Chicago Med Recap 02/05/20: Season 5 Episode 13 “Pain Is For Living”

Chicago Med Recap 02/05/20: Season 5 Episode 13 "Pain Is For Living"

Tonight on NBC their medical drama Chicago Med airs with an all-new Wednesday, February 5, 2020, episode and we have your Chicago Med recap below. In tonight’s Chicago Med season 5 episode 13 called, “Pain Is For Living,” as per the NBC synopsis, “Two brothers in critical condition are rushed into the hospital by their parents. Dr. Choi, April, and Dr. Charles are left to tend to their care and to piece together what actually transpired.

Dr. Manning becomes suspicious of a new mother entering the E.D. Dr. Halstead‚Äôs tireless activities at the safe injection site start to take a toll on his work.”

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Chicago Med begins tonight with Dr. Ethan Choi (Brian Tee) waving to a couple of children in the ED before he runs into April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta), startling her when he says he loves her. They seem to be quite happy when he reveals he is thinking about being a dad and thinking about coaching teams. She reminds him she is only into week 3 of IVF. April views an exchange between Ethan and Dr. Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains) and doesn’t seem too pleased; something Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) witnesses. April can’t hide how guilty she feels for kissing Marcel. Meanwhile, Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) tells Maggie all about her date, feeling none of the guys she was going to date would work out anyways, something Marcel overhears; mocking her asking if she has ESP. Natalie knows there is the right guy out there, and she will figure it out when she meets him.

A mother rushes in with her son in her arms, Dr. Noah Sexton (Roland Buck III) takes the case; right behind her is her husband who rushes in with their other son, Jamie (Jacob Lee Weiss) and Ethan takes him. The father reveals he choked out his own son but he needed to do so; causing Ethan to look at April, both puzzled by the confession. Dr. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) quickly speaks to the father who says he wanted Jamie to stop screaming as Dylan was crying. He explains that he was driving and talking to Bella, his wife; the boys were in the backseat fighting over the iPad. Jamie started punching Dylan and Bella couldn’t pull him off. Dylan was screaming for help so he pulled over and threw himself on top of Jamie and wrapped his arms around him as tight as he could. He admits the bear hugs are the only thing that brings Jamie back from his dark place. Daniel excuses himself.

Noah ordered tests, positive they will need to do surgery on his 6-year-old patient. Jamie is stable but tormented that his dad choked him out. Noah knows the circumstances and tells Ethan that sometimes he hates the ED. Dr. Charles meets with Jamie, seeing that each knuckle is broken on every finger on both hands. He informs Ethan that this is NOT child abuse.

Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) is busy at the illegal injection site he is working at, trying to convince patients there to get into a real rehab. He is told that he needs to get home and get some rest but his shift starts in half-hour, so no time to sleep. Back at the hospital, Natalie is dealing with a young baby who is the son of a single mom. She doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary feels that it could be the switch from breastmilk to formula. She doesn’t accept that this is colic, begging Natalie to run every test so they can figure this out.

April offers Jamie some food, willing to help him as both his hands are in bulky casts. He knows the doctors and his parents are talking about what he did to his little brother. He admits he didn’t mean to hurt him and cries into April’s arms. The staff learns that Jamie was adopted when he was a few days old and don’t know anything really about the birth parents. Jamie always had a challenge following simple instructions and has to be homeschooled. Dylan was also adopted and his presence first calmed Jamie and they used to be close. Jamie was evaluated several times calling him disruptive and morbid ADHD, giving him several medications that worked for a bit until he ended up in a dark place. Daniel wants to put him on a 5-day hold and they agree as they go to check on Dylan who is just out of surgery.

Natalie returns to say the baby has a mild bowel disorder but there are no obstructions. They want to do an endoscopy into Axel’s throat and a colonoscopy; his mother is told she shouldn’t be there but she prefers to be there against Natalie’s advice. Natalie asks Doris (Lorena Diaz) what she thinks of Axel’s mother and she likes her, wishing more parents would handle the ED that smoothly. Natalie feels she is a little too composed, Marcel feels she is acting like she has ESP again and she is overreacting. Marcel offers to take care of the procedures and will meet Natalie upstairs. Natalie stands with Julia (Rae Gray) who is keenly observing. Julia complains a little about a scrape she has on her belly and Natalie offers to have a nurse clean it up when they return to the ED.

Will is with his patient, who is having abdominal pain for 3 months. Chloe’s newlywed husband says she hasn’t pooped in a week and will say they need to do some Xrays and a rectal. He congratulates them as he says a nurse will come and prep her. Maggie informs Crockett that a massive trauma is in on its way in and she will get Baghdad ready. Lucy’s parents were on the scene, seeing the accident and the aftermath and should be at the hospital any moment. Marcel finds that her belly is hard as a rock, with lots of soft tissue damage. He has no time for the x-ray and uses the ultrasound, saying they need to open the hybrid OR. He informs the parents that she needs immediate surgery for the internal bleeding, promising they will do everything they can.

Jamie says football is his favorite sport, but he loves the Chiefs, not the Chicago Bears like his father. He wants to talk about how Jamie feels when he starts to get upset. He explains that it is fuzzy, like a dream but Daniel asks how it feels inside his body and he tells him it is like he is about to explode. Jamie suddenly wants his casts removed and viciously attacks Daniel who holds him in a bear hug and Ethan injects him with a sedative.

Daniel explains to his parents that Jamie is struggling with multiple mood disorders. Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) recommends that Jamie be admitted to a residential facility, as Daniel explains that when he gets older Jamie will be harder to control and maintain his medical treatment, but in this facility, he will be able to have specialized help and will get the behavioral help he needs to cope in the future; his parents agree.

Marcel is working on Lucy, who continues to bleed somewhere. He realizes she is hurt somewhere else and works on a new plan with the surgical staff.

Chloe learns she is full of stool and has a fibroid on her uterus that is sitting on her bowels. He orders a GYN consult and an ultrasound. Natalie explains to Maggie, that all the tests are coming back clean on baby Axel and is starting to wonder if it is the baby that is really sick or the mom who has this “air” about her; she is too nonchalant, acting like this is just another day. Maggie pages Dr. Charles for her. The nurse calls Natalie to see Axel’s mother, revealing that her scrape is something far worse, it looks like the tunnel between the small bowel and her skin, the green fluid is leaking from her intestines. She admits that she has been dealing with these scrapes for years. She thinks that both Axel and she have it and wants to run a test on both of them.

Marcel feels Lucy is ready to go up to ICU for rewarming but her body is still bleeding. Her abdomen is dry, but she loses her pulse. Marcel starts pumping her chest but there is nothing. He is determined to get her heart going again to no avail. Marcel calls the time of death, asking everyone to clear the room so he can have a moment with his patient.

Ethan runs into Charles and Sharon who informs him that there is room for Jamie at Iron Brook, the only residential facility to handle his needs, but there is no coverage for it. Plan B is for Daniel to hold him for 5 days and stable his medications as much as possible then recommend him to a great outpatient service. Ethan worries when Jamie loses his temper again, he could kill Dylan next time; feeling they have an obligation to protect Dylan.

Will walks into Chloe’s room and is shocked to see the woman who he saved using Narcan previously, it is Dr. Hannah Asher (Jessy Schram), from gynecology. She reviewed the ultrasound and feels the best course of treatment is surgery to remove the fibroid, performed by her and done today. Will suggests hormone therapy to shrink the fibroid as the surgery is risky, but they are anxious to start a family and know that going on the pill will stall that and she is already 41. They like his passion but surgery is the best option for them.

Hannah excuses herself and Will chases after her, telling her she cannot perform the surgery and should not even be working. She admits him seeing her at the injection site was her having a bad day; causing him to question if she is high right now. She thinks she should be worried about his judgment as he works 3 or 4 nights at the clinic. He warns her that she could risk Chloe’s life as an addict. She swears she is sober now and Chloe is in good hands with her!

Axel has Crohn’s Disease as it is a genetic disorder, something she has too. Natalie doesn’t understand why she is not feeling anything because people who suffer from Crohn’s would suffer extremely. She asks her what emotion she is feeling and she admits confusion. Natalie wants to run one more test, excusing herself.

Will stands outside the OR, demanding to keep checking on Dr. Asher, saying Chloe is his patient and he wants to make sure she has everything under control. The nurse comes out and tells Will that Asher told him to go away!

Daniel sits with Jamie’s parents, explaining that Jamie needs to be at the Marbrook Residential Hospital even though no one will budge on the cost. He explains that in order to get Medicaid to pay for things they will have to do a psychiatric lockout. It will require them to surrender Jamie to the hospital, explaining how once he is a ward of the state, they are required to give him the psychiatric help he needs. They will make sure his parents can see Jamie but they will have no say in his care.

Daniel promises this won’t be forever as his father knows that Jamie needs them to do this. He reminds them the sooner they do this the sooner Jamie can begin to heal and they can become a family again. His mother cries as his father pushes, saying this is to save him. Jamie cries as he is told what is happening, pleading with them to take him home. April cries from behind the glass window.

Marcel is determined to find out what happened to his patient, Lucy when Sharon comes in, saying it has been over an hour and her parents are in the waiting room and need to know their daughter has passed. He refuses to speak to them until he knows the cause of death and why he couldn’t save her. He finds a hole in her abdomen with something inside, Sharon brings over the x-ray machine and they discover a bullet; no one realizing that Lucy was shot.

Lucy’s parents are shocked that she was shot from above. The police will run ballistics, but it is believed that someone in the city fired a gun into the air and the bullet came down it struck Lucy. Marcel assures them that a nurse will come and bring them to see Lucy.

Natalie realizes her take on Julia has been way off when she gets the results on Axel’s mom. She tells Julia about her concerns, revealing that the tests show something is missing from her. She has a microdeletion that makes her insensitive to pain. Julia begins to cry as Natalie explains that this is probably genetic and now she worries that she passed on the genes for Crohn’s but not the genes so he won’t be tortured by it. Natalie reassures her that she knew to bring him in to the ED and as his mother she will always know what he needs.

Hannah finishes the surgery, revealing that Chloe is fine, but Will doesn’t seem too impressed. Asher wants them to keep their distance from each other, he says that is fine as soon as she seeks treatment for her addiction. She doesn’t take kindly to it, telling him to go screw himself. She reminds him that she knows about his involvement with an illegal injection site so if he rats her out, she will do the same to him.

Outside, Natalie finds Marcel, admitting her ESP didn’t pan out for the little boy and his mom. He says he will see her tomorrow and she wishes him a good night. Sharon finds Daniel on the roof, both feeling that today sucked. They don’t have enough resources for children, she fears that Jamie’s family won’t be the last to face a lockout, but Jamie will get the help he needs and that is a good thing. In the meantime, Ethan and April bring Dylan to his parents’ car. His mother breaks down in tears before she gets in the car, causing April and Ethan to hold hands and glance at each other.