7 Little Johnstons Finale Recap 06/02/20: Season 7 Episode 10 “I’m Not Dying!”

7 Little Johnstons Finale Recap 06/02/20: Season 7 Episode 10 "I'm Not Dying!"

Tonight on TLC America’s largest know little family, 7 Little Johnstons returns with an all-new Tuesday, June 2, 2020, episode and we have your 7 Little Johnstons recap below. On tonight’s 7 Little Johnstons Season 7 Episode 10 Finale “I’m Not Dying!,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Anna is finally ready to leave for college and the excitement sets in as she and her sisters do some back-to-school shopping. A final family dinner gets tense as Trent upsets Emma. Move-in day finally comes and the small size of the dorm is a big shock.

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Anna’s heading is just about to head to college. Amber and Anna are reading a list of things that will be in her dorm, so she needs to know what to bring with her. Amber asks if she will come home on the weekends, Anna says maybe some. Emma comes into the room and Amber tells her that Anna won’t come home every weekend.

Amber is surprised that Anna doesn’t want to go home every weekend. Today, the girls are all going shopping to buy Anna things for her dorm. Anna is looking forward to college, she is getting more and more excited. Amber makes her pick out some picture frames to take photos of the family with her. Elizabeth hopes Anna is going to do well living with a stranger, Emma thinks she is going to drive the person crazy.

It’s Elizabeth’s senior year, she might make homecoming court and she can campaign herself to be homecoming queen. Her parents hope she makes it to homecoming court.

Anna is packing all her stuff that she will be bringing to college. Amber is trying to help her because she only thinks at the moment, she doesn’t think ahead. Amber says Anna’s style is challenging at times. What she feels is dressy, the rest of them don’t agree with. Trent tries to give his thoughts and Anna has had enough. The subject of Anna not coming home for the weekends comes up and Trent thinks she will change her mind once she is gone because she doesn’t know how much she is going to miss the family.

Anna and Jonah are going down to the feeder to see if any deers showed up. They talk about her going to college. Jonah’s school is thirty minutes away from home, his parents are hoping that he has a great semester and only focuses on himself. Jonah thinks he and Anna’s relationship has gotten stronger for what they have been through. He tells Anna to take it day by day. Jonah says they are both on an even playing field. She thanks him for taking her to school last year, she enjoyed her time with him.

Anna finds a turtle, Jonah takes it and saves it, puts it near some water.

Trent decides to make dinner for Anna and the family to celebrate her going to college. Trent asks the family how long will it take Emma to text Anna to say she misses her. Trent gets a piece of paper and a pen.

The next day, it is time for Anna to get up for school. Emma has a megaphone and Anna is annoyed because she was planning on sleeping in since she was up to 3 am. Anna gets up and says goodbye to all the kids going off to school. Anna is ready for college. They are packing up the cars and soon will be driving the two and a half hours to school. They are taking two cars, they want Anna to have a car at college. On the drive, Trent asks Anna if she enjoyed her dinner, she is barely paying attention, just looking at her phone, then she falls asleep.

They arrive at college, Anna meets her roommate and thinks she is awesome. Anna is shocked that the room is small. She brought stuff to fit the room that she saw when she toured the college, not this small one. In the end, they make the room look really nice. Trent and Amber go to a hotel and stay overnight. The next morning, they go see Anna and bring her a small refrigerator. Anna had a good night, she says some people were loud and it stormed, but she was fine. Anna is liking her room.

Amber and Trent leave for home, Amber has a hard time emotionally, but she was fine in front of Anna. She worries about Anna and hopes she can cope with college.

It took two days for Emma to facetime Anna to see how she is doing. Anna says she went clothes shopping but didn’t find anything she liked. Elizabeth and Jonah come in and say hi. Elizabeth tells her that she asked Brice to homecoming. She dressed up as a fish because he likes fishing and made him a cheesy poster. She didn’t make homecoming court and is kind of happy in the end that she didn’t because she has a lot on her plate. Anna tells her that college is boring.