This Is Us Recap 10/15/19: Season 4 Episode 4 “Flip a Coin”

This Is Us Recap 10/15/19: Season 4 Episode 4 "Flip a Coin"

Tonight on NBC their honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, October 15, 2019, episode and we have your This Is Us recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 4 episode 4 called, “Flip a Coin,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Kevin reflects on his past. Rebecca visits Randall at college. Beth’s mom comes to visit. Kate and Toby share new experiences with Baby Jack.”

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A young Kate watches Buffy on TV. Rebecca asks her to visit Randall at college again but Kate doesn’t want to go. Rebecca gives her money for a new record to cheer her up.

Kate and Toby debate if it is too soon to bring the baby to music class. Kate thinks they need to go. He isn’t top young. Meanwhile, Kevin goes to pick up Nicky who isn’t ready to leave yet. Kevin gets word that The Manny is coming to an end. He is sad, remembering when he first went to set with Kate.

Beth and Randall are talking in the kitchen when Deja comes in to ask if she can hang out with some new friends after their opening today. Her new friend is a boy and they want to meet him.

Randall, Beth, and the kids meet Carol, Beth’s mom. Randall is ready to be a firewall, keeping Carol away from Beth. They all enter Beth’s new studio to a terrible smell.

Kevin shows up at the AAA meeting to find out it starts in 5 hours. He calls for a road trip with Nicky and Cassidy. Kate and Toby bring Jack into music class. He cries the whole time.

A young Kate meets a boy at the music store. They talk about her parent’s love and the music at their wedding before talking about various albums. He offers her a job.
Kevin makes Nicky go look at new RVs even though he doesn’t want one.

Toby and Kate fight after the music class. He shouldn’t have forgotten the stuffed animal. She is also upset about his amount of time at the gym. They continue to drive to keep the baby calm while irritated with one another.

A young Randall stares at a young Beth across the cafeteria. Rebecca forces him to go say hi to Beth and Carol.

Beth and Randall are told the smell is a dead possum. Beth is freaking out with Randall trying to steer Carol away from the situation until Malik arrives to see Deja. Randall heads to meet him, embarrassing Deja. He gets along with Malik until he realizes the boy has a 6-month-old daughter who he has custody of.

Cassidy and Kevin sit at the diner. She’s snippy with him until she watches him interact with a fan. She smiles, telling him he has a weird life. She opens up about her ex. They laugh.

A young Rebecca and Carol sit and talk about the loss of their husband’s the year before.

Beth is freaking out because they can’t get the possum’s carcass out of the wall without cutting it open. Carol says they are going to reschedule. Randall tells her “no”, she is his wife and he will fix this. Carol says nothing while Beth backs away slowly.

A young Beth sits in her dorm with Carol talking about Randall and Rebecca. Carol tells her that Randall and his family is very broken still and she deserves someone who isn’t.

Carol watches proudly but silently as Randall works out how they will hold the opening.

Toby and Kate reconcile in the car. He tells her baby Jack will just need to adjust to music and the class with baby steps. His words make her want to go to the beach.

Carol and Randall talk while Beth kicks off her opening. She was wrong, she tells him. She didn’t see the strong partner and father he would become. He smiles.

Nicky tells Kevin and Cassidy in the car about his past love, Sally. Cassidy tells Kevin she wants her husband back. He plans to help her.

Rebecca comes home to a young Kate. Kate shares the good news of her new job at the record store and the Carol King record she bought. They dance together, laughing just like Rebecca and Jack did. Rebecca thinks they need to start a new chapter.

At the AAA meeting, Kevin opens up to Cassidy about auditioning for The Manny and how it changed his life.

Toby and Kate bring Jack to the beach. Nicky wakes up to a new RV, but its not for him. Kevin has moved in.