7 Little Johnstons Recap 05/05/20: Season 7 Episode 6 “If This RV’s A-Rockin”

7 Little Johnstons Recap 05/05/20: Season 7 Episode 6 "If This RV's A-Rockin"

Tonight on TLC America’s largest know little family, 7 Little Johnstons returns with an all-new Tuesday, May 5, 2020, episode and we have your 7 Little Johnstons recap below. On tonight’s 7 Little Johnstons Season 7 Episode 6 “If This RV’s A-Rockin,” as per the TLC synopsis, “Before the Johnstons attend their annual little people’s conference in San Francisco, Trent and Amber decide to start the trip in San Diego drive up in an RV. Everyone is excited for the destination.”

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The family is sitting outside having dinner and talking about their upcoming trip in the RV. Anna thinks that sleeping in the RV, the seven of them, is going to be very crowded. Amber grew up in California and she looks forward to taking the kids up there. Brice is going to miss Liz a lot, but she will be back soon, so that is good. The two say goodbye to each other, they kiss and hug.

Besides the convention, they are all looking forward to the beach and surfing. Emma is looking forward to most to seeing Luca again at the convention. Jonah has never driven an RV again, but it’s all good, if they are going to die, they might as well all die together. They fly out to San Diego and the first thing they have to is pick up their RV. Alex thinks it is really cool, it is like a house on wheels. The downfall in the RV is that they can’t use the vertical space because of their height. The RV trunk is really roomy, Alex jokes that he can sleep in it.

One of the drawbacks of being a little person is that when they rent a vehicle they have to bring their peddle extension. Everyone buckles in, it is time to go. Amber finds it scary, Jonah goes over a bump and the whole family bounces around. The family stops at the beach to meet some of Amber’s family. She was born in Kansas but moved to San Diego when she was very young. Amber is the only person in her family that is little, everyone else is average height. This is the first time the kids get to meet some cousins that they have never met before. They go to Belmont Park and the biggest issue is height to get on the rides. Everyone is 48 inches or taller, except for Alex. Anna likes all the rides except for the spinning ride. Anna is convinced to go on one and she almost throws up.

Next, the family plays games. Alex loved the games, he wins some prizes. They had a fantastic visit with family, they are staying with them overnight, then moving on in the morning. They hit traffic, and Trent’s stress level rises. Driving up the coast with RV is really pretty. Liz snapped a few pictures of the scenery, but she is ready to get to San Francisco. They pull into an RV park, it is the first time they are doing it. There are a few things you have to do to get the RV ready for bedtime. You have to hook up the power, the waterline, and the poop pipe. Jonah helps Trent with the poop pipe and is less than thrilled.

Liz, Trent, Anna, and Amber check out the beach after climbing some pretty big sand dunes while everyone else stays in the RB and chill. At the beach, they crash someone’s party, when they see two people making out. It’s been a long day driving, everyone is getting cabin fever. Liz says that sleeping in the RV stinks. Trent comes up with a plan to freak out the kids. He shakes the RV back and forth pretending to make out with Amber and shouts to the kids that it won’t take long.

The next morning, Alex says getting ready in the RV was very cramped. They leave a drive to bubble gum alley which is really an alleyway with chewed up bubble gum all over the walls. Everyone chews bubble gum and sticks it to the wall. Trent takes such a big piece in his mouth that he almost chokes.

Along the pacific coast highway, Amber is really nervous, especially when the right side of the RV brushes against whatever is growing outside the mountain. The next stop on their journey is the elephant seals. Anna starts to name them and become BFF with the seals.

The next stop is surfing lessons. Putting on the wet suits was a real challenge. Everyone does good, but Alex hurts himself on the first try. He gets saltwater in his ear and he has to lay down and let it drain out. Everyone loves surfing and just wants to go out again and again. Amber says that surfing is a little people friendly sport. The surfing was the favorite of most of the family. Amber loved experiencing driving up the coast with Trent and the children, it brought memories of her childhood. The children unanimously say they are not going to miss the RV.