This Is Us Recap 02/12/19: Season 3 Episode 12 “Songbird Road: Part Two”

This Is Us Recap 02/12/19: Season 3 Episode 12 "Songbird Road: Part Two"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, February 12, 2019, episode and we have your This Is Us recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 3 episode 12, “Songbird Road: Part Two,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Kevin attempts to help Nicky. Randall and Kate reflect on differing memories of their childhood.”

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This Is Us begins tonight with Kevin (Justin Hartley), Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) telling Nick (Griffin Dunne) that he is coming back to the hotel with them; all shocked at the conditions he has been living in. Nick doesn’t want anything to eat, he is busy closing the curtains and says he simply wants to get some sleep. The Pearson Three wish Nicky “Good Night”, but he quickly locks them out of the room. Down the hall, Kevin feels they need to do something; Randall suggests they can throw some cash and fix up his place; along with his alcoholism and PTSD. Kevin says he will take care of the whole thing, including calling their mother, Rebecca (Mandy Moore).

Kate finds Kevin in the diner after he has no sleep he explains to Kate and Randall that he found a place for Nicky to stay locally that can help him. Kevin did tell Rebecca, who had a lot of questions and processing to do; but before they can continue the conversation Nicky arrives at their table. Kevin asks Nicky if he has seen the vet center with Randall saying this place looks pretty cool. Rebecca arrives surprisingly and introduces herself to Nicky as Jack’s wife.

She says he has Jack’s eyes as Nicky says it was nice to meet her. She is shocked to learn that Nicky knew about them when Jack came to see him in early 92. He says in the photo they looked so happy, excusing himself for a moment.

Younger Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) is grateful to be home, taking a moment to hold the wall. Later that night, Rebecca talks to Jack about not being able to sleep. Jack says he is supposed to bring Kevin to the mall to get a baseball card signed but he needs a day; Rebecca tells him she will do it. The following morning, Kate is happy to see him, disappointed that he didn’t buy her a snowglobe. Kevin complains about needing to get his card signed but surprised his mom is taking him instead of his dad. Kate reminds her that she is supposed to help them with Valentine’s Day cards.

Rebecca takes a seat at the diner, saying she remembers that weekend as Jack said he needed to go see a war buddy he had a falling out with, but he was acting so strange. Kevin says the plan is to get Nicky into the vet center, but Kate needs to return to LA for her doctor’s appointment. Randall also says he needs to return him as Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) is unemployed and he is taking office in a few weeks; more concerned about his family. Kevin berates him as he always wants to help everyone else, but now that they have an uncle who needs help he needs to get home for dinner. He quickly apologizes, saying he is tired and now it is only him and Rebecca. Rebecca recalls that day of taking Kevin to the mall for the signing.

Randall and Kate drive back, talking about how they had no clue their dad was dealing with this. Randall reminds her that they were only 11. Kate recalls the weekend, and how they had the sequin fight as Jack was covered in sequins and laughing so hard. Kate confesses to missing the house. Randall talks about a trip he took with William and going to see his childhood home; the owners of the home let them in to see it. They know the house is gone, but the yard is, so are the neighbors and they agree to go there before getting to the airport.

Jack is sitting on the couch as Randall and Kate bring out the Valentine stuff. Jack doesn’t want to help them, saying he has adult stuff to do and tells them not to make a mess because Rebecca would lose it if it was a disaster inside. Randall comes out and sits with Jack, resting his head on his dad’s shoulder.

Nicky has a tour with Kevin and Rebecca, but when he sees all the people and activity around him he declines any more questions. He appreciates the effort, having been to counselors before and hasn’t worked. Nicky says he is also a drunk who can’t leave his trailer. He tells Kevin he is out of his depth so he excuses himself. Rebecca finds Kevin, who admits he is frustrated as he finds his uncle and is helpless. He is mad at Jack and pissed off he never told them about him. He had an uncle he could have known those 20 years that Jack has been dead. Rebecca says she is also mad but it is hard being mad at someone who is dead. With Nicky in the backseat, Rebecca and Kevin drive in silence.

At the mall, Rebecca pulls Kevin out of line, saying she needs to get some lunch and they will come back. Kevin falls to the floor, saying he isn’t leaving, so Rebecca says she will bring him food. Back at the hotel, Kevin suggests they all spend one more night there, which Nicky agrees, but when Kevin walks away, Rebecca tells Nicky it is time they talked!

Kate and Randall arrive at their old address, explaining how they used to live at the house; but she slams the door saying it is a bad time. Kate tells Randall he should have let her talk; looking around they feel every single house looks completely different. Kate talks about the sequin fight and believes it is the same day they invented the Pearson pizza. The young girl who lives at the house, knocks on the car window, asking if they want to see her room.

Young Randall finds Jack lifting weights in the garage; he tells Jack they are hungry but he tells them to order a pizza, something everyone will like.

Kevin goes into Nicky’s trailer and begins to clean it up, not even sure where to begin. He finds the leak in the ceiling and makes a call to Zoe (Melanie Liburd), telling her that he should be home tomorrow as his mom is a mess and his uncle barely looked at the vet center. He spots something that causes him to hang up. Kate and Randall are welcomed to the house, where Kate finds it very different; Randall explains that they moved because they grew up as Randall tells them how different the house was. Kate is smiling, saying this is exactly where they had the sequin fight.

An 11-year-old Kate is excited that Jack said they could order a pizza. Randall lowers his voice, acting like he was an adult to order the food. Kate thinks the sequin fight was the best day ever, but Randall stops her, asking if she remembers the broken plate. Back in the day, Jack comes in and starts shouting about them cleaning up. He angrily takes the pizza into the kitchen where they hear a big smash and find a broken plate; Jack tells them to stay away and needs the broom. Kate doesn’t remember that, only the sequins fight; Randall balks at her, so the current owners tell them they are heading out soon.

Rebecca returns to the store with food spotting Kevin getting his card signed and happily chatting with the up and coming baseball player.

Rebecca admits to Nicky she didn’t want to meet him because she didn’t want to unravel what Jack had told her and also has memories of Jack that she doesn’t know. She asks him about any fun stories of their childhood but Nicky says it wasn’t a childhood worth remembering. Nicky says Jack told her he was dead because he wishes he was dead. Rebecca apologizes, saying right before Jack died he was newly sober and was opening in ways he never did and she believes he would have found his way back to Nicky. Nicky says he missed the chance, so Rebecca says Nicky hasn’t missed the chance as she is there and so is his son. She explains how Kevin has always been tricky and harder to define.

Rebecca doesn’t get much from Kevin about his interaction with John Smiley (Troy Doherty), so she asks him about it. He says Kevin told him where he could shoot pool in Minneapolis. He explains that Kevin read up on everything, just wanting to make sure John was happy and that Rebecca has a special boy, something he doesn’t see too often. She hopes he doesn’t get traded.

Rebecca tells Nicky that Kevin is really a sensitive little boy who has had a tough year. He is newly sober like Jack and worried about Nicky’s health, his leaky roof. He cares and Nicky is so important to him as he is family already. Nicky doesn’t think he is a prop, he sees Kevin as a tall, blond kid who pulled him from his home – a movie star who could be a real-life hero for a day. Rebecca grabs her purse and walks away, leaving Nicky to stew in his own, lonely words.

Randall tells Kate the people might call the cops if they don’t leave soon. Kate has to wonder if she can’t remember their entire childhood. She can’t fathom how her memories and Randall’s are the same days. He says Jack did a good job as she only remembers the good stuff. He says as parents they have some doozies and she will too. He advises her that all she can do as a parent is pack the day with good stuff and hope it outweighs the bad and that is what Jack did for them.

Kate and Randall are busy packing up all the craft stuff from making the cards when Jack comes in and asks for their forgiveness. He tells them the pizza is very good and they might be pizza geniuses. He talks about the pizza as he grabs a handful of sequins saying the room could use some more sequins; he jokes that something is wrong with his hand and Randall says “Sequin fight?” Jack agrees and they all laugh and play together. Adult Randall is assured that Kate is okay.

Rebecca is sorry for invading Nicky’s space, but he silences her. He talks about how Jack used to build things as a kid, who was an artist; even building a tree fort in their backyard, while Nicky had no idea what or how he was doing it. Nicky says he wanted to be a writer and then a doctor, but then he didn’t want anything. He used to be a person and wishes he could be that person again, but it has been so long he doesn’t think he can. Nicky says they drove a long way, so the least he could do was tell her about the tongue and groove fort, Jack made. Before he walks away, he chokes up saying they were all Jack ever wanted.

Inside his room, Kevin hears a knock and it is his uncle who asks him to follow him. Nicky sits in the trailer, directing Kevin in what to do to fix the roof. He compliments Kevin, saying he isn’t bad at this. Nicky walks over to the fridge, telling Kevin he doesn’t need to worry about his leaky roof anymore. Kevin denies being worried. Nicky says he will go to one meeting at the vet center, but can’t promise two. He knows Kevin wants to fix him and things, but he and his family are too painful for Nicky. He looks Kevin in the eyes, who picks up his jacket and shakes his uncle’s hand. He says it is a pleasure to meet him and maybe he will see him again. Nicky says, “Maybe!”

Randall returns home, kissing the girls, spotting Beth carrying luggage. She says she is heading down to DC to take care of her mother, hoping she didn’t break her hip again. She kisses Randall quickly and rushes out the door. Randall asks them to do a drumroll as he has gifts for them.

Kate is greeted by the dog and Toby (Chris Sullivan), who has new slippers for her. Kate blurts out that she wants a house, with a backyard and a projector screen. She wants to bring their son out there, with blankets, stay up late and show him all of their favorite movies. Toby nods in agreement as Kate remembers the sequin fight with Randall and Jack. Randall hands out soaps and magazines to the girls as he remembers Rebecca and Kevin coming home in the middle of the sequin fight. Jack says a fight broke out and they can’t help it; Kevin runs in and joins them as Rebecca says she isn’t going to clean it up. The house is filled with laughter.

Kevin and Rebecca begin their drive as she tells her son that they did what they set out to do. She is grateful for this because this moment gave her a special moment to remember of Jack and Nicky. Kevin recalls his phone call and how he spotted a bottle of whiskey beside a box. It’s clear he fought the urge to drink, but he picked up the bottle and chugged from it. In the car, Rebecca tells Kevin she is really proud of him as he stares out the window.


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