’90 Day Fiancé’: The Other Way Recap 11/01/20: Season 2 Episode 18 “Are you Done Yelling?”

'90 Day Fiancé': The Other Way Recap 11/01/20: Season 2 Episode 18 "Are you Done Yelling?"

Tonight on TLC their popular reality show 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way airs with an all-new Sunday, November 2, 2020 episode and we have your 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way recap below for you. On tonight’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 2 episode 18 “Are you Done Yelling?,” as per the TLC Synopsis “Yazan begs for his brother’s help. Sumit finally goes to court for his divorce. Kenny and Armando apply for a marriage license. Parenting decisions set Ari and Bini at odds. Deavan finds questionable photos on Jihoon’s phone. Tim’s mom comes for a visit.

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Ariela or Ari went back to the hospital with her baby. Baby Aviel was to be circumcised. Ari initially disagreed with a circumcision because she was afraid that it might hurt the baby and she didn’t want Aviel to feel pain. Only she’s back now because she’s being pressured into giving in to the circumcision. There was Biniyam and his family that was pressuring her. There was also her own family that was pressuring her because they were Jewish and that was a part of their custom. It was everyone’s families coming together for this one thing. They made Ari feel like she didn’t even have a choice in the matter and so she was snapping at Biniyam out of frustration.

Biniyam did want the baby to circumcised. It was very important to his faith that his son had this procedure and he didn’t understand why Ari was standing against it. He got upset with her. He thought she hysterical and that she needed to calm down, but the more he tried to tell her she was in the wrong, the more Ari lashed out. Ari feels like she knows what’s best for her own child and she doesn’t want to be told she’s wrong. She especially doesn’t want to be told this from Biniyam. Biniyam has been doing his best to dictate her behavior since she had the baby and she hates it. She wishes he would let up because if he doesn’t he’ll push her away.

Deavan and Jihoon seem to be doing better. The couple has had some issues in the past with trust because Jihoon thought he needed to lie to his wife to get her to come back to South Korea and so she was still learning to get past it. She claims she wants to trust Jihoon. She says she wants to believe that he’s being completely honest with her nowadays and yet she checks up on the things he does. She followed him to work one day because she wanted to speak to his coworkers. She wanted to hear from them that he’s not selling stolen cell phones anymore and he’s not. He’s clean. He’s been doing what he told her he was doing and still the suspicions remained.

Deavan went to the park with Jihoon and their children because she wanted to speak to his friends. She had found a bunch of saved selfies of naked women on Jihoon’s phone and she claimed she wanted to ask his friends if that was normal. The truth is she didn’t care if that was normal or not. She actually wanted to know if Jihoon had ever cheated on her while they were long-distancing and his friends weren’t going to give her answers. They were his friends. They have Jihoon’s back and they claimed the photos were harmless. Jihoon’s friends were the wrong people to be asking about Jihoon’s behavior. It was Jihoon she should have been asking.

Sumit’s divorce is imminent. He has a court date for it and everything. Sumit couldn’t wait to get a divorce. He never loved his wife and he only married her to appease his parents. His parents don’t like Jenny. They think Jenny is too old and that she can’t give Sumit children or their grandchildren. His parents also disliked Jenny because the relationship began. Jenny came to India as a supposed friend of Sumit’s and she grew close to the family. Sumit’s parents had at one time considered her a friend. Then they found out their friend was sleeping with their son who was young enough to be her own son.

Sumit’s parents never forgave Jenny for the lying or the manipulation. They would never have befriended her if they knew she was there in India to be with Sumit and so Sumit’s parents will never give their blessing. They were only helping out with the divorce because they didn’t want Sumit to be unhappy. He was unhappy with his wife and now he’s living with Jenny who is the love of his life. Jenny and Sumit are happy together. They couldn’t wait to get married and they found out they could start planning their own nuptials now that Sumit isn’t tied to the ex-wife. He went to court and when he came back he told Jenny that their plans were a go. They can finally begin planning their future.

Yazan was also facing problems from his family over his relationship with Brittany. Brittany is not the woman his parents wanted for him or even the sort of woman they want in their family. She wasn’t Muslim. She was a rapper whose face and the body was all over social media. Brittany has some risqué photos of herself in several bathing suits. She’s also used some cuss words in music videos and Yazan’s family thought that was embarrassing. They said their connection to Brittany has brought them humiliation. Yazan’s father was so upset that he threw Yazan out of the house and he fired him.

Yazan was still with Brittany. He wasn’t backing down in spite of the pressure to do so and so his father has up the ante. He told Yazan’s brother to tell Yazan that if Yazan didn’t leave Brittany – he was going to kill Yazan. Yazan’s life was now in danger. He risked being honor killed if he didn’t break up with Brittany and he hasn’t told Brittany what’s going on. She thinks everything is okay from her place in Florida. Brittany went back to the States to get a divorce from her husband and she hasn’t told Yazan that’s she’s still married. He doesn’t know she’s married and she doesn’t know his life is at risk. They’ve told each other so many lies that it’s hard to keep up.

Melyza has trust issues with her man as well. She wasn’t following him to places or interrogating people around him for answers. She went directly to Tim with any of her questions. Melyza heard from Tim what had happened with that co-worker and she knows the full extent of Tim’s cheating. Tim has since apologized for the cheating. He’s trying to make it up to Melyza and he even moved to Colombia to try and make their relationship work. Tim leaving his whole life behind apparently wasn’t enough for Melyza because she still says she doesn’t trust him. She puts him through the wringer every time they have a conversation and it was only later that it was mentioned she had been seeing someone.

Melyza saw someone else while they were on break. She had a physical relationship with another man and now it’s Tim struggling to move on. He’s having a hard time. He thinks he needs to forgive her for what she did and that was really stupid because she technically didn’t cheat on him. She simply didn’t wait for him either. Melyza tried to move on with her life and she couldn’t. She still has feelings for Tim. Tim still has feelings for her. They’re doing their best to make their relationship work and so now was the worst time for his family to visit. His mom and his Aunt Carmen were coming down to see him. And it was going to be a problem with Melyza.

Melyza was visiting Tim in the States one time when an incident happened. Tim had cheated on her and he had come clean and there was a lot of anger and resentment. He began yelling at her one day. He was accusing her of all sorts of things and so she was yelling back. This turned into them throwing stuff around. It got so bad that Tim’s mother intervened by taking Melyza into another room and she told Melyza that if she didn’t calm down then she was calling the police. The mother handled this the wrong way. She lay the blame solely on Melyza and Melyza lost respect for her. Melyza also didn’t want to be around her after that and so she clearing out of the home she shared with Tim because she didn’t want to be near his mother.

Melyza and Tim were taking things slowly by living together. Only things would be better if they got married because at least then Tim could get a visa to work in Colombia and that’s something Kenneth is looking forward to. Kenny is engaged to Armando. They live in Mexico together because Armando is the sole parent to a young girl and it would be easier on her to stay in Mexico, but they have a tougher road towards marriage because they’re gay. It is legal for gay couples to get married in Mexico. It was just a harder process overall to get approved because first they have to write a letter about their relationship and they needed to get special authorization before they can be married.

Heterosexual couples don’t have to experience the same thing as gay couples. If they want to get married, all they have to do is file paperwork and then have a wedding. It’s so much easier for straight couples than it is for gay couples that Armando is worried. He’s worried they’ll be denied because he’s heard rumors of that happening with gay couples. Like the country and certain officials don’t want gays to be getting married and so they make it that much harder. And while Armando is a pessimist, Kenny is an optimist. He still hasn’t quite grasped how different Mexico is from America when it comes to gay rights.

Ari may have agreed to the circumcision, but it was hard to listen to because she heard her baby crying and she just wanted to go to him. To hold him. Ari had to listen outside of a room as her baby had a procedure she didn’t fully agree with and she blamed Biniyam. She thought her baby’s suffering was all his fault because he’s the one who told her that she didn’t have a choice in the matter. He said the baby was going to be circumcised and that was that. Biniyam decided on the procedure and Ari is never going to let him forget or even fully forgive him for that matter. She had to hear her baby cry and she was in physical and she didn’t let Biniyam comfort her because she said it was all his fault.

Ari didn’t feel better until her son was placed back into her arms. She regrets giving in to family pressure and she feels like everyone else interfered with her right to parent. She should decide what was best for her baby. She didn’t get to this time and she was angry about it. Biniyam was on her sh*t list now. He’s been making a lot of decisions for the baby like circumcision and the baptism. Ari said she loses more arguments than she wins with him. She seemed to be resenting that and so she might change her mind about other things now just so that she could prove to herself that she alone makes the decisions.

Deavan finally worked up the courage to ask her husband about the naked photos. She found hundreds of naked photos of other women on his phone and some of them looked like selfies. Like maybe there were other women out there who were sending these photos to him. Deavan asked Jihoon about it and Jihoon denied other women were sending him photos. He said he found the photos himself. He also tried to claim they were modeling photos and Deavan didn’t believe him. She knows the photos were basically porn. She wanted to know why her husband had it on his phone when she was right there in the room with him and he said he was just looking.

Deavan also asked Jihoon if he had ever cheated on her. They were married and they lived in two different countries for a while because Jihoon needed to save enough money to support them and their family. So, Deavan was concerned about Jihoon’s cheating. He claims he never cheated on her and he said he has cheated on an ex-girlfriend. He cheated on the ex-girlfriend after she refused to sleep with him for two months. That was a long time according to Jihoon and that was also dumb to say because he had and Deavan had been separated for more than two months. She now fully believes that once a cheater is always a cheater. And she suspects him even more of cheating on her.

Sumit took some time after his divorce was finished to speak with his father. His father gave him the money to get a divorce and to reach a settlement with his ex-wife. His father had to borrow the money from friends and family. He now wants to know when Sumit will pay him back. Sumit has so far been giving him promises and he hasn’t paid back a single penny. Sumit is still promising that he’ll pay it back. He hasn’t come with any sort of plan or explained how he was going to be able to pay back such a large sum and so he was fobbing his father off on this one thing while he also sought his father’s approval for his marriage to Jenny.

Sumit wants to marry Jenny. They’ve planned for it and Sumit needs his parents’ approval. He’s already taken their money. Now he needed their approval or he risks them cutting him off. Sumit and Jenny were surviving now on her money. She cashed in her 401k for them and it wasn’t a lot. Sumit needed to get a job. He started by asking his friends if they knew about any openings and they told him about one in a couple of months. Sumit couldn’t really wait that long. He owes his parents money and he was taking advantage of the fact he was their precious boy by not paying them back. Sumit even chose to wait on the job he heard about because he knew his parents wouldn’t pressure him.

Brittany was told by Yazan that he was being independent and that he moved out of his parents’ place of his own free will. She doesn’t know he was thrown out or that he no longer has a job. She just thinks he’s taking these steps for her. Brittany wanted him to be independent because she hated how conservative his family and she wanted them to have their own family. One in which she wasn’t being accused of being a slut. Brittany also wanted them to get a place together and so she doesn’t know that Yazan can’t afford to fund such a lifestyle. She was going back to Jordan and she still doesn’t know the truth. And the two of them got into a fight because Yazan crashed his car and he somehow blamed Brittany for it.

Kenny and Armando put in the paperwork to get married. They thought it would be a fair hearing and instead, they were automatically denied because of policy. It turns out the state didn’t really want gay couples getting married, but Kenny and Armando can fight the denial and they might even win.