This Is Us Recap 10/08/19: Season 4 Episode 3 “Unhinged”

This Is Us Recap 10/08/19: Season 4 Episode 3 "Unhinged"

Tonight on NBC their honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, October 8, 2019, episode and we have your This Is Us recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 4 episode 3 called, “Unhinged,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Randall is confronted with a tough choice. Kate and Toby adjust to their new home. Miguel and Jack’s friendship solidifies.”

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This Is Us begins tonight with Nicky Pearson (Griffin Dunne) grabbing a beer out of his fridge and looking at a note from his nephew, Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) saying if he ever needed anything, to contact him. He sees the phone number for the Veterans Centre and he goes to see Dr. Miranda Ruiz (Misha Gonz-Cirkl), who has been working there for 2 years. He checks the mail and finds an announcement, revealing Kate Pearson (Chrissy Metz) had a baby and she named him Jack!

Dr. Ruiz says therapy works better if he talks and he reveals he hates this sad little room. He hears a bunch of Canadian geese outside and talks about how they are only 80 miles from Canada but he has never been. He admits he hasn’t gone because he cannot stand maple syrup, she laughs. He explains the things you have been through, you cannot come back from as they make you less human. He seems to enjoy his therapy sessions, enjoying life more and talking more and more.

Dr. Ruiz reveals she has bad news and is leaving and he will be dealing with Dr. Patterson (Time winters); he throws his chair and storms off, getting very drunk. He returns to the center to throw a chair through the window and gets arrested. There is a pounding at his door and it is Kevin, bringing a plant. Nicky says he didn’t need him to come.

A young Randall Pearson (Lonnie Chavis) is eating way to fast, but his mother, Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore) insists that he slows down. Kevin (Parker Bates) makes fun of Randall, calling him a nerd. Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) comes down the stairs asking katie (Mackenzie Hancsicsak) what she is reading as Rebecca comes out and kisses her husband, promising to be there after all his hard days. Randall heads off to 7th grade, all excited, going into the bathroom and putting on his new shoes.

Present day Randall (Sterling K. Brown) returns home to Beth Pearson (Susan Kelechi Watson), where Beth tells them all to take a stack of flyers for her new dance studio and hand them out to anyone who needs a little dance in their life. The girls are reading the article about Councilman Pearson Unhinged in the newspaper, as the family is adjusting to life in their new place in Philadelphia. J Wan wants to talk to him later about his proposal, Randall is off to shower so they can get working.

Kate talks to baby Jack about the different material for the curtains, as Toby Damon (Chris Sullivan) takes his new suit and is off to work. Kate is trying to be friendly to the new neighbor who demands that Toby stop parking on the sidewalk and park on the street before he has his car removed. She whispers to Jack they are never going to let Audio poop in his yard.

Miguel Rivas (Jon Huertas) tells Jack why their boss is freaking out as they have to start all over from scratch for forgetting to get a city permit. Jack admits he was the one who signed off on the permit and could be losing his job.

Kevin takes his Uncle Nicky to a meeting, where he has a hearing in 2 months, where he is looking for 10 years in prison for the chair throwing incident or $250,000 in fines. If he can show he is continuing treatment at the same facility they can possibly have him pardoned; they allow him to see Dr. Patterson who can evaluate him.

Randall and J Wan arrive at the office where he praises Shay (Aynsley Bubbico) for the article as his assistant reminds him of his meeting at 6:30 for Wilkin’s housing initiative and he cannot be late. He cannot be late for this “stunt.” Randall wants to keep Bernice around as she has more experience than all of them and they need to keep her around.

Randall is about to leave his 7th grade English class, and he is getting written up for disobeying the dress code; but he loves his Air Jordans. He is hyperventilating over the written note, never having done anything wrong before.

Kate arrives at Toby’s work dinner appointment. Toby is busy showing off their son’s photos when Kate walks in. Toby tries to get the waitress to bring them to another table, saying there is a vent above and will ruin his meal, but Kate flat out tells his colleagues that she doesn’t fit in the booth and should come with a label for making moments uncomfortable. Toby kisses her hand and whispers I love you as Kate remains in a very awkward position.

Jack walks into Pritchard’s (David Grant Wright) office, confessing he is the one who signed off on the Marlin property, and his mistake is going to cost him $20,000 and it is coming out of his own pocket. He apologizes and tells Jack that they cannot come back from this one. Rebecca is busy working out to aerobics, with Kate coming down, showing her how to follow along with the video. Rebecca asks Kevin to answer the phone, which he reluctantly does removing the cucumbers from his eyes. It is Randall who is panicking over getting a yellow slip. Kevin tells him he will meet him at the side of the school and to not call the house again.

Kevin waits for his uncle, reciting words. A young boy sits with him, playing Mario cart and eating junk food as they wait for his mother, Cassidy Sharp (Jennifer Morrison) who has counseling, insisting it is good for her. Kevin introduces himself, but she says it is creepy that a 40 year old man hanging out with a 9 year old son. He swears he isn’t 40, but she still thinks he is creepy. Just as she asks if he is a vet, Nicky walks out and she realizes he is the man who threw a chair at her, but he tells her not to flatter herself. Nicky says his doctor says he is a delight and can come back any time. Kevin cross checks with the doctor who recommends that he resumes services but doesn’t want Kevin to get his hopes up for someone who doesn’t want to be helped. He catches his Uncle walking into the bar across the street.

Randall continues talking to his constituents. He wants Bernice to hold all his calls until 6pm; saying this is how they govern in District 12. He wants “Robin” to discuss his proposal on the way to drinks. Just as he is leaving, Randall is stopped by one more person, who wants to complain about the bus system. He asks J Wan to extend his apologies as he won’t be making it in time for drinks.

Kate wants Toby to remove his shirt. She knew that he lost weight but has never seen him fully undressed as she has been focused too much on Jack. She is gaining weight and he is losing, something frustrating her. Toby admits he has been going to the gym on lunch break and before and after work. He didn’t tell her because she was being a rockstar mom who didn’t have the energy to go to the gym. His heart attack scared him and he wants to be around for Jack. Kate worries that she might have the heart attack, she understands it, but this caught her off guard.

Miguel finds Jack, who informs him that he has been fired. Miguel walks into Pritchard’s office, saying jack has been there for almost 20 years, a hard worker and has a great repor. He says if Jack is leaving, Miguel is going and he will take his clients with him. Pritchard looks between the two men over and over.

Rebecca loved working out with Kate, who waits for her mother to leave the room, and gets on the scale. Adult Kate is chastised again by the neighbor but she tells him she is not in the mood for his curb drama and he apologizes for her having a bad day. He explains he had a stroke two years ago, learning how to walk, talk, eat all over again; only to lose his job after that. So every morning he walks around the block and if her husband blocks the sidewalk he can’t make that walk. So if he blocks it tomorrow, he will be keying his car. He turns to walk away, slowly but jokes for her not to blink or she will miss him getting away.

Beth wants the girls to catch her up on their day. Deja pearson (Lyric Ross) excuses herself when she gets a message on her phone, she goes outside to met with Mallik Hodges (Asante Blackk) who reveals he has a daughter, Janelle. He took custody of her because his ex and her parents wanted to put her up for adoption and they didn’t.

Kevin confronts his Uncle, asking if he wants to go to jail, throwing his drink away. He tells him he has come twice for him, and he should show him some gratitude and understanding. Kevin pays the money for Nicky’s drink and he is going to a meeting. Kevin orders him to get up and he can either sit in the car but he is coming with him.

Young Randall is panicking about being out of dress code, Kevin takes the paper and signs it, telling Randall to calm down as it will be okay.

Randall promises to take Morris’ (Freedom Bridgewater) issues to council at the next meeting. Randall turns around and maintenance is there to put the door back on it’s hinges; Randall says it is off for a reason. Bernice says it is a fire hazard to have it off. She tells him he needs to act like a councilman and work with her team. She shouldn’t have to be telling him this, his chief of staff should be. He needs someone to be working for him that knows how the system works and bluntly tells him he needs to fire J Wan.

Toby is folding laundry, joking how much clothing Jack soils. He is sorry for hiding the cross fit stuff as she admits it is hard that he is losing so much weight and she is the opposite. It shook her to see him in those new clothes. She is happy he is getting healthy and looks amazing. She gets him to agree to no more secrets.

Nicky says he is only at the AA meeting for the snacks as drinking gives him a salt tooth. Cassidy is also at the meeting, but she doesn’t want Kevin sitting beside her.

Deja sits with her sister, Tess (Eris Baker) revealing the boy she likes has a baby. She admits that she doesn’t know if she still likes him because now it is complicated. Tess reminds her that she was pretty complicated when she showed up too. Deja wants to know what is going on with Tess, who reveals that she thought the one good thing about being in a new school was that she didn’t think she had to come out, but today at lunch a girl asked her if she thought this football player was hot and she automatically said yes. She doesn’t want to talk to her mom about this. Deja reminds her that even if she doesn’t have to say anything because they are still gonna be there. She distracts Deja, by calling her a step mom.

A young Randall comes into Kevin’s room, who asks if he was okay because Randall was really freaking out today. He sits by his brother, explaining it felt like his heart was coming out of his chest. Kevin doesn’t want to take his thanks because he was “bored.” Kate comes in, making sure Randall is okay too as Kevin told her what happened. Kate reveals she kissed Stuart at the pool and joins her brothers on the floor. She asks if they would like a girl who was bigger than them. Kevin says he is in love with Cindy Crawford and she is 5’9” and way bigger than him. Randall asks if they know who Arsenio Hall is. They begin to make fun of Kate kissing Stuart again.

Jack calls Miguel, admitting they don’t say mushy things to each other, but this is one of those times. Jack is trying to tell him that if he ever needs anything big or small, and he goes to anyone other than him he is going to kick his ass. Miguel tells him he loves him too and any time. Kevin goes to find his parents, telling them he thinks it is important that they all watch the Arsenio Hall show together; Jack agrees just for tonight.

Randall finds J Wan, who says the councilmen just left 10 minutes ago. Randall tells Bernice she has experience that he needs but he cannot have someone on his staff that openly disrespects him, his policies and his friend. She corrects him and says his chief of staff. He fires her. Randall tells J what happened, admitting they are naive and unhinged, but if at the end of their term they have made a few big changes, this is their gig. They need to get a door stopper as keeping the door off the hinges is illegal. He listens to J’s proposal idea for Hannah.

At AA Kevin admits how much he is struggling, but using a technique he learned about reasons not to drink. His nephew’s room, and all the things in it that are in there to prevent him to keep him sober. He wasn’t sober when his nephew was born but he has been every day since and doesn’t really know why. He doesn’t know if his recent decisions have been good ones but is worried he will be wiping his ass at 50 in ads. He gets Nicky and Cassidy laughing very hard, causing the entire group to burst out laughing and the hostess to demand them to be respectful or leave.

Kate joins her neighbor for a walk around the block, saying she isn’t fast either. He jokes that they will look like the toughest gang in the neighborhood, making Kate laugh.