This Is Us Recap 03/19/19: Season 3 Episode 15 “Don’t Take My Sunshine Away”

This Is Us Recap 03/19/19: Season 3 Episode 15 "Don't Take My Sunshine Away"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, March 19, 2019, episode and we have your This Is Us recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 3 episode 15, “Beth and Randall adjust to their new normal. Kate and Toby spend time with baby Jack. Zoe and Kevin work on their relationship.

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This Is Us begins with Kate (Chrissy Metz) singing “You Are My Sunshine” to her and Toby’s (Chris Sullivan) newborn son, Jack. Meanwhile, a young Kevin (Parker Bates) comes into the kitchen in a nicely pressed shirt for his first dance. Rebecca (Mandy Moore) is busy finishing Kate’s (Mackenzie Hancsicsak) dress when Jack (Mil Ventimiglia) walks in just as they are talking about Kevin sharing his very first kiss with Sofie. Randall (Lonnie Chavis) comes into the kitchen, not thrilled about going to the dance at all, worrying about a test that is coming up the following week. Jack jokes how great their first dance is, but he is more thrilled about having time alone without the kids.

Randall (Sterling K Brown) is on his drive to the office, when he gets a call about all his appointments that day when Deja (Lyric Ross) calls asking where her permission slip is; but he seems to have everything under control. He gets to the office, saying he can’t do all of this as he promised to get home before Beth’s (Susan Kelechi Watson) dance class; unfortunately he doesn’t make it home in time.

She has dinner ready for him, finished the dishes and reminds him that he better not forget her dance recital. Randall works with all the girls about their homework as Beth teaches her class. Randall cleans up the house, sound asleep with papers all around him when Beth returns home.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) attends therapy with Zoe (Melanie Liburd), revealing they are there because he is drinking again after being sober for a year. He admits he hasn’t had a drink in 4 days and wants to do the relationship right as it is important to him. Zoe says she can deal with a relapse, it is all the sneaking and lying that she cannot happen; even revealing how he was secretly drinking while his twin sister was having an emergency c section. She knows Kevin is very charming and wants to make her smile, but she doesn’t want to be a sucker. He confesses he messed up big and can see it all with her, settling down and having kids with her. Kevin feels they are ready to answer the next question.

Jack and Rebecca arrive to chaperone the dance as Kevin is embarrassed they are there. Randall finds Jessica, who has no idea what mathematical stuff he is discussing. Kevin and Sofie slow dance as Jack and Rebecca recall the first slow dance they had; with her feeling bad that he never got to experience this iconic school moment and drags him out of the dance to be alone.

Kate talks to baby Jack, as a nurse wants to do routine bloodwork. Toby is terrified so Kate begins to sing and the bloodwork is done, but Toby doesn’t want them to insert a catheter inside Jack; Kate orders Toby to stop who backs away and leaves the nursery.

Kevin says he the people in his AA meeting were pretty cool, but Zoe wants to talk about how he wanted to have kids in therapy. Zoe is direct, saying she loves him but she doesn’t want to have kids as they will never be a part of her plan. Kevin sits with her, saying it has nothing to do with her dad; she likes to be able to take off when she wants and never mentioned it because she thought her and Kevin were on the same page. He admits that he felt eventually this is something people do, and he doesn’t necessarily have to have one. Zoe encourages him to really think about this, but if he really needs to have kids to complete his life, he needs to tell her as she doesn’t want to waste any of is time.

Beth is introduced to everyone at the theater ready to present the performance to everyone; Randall walks in the last minute and tells her he loves his badass wife and the killer performance that happened. He cannot rave enough about her as Beth wishes he could have heard how her boss gave her a great speech. He says he has got everything in prepping for the kids in the morning. He asks her to come to an important dinner with him as she is great at first impressions; she promises to be there for him.

Jack and Rebecca sneak away, saying this is a time-honored tradition for school dances, but as soon as they start to make out in the library, Randall catches them; where he has been studying for his upcoming test. He is concerned about his marks but Rebecca orders him to get back into the gym and ask Jessica to dance, he agrees but he says if he doesn’t get into an Ivy League college, it is on them.

Beth calls Randall, canceling dinner, saying she needs that a work thing came up and her work is just as legitimate as his. He complains that he has been doing things in overdrive but he desperately needs her to be there for him tonight, She says he has made it totally clear what he requires of her.

Toby says they have been there for 6 days, but he feels like he has been outside his own body. Gavin reveals they have been in the NICU for 6 weeks, explaining all the problems happening to his little girl. Toby explains what is going on with Jack; brokenhearted that he has never heard his baby cry. Gavin sits with him, saying Max and Louise’s baby’s organs are failing so their baby is not coming home; and although it is dark, he feels he has a better chance than them as he believes their daughter will come home.

Toby talks about how Kate genuinely smiles at their baby, singing. Gavin says mothers are simply better at it than me, they grew the child inside of them and just know better. Meanwhile, Kevin attends another AA meeting but then he begins to walk home, stopping outside Sofie’s house. He swears he wasn’t stalking her, trying to avoid her place but the rain caused him to take the shortcut. Sofie 50 % worried about him and 50% wanted to kill him. Kevin asks Sofie is she wants to go for a coffee, and even when she reveals she is engaged; he promises a coffee will be safe!

Randall calls Beth, who doesn’t answer. After the 4th call, he accuses her of standing him up; saying if she told him something was this vitally important to her he would have moved heaven and earth to support him. He orders her to “grow the hell up” and hangs up on her.

Jack and Rebecca take in the entire scene of their kids enjoying the dance; other than Kevin who is with his other friends, toilet papering a lot of the classrooms. He encourages Sofie to join in, but she holds back. At the cafe, Kevin and Sofie share a coffee, where she tells him about the magical moment between her and Grant. He reveals that Zoe doesn’t want kids but he has no idea what he wants but need to make a decision of life without Zoe or a life without kids. Sofie says he has always got what he wanted his entire life just by being him, but now he can’t.

Back at the dance, Kevin wraps the paper around Sofie, saying she is now stuck with him and kisses her. She feels that Zoe is really good for him including getting him to couples’ counseling when she couldn’t even get him to go to AA. She tells him to simply decide what he wants because he always gets it.

Randall is thankful for the dinner and is offered to pack up some leftovers for Beth, but the doorbell rings and Beth arrives, extremely late. She says she was driving like a mad woman to get there, but there was an accident on the highway and her phone died; Randall is terrified she is now going to hear what he said to her in a rage.

Toby returns to the NICU, where little Jack is sleeping. Toby apologizes for losing it, but Kate is very forgiving. He feels that he is letting her down and needs her to admit that it sucks. She feels she is doing this alone as Toby says all he can see when he sees Jack is the pain and tubes. Kate says she is scared as hell but then she looks at his eyes, saying he has Toby’s eyes and she sees them. He is tiny but they made him. Toby sighs and worries he isn’t cut out for any of this, but she believes it so much that she is going to leave Toby with Jack as she takes a shower.

Randall learns from Beth that her phone is charging as they are enjoying Maya’s cheesecake dessert. Randall wants a refill for his coffee as Marcus wants Beth to help Randall. She pulls her hand away from Randall, saying that he has more than enough plans of his own. Together, Beth and Randall leave the house as Randall reveals he left her a nasty voicemail and wants her to delete it. She heard it and how he berated her. She tells him to find the cot at his office and go sleep there, storming off.

Kevin tells Zoe that he chooses her, saying he is definitely sure. He sits beside her and says Zoe is his final answer as they cuddle on the couch.

Back at the dance, Jack says it never made him sad to miss a dance; learning that Rebecca requested a song for them to dance together. He takes her hand and she leads him onto the dancefloor where the two dance, observing Randall and Jessica. He feels the kids have been given a good upbringing thanks to her. He feels it is so effortless and things will be the same for the kids because of her. She admits she is completely in love with her. He wonders if they went to school together if they would have liked each other. She thinks she was too much of a goodie two shoes, but he says if he would have spotted her, he would have said “Hi” and that would have been the beginning of their happily ever after. Rebecca worries about how their kids’ happily ever after is going to look like.

Kevin kisses Zoe on the forehead, covering her in a blanket, just as he sends Sofia tickets to Billy Joel, congratulating her on their engagement. Kate gets to hold baby Jack for the first time, gently placing Jack into Toby’s arms, introducing Jack to his dad; Toby finally smiles.

Randall comes home and tells Beth they cannot do this forever. She tells him to close the door, ready for the confrontation


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