This Is Us Recap 03/05/19: Season 3 Episode 14 “The Graduates”

This Is Us Recap 03/05/19: Season 3 Episode 14 "The Graduates"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, March 5, 2019, episode and we have your This Is Us recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 3 episode 14, “The Graduates,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Kevin keeps a secret from Zoe. Randall gets unexpected news about Deja. In the past, the Big Three graduate from High School.”

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This Is Us begins with Rebecca (Mandy Moore) bugging Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) about just choosing a new video camera. He feel she would be happy he bought a new camera that has sound so when she is old and grey she an enjoy them; in the meantime they have to deal with the triplets screeching. Rebecca comments on how crazy it is that baby Kevin is able to sooth baby Kate.

Rebecca is at the store where she runs into Matt Dickson (Matt Corboy), who is also a single dad. She reveals she has two graduations tomorrow and needs a new camera. She has no idea what any of the technical terms are for the cameras. She reassures him that it is okay he hadn’t reached out to her after Jack died. He stops her asking if she would like to grab coffee sometime, but quickly apologizes when he sees the shocked look on her face.

In current day, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) creates a family flow chart, but is frustrated with the way it has turned out so asks Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) to help him; but he doesn’t know how to focus when he sees her stretching on the kitchen island. Beth walks up to the schedule and adds her dancing to it, wondering how they are going to cope with all of this once he gets sworn in next week. He reassures her they will figure this all out because it is them! Deja (Lyric Ross) calls Randall.

Toby (Chris Sullivan) plays the trumpet saying they should celebrate that she finished college, but she doesn’t want to do the whole thing. He wants to celebrate her, saying she needs to put a robe on, she waddles out, finding her mom in the living room. Kate finds this wildly over the top, but sweet that they are throwing a party at the campus. Miguel (Jon Huertas) isn’t coming, but Kevin (Justin Hartley) is coming. Zoe (Melanie Liburd) calls Kevin, waking him up out of a drunkard slumber. He says he is running late and will text her the address of the party and will meet her there. He needs to quickly clean the hotel room before she gets there.

17 yr old Randall (Niles Fitch) is trying on his graduation cap and gown; as Kevin (Logan Shroyer) mocks him, reminding him grad isn’t until tomorrow and asks if he plans on sleeping in it; Kate (Hannah Zeile) orders him to get off Randall. Kevin sits down, telling Kate that she will have to talk to him eventually. She is angry that their dad died 4 months ago and now he is going to abandon them to move to NYC to be with Sofie. Rebecca comes home, learning Kate isn’t going to attend graduation for people to feel sorry for her as she doesn’t have a future plan.

Adult Kate finds Toby who invited 3 other students to join in on their festivities. Toby explains who the other students are as Rebecca joins her. Kate doesn’t feel she should be celebrating graduating college 16 years too late. Kevin arrives late, rushing off to see Toby, to avoid Kate’s questions.

Randall finds Deja walking down the street, but she won’t stop when he pulls up. She says if she didn’t get out of the school she was going to punch a hole in the wall. She explains she had to write a personal essay, she got an A but when she got to school today, everyone was looking at her because her teacher published her essay in the school paper and ow making fun of her. The essay was about the time they lived in her mom’s car. Randall understands she is upset that the teacher published it without her permission and promises he is going to straighten this out.

Rebecca prepares for her kids’ high school graduation when Randall walks in asking if she is ready for her graduation double whammy. She raves about him being a genius. Randall comes to see Miss Cunningham, confronting her about mortifying his daughter, Deja. He says Deja trusted her and she violated that, saying she ran away from the school because the kids were calling her Pontiac. She immediately removes the post and tears up as Randall apologies for making her cry. She says she did it because she was so proud of Deja and how far she has come. They talk about holding her back in grade 7, but she feels Deja should skip into 9th grade next year, all the teachers agree.

Toby hands out the graduation robes as Kate questions Kevin about whether he is okay. She knows it was hard for him after meeting their Uncle Nicky, but before he can respond, Zoe arrives asking about their spa day. Kate is confused so Kevin quickly makes a toast to Kate, saying she is smart and determined; but his speech gets interrupted when the bartender shakes some ice. He returns to Kate’s table, saying his agent messaged him and he rushes off. Kate knows something is off.

Randall tells Deja that no one messes with is girl, but informs her what his teacher said. Deja doesn’t want to skip right to high school next year, as she feels they are only bumping her because she used to be a homeless black girl. Randall raves about the essay, and she doesn’t want special treatment for living in a car, as she isn’t like Randall. She talks about how every article talks about how he was dropped off at a fire station and he is simply a story; she doesn’t want to do it that way!

Toby presents the graduating class to all the family and friends at their gathering. Kate messages Kevin, wondering when he will come back when Rebecca comes to her wanting a selfie. Rebecca tears up, saying she has always wanted a picture of her in a cap and gown. She shares a story of how she hated anything that showed her time was moving on after Jack died. She rushes out of the graduation as Miguel runs out after her, trying to get her to breathe and that she should talk to someone about this. She insists she only wants to rewind the clock. Miguel reminds her that Randall is about to graduate and he will hold the camera; all she has to do is be there for her son.

Rebecca says Kate has blown her away, seizing the big moments in her life and doing it because she wanted to; including this graduation and having a baby. Kate laughs that her mom just dropped the F-bomb. Rebecca drops Kate off after Randall’s graduation, saying they can mail her diploma. She sits in the house and watches family videos.

Kate drives to Kevin’s hotel room, telling him to open the door. She pushes past him and finds that he has been drinking from the hotel bar. Kevin doesn’t lie to her, admitting the Nicky thing messed him up and his drinking has gotten out of hand. Kate insists that he has to tell Zoe, but he says if she finds out he was lying to her, she will leave him. He asks for a week of meetings before he tells her. Kate agrees, but he needs to get a sponsor this time. Kate grabs her phone and says there is one coming up and she is taking him. Kevin breaks down saying he can’t, but she holds out her hand and says he can.

Randall calls the girls down for dinner, happy at how quickly Deja finishes her homework. He understands what she was saying before. He reminds her they cannot control what people will find impressive, she can only control what she does. Deja reveals she doesn’t want to skip a grad because she enjoys their mornings together and she doesn’t like change.

Kate has to call Toby, asking Kevin what they should tell him. Kevin wants her to lie, but she suddenly feels something is wrong and her water just broke. Kevin gets her to pull over, she worries that it is too soon as she is only 28 weeks. Kevin calls Toby, telling him they need to call an ambulance, forcing Kevin to admit he has been drinking all day. He hangs up on a yelling Toby and calls an ambulance. Toby rushes to Kate’s side when they arrive at the hospital; telling Kevin not to come.

Beth walks in the house, excited about her first day. Randall shows her the essay, and how the teacher shared it without asking and Deja can skip to high school next year because she loves her routine and for the first time in her life she has stability. Randall has been looking for a babysitter but doesn’t want a stranger picking up the slack for their girls, suggesting that her dance schedule is when the girls need them the most. He wants to know if they could put a pin in her job of being a dance teacher, so she can be home with the kids. Beth is upset that he can have his dream and she is supposed to quit hers. Rebecca calls Randall, telling him about Kate; he knows it is too soon.

Rebecca sits with the graduation papers, looking at her children’s accomplishments when she closes her eyes for a brief moment before she notices the videos on the table. She turns on the TV and realizes what Kate had been doing all afternoon. She laughs at the memories with Jack for a second before she cries. Rebecca picks up the phone and calls Miguel, saying the apartment is horrible as the kids are out and she can’t be anywhere right now, suggesting there might be one of those grief support group meetings tonight; asking if he can pick her up.

Miguel arrives and takes Rebecca, promising to be outside waiting for her. Kate finds Kevin at the party drinking. He has been thinking about the New York thing and feels he should stay there with her. She stops him, saying it is not his job to stay there and protect her anymore. Randall spots them and the triplets sit together, saying it is weird that high school is over. He wonders what is going to happen to them, will they hang out much when they get older. Randall jokes that they will end up sharing an apartment or something; Kate reminds them it is the big three, not two! Randall heads out.

Kevin rushes in to see pregnant Kate, he says the medication is helping delay her pregnancy; but she reminds him they don’t need hours, they need weeks. Randall arrives at the door as teenage Randall says he knows what is going to happen to them when they get older. Kate makes her brothers promise that this baby can’t die. Both her brothers hold her hands as Kate attempts to smile.


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