All Rise Recap 02/03/20: Season 1 Episode 14 “Bye Bye Bernie”

All Rise Recap 02/03/20: Season 1 Episode 14 "Bye Bye Bernie"

Tonight on CBS their new series All Rise airs with an all-new Monday, February 3, 2020, season 1 episode 14 called, “Bye Bye Bernie,” and we have your All Rise recap below. On tonight’s All Rise episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Lola needs to fight against her mother’s statement against the justice system.”

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Mark injured himself on the ice. He was showing off and he wasn’t focused on what he was doing. His injury was a natural progression. Mark hurt himself and he happened to do it in front of Amy Quinn. They got together to talk about his father’s trial. She was his father’s lawyer and she believed she could prove his father was innocent. She just needed to speak to his father’s friend. She believed this friend could help her prove that her client was set up and so Mark was hopeful. He wanted this case to come to an end.

Only Mark wasn’t the only one dealing with a difficult parent. Lola found herself doing the same when her mother gave an interview to the “Law Chronicle” and it was a scathing indictment of the LA justice system. It was so bad that Lola feared what the other judges would say about her. She later tried to bring it up with Judge Benner and Benner blew her off. It wasn’t something Lola was used to from Benner. She thought it must mean Benner was upset with her and so she worried about it for the rest of the day.

Lola had taken over a fellow judge’s case. This other judge was sick and so Lola stepped in. She was the judge in the Izzy Ruiz case. Izzy was accused of attacking her fellow inmates and committing murder. Izzy and her defense attorney were claiming it was self-defense. Her lawyer was Emily Lopez and Emily reportedly had a bad feeling about Izzy. It was such a feeling that she couldn’t quite describe it. She just had this feeling and nothing she did or said would make it go away. She did believe her client when Izzy said it was self-defense but she was questioning this feeling.

Izzy also wasn’t easy to deal with. She was angry all the time and Emily couldn’t reach her. She tried to tell the other woman what it was like when she was sent to juvie and all it did was upset Izzy even further. Izzy has spent the last four years in maximum security. She said juvie had nothing on it and so Emily didn’t understand what it was like. Izzy then said that Emily should stick to what she’s good at. Which was defending criminals like her. Izzy was also sticking to her story despite what the evidence said.

There were no defensive wounds on either Izzy or her victim. Emily was going to have a hard time defending her and Lola as a judge was preoccupied. She kept remembering what her mother said. She thought it looked bad for her and this feeling was only exacerbated when she found out Deputy Luke Watkins was looking to clerk for other judges. He was the deputy in her courtroom. She would think he would want to clerk for her and yet he was actively looking for positions elsewhere. Lola was so offended that she asked to speak to Luke.

She wanted to know why she wasn’t chosen. She was just getting answers from him when her mother came out of nowhere and demanded to speak to her. Lola was dealing with her difficult mother while Mark received some good news. He found out his father got off. Mark’s father was now a free man and Mark wasn’t sure about how he felt. He chose to instead focus on his case. He was prosecuting a man who hit an elderly woman and stole her watch. And all the victim wanted was the watch back.

Mark wanted to get her that watch back. He set himself on finding it and he was doing that when Lola reached out to him. Lola had wanted to complain about her mom, but Mark shut it down. He thought she should be grateful to have a mother like that and he only wishes he has the same. He said this was the longest he had ever talked to his father and that’s now over because his father’s been freed. His father also has to get out of town now because his enemies were now going to be after him and so Mark is going to lose his father.

He’s going to lose him after they finally got somewhere with their relationship. So, Mark didn’t want to hear how Lola was pushing away her mother because to him that sounded like she was ungrateful. Mark also had a case to work. He defended the victim in open court and he pushed the defendant into wanting a deal. The defendant agreed to hand back the stolen items in return for three years and so Mark took that deal. He had grown close to the victim who was known as Bernie and he wanted her to have her watch back.

Mark later went over to her house to give back the watch, but unfortunately, she passed away the night before and so there was no returning the watch to her. It instead became a souvenir for him. Mark also came to regret his harsh words with Lola. Lola was feeling down and luckily it turned around for her. She found out Luke was clerking with the DA because he didn’t want to clerk for her – he wanted to be her. Lola was an inspiration for someone like Luke and it turns out Benner wasn’t upset with her. She was just so busy because she’s running for State Attorney General.

Lola also found out her mother wasn’t working right now. She had taken a leave from work and she doesn’t know what to do with herself. Its why she readily gave an interview. Lola’s mother needed some support as well and so Lola agreed to a family dinner. She tried to invite Mark, but he was saying goodbye to his father and afterward he didn’t want to be around Lola and her happy family. He wanted to finally to go after the woman he’s been interested in for years. Mark went over to Amy’s apartment and he was talking to her when she ended up making the first move. And so that settled that.

Emily meanwhile got her client off of murder. Izzy had reminded Emily of when she was alone and scared and that’s why she kept having a bad feeling about her, but she put that away to give Izzy a fair trial and now Izzy is free to finally live her life.