This Is Us Winter Premiere Recap 01/15/19: Season 3 Episode 10 “The Last Seven Weeks”

This Is Us Winter Premiere Recap 01/15/19: Season 3 Episode 10 "The Last Seven Weeks"

Tonight on NBC their new honest & provocative dramedy series This Is Us airs with an all-new Tuesday, January 15, 2018, episode and we have your This Is Us recap below.  On tonight’s This Is Us season 3 episode 10 Winter Premiere, “The Last Seven Weeks,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Randall’s campaign comes to a close. Kevin meets someone from Zoe’s past. Kate and Toby get ready for the baby.”

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This is Us begins tonight with Election Night as Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) watches the TV and Solomon Brown is only 4% ahead of Randall (Sterling K. Brown). Zoe (Melanie Liburd) stands with her assuring her one way or another it will all be over soon as she stares at Kevin (Justin Hartley) doting on his nieces. Miguel (Jon Huertas) hands Rebecca (Mandy Moore) a drink who feels this is way too intense for her. Kevin talks to Randall, who says he has been thinking about a trip they took with their dad, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia); Kevin says he is mostly thinking about John Stamos and finds Zoe.

He doesn’t know if he is supposed to be talking to her or giving her space, but she tells him that she can’t do this and hands him back the photo of John Stamos. Kevin’s phone rings and it is Toby (Chris Sullivan) who tell shim Kate (Chrissy Metz) has been crying for 5 minutes straight, both unclear about their situations. Randall admits this has been the longest 7 weeks of his life, as he looks over to Beth.

Beth wakes up Randall, saying Annie (Faithe Herman) is up and doesn’t need to see him sleeping on the couch. She is furious that Randall is still running after Jay Wun told him that he couldn’t win. He reminds her that Beth and the family will always be their priority, but Beth feels he can’t audiobook through their daughter’s life. She says she will stay out of his way, but he is on his own.

Jack and a young Randall (Niles Fitch) sit and stare at the monument as Randall admits he is going to take political science; Jack says he is going to have a great life and will be a great man. Randall looks down at his phone, responding to the text Kate sent saying his nephew is the size of a lime; he jokes that he looks like Kevin. Kate walks over, calling Toby into the room telling him they need to get rid of their junk and make a nursery. He isn’t happy when she tells him he needs to sell all his toys.

Kevin and Zoe return from Vietnam, both feeling it is crazy that his Uncle Nicky didn’t die in Vietnam. Zoe has a plan as Kevin doesn’t want to tell his family a thing. Zoe says it is so good to be home as Kevin smirks that she called his loft home. He believes this could be her home and hands her the keys with the photo of John Stamos on it. He smiles as she takes the keys and jokes that he now has a roommate.

5 Weeks Before Election Night
Randall’s campaign office is very busy, learning from RJ that they are still 10 points behind. RJ tells him they need to continue to pound the pavement as Randall realizes he will be spending another night at the office. He asks RJ to inform Beth for him, but he only apologizes that he had warned him about this being rough.

Young Randall admits to his father that scares him about when he gets focused and its like he can’t see anything else. He looks at their family and parents, wanting that too. Jack says Randall is probably the only 17-year-old on the planet who is trying to balance his career and family already. Randall sends Beth a text message as Kate counts the money from the college kids buying all their stuff. Toby learns that Kate got rid of the box that said DNS on it, but she thought it meant “donations.” he gets upset when she calls them toys and not action figures, explaining how they all stayed with him and he wanted to hand them down to their kid, but can’t now.

Kevin sits with Zoe, as they try to get information about Nicky; the clerk reveals she needs official documentation that he is next of kin before she can release the records. Zoe admits she can get a letter from a congressman, revealing she might have dated one for a while.

Randall drives, listening to the Philadelphia news where Solomon talks about being a church and Randall always being alone while Solomon is there with his supportive wife, Nancy always by his side. Randall arrives home, finding Beth wrapping presents; but he says its time for her and the girls to show up to events today as he is a family man with no family. Beth is upset, saying she went out and bought all the Christmas presents without him and Tess (Eris Baker) is moody all the time and she can’t figure out if it has to do with her sexuality or something else. Randall questions if she is mad at him for finding something he cares about, reminding her that he played super dad the whole previous year, not once complaining. She walks out of the room before they fight.

Zoe and Kevin meet with Congressman Andrew Reeves (La Monde Byrd), who is happy she has moved to the city. Zoe explains what they are looking for, he thought it was something more serious and he will shoot them a quick email as that should do the trick; it’s clear the words bite at Zoe. Andy thought enough time had passed, leaving but telling Kevin his office will send a formal request to the VA. Kevin wants to know the story about the two of them as she says they dated for a few years and talked about moving to New York; she ended it with an email. Kevin is shocked but she leaves to be with Beth as Randall has been awol. Kevin returns to the loft with all of Zoe’s boxes sitting in his living room.

RJ says they found what they are looking for; Solomon Brown was caught drunk driving and he paid off the police and the paper to have the story buried. RJ is quite pleased with it all as Randall tries to buy a blueberry pie as Beth always says New Years is not New years without a blueberry pie, but he arrives too late and there are none left.

Rev Hawley (James Moses Black) stops Randall, who feels he is the worst husband ever and will lose the election by a landslide. The Rev suggests he could drop out as Sol would love to throw him a party; but Randall says all he wanted to do was give the people what they deserve, which is better than what Solomon gave them. He thinks it is harder to be a good man than a great one. Rev says he gives a lot of deathbed advice, so he tells him to think about the life he lived when he was old and grey in a nursing home and if he is happy with it; that is what his father would have wanted. He hands Randall the blueberry pie he purchased and wishes him a Happy New Year; while walking out he throws the information RJ gave him into the garbage.

Randall arrives late, apologizing for everything to Beth and the girls for everything he has been missing the past couple of months. He talks about being an old man one day, with a pink blanket over him and will be thinking about blueberry pie and making gingerbread trains with his favorite four girls. He is sorry for not showing that they are what makes him great. He smiles as Beth says, “New Years doesn’t start until they get their blueberry on!”

Toby and Kate arrive at a college party, where Kate learns from Dave that he will not give her Toby’s stuff back. She reveals she is pregnant and those were collected for 40 years and that is all she can give the baby since she has nothing to give the baby as her house burnt down and her dad died. She says the baby can have something from his father and she wants to know if he wants to spend his New years Eve disappointing a pregnant woman whose father died because of a devastating fire? He doesn’t care as Toby walks away.

Kevin sits alone staring at the boxes until Zoe returns home. Kevin is busy looking through Nicky’s file, showing that Nicky was medivac out of Vietnam, spent some time in a psychiatric facility and signed himself out. Kevin brushes her off, telling her to review the files instead of hovering over him. Kevin blurts out if she is going to unpack herself or is he to expect an email. She admits she would move in to make him happy; revealing every step of this relationship is about him pushing her. He is furious that she never wants to talk about it; she leaves telling him she needs some space.

Randall cozies up with his family, watching Fuller House when Randall gets a call from RJ. He ignores it to laugh with his family. He remembers Jack advising him to keep peace in his balance and hopes the universe puts the right person in his path like Rebecca was for him. He swears Kevin will be quite the force.

The next morning, Beth is surprised Randall slept in; surprised he wasn’t going to church to do his final push. She talks to him about when they went shoe shopping and he helped block the aisle to protect her and her full meltdown; it was then that she knew she would marry him one day. She tells him he cares too much and tries too hard but that is who he is and will not let him forget who he is and she should have had his back; telling him he needs to finish this campaign. She reveals the meltdown was brought on from the scent of the woman who brought the shoes, smelled like her father. She tells Randall to get dressed as she gets the girls ready for church.

The minister talks about the decision everyone needs to make, talking about Solomon being there for the last 15 years but then says Randall has a lot of passion, but can he serve us. The Rev talks about how he is fundamentally decent and has done a lot in the time he has been here. He endorses both of them, saying the community will be good in either of these men capable hands; Beth and Randall are both shocked.

Kate brings in some collectibles, but he knows she got them off of eBay. He feels they are pretty cool as she explains they are starting their own family, but they come with us and he doesn’t need to hand down his favorite thing to their son as Toby will be their son’s favorite thing. She does rush off to buy more Star Wars items for their son.

Election Night
The polls show Randall 48% and Solomon 52% when Toby calls Kate to check out the nursery. She has a flashback to when her dad makes her homemade football stadium and inside are all the Star Wars figurines. Toby explains how Kevin helped him get the photo and he had a dollhouses maker replicate it. He says for the record, he will be their kid’s second favorite thing as she will be his first! Kate’s eyes well up with tears as Toby worries this is going “sideways” on him.

Zoe tells Kevin she can’t do this, giving him the keys back as he takes the call from Toby who says Kate has been crying and not sure if it is a good or bad cry. Kevin hangs up as Toby returns to the room, with Kate telling him this is a good cry. RJ tells Randall what he has done in the last 7 weeks has been unheard of; Randall excuses himself to be with Beth.

Randall gathers everyone around, taking a moment to thank everyone for knowing how hard he pushed everyone, including himself. He reminds them they did this because they believed in what their future could be. He says they changed the four words “The numbers aren’t there” to it’s “Too Close to call”. He wants everyone to go home proud and they should all go home and get some rest as they won’t get the results tonight.

Kevin leaves and Zoe follows him, saying he is one of the only people who know what her dad was like. She talks about the peace of mind was taken from her and it takes a lot for her to give up her safe space and the idea of giving that up is why she has never lived with anyone before. Kevin says she doesn’t need to unpack, he can walk over her stuff for the rest of their lives as its good for his calves. She wants to live with him even though he is the pushiest person she has ever met as she likes what he is pushing for. She asks for John Stamos back and Kevin readily hands her the keys back, holding her, saying they should go home.

Kevin helps Zoe unpack as she opens some of Kevin’s stuff, finding a postcard that is signed CK. Kevin realizes that his dad knew Nicky was alive; there is a return address and both wonder if he is still there. Randall wonders if Jack would have been happy that he found Beth as Kate shows Toby that their son is the size of a tomato.

Young Randall asks Jack if he is sure he doesn’t want to find his brother’s name on the wall; Jack declines. Randall believes that Jack is sometimes pulling the strings from up there, tugging him where he needs to go. He thinks back on all these memories and its like there was a plan for his life right from the beginning, but maybe everyone feels that way and he isn’t just that special. Beth tells him he is very special but also very tired. They are interrupted when the phone rings and Randall answers, saying, “Thanks for letting me know!” He hangs up and with a startled look he tells Beth that he won the election.


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