Chicago Fire Recap 02/05/20: Season 8 Episode 13 “A Chicago Welcome”

Chicago Fire Recap 02/05/20: Season 8 Episode 13 "A Chicago Welcome"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all-new Wednesday, February 5, 2020, season 8 episode 13 called, “A Chicago Welcome,” and we have your Chicago Fire recap below. On tonight’s Chicago Fire season 8 episode 12 as per the NBC synopsis, “The surprising arrival of a new fire truck brings both joy and chaos to members of Firehouse 51.

Boden and Severide are asked to make peace with an old foe for the greater good. Brett receives family news while Foster plans a party with friends.

Tonight’s Chicago Fire season 8 episode 13 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it.   While you’re waiting for our recap make sure to check out all our Chicago Fire recaps, news, spoilers & more, right here!

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Chicago Fire begins tonight with Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) watching as Emily Foster (Annie Ilonzeh) brings her date from the previous night to the door, it is a woman, something that shocks Joe but he doesn’t say anything but smile. As the crew arrives at the Firehouse, Joe says he can confirm that Foster’s weekend was very good. Inside the firehouse is a new rig, something that is news to Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer). He climbs up as Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) tells him about the comfy seats and the heater. Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende) is very excited as Randall “Mouch’ McHolland (Christian Stolte) says somebody answered their prayers as Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) has no idea how this happened. Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) wants to know when Truck 51 will get an upgrade, saying his truck is the afterthought of this firehouse. The alarms sound and everyone is out to the call.

It is a house that is fully engulfed in flames on the upper floor, a couple in their 70s lives in the house; Hermmann and Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) issue their orders as to where everyone goes as Boden looks on. They barge into the house, Matt catching a man holding a burning table, breaking into one of the rooms. His wife is on the floor as he refuses to leave as his wife is all he has. He calls out for his wife, as Emily and Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) take her to Chicago Med. Unfortunately, they discover that Gorsch is there and Boden would love to know how he made his way back after he was booted away.

Back at the firehouse, Mouch bragging about the suspension on the new 81. He continues to taunt Herrmann about the features of the new truck. Herrmann says they are brothers, like Cain and Abel. Gallo voices his concern to Ritter (Daniel Kyri) about them being on edge, but he advises him that the volcanoes around there occasionally do a little rumbling and they need to stay far away and try to avoid the lava when they erupt.

Joe is watching the Blues Brothers video when Emily walks in, saying he is looking for wedding bands. He wants a classic jazz band and Chloe wants 90s party band, but now he feels like they should have no band. Emily says she is hosting a little party tomorrow night and wants him to be ready.

Gorsch walks in the firehouse, saying he was at the scene that day to see how the men were enjoying the new truck, as 81 was overdue for an upgrade and it was a peace offering. He saw a need and this was his job to fill it. He heard they have been implementing the cancer safety plan in the firehouse and it is near and dear to his heart. He feels that Boden’s recommendation for the second set of gear for the firefighters makes sense and it is something the department can do right now. He explains he lost a cousin to cancer who was a firefighter and wants to put aside his differences so they can work toward a common goal. He admits there is a problem as there is a spending cap, feeling Grissom will only listen to Severide, asking them to speak to him advocating for this purchase as it is the right thing to do. He shakes their hands, thanking them for their time. Chief will pin the medal on his chest himself if he can make this happen.

Matt learns from Sylvie about their patients from the morning fire, both agreeing to gas up and check on the husband, Mr. Larson at Med. He talks about his wife, Gail and how she was a teacher and used to live in Chicago. Once they all retired a month ago, they packed up all their belongings and moved back to Chicago. He is concerned about their cat, Dusty as Matt says they never tend to find cats in burning buildings as they always find a way out. Sylvie goes to check on how Gail is doing for him. They are standing at the nurses’ station when they see Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) inform him that Gail didn’t make it. Matt comforts Sylvie.

They have no family to notify in Chicago, and no one has come to see him, not even a concerned neighbor. They are going to get Dr Charles (Oliver Platt) over to see him.

Joe finds Severide in the kitchen, revealing that Foster is having a party and wondering if he should dress up. Severide questions him on what he is doing when he invites him to the party too, leaving Joe confused. Boden introduces Freeman to Severide who reveals Jerry’s plan for the bunker gear is legitimate. He says whatever they can do to make it happen, they should do it as it could add years to lives for many.

After the shift, Sylvie says she is going to go by the Larson house to see if she can find Dusty, the cat. Matt has the morning free and offers to follow her there. She brings cat treats and calls for the cat as Matt sees the pictures on the fridge. Sylvie wants reassurance that cats make it out alive as she goes out the back door and calls for the cat. The two sit on the back steps in hopes that the stray cat will return.

Grissom sits with the firefighters at Molly’s as Herrmann who is furious with Mouch, gives him a schedule making him work 5 nights a week. Joe walks in with a ridiculous tracksuit on, insisting he looks “fly.” He tells Stella about the party tonight and she tells him he cannot wear that, making him fret that he cannot change at his own place.

Freeman meets with Boden and Severide, saying the gear for approved but his contact at the place says they never received the order; apparently it was rejected and Boden realizes something doesn’t add up!

Severide and Boden go to CFD HQ to see Jerry Gorsch, confronting him on rejecting the bid for the gear. He swears it is a misunderstanding, saying he found a better company that makes the gear at 2/3s the cost. Jerry admits they have their differences and he is responsible for most of it, but that is changing because of Boden. Jerry is called into a meeting from Mark. He assures them they did the right thing by the CFD and they will jump on this order.

Sylvie talks to Matt about being adopted, revealing that her birth mother is seeking contact with her. She feels her parents are her parents and if she wanted to know who her mother is she would have made contact years ago and now it seems very intrusive. She feels now that she is thinking about it, she wants to do it on her timetable and her mother gave up the right to set the agenda a long time ago. Matt pauses, saying he knows that he is impressed by her ability to see the good in people and if anyone can handle a bomb dropped in their lap, it is her. Suddenly, they hear a cat meowing.

Joe approaches his apartment where there is music blaring, someone opens the door and calls him a weirdo creeping in her hallway; slamming the door in his face. Emily finds him in the hallway, saying she told him he was having friends over in order for him to stay away. He stands in the hallway frustrated as she appreciates him and closes the door.

Sylvie and Matt bring Dusty to Mr. Larson, who reveals he is getting out in the morning and will stay in a hotel until they figure out what to do. He speaks about planning a funeral for his Gail, and how empty it will be; but had it been 10 years earlier the room would be packed to the rafters.

Joe walks into the firehouse all solemn, barking at Ritter that it wasn’t “some” party! Mouch is bickering with Herrmann about him making a schedule without any input from him. He reminds him that he always has done it and this is whatever he says it is. Mouch mocks him about sitting in the truck, to enjoy the silence. Stella jokes to Capp that the battle between them is Herrmann being jealous about the new truck until she learns the truck was a gift from Gorsch. She worries they will now have to give it back out of principle or something. Ritter goes to see Severide who was looking for him. Herrmann is frustrated to see Tuesday, the dog on the couch with Dusty the cat, feeling its an anarchy around there.

Severide wants Ritter to look up the company Dobson First Equipment and Apparel. He wants him to look for a connection to Gorsch. Emily finds Joe, asking why he is sulky but he reveals its because he had to scramble for a place to sleep. He shouts that maybe they should have stuck with Nick Porter because at least he knows what it’s like to be a room dog. Sylvie and Stella ask what that is about but no time to chat as they are called out to an emergency.

They are by the river, where there is a line of people holding each other trying to keep a small child from ending up in the river. Boden barks orders to work from the bottom to the top of the line. Severide shimmies down to the young boy with Matt, slowly tying him up and Kelly brings him to safety. Matt is on the yellow line bringing them up, one at a time; everyone is rescued as Aaron’s mother rushes over, saying she fell asleep on the couch, and the front door was unlocked. She is told to thank all the folks there who are heroes and they are the reason her son is safe. Everyone cheering that Chicago shows up for each other. They take Aaron to Med as a precaution; everyone hugging each other for a good job.

Back at Firehouse 51, Mouch apologizes to Herrmann, admitting he was jealous ever since he became Lt. He knows he overdid it by jabbing him over the new rig. Herrmann had no idea and tells him that he is on the same level. No one asks his opinion as he has ideas too. He doesn’t want Mouch to feel that way as they are still the same; the two friends hug. He tells Mouch to forget the schedule and they can go back to the way it was before; Mouch takes off, quickly saying “that’s great”.

Severide goes to Boden with Ritter to show him what he discovered. Boden becomes very solemn. Shortly thereafter all three go to see Gorsch while sitting with Laura Martin, City Councilwoman who was already brought up to speed about what he did. They ask him about his friend, Lane Fairison as Severide explains why he was suspicious. You never go cheap on fire gear and did some digging, learning Dobson fire gear has never been tested nor approved; in fact, they had never made bunker gear before. They know that Gorsch came from Salem and now this is where the company is? His friend is the sales rep??

Ritter pulls up Lane’s Instagram and there is a picture of the two at their highschool reunion. He admits to using a personal relationship to get a great deal on fire gear and doesn’t understand why that is an issue. Severide reminds him that the gear is untested. He spoke to CPD who spoke to Salem PD and they got Lane to crack really quick on what was going on. Lane revealed that Gorsch and he were getting $200,000.00 in kickbacks. Jerry extracts himself, saying this is a hostile environment and wants to talk to his attorney, Laura informs him that he is fired! Laura shakes hands with Boden, thanking him for his help and assures him that she is going to get him his equipment.

Emily finds Joe, asking him to stay in the good mood he is in. She admits to screwing up about the all-girls’ night and he should have been welcomed, but she didn’t think he wanted to go to a singles party as he is getting married. He is excited about getting married but is also panicking. He wanted to see a little bit of what he was giving up, even if it was only observational. She promises to throw another rager that will put that one to share with him. They hug as she makes him promise to never wear that tracksuit again.

Sylvie tells Matt Aaron is doing okay; better than his mom. She cuddles Dusty, saying she wants to take him home and keep him forever, but Matt feels Mr. Larson was pretty attached to him. She asks if he has his press contacts from his Alderman days.

At the funeral home, Mr. Larson stands crying at the casket, saying he isn’t waiting anymore and this is fone. The room is completely empty as the minister begins, suddenly the door opens with Matt and Sylvie walking in. He says they didn’t have to come as Sylvie tells him Chicago shows up for each other and the entire firehouse comes to the funeral, filling up the seats, along with former students of his wife, Gail. Mr. Larson is overwhelmed with gratitude as people continue to fill the room. He sits with Sylvie and Matt as everyone solemnly listens to the message, he smiles at Gail’s coffin.