Big Brother 22 All-Stars Recap 08/19/20: Season 22 Episode 6 “PoV and Ceremony”

Big Brother 22 All-Stars Recap 08/19/20: Season 22 Episode 6 "PoV and Ceremony"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 22 airs with an all-new Sunday, August 19, 2020, episode and we have your Big Brother 22 recap below! On tonight’s Big Brother season 22 episode 6 “PoV and Ceremony,” as per the CBS synopsis, “Tonight on Big Brother it is the Power of Veto competition Memphis’ nominees Nicole A and David will try to win the competition to take themselves off the block.  After the competition, we will find out if the winner uses the PoV.

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Memphis put up Nicole because she is dangerous with her Safety Suite pass and David is a rookie. Dani doesn’t respect Memphis’ game, he is belittling a lot of people in the house. David is angry that he was nominated, but he is not going to show that to anyone. Tyler thinks Memphis is lame, he doesn’t like how he is playing, and he really likes David. Tyler wants to play for the Veto and take David off the block. Jenelle absolutely adores Nicole and thinks she would be good for her game, she imagines having Nicole join her alliance with Kaysar, she is trustworthy.

Kaysar asks Memphis why he went with David and Nicole. Memphis laughs and says that he may have been a bit harsh, but David hasn’t really done anything in Big Brother and deserved it. Janelle sees this as a bigger picture, getting out a huge target, like Nicole F., she has already won the game, so might as well get rid of her.

David and Nicole sit together, both look very upset that they were put on the block. David says he was hoping that he wouldn’t be put up against her, it hurts because there is a good chance that either of them good goes home. Nicole cries that essentially they are being pitted against each other. Being on the block next to David is difficult, but Nicole knows that she has to pull herself together and win the Veto.

Victor from BB18 and Nicole F. is getting married in December, she talks about it with the other houseguests. Kevin is feeling down and out, and he knows he is there to win the money, it could be life-changing and he cannot give up.

Cody and Memphis are talking. Memphis tells him that Kaysar and Janelle are opening up to him. Cody says if one of the nominees is taken off the block, maybe they should put up one of them as a replacement. Cody goes to speak to Dani and tells her that Kaysar and Janelle are spiraling out of control. Then Cody goes to speak to Tyler and tells him the same thing.

Time to pick the players for the Veto competition. Memphis picks Ian, Nicole picks Tyler and David picks Nicole F. David needs this Veto and thinks it is do or die at this point.

BB All-Star Wars appears on the TV in the living room. Because Christmas chooses to save Ian, he has a BB All-Star Wars punishment. He has to dress up and apply for a role as Dirk Spacejammer in BB All-Star Wars.

Tyler is pretty upset about Janelle and Kaysar. Memphis on the other hand is really casual about it and Nicole F. doesn’t understand why. Memphis doesn’t want to go after them, Tyler doesn’t like this, why is Memphis doing this. Tyler wants to win the Veto and force Memphis to show his cards.

Time for the Veto competition, everyone heads outside. The focus is on who has the determination to outlast the others. The game is simple, stand in the center of a star platform and balance a sphere on a disk. Drop the sphere and they are eliminated. The last person standing wins the PoV. Nicole F. is the first houseguest to be eliminated. Ian drops, he is eliminated, and he really doesn’t care because he is safe for the week.

Memphis, David, and Tyler are left. Out of the three, Tyler seems the most focused. David starts yelling through Memphis off his game. Memphis calls it an amateur move. David peeks over to see how Memphis is doing and he drops his sphere. Tyler is next to drop, Memphis wins the PoV.

Nicole is upset that she lost, she is in the food storage room and crying to Kevin. She has risen from the ashes before, and she has to do it again.

Nicole F. tells Christmas that she is upset, she is worried that Memphis might backdoor her – she thinks that he is working with both sides.

Memphis tells Dani that everyone just needs to chill. She tells him that if Kaysar or Janelle are coming after them, then perhaps he should use the Veto and get rid of one of them. Memphis disagrees and he is going to play his own game, he is not going to have Dani tell him what to do.

Cody talks to Memphis, he tells him that he would easily backdoor Kaysar if it were him. Memphis doesn’t like it but he is worried that his alliance is going to start to ask questions about him.

Time for the Veto meeting. Memphis has decided not to use the Veto. He nominated the two and is sticking to his decision.