The Inbetween Premiere Recap 05/29/19: Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot”

The Inbetween Premiere Recap 05/29/19: Season 1 Episode 1 "Pilot"

Tonight on NBC their new series The Inbetween debuts with an all-new Wednesday, May 29, 2019, episode and we have your The Inbetween recap below. On tonight’s The Inbetween season 1 premiere episode 1 called, “Pilot,” as per the NBC’s synopsis “In the premiere of the paranormal crime drama, Cassie helps her father, Det. Tom Hackett, and his partner, Damien Asante, solve a young woman’s murder using her unique psychic powers. She also encounters a supernatural spirit, Ed Roven, whose evil transcends time.”

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The series debut of The InBetween begins tonight with Cassie Bishop (Harriet Dyer) grocery shopping when she hears a song, that causes her to flashback to a scene of a metal storage unit by the water; when she opens the doors, she goes behind the plastic curtain and finds a dead woman who has been strangled and no eyes. Cassie suddenly realizes she is at the store and grabs a couple bottles of alcohol.

The following morning, Cassie is woken up by Abigail Coleman (Sarah Abbott), who reminded her that she told Abigail to wake her up in the morning before she started drinking. Cassie asks what else she did do last night causing Abigail to say that she spoke about Shannon Bell (Shannon Lorance), the missing girl.

Cassie is drinking some coffee when Detective Tom Hackett (Paul Blackthorne) stops by on his way to work. Cassie tells him that she saw some strange stuff that might be related to his case. She reveals the woman she saw was dead and someone had removed her eyes, but the little boy was still alive. Tom is confused because Shannon didn’t have any children and went missing on her way to work; he shows her a photo of Shannon and she realizes that isn’t the woman she saw. She feels bad for wasting his time but promises to come by for dinner sometime the coming week; hoping that Shannon is okay.

Tom arrives at the precinct where he greets Maria Salinas (Cindy Luna) and Zayn Meier (Andres Joseph); Maria says there was no foreign DNA nor fingerprints at Shannon’s place. There is nothing on the cameras by her place but Tom suggests there is a camera they are missing. Maria tells Tom that Lt Swanstrom (Anne-Marie Johnson) is talking to the new guy named Asante.

Tom feels with a name like that he must come from someplace irritating but Zayn says he came from LA and was a profiler with FBI, working the last 2 years with the homicide unit for LAPD. He doesn’t think he needs any more time with the file, as he read everything on the plane; Tom is able to dismiss him so he can confront Swanstrom about not wanting to break in someone new. She likes that Damien Asante (Justin Cornwell) is a go-getter and had specifically asked to be Tom’s partner.

Abigail is attempting to move the salt and pepper shaker with her mind but feels Cassie is trying to distract her. She asks for some privacy, causing Cassie to remind her that this is her place and if she feels crowded she doesn’t have to stay with her and she could always go stay with her mom. Abigail is furious, saying her mom is all about the new baby, Crystal; her anger causing the shaker to move, something Cassie isn’t happy about.

Asante reviews the case with Zayn and Maria, juggling around ideas off Tom too. Stephen Archer (Cody Ray Thompson)) is Shannon’s boyfriend, but he appears to have an alibi; wondering if he had a partner. Suddenly there is a ruckus in the office, Tom expressing they have found Shannon. The CSI Unit is at the beach talking photos of Shannon where they get a time of between 5 and 8 am, that she was brought there; the camera was cut at 2am, so they know their murderer planned ahead. They turn over her body and Tom realizes that Cassie was right about the eyes being removed. Asante wants them to bring Stephen back in, offering to have his friends at Quantico reach out and help them jump the line with the evidence. Tom excuses himself.

Cassie works with Abigail on her “gift” when she gets a call from Tom, confirming that what she saw was at least half right. He wants to swing by later, she asks him to bring his friend from LA. Shortly thereafter, Asante wants to know what they are doing there but Tom keeps his answers very vague. He asks Asante for his discretion when it comes to Cassie. They are introduced as Cassie reminds Tom she doesn’t know how helpful she can be as the memory was pretty terrifying.

Cassie tells Tom the woman was in a freezer like the one in a supermarket. It was on the beach, but not one she felt was around there. The dead woman was inside and her little boy was trying to wake her up. Asante questions Cassie about being a psychic. Abigail comes in, singing the Peter Rabbit song. Abigail figures Cassie wants her to leave them alone and walks away; right through Asante. He listens to Cassie but when they leave, Asante is surprised that Tom would use a psychic since he was supposed to be old school. Tom informs him that he helped raise Cassie, a story that is none of his business. He hopes Asante will change his mind about partnering with Tom, but Asante says he is sticking around.

Stephen Archer (Chad Rook) is brought back in for questioning, insisting he didn’t knock down Shannon, but she fell after she ran into his fist as he was defending himself. He admits she filed a restraining order after that and hasn’t been in contact with her since. He says he was at home, alone, so no one else can confirm it.

Asante gets a call from Quantico, saying there was a murderer from Texas a few years earlier that has the same MO; his name is Ed Roven (Sean Bolger). Asante feels their guy could be a copycat, but Tom learns they cannot question Roven as he was executed in 2005, but maybe his “psychic friend” can help him out. They meet with the ME, Amy Shu (Grace Lynn Kung), who says the cause of death was strangulation and if she was raped, he used a condom. The removal of the eyes was done while she was alive, something not easy to do as the cuts were smooth and no hesitation in them. She is confident this was done professionally, as Asante says removing the eyes was just a moment of conscience. Amy gives Tom something that was in her pocket, it is a Peter Rabbit figurine from about 15 years ago.

Tom comes home to see Cassie sitting on her phone while Brian Currie (Michael B. Silver) makes dinner. Cassie decides to take a shower before she has to head out to work. While in the shower, Cassie clears her eyes and suddenly finds herself in another bathroom; she steps out putting a robe on but is startled by a dog barking. She is grabbed from under a crib by a man in a blue cleaning suit and a mask on his face.

Tom sits with Cassie as she explains that it was nighttime and he must have been hiding under the bed as he came out of nowhere. Cassie quickly finishes her drink and says she needs to get to work, leaving Brian questioning Tom about having Cassie work on the case with him. Brian isn’t mad but he feels if Tom stops using Cassie to help him, maybe the universe and spirits will leave her alone.

Meanwhile, Asante comes to the bar where Cassie is working. She knows about Peter Rabbit from Tom, she asks the bartender to leave so she can inform Asante that not everyone knows about her and she wants to keep it that way. Damien promises he won’t say anything, wondering if she has a bird at the morgue who is feeding her intel. She is annoyed that he insults her but wants information. She reminds him he has a very open face but she doesn’t see any evidence of that in their two encounters. She tells him he is easy to read, he doesn’t believe her but he thinks he can use her. He learns from her that they can’t find Shannon on any security cameras because she was already gone. She ends her shift, he pays and thanks her for the drink.

Will (Chad James Buchanan) tells her that he is officially in culinary school, she feels they should celebrate and they return to her place to have sex. Abigail comes in, saying she knows Cassie was having sex; explaining how she saw all this at her grandpa’s home. Cassie tells her she can’t spy on her because if she does it again, she will kick her out. Abigail says Cassie is just like her mom and doesn’t care about her. She went home to find Crystal in the bath, she wanted something so her mom rushed in and walked right through her. Cassie says she just pushed her little sister and she was struggling in the water. Her mom came back, putting Crystal to bed on her back because its safest; but Abigail thinks a lot of things can happen when people are sleeping. Cassie looks concerned as Abigail just asked if she left the tv on so she can watch cartoons.

Asante arrives at the crime scene where Tom is already working. Tom reveals everything to Damien about what Cassie saw that night as Asante says Shannon was found in her own clothes, making Tom go into her closet; feeling the killer did this to make them think she went to work. Outside, they go to the garage to find that the battery Shannon bought 5 months earlier for her car has been swapped out for a dead one. They both realize they have been working off the wrong timeline and the killer has to be Stephen Archer.

Back at the precinct, Stephen is back in interrogation, where he reaffirms he was at a business meeting that morning Shannon went missing but he was at home the night before. They confront him on her going missing the night before, but he swears it isn’t what they think. It looks very bad, but he needs to tell them the truth; he confesses he has been sleeping with his boss’ wife and that is why him and Shannon broke up.

Cassie is confronted by Abigail about getting into her business. Cassie says she won’t let her hurt an innocent baby and it isn’t Crystal who took her life, but she is mad because the person who hurt her is someone she loved. She talks about her grandpa making chocolate for her and one night she was so sleepy she couldn’t move. Cassie finishes the story saying he gave her too much one night and she never woke up. Abigail learns that if she told her grandpa that it wasn’t his fault he probably won’t hear her, so she asks Cassie to do it for her.

Tom spots Asante looking at photos revealing the picture is of his old partner who retired a few months ago. Archer’s side piece revealed that he was with her that night; they are interrupted when a file is delivered to them. Asante insults Tom, saying he drinks coffee since this is America. Tom leaves as Asante watches an interview from the 90s with Roven talking about Megan and Mark being in the freezer; the boy found the safety latch and found his way out. Asante continues to watch the screen as Roven sings the Peter Rabbit song into the camera.

Asante arrives at the crack of dawn at Cassie’s place, bringing her “bear claws”. He asks her about what she saw the other day, something he mocked her about. She doesn’t think Megan Waterman nor Mark Waterman (Dustin Ingram) mean anything to her, but Asante shows her a photo and she says that is him.

Asante holds a meeting with the police investigating the crime, revealing to them that Mark Waterman blamed himself for not being able to save his mother and turned into a killer himself. They learn Mark was also a medic in the military; making Tom realize the paramedic he spoke to at the scene of the body was Mark and believes he interviewed him at the scene. Once he sees a photo, he figures out that Mark changed his name to James Stark, dumping Shannon’s body at the park right before his shift so he could be there when she was discovered. They find an address and take off to the place.

The house is all clear as Tom sees empty drawers and says that they missed him and he has gone underground. In the meantime, Cassie goes to see Abigail’s grandfather in prison telling him that she knows everything about Abigail’s death; allowing her mother to find her cold dead daughter in the morning. She is not from the Innocence Project and is there to deliver a message, saying he will feel the weight resting on his chest and slowly sucking the life out of him; Abigail wants him to know that is her! Cassie quickly glances in the prison yard, spotting Abigail there doing cartwheels. She shoves her grandfather, over and over. Cassie waves at Abigail knowing it is time for her spirit to move on.

Asante and Tom walk in the dark, finding a freezer on the beach; inside the freezer they find blood and ripped clothing everywhere; Asante calls for back up as they search the freezer. Asante just says everything is “all clear” when the killer attacks Tom; Asante is unable to take a shot from inside the freezer until the fight gets extremely physical. Tom climbs on top of a shot James Stark and tells him he is under arrest for the death of Shannon Bell, falling to the ground as sirens approach.

Later on, Tom and Asante arrive at Cassie’s work, her concerned about Tom’s arm. She shares whiskey with them, learning they are celebrating for catching the guy; toasting each other. Asante goes to see Sally Bishop (Angela Palmer) at the hospital, revealing he works for Seattle PD. He walks in her room, pats her hair and kisses her on the forehead, before sitting down, saying he is there now and with her.

Cassie suddenly wakes up to a man singing Peter Rabbit and finds Ed Roven sitting in her living room, saying they need to talk!