’90 Day Fiancé’: The Other Way Recap 10/18/20: Season 2 Episode 16 “The Consequences Of Truth”

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs with an all-new Sunday, October 18, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 2 episode 16 “The Consequences Of Truth,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Ari struggles with the news about her pregnancy. Deavan and Jihoon make a big move. Yazan starts to question his relationship with Brittany. Melyza reveals her secret to Tim. Armando’s family reacts to his engagement to Kenny.

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Armando and Kenneth announced their engagement. They were getting married because they were happy and in love. The couple also wishes everyone in their respective families would get on board with this because they wanted their family to be a part of this happy time, but unfortunately Armando’s family was still struggling to accept his homosexuality. They didn’t want their son/brother/nephew to be gay. They didn’t want that for Armando. They wanted him to be straight and they were hoping this was all a phase. They initially told Armando to go back into the closet when he first told them.

They were now not saying anything. They weren’t telling them were happy or unhappy. They just have nothing to say. Only that wasn’t a good sign either. His family wasn’t supporting him as much as Armando and Kenny had hoped they would. The only person from Armando’s family seems to be truly happy for them is Armando’s daughter Hannah who couldn’t wait to have two daddies and she even told the couple that she couldn’t wait for their wedding. Hannah loves her dad exactly as he is. She didn’t seek to change him like everyone else from that side and that was such a relief for Armando. Hannah’s good opinion was the one thing he couldn’t live without.

Armando was lucky to be a father to such a kind little girl. Ariela and Biniyam were about to become a parent themselves. They were having a boy. This boy was also going to be coming because Ari was rushed into an emergency C-section after the baby’s amniotic fluid went down and so Ari had to give birth without her family there. Her family was still in the U.S. They were still over there because they thought they had the time and it’s because they made a plan. Ari planned on having her mother there by her side. She planned on having a regular delivery and so an emergency C-section forced her to change everything.

Ari got caught up in her emotions as she was being rushed to the OR. She began crying. Ari began crying. She was crying so much that the doctors had to tell her they couldn’t give her a spinal epidural if she didn’t lay still for them and so she tried to be calm. If her mother had been there, maybe she would recollect herself. All she really had, in the end, was Biniyam and Biniyam was supportive. Or better yet he tried to be. He said all the right things about calming down and thinking about the baby. It wasn’t his fault that none of it was enough for Ari because all she really wanted was her mother.

Ari still views her boyfriend as a stranger because they haven’t known each other that long. They were a vacation fling that became serious once they got pregnant and she was therefore unsure if she could fully trust him just because she doesn’t know him as well as she should. It also didn’t help that Biniyam held some stupid ideas. He said in his family and culture believe it’s better to have a baby naturally. He said they believe mothers love their children more if they suffer. Thankfully, Biniyam didn’t repeat this crap to Ari during this ordeal. Ari already felt like she was alone. This would have just have made her feel more cut off from him.

Ari couldn’t take comfort from Biniyam as it is. She ended up having to get general anesthesia because she couldn’t stop crying long enough to get a needle to the spine and so her baby was delivered during a very emotional time for her. Ari became a parent when she really wasn’t ready for it. She and Biniyam were just doing the best they could during a time they weren’t prepared for. Deavan and Jihoon hadn’t planned their child either. They became parents after a vacation fling and they too were the making the best of it. They found a new apartment that wasn’t a short-term lease and they were setting up their home.

Deavan was happy for once. She could make the apartment her own and she can finally get the kids settled. It’s been rough for her and her husband Jihoon. Jihoon had promised Deavan that he had been saving money and that turned out to be a lie. He wasn’t saving money. He didn’t even have a full-time job and so Deavan seriously considered leaving him. She only stayed because she wanted her kids to have a dad. Jihoon wasn’t the father to her oldest child, but that child’s father didn’t seem to be in the picture and Deavan hadn’t wanted to take the child’s second father away from her as well.

Deavan ultimately decided to stay in her marriage because she thought she could make it work. Jihoon was no longer lying to her and he apologized for everything that went on before. Jihoon promised to be better. He seemed to be living up to that promise with the new apartment and the couple was considering getting married again. Their last wedding was rushed. Jihoon wasn’t fully happy with it and so she wanted to have her dream wedding. She wants to have this huge wedding with all the glitter and gold. She also wants to be on the same page as Jihoon and that might be a problem because these two were never happy for long.

Tim and Melyza weren’t happy together. They should have been. They were living together and they recently had sex after months of being broken up/separated. It was after they had this moment together that everything went downhill. They started to open up to each other and this naturally led to questions about what happened while they were on a break. Tim explained that he was flirtatious. He was flirting with people from work and Melyza was jealous. She remembered that Tim cheated on her with a woman he met at work. She was jealous of the idea that he might have been using work to meet other women.

Therefore, Tim asked her what she did during their breakup. He wanted to know if she was seeing anyone else and at first she refused to answer. Melyza told him that it was none of his business. She said they were broken up and that she didn’t cheat on anyone. Not like he did when he slept with someone else behind her back. Only Tim said that he needed to know. He was still talking to Melyza during the breakup and he had wanted them to give their relationship another chance at the time. Tim wants to know if she was sleeping with someone while he was begging for a second chance. He kept pressuring Melyza to answer him and so she did.

Melyza said “yes” she slept with someone else. She said it didn’t matter because the relationship was an important one and so Melyza wanted to move on. She hadn’t cheated on him. She saw people when they were broken up and she doesn’t think knowing about it would make a difference. But it did to Tim. Tim said he wished he had known this before he moved to Colombia to be with her because he would have second guess the decision and he might have agreed to leave his life behind. Tim knows he’s being unfair with that reaction. He told Melyza he knows that’s unfair and still he couldn’t help it because knowing she was with someone else had him reconsidering their whole relationship.

Tim soon received help with his relationship from his therapist. He was able to keep his therapist because she agreed to speak with him via video chat and so Tim was able to get a lot off his chest. He spoke with his therapist about Melyza’s other relationship. He told her that he did feel betrayed. He said it felt like Melyza had cheated on him because they never really had a conversation about breaking up and it’s because they didn’t have clarity that has Tim feeling betrayed. Tim told his therapist everything. She spoke with him about how he needed to forgive. Especially if he’s expecting Melyza to forgive him for his cheating and so Tim has a lot to think about.

Brittany was stuck in the U.S. She needed to have her divorce settled before she could leave and so she used the opportunity to be with her family. Brittany grew up with her dad in Florida, but she was still pretty close to her mother and her sister. She visited her sister’s family. Her sister just had another baby and Brittany loved meeting her new niece. She also told her family how things have been going. She told them about Yazan and how traditional his family is. She mentioned that his family wanted them to get married right away. She also mentioned that they wanted her to convert and so what she didn’t say was how bad it was.

Yazan’s parents were vicious to Brittany. They demeaned her and her career. They called her a whore. They also didn’t want Yazan to be with her and Yazan was resisting them. He said he was in love with Brittany. He told Brittany he loves her as she is one moment and in the next, he tells her she can change a few things about herself. It was very confusing to be with him. Brittany sometimes doubted her decision to move to Jordan and so she didn’t tell her family about those moments. She just told them that it was tough. Her family came to understand on their own that things weren’t going all that well for her relationship. And they worried about Brittany.

Armando later spoke with his mother. He asked her how she felt about him getting married and she said she wished he had told her first. She said she was his mother. She should have been the first to know and so Armando understood where she was coming from. He also pointed out that if he had told her first then maybe she would have asked him to hide it. He didn’t want to hide it and that’s why he announced it the way he did. Armando wanted the whole world to know he was getting married. He was happy to be marrying Kenny and he wishes both his mother and father would be happy as well.

His mother is trying to get on board. She sort of accepts the situation and at the same time, she doesn’t want Armando to tell his father about his engagement. She wants to do it herself. She probably thinks it will be better coming from her and she also doesn’t want her son to have a big wedding. She wants him to go down to the courthouse. She doesn’t see why Armando would want a big wedding and so he reminded her that he was getting like any other couple. He wants to celebrate his wedding. He was, therefore, was going to have a big wedding and he was going to invite people.

Armando was even going to invite family members to this wedding. He was going to celebrate his marriage as he and Kenny planned. There was simply nothing his mom could say or do that would stop him. He was going to live his life and that life was with Kenny. Armando wasn’t going back into the closest for his family. He still wishes that they would be more supportive of him and it also hurt when his father didn’t come out of the house to say goodbye to him. Armando left his hometown tonight and at first, his father barely acknowledged it. Then he must have changed his mind. He came out and he hugged his family goodbye. It wasn’t much but it was a step forward.

Ari was put under during the C-section. She went to sleep pregnant and she woke up to find her baby feeding from her. The nurses had apparently arranged him that way. Not that Ari minded because she was just so happy to meet her son that nothing fazed her and so she and Biniyam seemed to settle down once they became parents. They still didn’t know what to name their son. They were calling Simba for now. They were also going over names because they couldn’t really agree on any one name in particular when Biniyam’s family came and it was Biniyam’s family was the first to be introduced to the baby.

His family was all happy that mom and baby came out of delivery safe. His family also wanted to know when the baby was going to baptize. Biniyam and his family were Ethiopian Christians and so they wanted the baby to be baptized into their faith. However, Ari didn’t want to raise her baby in their faith. She wanted to raise the baby in her own faith. She was Jewish like her dad and she wanted her baby to be Jewish. Ari was asked a while back if she was willing to convert. She told Biniyam she wasn’t prepared to do so and so this baptizing thing took her by surprise. She didn’t expect it.

Also, the baby coming so early had meant they needed to buy a few things. Ari and Biniyam had planned on Ari’s mother bringing some items for the baby with her and, because her mother won’t be there anytime soon, they’ve had to make other arrangements. Biniyam had to buy items for the baby. It was expensive to shop for the baby and he also said the quality of the items wasn’t that great in Ethiopia yet there was nothing he could do about it. He got the items anyway. He also used the shopping opportunity to talk to his sister. He told his sister how worried he’s been about losing a second family and it seems now that his son had been born – he’s more scared now than ever before about losing him.

Then there’s Yazan. He got into a fight with his family because they no longer support him being with Brittany and they were feeling this way because they found some old photos of her on social media wearing very little clothing. The family now believes Brittany is playing with Yazan. They don’t think she’s serious about him or even wants to marry him and so Yazan has been fighting with them over Brittany. He says he’s in love. He wants to marry Brittany and unfortunately, she was still married to someone else. Something she failed to mention to him.