The Good Doctor Winter Premiere Recap 01/14/19: Season 2 Episode 11 “Quarantine Part Two”

The Good Doctor Winter Premiere Recap 01/14/19: Season 2 Episode 11 "Quarantine Part Two"

Tonight on NBC their new medical drama “The Good Doctor” airs with an all-new Monday, January 14, 2019, episode and we have your The Good Doctor recap below.  On tonight’s The Good Doctor season 2 episode 11 Winter Premiere called, “Quarantine Part Two,” as per the ABC synopsis, “In the midseason return, the hospital is still in quarantine as Dr. Shaun Murphy continues to be overwhelmed by the chaos and noise in the emergency room; Dr. Morgan Reznick struggles to keep her patients alive, and Dr. Audrey Lim fights for her life.

Meanwhile, Dr. Neil Melendez and Dr. Claire Browne must find a way to complete their patient’s bone marrow transplant, despite the quarantine.”

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The Good Doctor begins with Shaun (Freddie Highmore) visualizing taking the bus as he lays on the floor with patients all screaming around; someone shouts that there is something wrong with him. Alex (Will Yun Lee) shouts for his son, Kellan (Ricky He) who is having an asthma attack but his inhaler is empty. Morgan (Fiona Gubelmann) tells the nurse not to yell at Shaun as it will only make things worse, suggesting she tell him all about the surgery; which quickly calms him down as Shaun returns to their makeshift OR.

Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) and Claire (Antonia Thomas) are able to revive their patient, but she is worried they will lose their license for dismissing his rights. Neil says she won’t be held accountable as she was following her Attending’s orders. Alex is able to get into the ER to be by his son’s side, ensuring his son that this is only asthma. When patients demand more doctors, he orders everyone to shut up and realizes there is no time for him to wait for pharmacy to deliver a nebulizer for his son and creates one for him. Kellan is upset that he saw his father threaten to use the taser gun on the security guard.

Marcus Andrews (Hill Harper) talks to Morgan about treatment protocol; but she knows it didn’t help the other two patients, both hoping they got to Audrey Lim (Christina Chang) in time. He voices his concern about Shaun’s breakdown but gets angrier when he finds out Park is also in the quarantine area.

Aaron (Richard Schiff) walks out and finds Lea (Paige Spara) still waiting. He knows he isn’t wrong about his cancer coming back, even though the tests will be forwarded to Dr. Marina Blaize (Lisa Edelstein). He tells her that he probably has a year or 14 months left and they are saying anything to Shaun.

Neil meets with the Andrews who doesn’t agree with his plan to expand the quarantine area, but Melendez is determined. Andrews suggests using the janitor closets, and the linen room as both have negative pressure in them. The plan seems viable to both of them. Meanwhile, Shaun is able to give an update on patients, who has plugs in his ears. Alex smashes the light that has been bugging Shaun’s ears and he is able to refocus. He reveals that Viola’s water broke, and they see her standing there holding her very pregnant belly.

Viola is having full contracts as Shaun says she is 36 weeks pregnant, she is worried about whether he is going to freak out again. Shaun talks statistics with her as Kellan wants to know if he always talks like that; Shaun says it is good, to be honest. Kellan wishes his dad was like that but Shaun defends Alex, saying he is always very honest with his opinions. Viola questions on whether Alex tells Kellan that he loves him as he admits his dad isn’t really there for them. Shaun says he risked his life and career for him, but Viola understands.

Morgan is startled when Lim apologizes for her loss and then tells her how to keep on eye on her. Lim says she loves this place and always said she would be doing this until the day she died; Morgan tries to reassure her that they got it in time, but Lim feels she forgot so much stuff to do, asking her to put her dead patient out of sight as it’s not a healthy reminder for either of them. Morgan realizes there is a tear in the mask and the virus might not be airborne after all.

Kellan tries to talk to Alex, who asks him if it is urgent; but when Kellan walks away, Alex talks to him. Alex said he moved away for the job as Kellan says he only came to one game of the entire baseball season and spent the day on the computer, wondering why he even bothered coming. One patient tends to another when Alex arrives, saying he is going to extract bone marrow and asks who can help him. One of the elderly female patients says she was a veterinarian and he says “blood is blood” and she can help.

Viola’s monitors are sounding, causing Shaun to believe she could have preeclampsia and about to have a seizure. Viola doesn’t want to deliver the baby in quarantine but Nurse Deena (Karin Konoval) says the baby isn’t getting enough blood flow and they need to get him out; Shaun announces this is going to be her first baby and his. Morgan rushes to be by Lim’s side and begins intubation, her lungs are filling with fluid and secretion. Andrews tells her to put Lim on bypass as Morgan suggest doing echo and is sure Andrews can walk her through this.

Shaun knows Viola is dilated, but says her screaming is very loud. Shaun announces they cannot deliver the baby because they need to turn the baby. Deena says there is no way they are doing a c-section, but instead grabs the gel for them to rotate the baby internally. Lea sits with Aaron, wanting to know when they are going to tell Shaun; but he says telling him in the first place was a mistake as Aaron is Shaun’s mentor and it isn’t Shaun’s job to take care of him.

Melendez talks Alex through the bone marrow extraction on Bob (William MacDonald), who feels he deserves some of this pain as he wasn’t around for his son, even when his ex was dying. Alex tells him that at least he is there now. Claire talks to Melendez that Chris is in hypotension crisis and he tells Alex to go as fast as he can with the withdrawal.

Shaun and Deena work on rotating the baby, while Viola squeezes Deena’s hand. Deena yells for Shaun to stop as they realize her placenta erupted and baby’s heart rate is dropping while she starts to bleed out. Shaun calls out for supplies and an OB to observe his first delivery.

Morgan begins the procedure on Audrey Lim as Shaun brings Viola over to the window where the OB is there to supervise the c-section from the other side of the glass door. She tells Shaun what to do, as he looks at Alex. He holds the scalpel and makes the incision confidently. Claire brings in Chris, telling Melendez that he is prepped and she is ready when they are. Melendez scrubs in and tells them to inform him the second they are ready for the drop.

Viola’s pressure is dropping, as both Deena and the OB begin to talk to him at once. Shaun becomes overwhelmed, telling everyone to be quiet as he needs to concentrate. He is able to see the baby’s head, but when he removes the baby, he isn’t breathing. Shaun begins to work on the baby, but Viola is bleeding out. Shaun works on the baby instead of Viola.

Lea continues to talk to Aaron feeling Shaun deserves to know. Aaron confronts Lea about toying with Shaun, saying he isn’t a hamster she can play with and then just forget to feed him. She says she will let this slide as she knows he is dying. Blaize calls Aaron, who walks out of the room to take the call.

Alex deposits the marrow in the laundry shoot and Melendez reveals it is intact and they are good to go. Bob suddenly complains about chest pain and they find him in cardiac arrest, learning the tip broke off his IV and it must be in his heart. Deena and the OB tell Shaun to immediately stop working on the baby and save the mother, but he feels they both can be saved, asking for surgical equipment. He retrieves Kellan to perform CPR on the newborn baby, reminding him not to press too hard as he will crush his heart.

Shaun works on placing a balloon into Viola to stop the bleeding, encouraging Kellan to keep going. Alex needs to crack open Bob’s chest, right in the janitor’s closet. Meanwhile, Chris receives the bone marrow with his vitals looking good.

Aaron returns to Lea, apologizing for what he said before. She learns the cancer isn’t back and thinks that is great. Aaron says he has meningitis and pretty much needs surgery immediately, saying he is still not telling Shaun. Lea tells him he is a lousy friend and mentor as they would tell the truth. She reminds Aaron that Shaun is not a child who needs protection, he is a smart, caring adult someone Aaron could use right now.

Shaun worries that the balloon isn’t working, but he continues and Viola’s vitals go back up. Shaun checks on the baby, realizing his lungs are filled with fluid and needs more medical equipment right away. Melendez calls Morgan, who learns how grave Audrey’s condition is. Morgan lets him see her, praising Morgan for taking care of her. Shaun explains to his mother that the baby has fecal matter in his lungs. Kellan is told if he hadn’t done what he did, chances are the baby would have suffocated by now.

Lea sits with Viola’s husband, as she comforts him telling him that this is how it used to be; reminding him that his grandfather didn’t love his father any less by sitting in the waiting room. Aaron orders them to be quiet as they suddenly hear a newborn baby cry as Aaron congratulates him on a new alarm clock. Everyone claps as Shaun holds the baby before he hands him to Viola, revealing her son is okay; Deena says it is a Christmas miracle.

Morgan runs off as Lim’s alarms sound and finds Audrey asking her for some water. She tells Morgan the echo was a ballsy move! Morgan smiles before Lim lays back down. Shaun walks through the ER and is able to clear most of the patients. Esther wants to check on someone upstairs anyways.

Claire and Melendez tell Chris it looks like remission is a real possibility; he wants to thank his dad too but learns that his dad had complications and his heart stopped, they were unable to revive him and he died. Esther comes to see Chris, saying she was with his father when he mentioned he had a lot of regrets but it meant a lot to Bob that he could help him. Chris begins to cry.

Alex finds Kellan revealing he didn’t fight harder for him and his mother is because Alex wasn’t a good person and father. He talks about his dad reminding him to always be like stone and never cry. It makes him stronger, which wasn’t always a good thing because he spent a life living behind a wall. He reveals that when he split up from Kellan’s mom made him feel like a failure and moving away helped him hide from that. He continues to fight his father’s voice, trying to silence it. He tells Kellan he loves him and always will. Kellan embraces his dad.

The hospital is finally open again and Morgan walks out, taking in the air and scene of dead bodies being taken by the CDC. The board leaves, including Andrews after a long night. Alex’s ex-wife was there to greet Kellan, Alex proudly sharing how amazing Kellan was helping with the delivery. Alex is happy to see Mia, but he reveals he lost a patient and allows Mia to embrace him, all three walking out together. Melendez comes to see Audrey, wishing her a “Merry Christmas”; both admitting they will never forget this one. He says the idea of her not being around was not okay with him. Lim says her bourbon days are behind her for a while, but he says he will wait.

Lea and Aaron catch up to Shaun, who is hungry and tired. Lea suggests they get breakfast which pleases Shaun but he wants to know how Aaron’s appointment went. Aaron tells him the truth, and surgery is scheduled for later that day. Shaun says that is good, as meningitis isn’t as bad as cancer and now that they know this; its meningitis that is causing the memory loss and he will be able to get his license back. Lea checks first, and Shaun agrees for “Glassy” to hug him; which they do and Aaron tells him he is proud of him.


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