Alaskan Bush People Finale Recap 10/11/20: Season 12 Episode 9 “Faith & Fury”

Alaskan Bush People Finale Recap 10/11/20: Season 12 Episode 9 "Faith & Fury"

Tonight on Discovery Alaskan Bush People airs with a new season where the Wolfpack faces the biggest challenge on an all-new Sunday, October 11, 2020 episode and we have your Alaskan Bush People recap below. On tonights Alaskan Bush People Season 12 Episode 9 “Faith & Fury,” as per the Discovery synopsis, “Everything the Browns have built is threatened as a devastating wildfire rages on Palmer Mountain. As they take refuge down the mountain, the siblings are given 30 minutes to return to the property and rescue as many animals as they can.”

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The family races down the hill to get away from the fires. Bird and Rain stand and look up at their home, thankful they got away. But sad because they don’t know what will happen. This isn’t the first time the Brown’s have dealt with adversity. From trees falling on their home, Billy losing his own family, being shot at, moving, returning to their roots as a fishing family, and more, they have been through a lot.

While on their boat, the Opal, something went wrong and their boat sank. That was back in 2013. A year later, they were determined to buy a piece of property. They purchased some land on an island. After successfully creating what they call “Brown Town,” both Billy and Ami suffered health issues. It forces them to move closer to civilization so their mom can get the care she needs. They ended up shutting down Brown Town.

Fire crews race to try and contain the fires. Bird and the others are very emotional. This is the home they made in Washington was their mom could get additional help through her battle with cancer. It is also a location with lots of space for all of them to build their own house. It also kicked off their first endeavor into creating their own water supply.

Bird wonders if they will have anything left. She wonders if the animals are all right. As soon as they are told they can go up and plan to assess what is left. Overnight, the fire rages on. Sometime later they are given the green light to head back up the mountain.

Once they get up the mountain they begin to get their animals, hoping to get them to safety. With little fires still burning all around, all of them are emotional and scared. Rain and Bird try to wrangle up the horses. They only manage to get a couple of horses and 2 cats. Bird cries on the way back down the mountain.

The next day, the family hopes they can get more of their horses. Noah has built a contraption to get the other horses who might try and run because they are scared. The family is extremely happy for the first responders who have tried to stop the fires.

The family is allowed to go back up the mountain once again to rescue more of their animals. More than 18,000 acres have burned. The brothers are able to save the beloved family horse North. Later, Rain and Bird are emotional to see North.

Days later they learn the fire has been contained and that they can go back up the mountain to see their homes but not to live. They take another ride up. The family sees that not much left of their homes is standing.