This Is Us Fall Finale Recap 11/19/19: Season 4 Episode 9 “So Long, Marianne”

This Is Us Fall Finale Recap 11/19/19: Season 4 Episode 9 "So Long, Marianne"

Tonight on NBC their honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, November 19, 2019, episode and we have your This Is Us recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 4 episode 9 called, “So Long, Marianne,” as per the NBC synopsis, “The Pearson family gathers for their first Thanksgiving at Randall’s Philadelphia townhouse.”

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This Is Us begins tonight with a young Nicky and Jack Pearson hiding in the basement, drinking Crush as they listen to football the radio; Nicky complaining about how he hates thanksgiving as their parents fight upstairs. Their dad screams for them, but Jack reassures his brother that things will be okay. The same happens when they become young men and Nicky sits on the front steps with Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) arriving with a pie. Jack and Nicky acknowledge that it is the same thing every year, offering for them to split and ditch Thanksgiving. Jack rings the bell and runs to the truck with Nicky right behind him.

Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) arrives at Nicky’s (Griffin Dunne) place who is nicely dressed for Thanksgiving. He is not sure about going to Randall Pearson’s (Sterling K. Brown) place as Kevin suggests spending some more time at the trailer after the holiday; making Nicky say, “Hmmm.” meanwhile, Randall greets Tess Pearson (Eris Baker) and his wife, Beth Pearson (Susan Kelechi Watson). There are two tables set as they are expecting 13 people. Deja Pearson (Lyric Ross) worries about looking too fancy for her other, Shauna (Joy Brunson) and decides to change.

Beth just wants the day to go well for Deja. She suggests that Randall speak and make up with his mother, Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore) who is in the kitchen with her husband, Miguel Rivas (Jon Huertas). He informs her that everyone is on schedule thus far as Miguel excuses himself for them to talk. Rebecca doesn’t respond very well but Randall tells her he didn’t mean to disrespect her but at some point, they need to talk about what is going on with her. She suddenly wants to get out of the house, promising to be back in time for dinner, appreciating if he would keep their argument between the two of them. Annie Pearson (Faithe Herman) walks in, demanding her father help her find her cat.

Kate Pearson (Chrissy Metz) and Toby Damon (Chris Sullivan) are on the play with baby Jack. He tells her that his Instagram is blowing up over Jack’s first eating solid food. Kate admits that Jack had avocado for the first time when he wasn’t home; he isn’t impressed that Kate has been lying to him this whole morning. She admits that things are going to happen when Toby is at the gym. They bicker but she apologizes, saying she is tired. He tells her it is okay as there will be plenty of firsts, as this first Thanksgiving.

A young Jack and Nicky enjoy their time at the bar away from their parents and grandfather fighting. Jack finds out that Nicky bet 200 bucks on the football game, against Dallas since Dallas is their dad’s team. Jack is certain that Nicky is not going to get another call that week about being sent back to Vietnam. Nicky celebrates as he wins the bet and Johnny drops him a huge wad of cash.

In the present day, Nicky is looking at family photos when Beth introduces herself; Kevin loves their new place, greeting everyone; but lying about what happened to his face. Nicky looks at a photo of Jack with a young family. Beth is not impressed that Randall is going to drive to their old place to retrieve the box of holiday stuff Annie was looking for. Beth doesn’t want to be alone when Shauna shows up in case she is in a bad way; Nicky wants to go to the drive to New Jersey, giving him a chance to get to know “Russell.” They leave, as Kevin asks Beth where his mother is, but she waves him off.

Rebecca in the meantime is walking by a park when she spots a man who looks exactly like William. Kevin goes upstairs to see Tess, demanding for her to tell him what is wrong with her but she doesn’t want to talk about it. Tess admits she hasn’t come out at school yet, saying she has a crush on Zendaya; making him understand that his life wouldn’t implode if he revealed he was gay. He decides to take her out, leaving Beth home alone with Miguel. Shauna arrives crazy early as Beth invites her in, seeing she has been doing really good. She looks well and has a great job at the hospital; bringing Deja’s favorite cake. Deja rushes into her mom’s arms as she tells her she looks better than ever. Beth is happy with the outcome.

Rebecca follows the man, who turns around. He is sorry to disappoint her as she explains she is not from around here and needs a bakery; he informs her that there is a grocery store nearby and she could go there. She looks around, seeming to be completely lost.

Nicky thanks his dad for loving the Cowboys and for him hating dad. Jack suggests he put the money away as people might begin to notice. They are at a restaurant where they just ordered 5 lbs of shrimp, toasting each other for the best Thanksgiving dinner.

At home, Miguel continues will his puns. Deja is baking with Beth, but Shauna distracts her with a video that popped up on her timeline of the two of them dancing 9 years ago. Miguel wonders if Beth is okay. Kevin is out with Tess, explaining how AA works, suggesting she comes out to one person she has doesn’t know. He is in a drive-thru, suggesting there would be nothing easier than her coming out to a plastic clown head. Kevin orders some food as Tess gathers some courage. Tess says, “I am Tess Pearson and I am gay!” The guy tells her that is cool and asks if she wants fries or onion rings?

Kate and Toby arrive with Jack, Kate wondering where everyone is. Annie asks Nicky if he is Grandpa Jack’s brother, why haven’t they met. Nicky felt he could handle this but it is too much as Jack never spoke about him. They arrive at the old house, Annie noticing that everything is totally different. Randall is given some CDs that his mom gave him as a gift. He said no one loves music like his mom and notices on his phone that Rebecca hasn’t responded to him at all.

Rebecca is in the grocery store, looking for the bakery, but as she walks she spots flowers; taking the time to smell the roses but again appears completely lost, only buying the flowers and not going to the bakery at all. She finds her wallet and says she is fussy because she hasn’t eaten and is given a suggestion of a Chinese restaurant up the street. She leaves the store and her phone behind.

Everyone is enjoying Toby’s food as Kate is not impressed with the conversation, something Beth notices. Kate wonders the same about Beth. The two women go outside to share their evil feelings, Beth hates that Shauna is doing so well as Kate admits that she hates CrossFit Toby. She reminds Beth of when she and Toby broke up because she wanted to lose weight and never be with a fat person. She is stressed and tired. She knows it is amazing that Toby lost the weight without her; Beth suggests she tell him as revealing to people outside her marriage what is wrong, it is dangerous territory.

Nicky puts in a CD, as Randall tells him that jack loved the song, “So Long Marianne” so much and would always explain it. Nicky and Jack, back in the day would listen to this song as Nicky explains the lyrics and how he was just grateful to love her. Randall recites what Jack used to say to him as Nicky remembers singing the song with Jack just listening. Randall begins to sing, Annie rolls her eyes as Nicky begins to tear up because Jack would tell them all about the song and how it was a poem; using Nicky’s own words. Nicky asks if they can make a quick stop on the way home.

Rebecca thoroughly enjoys her Chinese food, but when she looks in her purse she can’t find her phone and asks for help to use a phone. She panics as she cannot call her son as the number is in the phone and she doesn’t know it. She becomes hysterical.

Kate walks in on Toby feeding Jack some sweet potatoes, explaining what they are to little Jack. Kate wants to talk to him, but only wishes him a Happy Thanksgiving instead. Shauna is a diehard football fan, explaining how friends from work get together every week and she has really gotten into it. Deja excuses herself as Randall and Nicky return. Randall is excited to catch up but is surprised to learn that his mother isn’t home yet and tries to call her again. Beth gives him the update on Shauna which he feels is great. He calls Rebecca, hoping she will be home soon and then sits with Kate.

Deja is in her room, as she tells Beth all about how her mom is doing so well and has a nice fancy apartment now. When she was growing up, they said one day they would have a fireplace and now Shauna finally has one but begins to cry, asking why her mom couldn’t be like this years ago. Beth comforts her, asking her to tell Beth about the video of her and her mom dancing; making her talk about better times. She felt it was a perfect day, as Beth tells her to remember all the good times with her mom, even if they didn’t have the fireplace.

Rebecca is in the back of a police car, who is escorting her home. She is a long way from LA, explaining she is there to see family as they always got together during the holidays; they share concerned looks.

Everyone gathers for dinner, as Randall tells Kevin that Nicky is in the kitchen making something very secretive for the meal. Kevin wonders why Rebecca would go out to see a movie alone on Thanksgiving but Randall deflects saying she just really wanted to see it. Beth and Deja come down as Nicky asks everyone to pay attention. He learned that Jack’s traditions are the backbone of this event. He explains how Thanksgivings growing up were not jolly like this but they made do. Nicky recalls how that night was the best Thanksgiving ever as Jack promises they will do it every year after that. He explains how life got in the way of that tradition so he gives them 5lbs of Thanksgiving shrimp and it is for Jack… a brother and to new family traditions; everyone enjoys the shrimp.

In the future, Jack is grown, married and having a baby of his own; carrying on the tradition.

Nicky stands in the kitchen as Kevin tells him it was beautiful. He wants Kevin to return to LA and have his own life; if they need each other they can call, Kevin agrees as Nicky gently taps his cheek. Deja talks with her mother as Randall and Beth happily look on. Upstairs, Tess finally reveals that she has a crush on a girl. Toby holds Jack, asking Kate to take a photo, but when she picks it up there is a message saying, “Don’t let her bring you down, Here for you!” from a woman named ladyKryptonite. Kate doesn’t reveal what she sees and takes the photo as Tess runs down the stairs to show Kevin all the comments. Randall walks in, as Tess shows him she came out on Instagram today. Randall knows it is huge and she is excited to deal with it.

Kevin reveals that he doesn’t know what is next for him as he thoroughly enjoyed being responsible for other people and a sense of a family. He liked it and thinks that is what is next for him; by the time he is 40, he will have a wife, kid and the whole thing. Randall is a buzzkill, reminding him it is only 9 months until they turn 40. Kevin wants to know where Rebecca is as he is starving as the police bring Rebecca home. Randall expresses his concern, saying she turned off the phone for the movie and must have forgotten to turn it back on.

9 months later, Rebecca is brought in by police to Kevin’s place. She apologizes, saying she got lost. Kate takes care of the paperwork with the police as Kevin explains that his fiance has morning sickness all the time, told to try ginger tea. He thanks her for returning their mom, who Miguel is holding her. She asks if Randall is coming, but Kevin reminds her they are not speaking.

Back to Thanksgiving, Randall takes his mother’s hand, apologizing for the previous night saying he was overreacting. Rebecca tells him the truth, which frightens her, saying she needs to see a doctor and he agrees to take her. She walks to the family, ignoring everything that just happened, making Randall look at her concerned.