America’s Got Talent Recap 08/11/20: Season 15 Episode 11 “Live Show 1”

America’s Got Talent Recap 08/11/20: Season 15 Episode 11 "Live Show 1"

Tonight on NBC America’s Got Talent begins with an all-new Tuesday, August 11, 2020, episode and we have your America’s Got Talent recap below! On tonight’s AGT season 15 episode 11 “Live Show 1″, as per the NBC synopsis, “Eleven performers compete for America’s vote and a $1 Million Dollar prize as judging is turned over to the viewing audience.

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Simon Cowell had an accident over the weekend and won’t be on the show tonight. Standing in for him is Kelly Clarkson. Sofia, Heidi, and Howie are all there. Kelly says that she has been waiting years for this, Simon can take his time. Eleven acts are coming up tonight but only five will survive. So, for the first time this season, you have to vote.

First up is Porkchop Review. Their pigs are like their babies, they spoil them. The last few seasons have been about the dogs, this season is about the hogs.

Judges Comments: Howie: “I think it is amazing because they are pigs. But if I have to be honest, it is like a very lethargic dog act. It’s kind of slow, but it is amazing because they are pigs.” Heidi “I loved it and I love kissing a big pig. I have never seen such a big pig, I wish he was here on stage, good luck.” Sofia: “I love it, it is perfect, they are gigantic pigs and you are adorable. I mean I could not love it.” Kelly: “I actually did love it because I have never seen anything like it before. I loved that they all did what they were not supposed to because it shows you are not hard on them and it is great that it is life, you get to see their personalities.”

Feng E is next, he plays the ukulele and he loves Lego.

Judges Comments: Howie: “You are the Hendricks of the ukulele. You were great and sounded great. You blew me away, you can spend another ten minutes on Lego.” Heidi: “What an amazing performance. I love your vibe, I think you are so cool. I wish I was half as cool as you, kudos to you. Good luck.” Sofia: “You look like a star up there, it was beautiful. I hate the ukulele and you make it sound unbelievable. I could listen to you forever, it is amazing what you can do with that instrument. I hope you keep going in this competition because I want to hear from you again.” Kelly: “I want to hear from you again, you are insanely gifted. You could control an entire arena with your vibe and energy, you are really talented.”

Shaquira McGrath always wanted to be a singer, but her insecurities have held her back.

Judges Comments: Sofia: “Breathtaking, can you please sing more. I love it, fantastic. You put your soul in every song that you sing, magic.” Kelly: “I love that song, it is one of my favorites, and it is a hard one to sing. Overall you have such a powerful voice, it is soulful. You have such a beautiful and powerful voice, great job.” Howie: “You deserve to be here, the passion and strength in your voice. You have been on the show three times and the first one blew me away.” Heidi: “You are amazing, your voice is larger than life and fills every nook and cranny of this stage. Your voice is so beautiful and you are so beautiful.”

Simon and Maria are next, they are salsa dancers and they are dancing at Mel’s Diner in Universal Studies.

Judges Comments: Kelly: “You are both wonderful and what an opportunity to use this whole lot. This is amazing that you got to do that, you are so cute and I almost love watching your faces as much as I love watching your feet.” Howie: “I agree with Kelly, you performed three times and it gets better and better. I hope America agrees and puts you through, you guys are great.” Heidi: “You guys are so talented, and you are so cute. You guys sparkle, good luck tonight.” Sofia: “My favorite Columbians, I am so proud to see you at this stage and doing what you are doing. The Third time is better than the first time.”

Frenchiebabyy is a contortionist dancer who has reunited with his sisters and his mother, thanks to Simon for calling his mom the last time he saw him.

Judges Comments: Heidi: “It is one of those things that is hard to watch but you just can’t look away, you just keep watching, it is so bizarre. You are super unique and I love body painting.” Sofia: “That was unbelievable, the stage as well. It was amazing, sometimes I thought you were going to get stuck in one of those positions, it is super entertaining and I love you.” Kelly: “OMG, I have never in my life seen someone like you and kudos for your song selection, it is so important and sets the tone and the vibe. Congratulations I think you are the only one on the planet doing this.” Howie: “Wow and ow! This brings the family together, your family came together, it was emotional and I think you are going to be in the top five.”

Bello and Annaliese Nock are a daredevil father/daughter duo. They constructed an apparatus that is pushing the limits of danger. They will be performing on something that is called the wheel of death. No net and no safety devices. During rehearsal, Bello got hurt and cannot do the act, his daughter is going to step in an do it herself. She puts on a blindfold towards the end of the act, lights the wheel she is walking on, on fire.

Judges Comments: Heidi: “The song was perfect, go big or go home. Anything with you guys is larger than life. It’s always spectacular, I think you both are amazing.” Sofia: “I cannot watch my son cut an onion when we are in the kitchen, I don’t know how Bello can be there watching you. It is unbelievable what you guys do, you have nerves of steel. I want to see more though.” Howie: “I agree with Sofia we should call child protective services, you put your daughter on something called the wheel of death, I am nervous when my daughter is behind the wheel of a car. That was spectacular, the show must go on, Bello I hope you are feeling better. Good luck.”

Roberta Battaglia is a 10-year-old singer, she is Sofia’s golden buzzer.

Judges Comments: Sofia: “I want her to win. You have a special place in my heart, it was my first day at work and I cannot believe how spectacular you sing. I think the world is going to open up for you, after this experience.” Kelly: “You are incredible. I cannot believe your age, your tone is so beautiful and effortless. I cannot wait to see what you do for the rest of your life, it is going to be amazing. America vote for her.” Howie: “I am so proud of you, I am so proud that I am from Toronto and you are from Toronto, you blew me away. I think that you have a great chance to win this season, your voice is great.” Heidi: “I have so much respect for you, I think your voice is incredible, you are incredible. I hope now America sees how good you are and votes for you, good luck.”

Michael Yo is a comedian and he looks forward to proving that a comedian can win this whole thing.

Judges Comments: Kelly: “I love comedy, you are needed now more than ever. I am so excited for you, you nailed it.” Howie: “Out of every art form we have on this show, this is the hardest, especially now with a virtual audience. You nabbed it and I am so glad you survived COVID. Comedy and tragedy go together, you delivered.” Heidi: “That was a lot of fun, you are a lot of fun. Congratulations on this. It is hard when you don’t have the audience to feed off and it didn’t seem to bother you at all.” Sofia: “I really enjoyed it. I think this time was better than the last time. I loved it, you were great. I hope people understand how hard it is for a Comedian to make it this far.”

Double Dragon is a twin sister dance and percussion group.

Judges Comments: Howie: “Judging you, I am judging your personality. You sing you make us laugh. I see you as a sitcom, you could be the new Latina Threes Company with your boyfriend. I love you.” Heidi: “I love you too, double the energy, double the fun, double the talent, can I be a triplet, please. I want to go on the road with you.” Sofia: “I think the only one who could be their triplet is me. If you don’t win, we can do something, you deserve a reality show at least. You are both so entertaining and full of life, I feel sorry for the boyfriend that lives with you. The voices are fantastic.” Kelly: “I love the energy, I loved the song choice. I actually loved that you sang in Spanish, it was fun and sexy and great.”

Brett Loudermilk is a sword swallower act from Las Vegas. Heidi is on stage with Brett. Sofia joins Brett as well, he tells her it is her chance for redemption. This act is all about Sofia.

Judges Comments: Howie: “Your job is to raise the stakes, this time it was even greater than last time. It was more dangerous, more magical, and a lot of fun. You looked in more control than last time.” Kelly: “What just happened. I don’t understand how that happened, how did it get in your throat. I would love to see a full show of you.” Heidi: “It was great.” Sofia: “I thought it was fantastic, what are you going to do when I am not available.”

Archie Williams is a singer and tonight he is singing, “Love’s in Need of Love Today,” by Stevie Wonder.

Judges Comments: Sofia: “Spectacular, you deserve this more than anyone.” Heidi: “This Stevie Wonder song, mixed with your story, your voice, I can feel all the pain that you have gone through and the words could not be perfect right now, thank you for that, thank you for being here.” Kelly: “Thank you so much, that was a beautiful performance. Your tone is so cool, it was a blessing to hear such a storyteller.” Howie: “You don’t sing to us, it is like you preach to us, the words mean so much. We can’t thank you enough for being here, you deserve winning more than anyone.”