Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back Premiere Recap 01/28/20: Season 3 Episode 4

Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back Premiere Recap 01/28/20: Season 3 Episode 4

Tonight on FOX their Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back airs with an all-new Tuesday, January 28, 2020, season 3 episode 4 and we have your Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back recap below. On tonight’s Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back season 3 episode 4 episode called, “Botto Italian Line Restaurant,” as per the FOX synopsis, “Gordon Ramsay’s “Hell On Wheels” travels to Botto’s, an Italian restaurant located in Swedesboro, NJ. Chef Ramsay and his crew find two brothers whose constant fighting makes work difficult for their staff.

Ramsay will try to bring this failing restaurant back from the brink of disaster – all in just 24 hours. As the clock ticks down, Ramsay and his team transform this restaurant with a spectacular renovation, a fresh new menu, and hope for the future.

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Gordon Ramsay begins tonight show driving “Hell on Wheels” to Swedesboro, NJ to a restaurant called “Botto’s Italian Line Restaurant.” Robert, 54 is 25% owner/general manager alongside his brothers, Vincent and Dom who run a sausage company. Robert and his brother, Henry run the restaurant. Henry, 45 is the executive chef, but he prefers to be the “fat guy who likes to make things taste good.” Botto’s opened in 1998 with the 4 brothers and their father; it used to have over 200 covers on a Saturday night before their father passed. Henry and Robert begin to butt heads, mostly arguing about money. Henry feels he is looking at the whole picture and Robert isn’t.

Judy, 51 is banquet manager/hostess. She admits that Robert yells a lot, treating her like she is 12 and her first day there. She has come to the point that she doesn’t want to try anymore because it really doesn’t mean anything. Robert admits it was the sausage factory that funded the restaurant for years, but right now they are about $850,000 in debt. Henry feels the restaurant is his life and if it had to close it would break his heart.

Chef Gordon Ramsay goes undercover as Lorenzo, an elderly gentleman; as they pull out of their parking spot, Gordon hits a statue and almost backs up into a tree. He arrives with two women, who he claims to be his family and in order to not be recognized he loaded the restaurant with a wedding party, which includes Mary, the head of his culinary team. They are placed in the corner and remain undetected. They order a variety of Italian dishes that should be staples for the company.

The décor of the restaurant is drab from the early 90s, reminding them of a funeral home with some very sad, morbid pictures on the wall. Their food begins to arrive and the food looks horrendous. They are served cold and dry meatballs. The oysters, Gordon puts in his mouth but quickly spits it out as they are spoiled, mushy and soft. He spits out his veal, as it is different colors and he says it is disgusting. The flounder is rancid and she asks Judy to replace it as it is “awful.” Judy retreats to the kitchen to get Robert, who offers to make them something else. Robert explains that she didn’t get flounder and offers her another piece of fish, which the table refuses.

Gordon nods to Mary, telling his table he has seen enough, but the wedding party clinks their glasses causing Mary to rise. She asks staff to grab the back of the house, introducing them to Chef Gordon Ramsay, who removes his disguise. He says what they just experienced was shocking and he just witnessed one of the most disgusting lunches in the history of Italian cuisine. Robert pipes up and tells Gordon they are always trying to be better, but he is shut down quickly. He is amazed the restaurant is still open and invites everyone to follow him outside, complaining about the mess.

Once outside, everyone lines up in front of Hell on Wheels. He shows them videos of what his crew caught on camera. Rancid Meat. Rotting Avocado. Rotting Vegetables. Flies on the food. One of the cooks says the wings they got on Wednesday look like they have slime on them; Robert tells him to just give them a rinse, shocking customers. Robert is very rude to his staff, even laughing at himself. Chef Ramsay would like to see everyone back in 24 hours, everyone promises to do so and he puts the timer on 24 hours.

Staff brings up there is too much of a divide as Robert is the front and Henry in the kitchen, and it is not working out between the two of them. Robert is quickly told he doesn’t know his ass from his elbow as he tries to talk his way out of things. Robert stands up to him, which surprises the staff.

22:45 Robert admits there were issues today, but he doesn’t need to convince anybody. Gordon doesn’t believe he is committed to this restaurant. He is in complete denial. Ramsay hears from Henry who says he is proud of the food coming out of the kitchen. Robert immediately places the blame on Henry but does feel like a man who has given up. Henry worries are that if he cuts down the menu, he will piss off the customers. He wants to know if Robert is fit to run a restaurant. When Judy is asked, she squirms, saying Robert’s heart is there but he doesn’t focus on what is wrong with the restaurant. Gordon doesn’t feel his heart is there because if it was, they would do better. Josh, 26 prep cook tells stories of how good the restaurant was when he was growing up but now it is just another place.

Gordon brings up the décor, which Robert defends, saying this was his dad’s place. He blesses him but he is gone. He apologizes and says they cannot live off the past, as their reputation has been dwindling the past 10 years. They need to get out of this time warp quickly. Everyone quickly gets to work as Henry is emotional seeing the pictures coming off the wall. Gordon tells them they are being respectful and will store the photos but they need to move forward in order to move the restaurant forward. He gets to the kitchen when Henry and Robert.

He immediately confronts them about the meatballs. Nothing is covered nor dated in the kitchen. He says the walk-in is a complete disgrace and goes behind the line. Robert shakes his head as Gordon gives Henry and him the plate of nachos and cheese, both refusing to eat it. He calls the place a disgrace. He wishes their father was watching this as he would fire every one of them.

20:50 Henry says the stoves and covers have been cleaned every other week, but he pulls down the hood and grease just pours down onto the stove, igniting a fire. The tray is full and the building could go up in a heartbeat. Gordon tells them they should be ashamed and don’t deserve this. Henry orders everyone in the kitchen to start cleaning. Gordon wants them to get on the same page and be accountable for their own mistakes.

Gordon meets with Theresa, who is explaining how they are going to change the décor and making it a lot lighter inside to change the mood. Domenic arrives, their brother to see if he is aware of how bad the business has declined. He admits they blindly trust each other to do the right thing and have no idea how bad the restaurant really is. He shows him a video of how the staff is being treated and what is really going on. A lot of them complaining that Robert is swearing and him making sexual comments to customers. Dom is furious that Robert is doing this as Gordon says he needs to be accountable for everything. Dom says he and his brother, Vincent will hold Robert accountable.

Meanwhile, Robert talks to Theresa that he would like to have some of the family pictures up on the wall. Gordon takes Henry outside to Hell on Wheels so they can talk, chef-to-chef basis. Henry reveals he misses his dad’s presence and didn’t want to work in the kitchen. It wasn’t his choice to be the chef, but together Gordon shows him the new menu and how to cook each dish.

Henry is hungry when they review the menu. Chef Ramsay shows him how to make each dish, asking about his relationship with Robert. Henry complains that Robert is controlling and he is the one who is ordering so much extra food and now they are stuck in the mud. Henry acknowledges that none of them have tried to make themselves any better over the years. Henry tries the dishes and feels he can easily cook it. When asked if he had to go to Robert and tell him that enough was enough and he wants a chance to run the restaurant on his own. Henry knows that he will say they are in it together, but Gordon reminds him that it isn’t working and he needs to step out of the shadow and become an individual. Henry is asked if he has the guts to stand up to his big brother?

9:15 pm Does he have the guts?? Henry feels he can do it. It might take a wrestling match and he will win. He wants people to come into the restaurant and enjoy themselves. He feels he is ready to step up and Robert needs to step back and take care of the market. Henry meets Mary, Alex, and Jamie who are going to train his kitchen on how to cook modern Italian dishes. Gordon knows, after listening to Henry that Robert needs to leave. He goes to meet with Robert.

Henry sits with Gordon and Robert as there is a clear divide for power. The restaurant needs a face and they are butting heads publicly. Henry feels that Robert needs to let go. When asked, Robert nods and feels that Henry can run the restaurant but he needs to stick to his guns. He feels Henry needs to make decisions and stand by his convictions. Gordon tells Robert he needs to go home and return for the relaunch; this change is crucial and after the brother’s hug, Robert leaves.

12:18 Theresa brings Gordon up to speed on the renovations. With 10:16 hours left, the staff feels this is awesome and excited this is happening. Judy feels if it wasn’t for Chef Ramsay coming in, this never would have been shaken up but staff hopes Gordon realizes how dedicated they truly are.

Gordon learns from Mary that the kitchen staff has some old habits they need to kick. They feel like this is all going to be a piece of cake and are cocky. Henry is a bit nervous about Brian running the line. He feels with growth comes experiences. Gordon hears from Henry that he isn’t pleased with their performance and it needs to improve for their relaunch. It may be a small menu but the standards have to be ten-fold. All the pressure is on Henry’s shoulder.

2:11 the renovation team is getting the interior done as Judy and staff feel they are no longer in a funeral home and it is awesome. Henry goes upstairs and everyone tears up to see the wall with the Botto family photos. He thanks Chef Ramsay as his father’s photo is still front and center. Staff feels the dining area is open and inviting, fit for family and friends alike.

Gordon calls the team together, informing them that Henry is the one in control. Henry tells them this place is about family and they can run this place and embark on a new journey. Everyone says they are there for Henry as Gordon reminds them Robert will be at the relaunch and they need to make sure he sees that he doesn’t need to be there.

Customers begin arriving and Henry calls out the orders as they come in. Domenic arrives in disguise, so he can judge for himself if Henry can run the restaurant by himself. Gordon goes into the kitchen talking to Bryan, concerned about the look on his face. Orders begin to come out of the kitchen and customers are pleased, giving it an A+ Gordon checks in the kitchen, reminding Bryan that this is teamwork and they need to hear from him. Robert and his wife arrive, Judy worried that it will be hard for him to stay out of it.

The food begins to stall, the first table that ordered has not received anything. Gordon checks the quality of the things leaving the kitchen and they serve a raw veal chop. Henry tells them to refire. Gordon tells Henry that they are stalling because they are not talking to each other. Robert is reminded by his wife that he needs to let his brother run this, which is difficult for him. Dishes finally start coming out for the VIP tables too, including Domenic’s. He tells his waitress that the dish is perfect.

Gordon observes as Henry is overseeing the kitchen, being very vocal. Robert thoroughly enjoys the food as Henry continues to praise the kitchen staff. Domenic comes to the kitchen, removing his disguise and Dom tells him he will support him 100% as he has a whole team behind him. Henry promises that he and Dom will both make sure that Robert stays out of this. Gordon tells Henry to grab the bull by the horns and next time he comes back he wants to see Henry in charge. Dom and Henry hug as the brothers take their time to see the wall, Robert impressed with the décor; saying his dad would be happy with it all.

3 Months later….
Henry shares that he has his wish come true with a brand new dining room that the customers love. Henry feels they built a new hot spot for New Jersey to come to. They read their reviews and some of them are 11/10. Robert said it was a good feeling to walk through the restaurant and not have to worry about anything anymore as he can focus on the market now. Henry thanks Gordon Ramsay for coming in and helping them move forward; knowing his dad is proud.