90 Day Fiance Recap 02/09/20: Season 7 Episode 13 “Can I Get A Witness”

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs with an all-new Sunday, February 9, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance season 7 episode 12 “Can I Get A Witness,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Blake & Jasmin, Anna & Mursel, Robert & Anny, and Tania & Syngin are out of time and must wed.

Angela & Michael have a setback. Mike’s call to Natalie leaves some unanswered questions. Michael talks to his ex-wife, Sarah, about his prenup decision.”

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The day Anna and Mursel are reunited will also be their wedding day. Mursel originally went back to Turkey because his family didn’t want him to marry a single mother and so it was Mursel’s own mother that came to his defense. She was willing to put up with Anna’s three children if it meant Mursel could be happy. It was his mother who convinced everyone else and so Mursel was headed back to Nebraska with the intention of marrying Anna. They had to get married right away because their last visa ran out. And their new visa was only for a day.

This was their second chance. They needed the marriage to happen right away and Anna had hoped all three of her children would be happy for her, but she had to settle for two out of three. Her eldest son didn’t want to be at the wedding. He didn’t really care for Mursel and he couldn’t put with him for two hours for this wedding to ahead. Her eldest not being there has been hard on Anna because she wants her children to be happy as well as being happy herself. She was happy with Mursel and so this marriage was going ahead no matter what anyone said.

Tania and Syngin talked. They last spoke after the whole “soulmate” fiasco. Syngin believed she was his soul mate and that’s why he wants their relationship to work out. If he didn’t believe they were meant to be, there was no way he would have put up with all the crap she sent in his direction. Tania brought him to the state a few weeks before she left the country for a month. She also had her friends spend practically every moment with them when he first came. There was never really time for them to get to know each other and that’s what led to the fiasco.

They were asked as a couple if they were each other’s soulmates. He said yes and she said no because she already counted someone else as her soulmate. It was a tough blow, but she later explained herself. She was asking her if there was more than one soulmate or if there’s even a thing called soulmates. Tania wasn’t sure about any of it and she told Syngin as much. She cares about him and she wants to marry him and so Syngin has chosen to let the soulmates thing go. He still wants to be with her and they were still getting married.

Jasmin and Blake were getting married as well. Blake picked up flowers for her bouquet and they actually got ready for the ceremony together. He helped with her dress. They went to the ceremony together and only then did they split up. Blake walked his mom down the aisle. The same woman that hasn’t really forgiven Jasmin for not wanting to work and so that’s going to remain a problem for the future. There were also her parents. Her parents were pretty accepting and no one on her side knew what a wedding detailed.

Jasmin said she’s only seen weddings in films and tv shows. She didn’t know that she had to have a bouquet and so it’s a good thing Blake remembered it. Jasmin walked down the aisle with her father. It was a sweet moment and it wasn’t long afterward that Blake and Jasmin were declared “husband & wife”. Their ceremony was very intimate. The two compromised on how many guests they wanted at the wedding and so he still had his friends there. And his friends hadn’t said anything bad about Jasmin this time.

Anny and Robert’s big day was here. Its been a rocky road for them because Robert hadn’t been entirely honest with her. He didn’t say how bad his finances were. He was the father of five children by four different women. He even has primary custody of one of his kids and it was hard as a family to live in a one-bedroom apartment with said child. Robert wasn’t financially sound as Anny initially believed. Her first clue was when he took her to goodwill and considered that to be a treat for her. There were also Bryson’s grandparents.

Bryson was the child that lived with them. Anny has grown to care for Bryson and it’s clear she loves him. For some reason, that wasn’t good enough for his grandparents. They told Anny that Robert was broke and that she shouldn’t give him any more children. They also said Robert only wanted her around so that she could watch Bryson. The grandparents were a piece of work. They also tried to bribe Anny into leaving. They tried to give her a check for thousands if she just return to the Dominican Republic and she called them immoral trash. And so it has been a rocky beginning.

Natalie and Mike weren’t smooth sailings either. Their relationship crumbled when they met in Ukraine and they left each other both having doubts. Mike wasn’t sure if he wanted to bring her to the states. He said that to his lawyer and so the lawyer advised him to seek clarity before he made a mistake. Mike tried doing that by talking to Natalie again. He face-timed with her and again things were awkward between. He asked her if she loved him and she said she first wanted to hear him say it.

Natalie also accused him of hurting her behind the scenes. Not physically or anything like, but emotionally and so Mike had no idea what she was talking about. He said he never did anything to hurt her. He doesn’t know what she means about his little comments and he, in turn, says she hurt him. She was the one that gave back the ring. She also now saying she wasn’t going to come to America for someone that hurt her and so she was in no rush to be reunited with him. She didn’t want to be with him and really he didn’t want to be with her either.

Angela and Michael were other couples that was getting married. His family had said a lot of things to the couple and not all of it was good. Except they also suggested that the couple marries in Nigeria. Michael’s whole family is there and they wanted to see him get married. The couple thought about it and they wanted to see their options. They saw an attorney and Angela asked if it would help them get a visa if they got married now. Michael’s visa was denied and so maybe a husband visa will be better.

It turns out that yes him being a husband would put them in a better position. Angela agreed to sign the wedding registry when she heard that and she thought it would be an easy process. She didn’t know that she needed her own witness. Angela needs someone from America to witness the wedding or else it will be considered invalid and so now Angela has to look for someone willing to make the trip for her. It was going to be expensive and she might have to help her friend or family member foot the bill however it will be worth it because she now wants a Nigerian wedding with Michael.

Juliana and Michael were back from their honeymoon. They were married now and everything seemed to be going just fine until Michael was asked about the prenup. It was suggested to him that he sign a prenuptial agreement with Juliana because his ex-wife wanted to safeguard the money that will go towards their children. She didn’t want it to come down to the moment where he’s dead and she now has to rely on Juliana. She wanted those safeguards. She tried talking to Michael about it and he did take Juliana to see an attorney.

Juliana became upset at the attorney’s office when she found out what was happening. She wants to able to rely on her husband as well and so he decided to forgo the prenup. He didn’t want to hurt his new bride. He also didn’t want her to think that they might break up and so they got married without a prenup. Michael doesn’t regret it and he told his ex-wife that he already put things in motion for the kids. They’ll be fine. Their trust fund is protected and nothing that happens with his new wife will change that.

Anna and Mursel’s wedding day was a bit rushed. It took them a while to collect Mursel’s luggage and so that threw them behind. They rushed from the airport to the house. Anna then had to get him his suit and she had to get her children ready as well. There was also the hard part of getting herself ready. She needed help in doing up her hair and getting into her dress. What she really needed was her mother. Her mother was another person that didn’t want to the wedding and so Anna was hoping until the very last minute that either her mother or her eldest son or even both would show.

In the end, neither of them showed. Anna had chosen Mursel and they weren’t happy about it. Anna didn’t regret her decision, though. Mursel could be very sweet and he tied a red ribbon around her before they went down the aisle because it was a tradition in his country. They were also going to walk down the aisle together only Anna’s youngest son asked to walk her down. He wanted to do it and he also got his brother to do it as well. Two of her children were there for her in a big way and so that’s what she held onto.

Angela and Michael later said their goodbyes. They planned on getting married the next time she came over and until then it’s going to be a trial. They both hated it when they weren’t together. They again thought it wasn’t fair that his visa to come to the states was denied and now Angela has to break it to her family that she was getting married without them. She knows that there’s going to be some questions about that. She just has to explain to them how it was the best for her and Michael and hopefully, they won’t mind.

Michael’s biggest concern was her family. He didn’t want them talking her out of marrying him because he would be heartbroken if she ended it and so Michael was hoping for the best as well. They’ve been through so much as it is. There was their sex life which started out as vanilla until she was able to turn him and there was also the whole dishonesty. She asked him to stop taking pictures with other women and he thought he was sleek by sliding them in for his social media posts. And so that led to a big fight, and they’ve just moved past it.

Then there was Tania and Syngin. They put the wedding together themselves. Tania initially turned down help because she thought she could do all herself and she was apparently wrong. She couldn’t do it alone. She made it to the venue late and she was slow with setting everything up. Tania wanted everything to be just right. She was still putting up pieces as the guests began to show and so right there she failed her first objective. She didn’t “transport” anyone with a half-decorated venue. Her friends later said this wasn’t like her.

Normally, Tania would be very put-together. She was a little frantic as she put everything together and that’s because timing. She started the day off late. It meant she was late putting the venue up and it was late when she began putting herself together. But somehow she did it. She got everything up and she came down the aisle as a beautiful bride. She and Syngin wrote their own vows and he said his on bended knee. They also got tattoos together rather than sharing rings and so the wedding was very them and very permanent.

Anny and Robert’s wedding day was also different. Robert began having doubts on their way to the church and he was all nervous. He couldn’t even stand still because he was that jittery. He was still shaking at the altar by the time his son Bryson came in with the bride and walked her down the aisle. Robert’s second doubts were so loud that he actually said something when the preacher asked for naysayers. He told his bride right there at the altar that he couldn’t do “this” right now. He said he should have proposed to her first and so he got on his bended knee to give her a ring.

He didn’t call off the wedding, but he was an ass for pulling that stunt and they still got married.