America’s Got Talent Recap 09/08/20: Season 15 Episode 19 “Semi-Finals 1”

Tonight on NBC America’s Got Talent begins with an all-new Tuesday, September 8, 2020, episode and we have your America’s Got Talent recap below! On tonight’s AGT season 15 episode 19 “Semi-Finals 1″, as per the NBC synopsis, “Live from Universal Studios Hollywood, eleven semi-finalists perform for a chance to win $1 million and be named the most talented act in America.

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Simon Cowell is still absent tonight recovering from surgery. Howie Mandell, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara are back in their judges’ seats. Howie tells the acts to step it up, tonight is the night, they have to do more than they did to move on. Eleven acts are up tonight, including two wild cards.

Starting off the show tonight are two sisters, Double Dragon. Growing up in Peru they always wanted to be stars. They were told that they were not good enough, they wouldn’t make it. It is only their father who had faith in them. The sisters perform from the studio lot.

Judges Comments: Sofia: “You guys make me have such a good time every time you perform. I am obsessed with you. You have the energy to dance, sing, and perform. You guys are unbelievable, you’ve got better and better, I love your outfits.” Heidi: “I love you guys too, you have the confidence of real divas. I look at the two of you and I see Jennifer Lopez at the Superbowl. I love you girls, I love your personality and it shines.” Howie: “I love you both, I love your personality but, you are not the best singers, you are not the best dancers. I’m just being honest, are they a million-dollar act?”

Next up is a Wild Card, Dance Town Family. They perform on a checkerboard floor, from a rooftop overlooking the ocean.

Judges Comments: Sofia: “It was definitely the right decision for us to bring them back, they deserve it. Your dancing is on point, the energy, you bring joy to all of us. It is fantastic what you do, I am happy for you guys.” Howie: “I agree, we all agree that they should be back. That was a step up for me. It had something for everyone.”

Broken Roots were lucky to be a replacement act in the last round. They have always taught their children to follow their dreams, and that is what they are doing. Tonight, they are singing “God’s Country,” by Blake Shelton.

Judges Comments: Howie: “I think you are doing it right. You are the all-American men, you are checking every box. If I was a betting man, I would say you are going to be in the finals.” Sofia: “I hope so because you guys deserve it. This was your best performance since the competition started, I loved it. The vocals were amazing, your outfits, the background. You are my favorite tonight.” Heidi: “I have to say I like you more every time I see you. I also feel you are getting better every time. You are a huge inspiration. Maybe you are going to be in the finale, maybe you are going to win a million dollars, never give up on your dreams.”

Spyros Bros, are one performance away from the finals. Their father speaks about their journey with the diabolos.

Judges Comments: Sofia: “I think we always enjoy your performance, we see your passion and the danger. You push yourself to another level, but this time I think it was too risky and maybe that is why it wasn’t fluid. Still, I hope America votes for you.” Heidi: “You guys did struggle a little bit, but to me, it did not take away from your act. It is super difficult what you do, it is live and I still like what you did.” Howie: “I think America and everyone at this table will agree that we love you and we love hearing for you and your passion for the show, the bond between brothers and your father. You went much bigger than last time, but you dropped it a couple of times. If you don’t try, you can’t fail. People may still vote you through.”

Thomas Day explains that he didn’t perform on the live shows because he and his mother tested positive for COVID-19. Luckily, the two are fine now and he was brought back as a Wild Card, and is able to perform Billie Eilish’s song “When The Party’s Over.”

Judges Comments: Heidi: “I am so happy for you. I happy that you are better now, it must have been a nightmare. I think you did really well, but it is going to be so tough. I wish you luck.” Howie: “You are a young man who has gone through a tough journey, but as tough as that was, well worth it. You just shine, you gave America what they need, you paved a path for yourself to the finals.” Sofia: “What you went through, it makes it so special that you are here. The song was perfect for you, I am happy that you are better and you made it.”

Alan Silva is one of the most graceful and breathtaking acts. Tonight he is using chains instead of ribbons, and in the end, he lit the top of the chains on fire.

Judges Comments: Sofia: “Alan, I don’t think I can take it watching you again. Next time I am just going to close my eyes the whole time, it is too much. The chains gave another look of danger. I thought this was better than last time.” Howie: “I don’t agree with you. The last time you came you were going to do a trick where you broke your neck, this was more of the same old stuff.” Heidi: “When you are wrapped up in the silk, we don’t see you that much. When you are in the chains we see you more.”

Shaquira McGrath sings “The Chain,” by Fleetwood Mac.

Judges Comments: Sofia: “I think this is night and day from your last performance. You had so much confidence and this song was perfect for you. I loved it, I love your story with your mom.” Heidi: “I love you, you are so amazing. You are an all-around talent, you can do it all. You are like singing chameleon. You have done pop, you have done country, you do rock. This was such a difficult and tricky song to sing. You just sang the roof off.” Howie: “I agree with everybody, truth is you owned it, you were not nervous, you were there, you know. Stay in this lane and I believe we will see more of you.”

Howie’s Golden Buzzer, Brandon Leake is next. This poem is about growing up without a father.

Judges Comments: Howie: “Is he in your life (yes)
? This is so much more than a performance. These words teach they are real, human. I have nothing else to say, those are all the words and they should be yours, not mine.” Heidi: “Dear Brandon, I think you just earned a spot in the finals, Heidi. Xoxo p.s. I know you think that Howie is your biggest fan, but I think I am too. Love you.” Sofia: “I think I love the themes that you pick. We sit here and we definitely get you, we feel what you are feeling. It is such a special talent that you have and I hope America loves it as much as we do.”

Malik Dope, to him, drumming is his language, how he expresses himself, and communicates with the world. This is his passion and he is always trying to break the barriers.

Judges Comments: Howie: “It was insane, it was dope, it was you Malik. You are a show, you are a Vegas show. You somewhere between the Blue Man group. I would love to go to a Malik Dope show in Vegas.” Sofia: “I thought this performance was so much more amazing than the last time we saw you. You pushed yourself, you went to another level, you are a showman, you can do everything.” Heidi: “You think like a showman, as a real entertainer, it’s not just music, you give us so much more. There are so many things that you did within that act, you are unique.”

Archie Williams says that music runs through his veins. It was his dream to be on a big stage with his family. In prison, he wanted to give up, but the music kept him going. The song he is singing tonight, he is singing for his daughter, he wants to make her proud. He sings “Flying Without Wings,” by Westlife.

Judges Comments: Heidi: “I am always on my feet for you Archie. We see so many acts and hear so many heart-wrenching stories and most of the time I can forget about their stories and focus on the act, I try with you and I always fail. I think about you more than the act. You have a beautiful story, beautiful tone, I hear all your layers in your voice. I wish you good luck and I hope we see you one more time in the finale.” Sofia: “I am so happy and excited that you are here today, it is a treat every time you are on the stage. Your connection is important, you make us feel. You are the one performer, everyone always asks me about you.” Howie: “Imperfection is perfection. You will live happily ever after.”

Roberta Battaglia just turned eleven years old. If she won a million dollars she would get her dog Happy, a furry friend.

Judges Comments: Sofia: “It spectacular, perfection, don’t change anything. You look amazing, I cannot believe you are eleven years old with that voice. You sound like you have already recorded many records already, I really hope that you win.” Heidi: “This voice does not fit you, there is so much maturity, control, and poise. You are incredible for any age.” Howie: “I am so proud of you for many reasons, you are also from Toronto. I can’t believe that under this pressure that you can perform like that, amazing.”