Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ciara’s Fate Revealed, Ben Learns What Happened – Vincent Solves One Mystery, But Starts Another

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ciara’s Fate Revealed, Ben Learns What Happened – Vincent Solves One Mystery, But Starts Another

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers tease that Vincent Belman’s (Michael Teh) time on the run will finally come to an end. Once Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) catches up with Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso), they’ll follow a lead and track Vincent down.

Thankfully, Vincent won’t be able to flee this time. It won’t be long until Vincent is hauled to the police station for questioning.

Of course, Vincent’s holding all the cards here since he’s the only one who knows what happened to Ciara Brady Weston (Victoria Konefal). Hope will undoubtedly push Vincent to reveal what he did with her daughter and whether Ciara’s actually alive. However, Vincent won’t be feeling particularly chatty.

In fact, Vincent will enjoy holding this secret over Hope and Ben’s heads to mess with them. This is still a vengeful game to Vincent, but Ben will take matters into his own hands.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Ben will get physical with Vincent and insist he’d better start talking! If Vincent doesn’t reveal any answers, Ben will be prepared to kill him.

There’ll be a room full of cops around, but Ben won’t care if they hear his threat. Ben will be too caught up in trying to get Ciara back. This fierce showdown will play out on October 2, so that could set up an exciting Friday cliffhanger. Vincent may agree to tell Ben and Hope the story of what exactly went down following the car explosion.

During the week of October 5-9, Vincent will indeed tell the tale. Days of Our Lives spoilers say Ciara’s fate will be revealed – at least her fate according to Vincent!

Obviously, we can’t take Vincent’s word for it unless Days shows some fake flashbacks to explain – kind of like they did once Ben’s memories from the dorm room came back.

We’ll see if DOOL delivers those faux flashbacks to unravel the mystery. Regardless, it’ll be interesting to hear what Vincent has to say. It’s possible Vincent will claim Ciara is dead, but why would Ben have to pry that out of him? You’d think Vincent would just say that right away if he were going to.

Plus, it would make this whole Vincent search pointless. Vincent’s news has to change something or else it will have all been for nothing. Days could’ve just let Ciara be presumed dead in the car if that’s the way they wanted to end this storyline.

Instead, they left the door open for Ciara’s looming return – and Vincent’s admission may do that as well.

Will Vincent confess something cryptic like Ciara’s gone…but not dead? After some back and forth, Vincent might reveal that Ciara’s alive and refuse to say exactly where.

We know Hope was supposed to go off canvas for a few months before Alfonso just quit instead. The original plan was for Hope to leave – seemingly on a mission.

That could easily tie in with a Ciara search that Hope refuses to let Ben be part of. Hope might want Ben to stay in Salem in case Ciara comes home looking for him.

If this next phase of the search is dangerous, the last thing Hope will want is for Ben to wind up dead. It’d just prevent the “Cin” reunion another way.

Whatever the case, Vincent will reveal Ciara’s fate and launch the next chapter in this shocking storyline. It sounds like Vincent will solve one mystery and start another! As other DOOL updates come in, we’ll bring you up to speed.

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