This Is Us Recap 10/29/19: Season 4 Episode 6 “The Club”

This Is Us Recap 10/29/19: Season 4 Episode 6 "The Club"

Tonight on NBC their honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, October 29, 2019, episode and we have your This Is Us recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 4 episode 6 called, “The Club,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Kate and Toby try to make time for their marriage. Jack attempts to prove himself to Rebecca’s dad. Randall struggles to find his place with the other councilmen.”

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This Is Us begins tonight with Kate Pearson (Chrissy Metz) and Toby Damon (Chris Sullivan) waking up to little Jack fussing in the crib. Toby kisses Kate, but she refuses any intimacy, saying not even if he painted her in gold.

Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) leans over and kisses Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore), her telling him he is insatiable; but she promised her mother she would get up and have brunch with her. She kills the mood as she asks him to drop her off at her parents’ place. He doesn’t think her family approves of him after the first dinner at the club. She loved how much he spoke about himself; he reminds her there is no such thing as a free brunch.

Years later, Jack attempts to wake up Rebecca for some sex, but Randall Pearson (Lonnie Chavis) sneaks in the room, saying he wants to get to school early to get a book from one of the teachers; it is only 6 am. Jack tries to wrestle with him, but Randall tells his dad to brush his teeth as it smells like something died in his mouth. Jack tells Randall he would like to meet this Mr. Lawrence (Brandon Scott) as he seems to have made quite the impression on his son. Randall brings Jack in, who observes the two of them share a secret handshake. Mr. Lawrence is impressed with Randall being such a curious young man; telling Jack that he has a very nice kid there. Jack walks away, quietly listening to how Randall interacts with his teacher.

In the present day, Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Jae-Won Yoo (Tim Jo) stand as he feels that the councilman (William Allen Young) is freezing him out. He builds up the courage to interrupt the councilmen with his next bill, but he is told to keep walking. Randall refuses, even though he has canceled on them twice he does have an offer for them to go to a golf course where he has friends. Randall will make arrangements for them, but he admits he doesn’t play golf; they really want him to play now as they play for money and need a fourth person. He agrees.

Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) sits outside with his Uncle Nicky Pearson (Griffin Dunne), outside his RV. Kevin laughing at stuff on his phone, saying he is creeping on his ex; having to explain he is internet-stalking her. He explains that Zoe’s film won a prize in a Rome film festival; mocking that the guy she is with is definitely more than friends. Nick clicks the photo, making it show that Kevin is stalking her. Nick reminds him he doesn’t need to stick around for his court hearing; but Kevin reminds him that he promises his Veteran counselor that he would, which means he will be there for a few more weeks. They bicker and Kevin says he is going to another meeting, even though he just got back from one.

Jack drives Rebecca to her parents’ place but just as they are about to kiss her father opens the gate to let her in. Jack confesses that he doesn’t play golf, and declines to join her dad as he has a lot of errands to run. Rebecca thinks it is sweet that her father, Dave Malone (Tim Matheson) wants to get to know him better so Jack tells him he will go.

Kate chastises Toby for leaving the laundry in the machine too long and it will be mildewy; they are frustrated that they are surviving on 2 hours’ sleep. Toby is donating the clothes that are way too big for him but Kate wants him to keep them. She wonders what is going on with him and he tells her that they haven’t been having sex in 9 months and 23 days. Kate admits she is tired and Jack is sleeping right next to them and can hear them. Toby wants them to have her mother come over so they can go out. She isn’t so sure but he tells her for the sake of their sex life she needs to start dialing.

Kevin is busy working out when Cassidy Sharp (Jennifer Morrison) helps him with his last rep. He confesses he is trying to stay out of trouble, but she needs no help doing her work out. Donna (Galadriel Stineman) brings him over his protein shake, saying she will let it go that he has drinks around the workout station. He feels great about the service until Cassidy points out that she put her number on his cup. He rejects it, saying AA discourages relationships in the first year.

Cassidy hasn’t spoken to her husband since the hockey game, reminding her that she needs to work on it because divorce is on the table. Cassidy looks at the photo of Zoe and her new man, saying they definitely had bathroom sex just before the photo, causing Kevin to mope. He reveals they broke up because he wanted kids and she didn’t; he is surprised Cassidy is so skeptical as he doesn’t seem motivated. He says staying with his uncle and plans to get his own life back soon. He jokes that Cassidy is annoying when she mocks him about his age and he isn’t getting any younger. She spots him for some more exercising.

Jack returns home and finds Randall watching Tiger Woods playing golf. Jack suggests they go play some golf after school tomorrow, Randall seems excited and readily agrees; both sitting back as Randall confronts his father about not liking golf. He feels Randall might be cut out for it, even though Jack isn’t.

Randall is with the councilman at the golf course, as bets are placed and Randall is up first. He tells them he has only played golf one time and ends up hitting the ball directly towards a few other people playing.

Kate dresses up in her sexiest lingerie, wrapping herself up in a robe and smiling in the mirror before following rose petals to the bed where Toby is laying. He dims the lights and turns on music for them to set the mood. She thinks he is so hunky now as he jokes that he remembers this like it was riding a bike. A short time later, Toby admits he has a lot of his mind and needs a minute to empty his brain. Kate asks him if he wants to watch TV, feeling classic movies will help the mood.

Dave Malone brings Jack into the store, not feeling comfortable with him buying him the clothes needed to actually be on the course. They are joined by Merrick (Dan Warner) on the courses, who learns that Jack works at a gas station part-time and frames houses for the rest of his time. He wants Merrick to give Jack a card so he can work for the insurance company. He puts the card in jack’s pocket, saying there is hope for him yet as Bill (Gary Lee Reed) sinks the ball. Jack feels completely out of his element there, asking for a gin and tonic.

A 12-year old Randall plays golf with Jack, saying they should play for $1000. He raves about Mr. Lawrence who says Randall is breaking barriers in the Academy, as they never had a black kid on the debate team. Jack didn’t know that, really impressed with Randall; reassuring Randall that he is insanely smart, charming and will go anywhere he wants in life. Jack tells him how he never felt comfortable in country clubs and that is probably why he gave up golf. He promises to always have Randall’s back and to make sure no one gets in his way.

A younger Jack keeps sinking the ball in the water as they make fun of him, saying someone should buy him a lake house since he loves the water so much. Jack continues to drink in the full sun. Randall listens to the councilmen speak but they really want nothing to do with him every time he tries to be included. The councilman suggests him to slow down as he does to fast. He needs to think it through and is able to finally put the ball on the green, thanking him for the tip.

Kevin goes out to dinner with Donna, who talks about herself as he literally says he is into nutrition and right now he is hungry without a menu for over 20 minutes. Donna tells him, “people in small towns, more than in big cities, share a destiny!” Kevin likes what she is saying, feeling like destiny brought him there. He questions her about settling down there after school, as she feels this is the perfect town to raise kids. He admits he loves kids and they have something in common. She laughs.

Jack continues to enjoy the drinks at the country club, as the rich men order their food and Jack feels completely out of place. Merrick tells Jack that he should really call him for an interview but Jack declines, disappointing Dave.

A young Randall tells his father he is okay; but he doesn’t want to play golf anymore. Jack reminds him they have 4 more holes and they don’t quit what they start, but Randall reminds him of the karate he used to go to with all the other black families; they only went a few times but then they stopped. Jack says they stopped because Randall didn’t want to go anymore; making his son question why he would let him quit that but not soccer nor baseball and now golf. Randall begs to go home as Jack demands to know where this is coming from. Randall says this is like feeling weird at a country golf course when Randall probably wouldn’t have even been allowed on it. This gives Jack pause, apologizing but saying he only sees his son, he doesn’t see any color. Randall says if that is the case, he doesn’t see Randall at all.

The councilman continues to guide Randall on how to play golf and they all clap when he is able hit the green on the first swing. The councilman orders the other two to get off the cart and invites Randall to join him as his friend.

Donna thanks Kevin for the meal as he wants to know if there is anything more to do in this town. She says the only thing is to get high and have sex but she doesn’t do drugs. Meanwhile, Kate is disappointed, wondering if it is her and if Toby is still attracted to her since he cannot have sex with her. He swears he simply has a lot on his mind. She turns on the light as he admits it was her comments about him keeping the pants in case he put the weight back on as well as the pressure if he didn’t perform she would feel exactly this way. He wonders if she said it because she doubts he can keep the weight off or she is hoping he will put the weight back on. She leaves the room, not answering.

Dave and Jack walk out of the country club, Dave commenting on how much Jack drank. Jack thanks him for the drinks and the round as Dave insists he should have taken the interview. Jack feels he doesn’t need the help. Dave informs him that his father was a pipefitter to put him through college and when he graduated he wasn’t too proud to run a brokerage house but he rose up the ranks and was able to provide a great home for his family and joined a nice country club. This club is where they will celebrate Rebecca’s wedding, he sees himself walking her down the aisle at St Michael’s; but he sees himself toasting her and her husband there, the question remaining whether Jack sees himself there?

Jack shares with Rebecca everything that Randall said at the golf course, as she reminds him Randall is growing up and trying to find his place. She doesn’t think they gave up karate too easily as Randall wasn’t impressed by it and it was a long drive. Jack sighs.

The councilmen and Randall enjoy lunch at the country club, each explaining why and how they got invested in the game. Randall thanks them for dragging him around, toasting to their decisions to choose to play golf. The councilman leans in and tells Randall to find some time outside of the office and they can talk about his grocery store.

Kevin walks with Donna, telling her to be quiet for his Uncle’s sake but when they arrive Cassidy is sitting there waiting for him, apologetic for interrupting them. She confesses that she saw Ryan Sharpe (Nick Wechsler) and it was a complete disaster as he got critical of her and she lost her temper on him. Kevin feels bad for her but she doesn’t blame Ryan for not wanting to be with someone as screwed up as her. Kevin reminds her that she made mistakes but she is trying after all the horrid things she has seen; this doesn’t make her unlovable, it makes her human. She approaches him and kisses him, but quickly apologizes and rushes off.

Kate and Toby return home, her quickly leaving the room to unpack as Toby tries to talk to her. Kate returns with scissors and cuts up Toby’s pants and asks for forgiveness. He wants to know for what she said or for cutting up the wrong pair of pants. She admits to both and that she has always believed in him. Toby asks if she believes she is the one that still fuels him, she needs convincing as he asks if she wants to take Toby 2.0 for a spin. They have 5 minutes before Rebecca and Miguel Rivas (Jon Huertas) return with their young son, Jack. He jokes that gives them 4 minutes to put themselves back together afterwards; she giggles.

Dave drives Jack back to the house as Jack says he is going to marry Rebecca; find a good job and buy a really, happy nice house with kids running through the yard so he wants to know if Dave sees himself there? Dave follows Jack, saying he will never be good enough for Jack. Jack turns around and demands for him to say that again. Dave taunts him, saying this is the guy he has been waiting for, as they are nose to nose. Jack stumbles, Dave saying it was hot and Jack had a few too many. Rebecca suggests getting Jack home and walks him to their car.

Kevin finds Nick making himself a sandwich. Nick apologizes, saying they should have taken that hike today and wishes Kevin a good night. Kevin looks in his fridge, grabs a bottle of water. Kevin stops Cassidy from leaving his RV, and he returns to his bedroom, where Cassidy is in sitting naked in the bed.

Randall is thrilled to see Mr Lawrence at the school, as Jack asks to speak to him for a second; thanking him for taking a special interest in his son as he really looks up to him. He reminds him that Randall is only a 12-year-old kid and if he is asking hard questions about his place in this world they as parents would like a heads up. He agrees and begins to walk away. Jack stops him, inviting him and his wife over for dinner on Saturday.

Jack stops Randall on the golf course, apologizing and promising to listen better and lecture less. He takes the clubs off Randall’s back, telling him that he is going to be a very important man and a lot of important relationships are founded on the course. He reminds him to not get caught on the outside looking in; some days he will have to play up to people while others he will have to play down; but he needs to play the game. Jack may have caught the ceiling there but for Randall there is only sky.

Randall looks at his clubs before placing them in the trunk of the car as he remembers being with his dad and knocking all the balls into the lake. Jacks jokes that it is “like father, like son” as he teaches him how to actually play the game correctly and Randall is able to tee off and land it directly on the green, over and over. As Randall ages he continued to go to the course, following his father’s advice perfectly. So he knew how to play the game the whole time. Randall places a ball on the tee and says, “This one is for you Pop!” and swings, sinking the ball into the lake.