Chicago Med Finale Recap 04/15/20: Season 5 Episode 20 “A Needle In The Heart”

Chicago Med Finale Recap 04/15/20: Season 5 Episode 20 "A Needle In The Heart"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Wednesday, April 15, 2020, finale episode and we have your Chicago Med recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Med season 5 episode 20 called, “Just A River In Egypt,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Dr. Crockett is visited by two New Orleans detectives who have questions about his past. Dr. Choi puts his life in danger to save a child. Dr. Charles gives fatherly advice to his young daughter.

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Chicago Fire begins tonight with Dr. Hannah Asher (Jessy Schram) dressing for work as she encourages Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) to go while he stays in bed a bit longer. Will chases after her for forgetting her phone, but she is already gone,

Meanwhile, at Chicago Med, Dr. Crockett Marcell (Dominic Eains) meets his new patient, Billy who fell off his bike so they perform X-rays. They feel they only need to drain the fluid before they can do anything else. Marcel warns him that he will feel pain, but they make it through quickly. Outside the room, Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey Devitto) tells him he is great with kids but made he would never become one.

Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) introduces Marcel to a couple of PD from two Detective from New Orleans. Sharon offers them a conference room to work on a cold homicide case; making both Sharon and Natalie very confused. In the conference room, Marcel begins to view the file as both Natalie and April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) observe; only until Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) arrives and she informs him all of her belongings are out of his house, present him with the key. EMTs arrive4 with April helping Dr. James Lanik (Nate Santana) with a teenaged patient who keeps stabbing a needle further into his chest; taking several attendees to hold him down for restraints.

Anna Charles, come to 3work with her father, Daniel; admitting she wasn’t dragged because she likes to spend time with her dad. Maggie’s success that Deanne in pediatrics could use come help and Anna leaves with Maggie to get a vest. DR Charles jumps right into it when Dr. Lanik brings him up to the student who put several sewing needles inside his body.

Will informs his patient, Mr. Larroso, that he cellulitis. His as a history of viral infections so Will is worried to see that is going on and he marks hi leg to tract the swelling. He refuses them calling his wife for some reason.

Billy’s mother is told about his blood results and Marcel is recommending surgery. They tell her to make sure he doesn’t eat or drink anything as he arranges for the procedure. Natalie curiously asks Crockett why the police are here and he informs her it from a homicide several years ago and he is a suspect; scoffing that the PD claims to have gotten his DNA at the scene.

Dr. Charles meets with the student who stabbed himself with needles. He says he wasn’t trying to hurt himself, it was to relieve the pressure. It sounds insane but it is the only thing that works. He insists there is something wrong with his heart; something Daniel says the tests don’t show. He leaves the room and speaks with Lanik and Dr. Latham, expressing both sides. Charles says they can do psychiatric treatment afterward but approves the surgery.

Maggie is at the desk when Daniel comes down seeing that his daughter was kicked out of the nursery. She intercedes between Daniel and May, suggesting Leah in the waiting room could use her help and she agrees.

Will comes into the first patient, Christian, who seems to have a nasty infection in his arm. He is going to clean Christian’s wounds. Asher walks in calling her his angel. She pulls Will aside admitting she dated Christian over a year ago. Will isn’t impressed that Asher went to his house; even leaving her meeting. She is obviously caught in a lie when Will hands her the phone she forgot that morning, but then how did Christian call her for help?

In the OR, Marcel’s patient, Billy’s mother wants an update and they are given the okay to do so. Sharon and Natalie stand between the detectives and Marcel in the OR, reminding them she is not going to allow them to disrupt the surgery. They say they have nowhere else to go; waiting on arresting Marcel.

Chicago Med begins tonight with Ethan is at a bar with several nurses, but their conversation is cut short when there is a “shots fired” call. A store owner was in a gun battle with someone he thought was going to rob him. Suddenly a little girl runs out, saying her 9 year old neighbor still inside, so Ethan barges the brigade but is held at gunpoint; he does, however, reach the boy who is having trouble breathing. SUI arrives and the robber panics, grabbing the radio and his cellphone, forcing him to seal the doors and windows. He assures the robber he will not try anything.

The robber says all he wanted was a car, but agrees to Ethan’s help. Back at Chicago Med, April finds out the truth about Ethan. Meanwhile, Natalie cannot believe that Crockett was the leader of a crack ring in Louisiana.

Charlie talks to Trent again, saying he will have surgery and stay in the hospital for at least 3 years, Just then he can’t breathe and they drop the bed; but suddenly he starts coughing demanding to know what just happened.

Julian Moody (Joshua Moaney) arrives, learning that Billy is in surgery right now and the reason Julian is there is Billy’s parents are concerned as Crockett isn’t there. When Natalie finds out that Crockett’s baby girl died of leukemia; shortly before her first birthday.

Will is called into Roger’s room, where his entire body is blistered. Will orders the RN to call his wife and she shockingly tells him she is on the phone with her right now and Roger is sitting right beside them; so who is in the room?

Outside, April is given the news that Ethan broke most protocols going in there but she tells him, there is a child in there. He informs her that as soon as everything is in place they are charging the place.

Inside the store, the phone keeps ringing as Ethan attends to the child on the floor. Ethan grabs a knife, swearing it is because the boy can’t breathe, speaking all his actions then throwing the knife where he can’t reach it; the robber is impressive.

Billy still refuses to go for surgery, Daniel watches him as Maggie would love for him to clear the room as she has dozens of people in the OR waiting area. He catches his daughter, Ana, on the phone and demands it from her. She feels if she has to go on that field trip to the science center. She explains how she asked a boy out and now everyone knows he said no and her life is officially ruined. Maggie explains that 13-year-old girls are simply wired differently. He gets an idea and asks her to page Dr. Latham.

Will meets Roger and Yvette as he apologizes for the mistaken identity but Rogers quickly corrects it, saying it is Brian, a friend of him and they’d like to see him. Will chastises them, saying how reckless it was since his insurance card has his information and not Brian’s and he could have killed Brian.

Latham and Daniel talk to about what they believe this is. He is extremely determined to leave the hospital as soon as possible, but Daniel says they will fix the immediate hurt but it won’t correct how it happened.

Natalie is looking up Crockett’s case when Doris walks by. She tells Nat that she hopes she got the right blood because earlier, Will got the wrong one and it was a mess. Natalie thinks about it for a moment and takes the blood herself wanting to ask Marcel if he ever donated bone marrow before and he has.

Outside the convenience store, the robber is getting edgy, feeling the police and playing games. Ethan encourages guns to keep talking or they will barge right in. Ethan shares about some huge mistakes that have happened in their lives and he would do anything to make it better. The robber takes the phone and is about to turn himself in. But smoke grenades break into the windows and the building is rushes. Ethan reminds them they have a casualty on the ground.

April runs to Ethan and hugs him tightly, worried about when SWAT rushed the building. It’s a brief connection before Ethan needs to give him details to the police.

Back at Chicago Med, they are arresting Marcel; something Natalie and Sharon stops them from, explaining how a bone marrow transplant could make the new blood into their own. They believe the recipient of Ethan’s blood is still out there.

Amy is crying in her dad’s office. She again thinks should stay home from school. He explains how he has to fake a limp in school to get out gym class. He tells her that things like running away don’t work, which she grasps as going back to school. She wants to know when the hurting stops. He hugs her and says life always has its ups and downs as she will.

Will is stopped by Maggie about the fake insurance card. Will spots Asher, and questions his own ability to spot fakes. Christian kisses Hannah on the cheek saying he appreciated her all day. Will stops her from explaining her day, by simply saying, “I believe you” and they leave the hospital together.

Marcel is pretty amazed by Natalie’s help. He questions why the bone marrow so she reveals what Dr Moody told her about his baby. He tells her to keep that stuff to herself because if other people hear it, they will think differently of him.