only a deep laceration. She tells him there is a wave of public sympathy for her and he should take the moment to announce his candidacy. He wants them to take a moment to think about what they really want. She is scheduling a press conference and they can do it right from the hospital on Friday.

Maya grabs a bottle of whiskey, listening to Jules’ message about Star not helping them. Maya sits down to review the file again but quickly closes it to open her laptop, watching Jessica’s video of Sevvy abusing her. Maya suddenly notices something off with the video. Meanwhile, Sevvy can’t comprehend that Jessica was planning on killing him to take all his money. He doesn’t understand why she was training to be an assassin and Star is right as he didn’t know who he was living with. Ezra stops when he suddenly realizes Sevvy might be innocent. Maya shows CJ the video again, both seeing there was a shadow and someone else was in the storage unit when she made the tapes.
A computer is playing the video where Jessica made a mistake, as she forgot to say Sevvy’s name specifically; the hidden person deletes the video.