90 Day Fiancé Recap 12/20/20: Season 8 Episode 3 “Bless This Mess”

90 Day Fiancé Recap 12/20/20: Season 8 Episode 3 "Bless This Mess"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé premiere with an all-new Sunday, December 20, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiancé recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiancé season 8 episode 3 “Bless This Mess,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Julia pushes Brandon to confront his parents. After meeting Jovi’s mom, Yara feels even more uncomfortable. Andrew hopes to get his French fiance to the U.S. Hazel is surprised by Tarik’s living conditions. Natalie is unsure about Mike’s home in the woods.

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Brandon loves having Julia with him. He was marrying her because he wanted to be with her for the rest of their lives and so Brandon didn’t like the restrictions his parents were putting on them. The young couple are going to be living with Brandon’s parents. It was a way to save money because Brandon is a little bit in debt right now after having maxed out his credit cards and using up his savings.

However, Brandon didn’t like the restrictions that came with living with his parents. His parents don’t believe the young couple should share a room before they get married and so they were going to separate the couple. Brandon was going to be in one room while Julia was in another.

It wasn’t going to stop them from having sex. They were still going to have sex and so this birth control issue is going to come up again. Brandon’s mother didn’t want them having kids. She spoke to the young couple about it and they told her they didn’t want kids either.

They just weren’t taking any precautions. Brandon doesn’t like condoms because they aren’t fun and Julia doesn’t like birth control pills because she doesn’t like putting chemicals into her body. The couple were not taking any precautions whatsoever. They were winging it and that panicked Brandon’s mother because she once again wants to control everything.

Brandon’s mother is very controlling. She more so than her husband who just seems like he’s going along with her and so it’s the mom whose talking. She was the one that invited herself and her husband along when Brandon went to pick up Julia at the airport. The young couple haven’t seen each other in months. They miss each other and they didn’t want to spend the first few days of their reunion hanging out with his parents.

His parents should have realized that. Instead, they invited themselves and they brought up issues that have nothing to do with them. They weren’t in the relationship. They did not get a say on what Brandon and Julia did with their bodies and that’s just the hard truth.

Yara and Jovi spent the first few days together. He also met at the airport by himself and the two went sightseeing around New Orleans before Jovi took her home to the bayou to meet his mother. Jovi is close to his mother. He couldn’t wait to introduce the woman he was about to marry to his mother and his mother couldn’t wait to meet Yara. Yara has never met Jovi’s parents. They haven’t even Zoomed. His father has to work and so he couldn’t be there the moment Yara was introduced to them, but the meeting did not go well. Yara was from the Ukraine and there were some culture clashes.

Yara wasn’t sure if she wanted to spend the night at her mother-in-law’s because she wasn’t sure if they would get along or if it was going to be okay without Jovi there. Only things were different in the bayou. They were known for having families over and so Jovi’s mother was a little put out when she heard Yara didn’t want to stay with her. This created a bad impression.

It also didn’t help that Yara didn’t want a big wedding with Jovi’s family because she thought it was unfair to only have his family there and her family not be a part of it. Yara therefore wants to get married in Las Vegas. She wants to elope and that wasn’t really what Jovi wanted. He wants a wedding with his family.

Jovi even tried to get his mother to help him change Yara’s mind. The older woman wants the grandparents to be there for the wedding and she herself wants to do a little something for the couple. She told Yara that she wants to be a part of the celebration, but Yara thought it felt like her mother-in-law was trying to control her and she refuses to be controlled.

It was another culture clash. She didn’t get how family-orientated Jovi’s family was and she didn’t want to give them a big wedding because she thought it was unfair to her own parents. Maybe someone should have suggested they have a wedding in U.S. and a second wedding in the Ukraine.

Then there’s Andrew and Amira. They were a new couple tonight and the two met through an international dating website. Andrew decided to try this website because he couldn’t date regularly with his work hours. He co-owns and runs a daycare. He works sometimes twelve to fourteen hours a day. He doesn’t have time really for friendships because he’s often providing a positive male influence to kids and so he turned to dating online.

He tried dating in-country. None of the relationships ever went anywhere and that’s when he decided to try the international dating website. He quickly met Amira. He fell in love with Amira and the two met up in Las Vegas.

It wasn’t far from home for Andrew. He lives and works in California. The daycare he runs is out of his mother’s house and so he and his mother are quite close. His mother hasn’t met Amira yet. Amira came for that one trip and, three days in, Andrew proposed to her. He and Amira are now engaged. They applied for the K-1 visa and they were planning their nuptials when the pandemic happened.

The pandemic changed everything. Amira, who is French, was no longer allowed to enter the country because people from Europe are banned from entering and she also couldn’t wait until the pandemic was resolved because she got her visa. She got the K-1 visa. It was good for five months and time was wasting away.

The two needed to get married now. They couldn’t meet up in United States and it was too risky for Andrew to try flying to Europe. The next best option therefore was Mexico. The couple were going to meet up in Mexico and they were risking everything to be together. They were traveling internationally during a pandemic. This was risky and even Andrew’s mother was worrying. She didn’t want her son to risk catching the virus. She’s probably seen the news in the last several months and she knew she should be worried. Andrew was worried too. He wouldn’t be traveling if it weren’t for Amira and how much he loves her.

Amira grew up in France. She’s half-French and half-Egyptian. She never really felt like she belonged in France and so that’s why she joined the international dating website. She joined in the hopes it would take her abroad. She also likes makeup. She watches makeup tutorials everyday and besides that she also enjoys hanging out with her friends. Amira comes from a city in France that’s not really well-known.

She finds it boring there and so she was also seeking excitement when she joined the international dating website. Only you knows if she’ll get what she wants from Andrew because again he works crazy hours. He doesn’t come from a well-known city either and so she might still find herself bored when she eventually joins him in the United States one day.

Tarik was waiting for his fiancé to join him as well. He and Hazel hit off when they met online and they became engaged after Tarik visited Hazel in the Philippines. It was a wonderful trip for the couple. However, there were issues with Tarik’s brother Dean. Dean did not like Hazel. He thought it suspicious that she didn’t have custody of her own child and he also came to suspect that she was after his brother because she wanted to come to the United States and not because she genuinely wanted to be with Tarik.

Dean had been on the trip to the Philippines. He’s actually met Hazel in person and he didn’t think she was in the relationship for the right reasons. Dean even tried to warn his brother about her and his brother ignored him.

Dean didn’t think Hazel was even attracted to his brother. She was bit standoffish with Tarik when they met and she didn’t really become comfortable with him until much later on. Now, things are different. Hazel and Tarik talk about the women they’re interested in and the threesomes they can have. Hazel was especially interested to see if the girls were as hot in America as much as Tarik claimed. Tarik understood that Hazel is bisexual and he didn’t mind it because he was often included in whatever relationship she has with women. So, they were fine and that wasn’t good enough for his brother.

His brother still didn’t like her. Dean was so against Hazel that when he started to date a woman from a foreign country it had felt hypocritical to Tarik and so the two brothers argued. They both said things they didn’t mean. They also haven’t spoken to each other since then and so Dean wasn’t there nor did he know when Hazel finally came to America. Hazel flew over.

She kissed Tarik and she told him how happy she was. She was so happy to see him that Tarik used that to justify why he wasn’t telling her everything. It turns out Tarik has been in communication with their ex-girlfriend Minty and he didn’t tell Hazel because Hazel cut off all contact with Minty after the three broke up.

Mike and Natalie were doing better. The two of them have had their ups and downs. They got engaged, but it became a tricky issue after they got into a nasty fight. The fight resulted in them breaking up for a bit and Natalie also returned the ring. Only they did get back together. They began dating again to see where the relationship goes and that’s the moment when the visa came through.

They had actually applied for the visa before the fight. The ring was not back on Natalie’s finger when the visa came through and so it created an issue. Were they engaged? Or were they still just feeling each other out? Natalie wasn’t sure and at the same time she couldn’t let the opportunity to travel for the visa to pass because she didn’t know if they could reapply at a later date.

Natalie came to United States. She and Mike spent a wonderful night together in the city and later Mike finally introduced her to his Uncle Beau. Beau currently lives with him. Mike wants Beau to continue to live with him and so that’s why he wanted Natalie and Beau to meet. He was hoping she would change her mind about him moving out if she met him.

He also thought this plan worked when Natalie and Beau hit off and unfortunately his plan didn’t work as well as he was hoping. Natalie still doesn’t want to live in a small house with a third party. She’s also wondering when Mike will give her the ring again because she’s starting to worry.

Natalie doesn’t really feel engaged without the ring. She would tell people that Mike is her fiancée and that’s how she introduced him to a server at the restaurant. Only they would ask to see the ring as their next question. Its what people ask when they hear someone is engaged and Natalie did not have her ring. It wasn’t even brought up in conversation.

Mike made no mention of it at all and so Natalie wasn’t sure if she should bring it up or not because she was the one that returned the ring the last time. And so here she is, really missing that ring and too scared to bring it up to Mike because she doesn’t want the past thrown in her face.

Also, the separate room thing is ridiculous. Brandon and Julia both hated the idea of separate rooms. They were adults. They were getting married. They were also going to keep having sex. The separate room things wasn’t going to change a single thing and so Julia asked Brandon to speak to his parents. She wanted him to stand up to them.

She wanted him to tell them that they were going to cohabitate because that’s what she would do if they were in reverse situation and Brandon did try to tell his mother to back off. He even did it in the most respectful manner possible. It just didn’t work because his mother refused to be moved on the subject and she thought it was a red flag that Julia got Brandon to talk to her.

His mother told him that she didn’t want to hear sounds in the night. This is one of the reasons why she was demanding separate bedrooms and so her reasoning is ridiculous because nothing is going to stop those sounds in the night. They were going to keep happening. The couple also were getting married soon because they only have so much time with the visa and so they were either going to get their way from now or Julia was going to pressure Brandon to move out. Brandon even said this to his mom. He told her that he wasn’t in the right place to afford the move and still his mom insisted on the separate bedrooms.

His mom also wanted to go sightseeing with the couple. She and her husband went everywhere with the young couple as they toured Washington D.C. Only it was too much after a while. Brandon and Julia wanted some alone time and so they went to dinner alone. They went to this nice restaurant. They sat down for their meals and Brandon brought up what his mother said.

He told Julia that he couldn’t change his mother’s mind and that became concerning for Julia because she’s been here before. She lived with a boyfriend and his parents and it worked out great. Her ex’s parents were against her and they made the living situation completely uncomfortable. And so Julia doesn’t want to deal with that again.

Julia did bring up them moving out. She asked Brandon why they couldn’t get a place of their own and he reminded her that he has money issues. He doesn’t have enough for them to live alone. They have to live with his parents because he needed to save up and so that didn’t make sense to Julia. She has no idea how Brandon could be out of money.

She completely forgets all those romantic trips they took or how Brandon paid for everything. Brandon didn’t remind her of those trips when he could have, but he does say they can’t live on their own and he claims that his mother likes her and that it wouldn’t anything like how it was when Julia lived with her ex.

Amira and Andrew’s relationship wasn’t perfect. They do argue. They’ve even had a huge bust-up the other day because Amira decided to change her mind about what kind of family she wants. Amira told Andrew at the beginning of their relationship that she couldn’t wait to have kids. She’s since changed her mind about that because now she’s telling him that she doesn’t want to have kids and kids are a big issue. Andrew wants a family with children. He would have children now if he could and so Amira changing her mind about them was not great because children are a dealbreaker for Andrew.

Andrew talked about it with his sister. He told his sister how concerned he was because he wants to have children and he wasn’t sure if he could marry someone who doesn’t want that as well. Andrew also said that there was a chance Amira could change her mind again, but his sister didn’t look so sure of that and so she gave him a piece of advice. She told him not to get caught up in the honeymoon phase when he meets Amira next.

She said if he could got caught up that he wouldn’t remember to bring up the kids and he wouldn’t get a clear answer from Amira on what she wants. There will be no marriage if she doesn’t want children and so his sister told him to talk about it first before anything else.

Amira also had a few things to address with Andrew. Her father no longer likes Andrew because he didn’t like how Andrew gave Amira an ultimatum or how he demanded that Amira travel to Mexico during a pandemic. It was pretty dangerous. Amira was risking her life to b with him and so it wasn’t just one-sided. They were both taking a huge risk and their relationship still might not work out because of the kids issue.

Yara meanwhile told Jovi when they were alone that she didn’t like his mother’s cooking or his town. She also wasn’t going to be married there because she said in her confessional that she didn’t want to get married in a trailer park.

And Natalie saw Mike’s house for the first time, but she didn’t like it.