7 Little Johnstons Recap 04/21/20: Season 7 Episode 4 “It’s A Boy!”

7 Little Johnstons Recap 04/21/20: Season 7 Episode 4 "It's A Boy!"

Tonight on TLC America’s largest know little family, 7 Little Johnstons returns with an all-new Tuesday, April 21, 2020, episode and we have your 7 Little Johnstons recap below. On tonight’s 7 Little Johnstons Season 7 Episode 4 “It’s A Boy!,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Emma is diagnosed with a speech disorder which she must overcome in order to lead summer camp activities. Worried about her ability to lead a group, Trent and Amber take the family to an improv class to help Emma think on her feet..”

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The Johnstons are getting another dog, a puppy who is a dachshund. The whole family goes to pick up the dog, it is a two-hour drive. The new dog is named Cruiser. Trent says that bringing a puppy home is like bringing a baby home. Amber reminds him that the dog can go in a crate, a baby can’t. Jesse gets to meet the new dog and after smelling him, he really has no interest. Cruiser pees on the floor, his first accident. But he poops outside, so the family is happy about that.

Emma has an idea, for everyone to make slime. Anna has been a camp counselor for years and Emma wants to join her. Emma is excited to make the slime because she can then make it at camp with the kids. Trent gets in trouble from Amber for getting it on her twenty-five dollar placements, then he gets it on the table with dye, then he ultimately gets it on his clothes. The kids take their slime outside and play with it. Everyone thanks Emma for showing them how to make slime.

Trent tells Amber that he has a bag full of alterations for her to get done. They are in bed talking about Emma maybe working with Anna to help her with her speech and social skills. Amber thinks Emma needs to expand her vocabulary, and her confidence will come along with it. Trent wants Emma to speak with confidence when called upon, and they will do whatever it takes to get her to that level.

Elizabeth, Anna, and Emma are shopping for some clothes to wear at this year’s conference. Anna is looking at a short pair of shorts and Emma knows that mom won’t like them. Elizabeth says mom has guidelines and Anna has a hard time sticking to them.

Emma is face-timing her boyfriend and tells him that Anna needs to find a boy.

Anna starts talking about camp, she says she will help Anna the first day, but after that, she better be able to do everything on her own.

Trent and Amber hired a dog trainer to help the children how to work with the dog. They find it hilarious that the kids want to have a party when the puppy pees outside.

Emma is seeing the speech therapist with Amber. Emma is alone with the therapist and when she is asked questions, she has trouble answering. The therapist wants her to become more confident and be able to talk for herself.

Emma wants to get rid of the shyness, she wants to be like everyone else. Amber asks the therapist what she can do at help to help Emma. She says she has to do vocabulary building games. Amber comes up with a fun way for Emma to come out of her shell, she registers the family to an improv class. They start with improv exercises, it gets the blood pumping and everyone starts laughing.

Trent, Alex, and Jonah are the first three on stage. The two do a good job, then Emma joins on stage with Jonah and Alex while Trent retreats. Elizabeth and Emma are next, they are going to do a scene, but they have to do it alphabetically. Emma has a hard time speaking when she is put on the spot. Elizabeth tries to help Emma who looks like she is getting upset with this exercise. Jonah and Alex feel bad for Emma, she looked scared.

At Arts & Science summer camp, Emma is there with Anna and watching what she does. Emma says the improv was awful, the camp is great because the kids are not rushing her. Emma says that Anna is a little bit bossy. The next step for Emma will be to show the kids how to make slime.

Emma has to tell the children in her group at camp that they will be making slime. Emma stands up in front of them and she does a good job explaining it to them. Emma finds it easy speaking to the children, they don’t judge the way she speaks to she finds it easier. Emma does a great job, she fits in well.

Back at home, Cruiser is settling in fantastic so they are going to introduce him to the pool. Cruiser does very well, Alex says he swims better than Trent.