All Rise Premiere Recap 11/16/20: Season 2 Episode 1 “A Change Is Gonna Come”

Tonight on CBS their new series All Rise airs with an all-new Monday, November 16, 2020, season 2 episode 1 premiere called, “A Change Is Gonna Come,” and we have your All Rise recap below. On tonight’s All Rise season 2 episode 1 “A Change Is Gonna Come,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Lola and Mark try to rebuild their friendship after Mark witnessed Lola being detained during a protest while defending a teen girl, amid an escalating encounter with police.”

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July 2020, Lola tells Sherri that she is taking advantage of the quiet, you see signs around about social distancing and Sherri has a mask on. She tells Lola that she found a store with hand sanitizer and toilet paper, Lola asks her to get her some. Lola gets a call from someone, she looks upset and almost throws her cell phone at Mark who comes in the door; she reminds him that he is not supposed to be up there, especially smelling loudly of beer. He tells her that he got the job, heading up the special trials unit; she tells him that he earned it.

Lisa tells everyone that they have to get out of the building. Outside, Mark and Lola hear the protestors on the streets for Black Lives Matter. Riot gear, batons, tear gas, Lola says it is a recipe for agitation and indignation. They try to leave in Lola’s car, Lola sees a teenage girl have trouble with a cop and Lola gets out to help. Outside, Lola tells the cops that she is a federal judge and that the girl is scared, the girl says that she was searching in her backpack for a cell phone, she tries again and the cop pulls his gun out; Lola screams no.

Four months later, in November 2020. Sherri tells Lola that Lisa caught her in the hallway with a pile of files for her. Lola thinks back to that evening of the protest, Lola is handcuffed.

In court, Lola is in her chair, the are people against Jessie Frost who is present with his attorney, Rachel Audubon and Mark Callan is there for the people. Meanwhile, Emily is speaking via her computer to a client from prison who is afraid of getting coronavirus and Emily tries to calm her down and tell her she is working on getting her out.

Vanessa Johnson shows up at Lola’s office for the law clerk position, Lola tells her it was supposed to be a virtual meeting. Vanessa says she was waiting for three months for this interview, she wasn’t going to miss it. Lisa walks up and asks if Vanessa is the new law clerk. Lisa welcomes Vanessa, even though Lola didn’t say she was hired and says she expects big things from her.

Back to the night of the protest, Lola tells Mark that the teenage girl didn’t deserve the way she was treated, and neither did her. Back to the case of Jessie Frost, he tells his attorney he came out of his car with his baseball bat because he was afraid for his life. His father and mother are there as well, his father is upset because he was up for a football scholarship and this could affect it.

Sherri shows Vanessa around, puts in her place, and tells her to call Lola, Judge Lola. Vanessa wants to jump right into the Jessie Frost case and tells her she is familiar with it. Sherry turns around and rolls her eyes. Emily is still trying to work on her client in prison, now her client has a fever and she can’t get her brought to a hospital. Sara suggests that Emily go speak to Luke for help, she does and he says he will do what he can to help her with her client. Luke goes to see Mark regarding Emily’s client.

Mark tries to speak to Lola, she tells him that she can’t speak to him while they are in the same case. Mark claims she has been different since the night of the protest, she tells him to let it go. Then she can’t shake that feeling, he asked her why she was being zip-tied than asked the cop why he was doing it. All Mark had to do was show his credentials, she didn’t get the chance.

Lola is home, Robin texts her that the plane is late. She goes into her room with a glass of wine and thinks back to that evening, then she starts to cry.

In court, the case of Jessie Frost is back in session Lola says she needs time to review the transcripts and will issue her ruling in the morning.

Emily finds gets a break with her client.

Vanessa is in the courthouse, she sits in Lola’s chair and says the court is in session, she is caught by Lola. Vanessa asks Lola how she is going to rule on the Jessie Frost case. Lola gives Vanessa a lecture for sitting in her chair. Lola tells her that she has preconceived notions about Jessie because of the color of his skin, she cannot be that way.

Too little for Emily’s client, she went into respiratory arrest due to covid and Luke finally got her a release Emily is saddened, all she wanted was to go home to her children.

Emily goes to Luke’s apartment, ready to tell him that they shouldn’t have taken a break and Sam answers the door.

Mark texts Lola and tells her that they really need to talk.

Lola tells her husband that he is going to be a father, she is pregnant.

We then see Lola looking into the teenage girl’s backpack, Lisa comes into her office and tells her that a video of her that night has gone viral and it is not good.


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