America’s Got Talent Recap 08/25/20: Season 15 Episode 15 “Live Show 3”

America’s Got Talent Recap 08/25/20: Season 15 Episode 15 "Live Show 3"

Tonight on NBC America’s Got Talent begins with an all-new Tuesday, August 25, 2020, episode and we have your America’s Got Talent recap below! On tonight’s AGT season 15 episode 15 “Live Show 3″, as per the NBC synopsis, “Live from Universal Studios Hollywood, eleven performers compete for America’s vote and a $1 Million Dollar prize as judging is turned over to the viewing audience.

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Tonight the third group of 11 of America’s Got Talent quarter-finalists will take the stage live at Universal Studios Hollywood. This group includes two Golden Buzzers: Heidi Klum’s singer Cristina Rae and Simon Cowell’s dance act WAFFLE Crew. Simon Cowell is still out for breaking his back, and there is nobody replacing him this evening. Howie Mandell, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara are our judges this evening and join Terry Crews to watch these performances. Only five can survive.

Dance Town Family is a dance group from Miami and they range in ages from eight to thirty-five. They hope America sees their different cultures and how they come together.

Judges Comments: Sofia: “That was perfection, you guys are amazing. Such a big group, your footwork is precise, your choreography amazing. I love all the ages, it was amazing, you did a great job with that song in the setting where you are.” Howie: “Not only that, but you were also in the moment, with the masks it must have been tough to get a breath. For me it was COVID meets Conga. It was amazing, what a great way to start a show.” Heidi: “It was so on fire, it was so beautiful. You guys were so beautiful, and just shows when you have so much passion in you, nothing can stop you, not the mask and not the pandemic.”

Nolan Neal is a singer/guitarist, he sings his original song, “Send me a Butterfly.”

Judges Comments: Heidi: “That was beautiful. Your voice tells the story of this song and your story, there is so much emotion, I hear sadness and hope – it was spot on.” Sofia: “I felt this was better than the last time you performed. You are brave coming on and singing an original song.” Howie: “I agree with Simon, you are inspirational. We relate to you, you have that feeling in your voice of being hopeful and we all want to be hopeful. So far, my favorite performance of the night.”

Usama Siddiquee is 29 years old and he is a stand-up comedian.

Judges Comments: Howie: “I think you started off fantastic, I love your energy and commitment.” Heidi: “Being called a tramp was my least uncomfortable thing.” Sofia: “I was laughing and then I thought, I shouldn’t be laughing. You took a real risky path with this performance.”

WAFFLE crew is a dance group from New York, ages twenty-three to twenty-six.

Judges Comments: Heidi: “To me, this felt like a Hollywood musical, it was cool the way you use the space. I liked the tricks, it was on point, I loved it.” Sofia: “You were in your element, you are guys are the coolest thing that I have seen in a long time. The way you were performing, I forgot it was fake NY in Universal. You deserve this and more.” Howie: “There are no words to describe. This is why we miss Simon, he was right. You are a shining light, and my new favorite act of the night.”

Annie Jones is a twelve-year-old singer from Australia. She is a big fan of Harry Potter, so AGT arranged for her to visit the set at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Judges Comments: Heidi: “First of all, I am so excited that you came to America, welcome. Not an easy song, kudos for trying it, Lady Gaga would be proud, you should be proud of yourself.” Sofia: “Were you nervous? It didn’t seem like it, you looked like you were having fun and I love your outfit.” Howie: “I think you are a superstar, but I loved your last performance better.”

Malik Dope is a 27-year-old drummer from Washington.

Judges Comments: Sofia: “Who said that drums can’t be the main event? That was spectacular, it was better than the first time. I cannot wait to see how you can take this somewhere else, I am excited.” Howie: “Now, you’re my favorite act of the night. The fact that you want to do this for your father, makes this more emotional. You are the music, it was spectacular.” Heidi: “For me, it was a musical obstacle course. You go from one part to the next part, it was incredible, we didn’t have a chance to be bored and I loved your enthusiasm.”

Max Major is a 33-year-old magician from Las Vegas.

Judges Comments: Howie: “That is unbelievable. I have not seen you since you were on this show last time, you are barefoot and I am not wearing socks. You make it hard for America tonight. You deserve a career.” Heidi: “It was really cool, I like that you told us how it is done.” Sofia: “That was amazing, I really enjoyed it.”

Bone-Breakers are between 22 and 24 years old, they are a contortion dance group from the Republic of Guinea.

Judges Comments: Heidi: “I mean wow, you have some strange moves. I don’t think there are bones in your body, it looks like you are made of rubber, I loved it.”: Howie: “I am going, to be honest with you, you guys are now my favorite act tonight. There is such originality and its amazing. It was amazing and thrilling, and painful to watch. It was like you were going to make a wish.” Sofia: “It is exhausting watching you guys, it is fantastic what you do, it is well-choreographed, I loved it.”

Sheldon Riley is a 21-year-old singer from Australia, his music and his fashion are an extension of himself.

Judges Comments: Sofia: “This is very emotional, the way you performed, is so unique. I love your costumes, the magic, the mystery. I love it and I love this song. I hope people understand what you are doing.” Howie: “I think that we are all trying to find a path where we fit in, with your style and your fashion, you are original. Never reveal who you are, you are a leader.” Heidi: “I am happy that you found yourself, you are really cool. You are quite beautiful, my favorite is when you belt it out at the end. I loved it, it was very unique.”

Alan Silva is a 38-year-old aerialist from Las Vegas.

Judges Comments: Heidi: “I had so much fun watching you have so much fun, you radiate joy. I am so happy nothing happened to you, it was beautiful to watch.” Sofia: “It was breathtaking and exciting, I saw a lot of nervous in you at the end. I can’t imagine what you can do next if you go forward.” Howie: “People at home don’t know that you almost didn’t do it, it was great.”

Christina Rae is 30 years-old and singer from Nashville, Tennessee. She is a single mom and is doing this so that her son can have his own room in their own house.

Judges Comments: Heidi: “You sang this flawlessly, it was perfect, you could not have done a better job. I have your back, I hope America has your back.” Sofia: “That was gorgeous, it sounds like you are already a recording artist. You made this song unique and your own.” Howie: “If there is one word to describe what you just did, it is flawless. You did with such range and ease. You are deserving of the golden buzzer.”