This Is Us Recap 04/02/19: Season 3 Episode 18 “Her”

This Is Us Recap 04/02/19: Season 3 Episode 18 "Her"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, April 2, 2019, episode and we have your This Is Us recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 3 episode 18 called, “Her,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Rebecca helps Kate and Toby care for baby Jack. Zoe and Kevin look after Tess and Annie. Randall and Beth consider how to move forward.

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This Is Us begins tonight with Beth Pearson (Susan Kelechi Watson) making some coffee, while she touches the “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” game. Back to current day, Beth shouts for the girls to come down for breakfast as Randall (Sterling K. Brown) wakes up in his campaign office, making his own coffee; staring at photos of his wife and kids. Rebecca (Mandy Moore) brings coffee to the hospital while she spends time with Kate (Chrissy Metz), Toby (Chris Sullivan) and their newborn baby, Jack. Toby corrects her grammar as Rebecca is busy telling Kate how to do things, especially no caffeine while breastfeeding. Toby seems enthusiastic that Rebecca and Miguel Rivas (Jon Huertas) are looking at apartments in California to help them out with the baby.

Kevin (Justin Hartley) hates the process in how Zoe (Melanie Liburd) makes her coffee, saying it takes forever. She tells him to try it, as you actually get to taste the coffee. He jokes that this is what he loves, considering they couldn’t brew coffee for 20-minutes with a screaming baby in the house. She asks if he wants to talk about it some more but he only wants to kiss her.

A young Rebecca is driving, not paying attention and slams into a parked car. Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) gets the call and rushes to the hospital after her accident. He informs her that Miguel will pick up the kids. She feels loopy from the pain meds, swearing she only looked down for a second because Kate wanted peaches and they fell out of the bag. She broke her arm in two places but the hospital wants to monitor her overnight.

They remove the oxygen from baby Jack and find he is able to breathe on his own, as long as they stay steady he can stay off the ventilator. They are told this is exactly what they would see at 30-weeks and the doctor wants to explain how they monitor him; Rebecca needs to take notes, but Kate feels the time is urgent so they can leave the spell checking to the end. She says Jack might forget to breathe, which will drop his heart rate; she reassures them that there is a simple solution to the scary moment, and to startle him with a little tap to remind him to breathe. Rebecca keeps asking questions, not allowing Kate to ask anything. The doctor is called away as Kate is frustrated while her mom asks Siri how to spell things.

Randall returns home, to take Deja (Lyric Ross) to get ready. Things are very tense between Beth and Randall, surprised that Deja joined the debate team. Beth attempts to apologize, but Randall wants to talk after he comes back with Deja so they can figure their way through this. Beth talks about them doing the Escape Room, and right before the girls went through full meltdown mode, they found the door; but in this case, Beth isn’t seeing the door here!

Miguel arrives with the 11-year-olds Kate (Mackenzie Hancsicsak), Kevin (Parker Bates) and Randall (Lonnie Chavis). Kate insists she looks worse than it really is as Miguel gives the family some privacy. Kevin says his mom’s face looks pretty messed up and no one has given her a mirror, which is probably a good thing. Randall asks about her slurring and she says the medication is making her very sleepy. The kids are asked to leave the room when Rebecca asks Jack to take them home as they are really scared; he doesn’t want to leave her alone but she insists.

Adult Randall drives Deja to her first debate meet; she is unsure how she got interested in the debate team. She knows what it is like to live in a house where people are pissed off at each other all the time. She admits that Annie (Faithe Herman) is too young to understand but Tess (Eris Baker) is feeling the tension too. Kevin and Zoe walk into the house as Beth thanks them for watching the girls. She dismisses Kevin as he admits he is sober and find it weird that Beth didn’t even say a nasty word to him. Tess begs for Zoe to help her pick out an outfit.

Rebecca continues to look for apartments, while Kate holds her sweet baby boy. Kate frowns when she hears Rebecca wants to live 5 minutes away as Kate suggests she move an hour away. She questions whether baby Jack is warm enough, saying they are supposed to take his temperature and haven’t done so in a while. Kate confronts her mother, asking if she thinks she isn’t being overly cautious with her own son? Suddenly Jack’s alarms sound and Kate calls for help, Rebecca taps his foot and he begins to breathe again. Kate feels she would have tapped him, but she wanted to make sure the nurses were coming. She is angry that she put him down only because of her mother making her crazy. Rebecca gathers her things, saying she will head to their house to take Audio out to the dog park.

Kevin tells his dad they need to be doing an obstacle course for the hamster, but Jack says he looks tired. Randall talks about watching the movie they rented from blockbuster, but he says they will simply rent it again. Jack presents them with corn on buns. He tries to tell the kids that Rebecca doesn’t have brain damage and tells them to eat their dinner, but when he takes one bite he suggests they all have ice cream instead.

Kevin comes up to Tess’ room, who admits she hates all her clothes; but her mom won’t take her shopping because Beth is too busy teaching dance and fighting with Randall. Kevin sits down, trying to get Tess to talk to him. She begins to talk about when she told him she was gay, thinking coming out to them would be the hardest thing but now figuring out what she is supposed to wear, act and do is the real her. She questions when she should tell her friends, but Kevin really doesn’t have the answer for her. He won’t pretend he knows how she feels, but the not really knowing who they are is something he knows well. He reveals that they learn who they are piece by piece; referencing how he reconnected with Randall, finding a piece of himself; then later with Kate. Eventually, they find enough of those pieces and will feel whole; he smiles, saying he knows this will happen to her; promising she has many years ahead of her to find all her pieces. She smiles, saying he nailed it!

Beth finishes up her class when she is asked to teach Sunday morning’s class, which she readily agrees to. Meanwhile, Randall is suspicious about where he is dropping Deja off, saying the neighborhood looks a little rough. She reveals there is no school and no debate team as she believes arguing random things is stupid. She shows Randall the house she stayed in for 8 months while her mom was in rehab, there were houses where parents hit more or drank harder.

This house was the Johnson house, where they would load up on foster kids and spend all the money they got on scratch tickets, forcing the kids to split a can of soup between at least 4 of them. She admits she stole one of his tickets to see if they won to get burgers and fries, but they didn’t win as no one won there. She reminds him that most people don’t win like Randall who has won the lottery twice, once when he was adopted and then again when he met Beth and he needs to get it together, regardless of what is going on. He owes it to the world that let him win the lottery twice. She jokes that her speech makes her want to get a burger as Randall stares at the house.

Jack is busy with work papers when he looks over and notices Rebecca’s empty spot on the bed. Back in the hospital, Kate picks up her mom’s notes, that are extremely detailed on how to make sure baby Jack continues to breathe.

Randall asks Deja to get him the same thing she is having, but with an iced tea. He stays in the car and calls Jawan, saying he knows his swearing is coming up but needs to ask him something. He wants him to remain calm as he asks what would happen if he resigned and couldn’t go through with the position. Jawan tells him he needs to do it all in writing, and taxpayers would have to revote and have a new election having to pay for it and confirming their greatest fears of putting faith in him. Randall thanks him for the education and hangs up.

Kevin watches Zoe with young Annie. He joins Zoe as Annie checks on the brownies, he informs her that Rebecca didn’t want to have kids at first either, but then she was amazing at it. He shares about how his mom would write a dumb joke on their banana peel every day to make their day. He says sometimes people and time change; watching her with the girls is amazing and he thinks he would be pretty good at it too. They are interrupted before she can say anything, leaving Kevin struggling. Randall returns to find Kevin there instead of Beth.

Beth meets at a local coffee shop with a realtor, saying they thought they could make it work but the commute is killing her husband; they leave together to go see some places.

There is a knock on Jack’s door where all three kids are freaked out over Rebecca not being there. Jack tells them to get their shoes and jackets on as they are going to see their mom in the hospital.

Kate returns home, saying the baby slept most of the day and now that Toby is at the hospital she is there to take a shower and head back. Rebecca is sorry feeling she overstepped, but Kate doesn’t think she will ever be as good a mom as her since she knows everything so well. Kate says she reacts to her mom the way she does because she fears she will never live up to her mom. She thinks she has a magical piece to her, but she wants her Jack to grow up with the Rebecca Pearson level magic she did. Rebecca believes that is the nicest thing anyone has said to her.

Kate apologizes in advance in case she is triggered by everything she is about to say as she might use her as a punching bag for the next year or so; she assures Kate that is why she is there. Kevin and Zoe return home with him talking about being high on all the chocolate from the brownies tonight. Zoe takes off her jacket, turns to Kevin saying they need to talk about this. He wants to be a dad, not right now but someday. She feels he should be a dad, who should raise several kids as he will be amazing at that. She wants him to have that, but she doesn’t want that. Kevin says he made his choice but she thinks he made the wrong one as she is not going to change. He asks her again if she will never want kids and she shakes her head as they stand in silence.

Jack walks in with the children, saying they are there to see Rebecca but are told visiting hours are not until 6. He says the kids need to be with their mom, but his wife isn’t used to being without them. He describes how a car doesn’t work, as his wife is the engine and the rest of them are useless without the engine. She tells him she is at the end of a 24-hour shift and only hearing random words, but allows them to go in, as long as they remain quiet until visiting hours start.

Randall watches as Beth walks in the door. She says she had to run an errand, as Randall says he has a funny story as Deja is not on the debate team and only had a talk for him, which was very mean. He says Deja is worried about them as she and Tess can feel what is going on; both hating that for the kids. Randall tells Beth he is going to resign because at the end of the day, it is just a job and he won the lottery – him landing Beth. She says Deja is a smart kid as he had hoped he could do this without hurting them.

Beth sits down, saying he is not resigning and they are going to move to Philadelphia. He doesn’t want her to give up on her dreams, but she says, “Randall, I found the door!” She has decided to open her own dance studio in Philly. She suggests they scale back and bet on themselves. He is shocked she wants to sell the house they got married in and had their babies in. He says they will have to get a much smaller place, Beth smiles saying it will be easier to find him them. They don’t work apart, but together they set the world on fire!

An elderly Randall kisses Beth, as their daughter gets coffee. He assures her he is okay, offering him coffee.

Randall is with the kids and Beth packing up their old house as Deja and Annie look at the foyer of their new place. Kevin helps Zoe pack, smiles at her but walks away after they make eye contact. Toby bundles up baby Jack in the car seat as he and Kate are finally able to bring him home – greeted by Miguel and Rebecca.

Toby arrives to greet the grey-haired Randall, thanking him for calling. He brings chalk, saying he spoke to Jack and they are on their way. Kate and Toby enjoy their first moments with baby Jack in his new nursery as Kevin seals the elevator door on Zoe. Randall is greeted by his nephew who says Kevin went to get takeout when he realized there was no food.

Kevin bursts into Kate’s house with a ton of luggage, saying he had no choice and is there indefinitely. He wants to hold his nephew, saying he won’t live there without any room service. Kate smiles as Kevin talks to baby Jack, comforting Toby as he searches for Perrier water.

Randall leaves Beth, who says, “He is already in there!” Randall remembers going to the hospital when Rebecca had a car accident. He walks into her room and tells his very elderly mother that he is her son, “Randall”. He greets Uncle Nicky, who is by Rebecca’s side.


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