’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 10/04/20: Season 5 Episode 17 “Tell All Part 2”

’90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After’ Recap 10/04/20: Season 5 Episode 17 "Tell All Part 2"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs with an all-new Sunday, October 4, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After season 5 episode 17 “Tell All Part 2,” as per the TLC Synopsis “In part two of the Tell All, our couples return with more revelations and drama. Colt clashes with his exes. Kalani questions if her marriage can be saved. Tania criticizes Syngin’s drinking. Michael wants Skyla’s egg.

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Picking up from where they left off, the Tell All continued to discuss Asuelu’s family drama. Asuelu is Samoan and he met his wife Kalani went she went over there for vacation. The two of them hit it off right away. They also got pregnant right away and so they tried to make the best out of the situation. They got engaged. Kalani applied for the K-1 visa so that Asuelu could come to the United States and once he was there the two of them got married. They even went on to have a second child in a short span. Asuelu was now a family man with a wife and two kids and unfortunately, he didn’t make enough to support them.

Asuelu works a part-time job. What he earns from this job goes toward diapers and the rest of his family’s needs were being met by Kalani’s family. Her family gave them a house to stay in. They were the ones paying the majority of the bills and Asuelu hopes to one day to fully be able to support his family on his own. He didn’t want to always have to rely on his in-laws. Asuelu wanted to have savings of his own one day and to do that he couldn’t give all of his money to his mother or send it back to Samoa. This is what he used to do. Back when he was a single guy and he didn’t have to worry about much because the cost of living in Samoa was cheaper.

Asuelu informed his family that he wouldn’t be able to spend money like he used to. He thought they would understand and instead they blamed his wife. They blamed Kalani for Asuelu not having enough money for them. His sister Tammy was especially resentful because she claims she sends money back home and she demanded that Asuelu do the same. Tammy didn’t want to listen to reason on why Asuelu couldn’t do things like before. She just chose to blame Kalani for Kalani not working and she also blames Kalani for getting pregnant. Like she supposedly does this on her own. Kalani and Asuelu make decisions on their marriage and family together.

It wasn’t just Kalani making all of the decisions. If she couldn’t stop her husband from going out and hanging with friends during a pandemic then how is she supposed to stop him from sending money to his family. Asuelu couldn’t send what he didn’t have. He was broke and that meant his family has to make to do with what he can give. Asuelu explains this to his mother. She came to her senses and realized that her grandchildren are the most important things. Her daughter Tammy however was still trying to break Asuelu and Kalani up. Tammy wants them to divorce or separate because she thinks that’s the only way to get Asuelu to send money back home.

Everyone at the Tell All called Tammy out for her selfishness. They also asked how much is she allegedly sending back home because the way she’s being so greedy about Asuelu’s money it sounds like she’s not sending back a lot. Tammy was asked how much she spends. She refused to give an answer and so that just made her actions even more suspicious. Tammy and her mother had gotten into a huge fight with Kalani. They told Kalani they didn’t care about her or the kids. Kalani’s mother-in-law later apologized for her actions and Tammy never did. Tammy had tried to fight Kalani. She tried to grab her and it was Tammy’s mother that stopped her. And Tammy does have something to apologize for.

Asuelu had watched the clip of this argument. He became visibly upset and so Tammy once again tried to downplay the situation. Tammy tried to pretend like the incident was nothing. She wanted Asuelu to believe it was blown out of proportion and she was being delusional. The cameras caught the incident just as it was when it happened. The others at the Tell All became upset. They thought Asuelu’s family was horrible and Tammy got into a fight with anyone who questioned her motives. Tammy also threatened to physically beat people up. Don’t know how she was going to do that seeing as everyone was filming remotely. Tammy was being irrational and that’s why so many called her out.

Also, Tammy pushing for a divorce when she knows how bad things are for Asuelu and his wife was just wrong. She knew the two were arguing all the time. Asuelu and Kalani’s fights were out of control. It was so bad that at one point Kalani did want a divorce. Kalani had gotten fed up of Asuelu’s childish behavior and an example of that would be the way he blocks after her every argument. They would get into an argument and he block her phone number on his phone. He’s also block her on social media. Asuelu would do his best to cut ties with his wife in spite of sharing a house with her and so Kalani was fed up.

Their constant bickering was mentioned tonight. Asuelu saw footage of his wife mentioning she wanted out and he heard what Kalani’s mother had to say about it. He got so angry just listening to everyone that he left the Tell All. Asuelu stormed out. He didn’t want to partake in the show anymore and Kalani couldn’t contact him because she knew she would be blocked again. She also saw that he took the car keys. She now has no way of reaching him or asking him to come back to his seat. The Tell All had to go on without him. Asuelu chose to storm off into a pandemic riddled world rather than stay in the same house as his wife and her family.

Some felt Asuelu struggled with putting his emotions to words. There were also others who sympathized with Kalani once they heard what her marriage is like. They thought Asuelu was too childish and they also didn’t like that he blocks his own wife after every argument. The show was giving Asuelu the chance to come back. In the meantime, they were going to discuss Jess’s allegations. Jess is a Brazilian woman who was in a relationship with the American Colt. They met online and they quickly fell into a relationship. The two of them seemed better suited than Colt’s previous relationship with his Brazilian ex-wife Larissa.

Colt and Jess were happy for a time. Then he fell back into old habits. He started lying to Jess about the nature of his relationship with his very good friend Vanessa and he would manipulate Jess as well. He would turn around every argument they ever had. He would make her believe how she was in the wrong and that she crossed a line. He had Jess believing he too great of a catch to let go. It wasn’t until she found out that he sending dick pics to other women that she realized she was being played and she ended the relationship. She also figures he might have cheated on her with this Vanessa.

Vanessa and Colt met when they were both married. They said they turned to each other to deal with their bad marriages and that Colt’s been in love with Vanessa ever since. It was Vanessa that hadn’t wanted the relationship. She slept with Colt the once and then she seemed to have moved on. That is until Jess entered the picture. Vanessa didn’t approve of Jess or the relationship Jess had with Colt. Vanessa also knew Jess was wary of her relationship with Colt and she didn’t step back in the slightest. She agreed to babysit Colt’s cats. She moved in with Colt and his mother and it turns out that Colt did cheat on Jess with Vanessa.

Colt cheated on Jess the second he came back from Brazil. He went on to continue cheating on Jess and he was only being honest tonight because he said he was still trying to found out who he is. Colt wants to be with Vanessa. Vanessa doesn’t want to be with him because she knows that Colt is a habitual liar and she didn’t want the trouble of being in a relationship with him. Only Colt had an emotional affair with Vanessa back when he was with Larissa. Larissa called Vanessa everything from ugly to a whore. Larissa said Vanessa is a horrible woman and so Vanessa spoke up. Vanessa said she loves Colt.

She loves him as a friend. Vanessa doesn’t necessarily trust Colt because she knows he’s still finding himself and she still defends him. She defends him cheating on Jess. She also tried to claim she wasn’t a horrible person because Jess was accusing her of things back when she was innocent and so she too stormed off of the Tell All. People are storming off right and left the moment they get called out for the things they did. The show had to call for a break. It was while they were on a break that Colt tried talking up to Jess. Jess spotted that Colt was being a little too nice to her and so she again called him out for playing with her emotions.

Colt had asked her father for her hand in marriage. The fact he’s now trying to claim their relationship was a fling is a lie. Colt was serious about Jess then he realized he could still be with Vanessa and so he went running back to Vanessa. If Vanessa would just commit to a relationship with him, Colt would be there. He might still have issues with his over-controlling mother and Debbie could be why Vanessa is hesitant to be in a relationship with Colt. But they can’t keep playing this game forever. They can’t keep cheating on Colt’s wives and girlfriends together because they were bored that day.

Moving on, Tania and Syngin were asked about their marriage. Syngin is from South Africa and he was more or less a party boy. He loves going out with friends. He worked at a bar where he also drank and so he didn’t really take life seriously. Syngin went where the wind blows. He met Tania while she was on vacation in South Africa and the two of them became serious very early on in their relationship. Tania had even moved in with Syngin while she was still on vacation. She stayed at Syngin’s apartment that he shared with a roommate and she began dictating to the roommate what should be done at the house.

Tania is very opinionated. Syngin knew about her from the very start and he went on to marry her anyway. The two of them got married in the US. They live there and for a short time, they were happy. Then Tania was injured. She was injured in a car crash and she had to use crutches. She also couldn’t return to work. She thought Syngin might step up and find work. He worked as a bartender back in South Africa and so he has experience. He went on job interviews at bars. He would interview and then he would stick around to have a drink. Syngin didn’t seem like he could resist having a drink.

His drinking became a problem. His wife complained about it and their fights just kept getting bigger and bigger over time. They began fighting about the future. Tania wanted Syngin to settle down and start thinking seriously about having a baby. Syngin in turn grew to be homesick because he missed living a carefree life. He even said tonight at the Tell All that he wouldn’t give up drinking if it meant it could save his marriage and so that’s important a beer is to him. Syngin did eventually find a job in the States. He just started working there and things have been going good so far. He’s able to support his wife. Not that Tania was all that happy. Tania still wanted Syngin to grow up and they were still fighting.

Syngin’s friends came on. They talked about Syngin and Tania’s relationship. They also seemed to lay the troubled marriage at Tania’s door. They think she’s the problem because she’s expecting Syngin to change overnight and so they made excuses for Syngin. They never saw Syngin’s flaws. They didn’t try to counsel him about his behavior and what he should do to make the marriage work. If anything, they wanted his marriage to fail. It would mean Syngin would come back to South Africa and that’s what his friends as well as his family want. And for now, Syngin is resisting it because he does want to work on his marriage to Tania.

Tania and Syngin were working on their miscommunication. It was easier for them to work on their marriage when they were both together, but it was harder for Angela and Michael because they’re so far apart. She was in the States and he was still in Nigeria. The two met online years ago. Their relationship developed there before they took it to the real world and, once they met, there’s been an issue almost every other day. There was just so different. There was an age difference. They were different races. There were also fertility issues. Michael and Angela want to have a baby. Michael doesn’t have children and he wants to become a parent. He told Angela this from the start.

Michael wanted a family. Angela agreed to have a child. She looked into having a baby herself. She wasn’t menopausal and she hoped that she would be able to deliver a baby of her own. Angela even took it as a positive sign when she got her period after two years. Unfortunately, the period was a reason of concern because Angela shouldn’t have been randomly bleeding down there and so she had to be tested. Her doctor thought she might have cervical cancer. Her tests later came out negative and so she was healthy thank goodness. Only now Angela wasn’t sure if they should have a baby.

Angela said she wants Michael to want to be with her for her. Not because of a baby. She also questioned Michael’s motives in wanting an American child and so Michael was the third person to storm off during the filming of this Tell All. Michael eventually returned. He was the first person to do so and he came back because he wanted to say why he wanted a child. Michael said he wants a child. His family also wants him to have a child and they were applying enormous pressure on him. His aunt came on. She said that Angela had told them in the beginning that she still had an egg and so there was never any reason to doubt Angela couldn’t have a baby. And so Michael’s family was going to keep pushing.

Angela often wavered between wanting to give Michael a child and not wanting to give him one. When she was in the mood, she and Michael wanted to use an egg donor from Angela’s daughter. Her daughter didn’t want to give them an egg because her eggs are her own. She didn’t want someone else to have her baby and still, Angela tried to pressure her. Angela wanted the baby to be biologically connected to her and she’s set on getting an egg from her daughter. And when Angela is not in the mood, she’s arguing with Michael about him getting a baby from another woman because that’s what his family wants for him.