90 Day Fiancé Recap 12/27/20: Season 8 Episode 4 “What’s Mine Is Mine”

90 Day Fiancé Recap 12/27/20: Season 8 Episode 4 "What's Mine Is Mine"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé premiere with an all-new Sunday, December 27, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiancé recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiancé season 8 episode 4 “What’s Mine Is Mine,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Mike fails to make Natalie feel at home. Stephanie worries her secret will ruin her relationship. Zied questions leaving his parents. Jovi and Yara have a blow-up. Julia has a rough day on Brandon’s farm. Andrew learns shocking news about Amira.

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Natalie is in the United States of America. She came over after she was cleared for the K-1 visa and she had been hoping to enjoy the “American experience”. People tend to believe the USA is one big urban place. They thinks its all glamours cities and they often forget there’s these rural places there. Mike lived in a rural place. He bought a ranch that was miles away from everything and everyone else. He loves it. He always wanted to live on a ranch and so he thought Natalie would love it too. He brought Natalie to the ranch. He showed off his small house that he shares with his uncle Beau and he thought she would be happy with it and she wasn’t. Natalie hated almost everything about the ranch.

Natalie complained about the weather. She and Mike had to travel into the mountains to get to the ranch and so the outside was completely covered in snow. It was freezing outside. It was also freezing inside because the heater wasn’t enough to warm the place and so of course Natalie was left cold. She also complained about the food. Natalie was heavily into fitness back home and Mike knew this. They had even fought about it when he visited her because she wanted him to take fitness seriously and he wasn’t really feeling it. Mike knew what Natalie was like and still he didn’t prepare the house. He didn’t buy any of the foods that Natalie would eat. There were again miles away from everything and so Natalie was forced to eat food she didn’t agree with.

Natalie had to or else she would starve. She was stuck in a cold, small house with no food, and with a man who clearly didn’t prioritize her in the least. Mike let Natalie down. He did so by moving to a ranch that miles away from civilization and by moving in with a third party when he knows that she knows she was coming. Mike still wants to live with his Uncle Beau. He wants all three of them to share a small space and he’s ignoring Natalie’s genuine concerns about it. Then again he’s been ignoring her for a while now. Mike has never forgotten that Natalie threw her ring at him or that she told him she didn’t love him. She and him were supposed to be working on their relationship when the visa came through and suddenly he was stuck with a woman he knew he didn’t want to marry.

Hence why Mike is slowly pushing her away. Mike is doing his best to push her away through his actions and that all started with him not returning the ring. If he was truly serious about marrying Natalie, he would have returned the ring by now. He hasn’t because he either sold the ring or he was planning on selling the ring the moment their engagement fell through. Mike did not want to get married. Natalie does want to get married. She chose to not complain out loud about the many things that was wrong with the ranch and them living there because she hadn’t wanted to hurt Mike’s feelings. She also tried to eat the junk food he was providing. She was upset he didn’t think about her and still she didn’t tell him so because she didn’t want to rock the boat.

The ranch came as a nasty surprise to Natalie. It was the same way for Julia when she finally got to see Brandon’s family farm and once she realized her in-laws were expecting to work there. Julia didn’t know beforehand that he was expected to work on the farm. She thought they were just staying there until Brandon could save up enough money to buy his own place in the city and so taking care of animals was something forced upon her. She would never have chosen that if she was allowed to make a choice. She said in her confessional that she liked petting animals as well as walking animals. She didn’t like putting her hand into the hen house for eggs. She didn’t want to be around the pigs or feed them. And she didn’t like her mother-in-law’s tone about it.

Betty told Julia she has to do this starting from tomorrow. She didn’t care if Julia was ready or not. She just wanted Julia to help out on the farm and meanwhile Betty and her husband were going to work the next day. They weren’t sticking around to help Julia with her new chores. They instead enlisted their friend Aspen who helps them to watch the farm and it was going to be Aspen’s duty to tell Julia what to do. Mind you, Aspen and Julia just met. Julia also just arrived. She was given no breather and this is the first time she’s been to a farm. Ever. She’s a city girl. She grew up in the city and she wants to move back to the city with Brandon. Julia wasn’t going to stay at the farm and it was in Brandon’s best interest not to force it because Julia was willing to move back to Russia rather than live on a farm.

There was a new face tonight. Stephanie was introduced. She was an American with a fiancé from Belize and unfortunately she has no idea when she can next see him in person. Flights were unadvisable during this time because of the pandemic. Her fiancé Ryan also wasn’t that good at answering his phone and so she was worried. She was worried because twenty-five years older than Ryan. She was afraid that he might meet a woman closer to his age and leave her and so she was worried whenever he didn’t answer his phone. These worries seem to be a new concern. She didn’t have a problem with believing in Ryan back when she could fly down there whenever she wanted and so she was hoping the visa would come through.

Stephanie and Ryan did apply for the K-1 visa. She wanted to bring him to the USA so that they could get married and start their lives together, but he needed to have an interview at the embassy and he couldn’t do it because the embassy down there was closed. This was what was delaying their wedding. The embassy being closed and there was no way of getting rid around it. Stephanie was using the time she has to herself to train for the World’s Record for hula hoop. The current record was over a hundred hours and thankfully Stephanie was very fit. Stephanie likes to take care of herself. She exercises, she wears UV glasses to help keep her calm, and she also takes youth serum shots that she administers herself. She said the younger women began the shots, the better.

Rebecca didn’t do shots. She was an older woman with a younger man and she was luckier than Stephanie because she at least didn’t have to worry about the visa. Her fiancé Zied was approved for the visa. He and Rebecca have been together for a while and he didn’t mind that she had been catfishing him at first. They met online. Rebecca used several filters on her pictures to make herself appear younger and so it was a surprise for Zied to meet her in person because she looked nothing like her pictures. She heavily filtered that sucker. She made herself appear almost twenty years younger and still Zied forgave her for the filtered photos because he loves her and he later proposed to her.

The couple now just have to be reunited. Rebecca and Zied probably believed nothing would change once they started to live together except no one can tell how the relationship will work out. There’s an old saying that “See Me and Come Live with Me” are two separate things. The couples all thought it would be dream living together after mostly knowing each other online and Jovi and Yara were an example of how much things can go wrong. The couple started fighting the moment Yara landed in the states and nothing has changed. Their latest fight was about furniture. Yara didn’t like the furniture he has in his New Orleans apartment because she thought it was “swamp” style and that was probably cemented into her mind after she got to see where he came from. She went to his childhood home to meet his mother.

The meeting with his mother wasn’t a problem. Yara was respectful to the older woman and she waited until she was alone with Jovi to say wat she really felt. She thought his mother couldn’t cook. She said the food lacked flavor and she hated the neighborhood because she was thought it was trailer trash. So, Yara using the term “swamp” to describe Jovi’s style was more or less her way of saying his style looked like where he came from and she thought both were ugly. Yara later convinced Jovi to take her furniture shopping. They went to a furniture store and it soon became clear that Yara was to redecorate everything. There wasn’t a single piece of furniture that Jovi had that she liked. She want to get a new everything.

The couple were looking at a sofa as well as the rug that came with it when the fight kicked off. Yara had liked the sofa and the rug. She was just telling the saleswoman so when Jovi said he didn’t like it. Jovi also said that he wasn’t going to put that rug in “his” apartment and Yara got upset with him. She thought it was their apartment. She didn’t like how he said it was his apartment and so she stormed off. She wanted to leave. She didn’t want to buy anything nor did she want to speak to Jovi and so they left. They left and they were still fighting. The two of them still haven’t learned yet when to be silent and when to hide certain things from their partner. And that’s why they were constantly fighting.

Not all secrets were bad. It turns out that Stephanie was hiding a secret. The secret came out tonight after she did a card reading with her friend and her friend told her that a secret could harm the relationship she has with Ryan. Ryan and Stephanie had broken up for a short time. She found out he was talking to three other women while she was visiting him and so she kicked him out of her rental. She was done with him. She was so done with him that she ended up sleeping with his cousin because the cousin came to check on her. It was just the one night. Stephanie didn’t have a relationship with the cousin or anything like that and so usually this was the type of secret someone took to their grave, but she’s already told one person and all of the viewers about it.

This means that Stephanie has to tell Ryan about it eventually. Else she risks him finding out on his own and that would be the end of their relationship. Ryan was going to be hurt either way because that was a betrayal. She didn’t just sleep with a stranger. She slept with his cousin. It would probably go better for them as a couple if Stephanie tell him first and right now she’s scared to because she doesn’t want to lose him. Stephanie and her friend talked about it. The friend was concerned about the relationship from the get go. The friend thought Ryan liked the stuff Stephanie gets him and that he wasn’t in the relationship for the right reasons. And she was shocked when Stephanie admitted that she was the one who broke a serious rule by getting involved with his cousin.

Stephanie and Ryan have both done regrettable things. They needed to talk and in the meantime Andrew was getting to Mexico where he hoped to meet up with his fiancé. His fiancé Amira is from France. She couldn’t fly into the states because the USA has a rule that anyone from Europe has to be quarantined for fourteen days elsewhere before being allowed to enter the country and so Andrew came up with Mexico. They were going to spend two weeks in Mexico. Then they were going to enter the states together and that was their plan. The plan however failed when Amira was detained at the airport. She couldn’t even get a message to Andrew at the time. Her family had to reach out to him and tell him what was going on.

Amira had been detained at the Mexican airport. Her family didn’t know what was going to happen to her now and neither did Andrew. Andrew had no clue what was going on or if she would be sent back to France. All he could do was go to the hotel and hope for the best again.

Julia and Brandon also tried one more time to get his parents to walk back their pledge of separate bedrooms, but his parents weren’t willing to budge. They didn’t believe Brandon and Julia should sleep together before they were married and they weren’t going to change their minds about that.