Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back Recap 05/12/20: Season 3 Episode 10 “Save Our Town”

Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back Recap 05/12/20: Season 3 Episode 10 "Save Our Town"

Tonight on FOX their Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back airs with an all-new Tuesday, May 12, 2020, season 3 episode 10 and we have your Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back recap below. On tonight’s Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back season 3 episode 10 episode called, “Save Our Town,” as per the FOX synopsis, “Gordon revitalizes three businesses in Ellicott City, Md., after flood damage in 2016 and 2018.

Interior designer Nate Berkus, former professional baseball player Cal Ripken Jr. and former professional football player Torrey Smith help Gordon.

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Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back happens tonight in Ellicott City, where Chef Gordon Ramsay and his crew are set to fix and renovate THREE businesses, including The Little Market Cafe and The Phoenix Upper Main; it will also present the renovations to the Shoemaker Country store.

We begin tonight with a message saying, “This program was filmed only weeks before COVID-19 shut down most of America, and the world. The businesses you are about to see are currently closed to stop the spread of the virus. We will continue to fight this global pandemic together. Stay strong, Gordon.”

This week he is going to Ellicott City that has been twice hit by devastating floods; they have been to hell and Gordon Ramsay is going to help bring them back. He is not going to be on a 24-hour clock as he is going to try and save the entire town with help of special friends, Cal Ripken Jr (Baseball Legend) and Nate Berkus (Interior Designer). Together they are going to answer Ellicott City’s SOS.

Gordon Ramsay arrives at a private Military airstrip, calling Maryland Governor Larry Hogan who reveals all the damage he is facing; they take helicopters to view all the damage that has been done to the city and Main Street where he knows he has his work cut out for him. His team is with Hell on Wheels, where together they are going to try and save this town.

We begin with Ed Lilley, the town historian who reveals Ellicott City was founded in 1772. Jeni, Owner of Little Market Cafe says the solid community is why this place is so special. Mark, Phoenix Emporium/ New Owner Ellicott Mills Brewing Company says things were going well until July 2016 when a thunderstorm came and the river flooded Main Street; causing complete devastation. Tim, Manager, Ellicott Mills Brewing Co. talks about it being the longest 45 minutes of his life, crying. Everything ceased to exist overnight and took over a year of simply being a construction site. People came out to help to rebuild, the town was just coming back and businesses opening, but less than 2 years later, it happens again; even worse than the last time.

They sunk everything into rebuilding the first time, the town didn’t recover and some of their favorite places were gone. Friends left and people struggled to open again. Jeff, Owner Jaxon Edwin feels they could only fund something before you are forced to make a tough decision; they plead for help to bring back the love and the people. Gordon Ramsay says time is up for a pity party and has chosen three places that if they can be revamped, they could be the cornerstone for tourism once again. The Little Market Cafe and the owner Jeni have never recovered from the floods. The Phoenix Emporium is at the corner where they had to switch things up to make room for overflow from the river, but Owner, Mark has bought a second place, Ellicott Brewing Co., attempting to merge the two businesses together. Finally, Jaxon Edwin is a new company that is trying to bring in new customers.

Gordon is going in undercover as a historian to study it up close and personal. He needs to fully understand where the town has been in order to know where it’s at. He loves the architecture, as he walks with Barry Gibson a local shop owner and Ed Lilley. He explains that the Phoenix Emporium is going to be shut down, showing him how high the water went. It is a ghost town, feeling sad but feels they need some tough love. They head to lunch at the Ellicott Brewing Co., feeling he needs to make sure the food will keep the tourists coming back.

They are warmly welcomed, everyone ordering the dishes that should be a trademark for the company. Gordon receives his food, the color is depressing and bland. There is too much bristle in the steak and fish is dry. The German potato salad was ice cold. Gordon leaves the table stopping customers to pay attention and calls the entire kitchen brigade out; everyone claps when they see it is Gordon Ramsay in disguise. He tells Mark it wasn’t the best experience but he is there to help and wants him to get everyone from the top of the street to the bottom urgently.

Everyone in town is thrilled to hear Gordon Ramsay is there, cheering and clapping as they all find out. Mark tells them they are not there to get yelled at, but to help the town. He finds Jeni in her kitchen, asking him what he is doing there. They hug as he asks them all to join him outside, she looks utterly confused as everyone cheers. Gordon says he is happy and honored to be there, knowing they have been to hell and back and their strength is inspiring. He reveals he is committed to helping restore their main street and shine a light on their incredible city. He admits this is the first time in 2 decades but needs their help, appreciating their help. He brings in his Hell on Wheels, along with several humvees of the military. He confesses he is used to doing this in 24 hours, but they have till the end of the week so they can relaunch in a couple of days.

Gordon meets with Mark, his employee Rachel feels that Mark is the best. He tells Gordon the restaurant is considered the drain of the city and in order to fix the river overflowing the Phoenix is going to be torn down. He bought Ellicott Mills Brewing Co to save his business. Tim, the manager feels it is like someone bought into your house and moving in with you. Their restaurant is the center of the community and is desperate to stay.

Gordon visits the Emporium, learning it was a really successful restaurant until 2016. The water was up to 7 or 8 feet but he had to get to the restaurant as his people; the second flood happened when he and his customers were on the second and third floor. He expresses the pain, terror, and panic from the 2018 flood have scarred him. Gordon listens with complete sympathy, even after hearing the third blow that the building is coming down. He feels he will be devastated to see the building torn down. Gordon admits he is as upset as he is, but the town needs an impact. He needs Mark to transfer his feelings to the Brewery, asking to have a meeting with everyone from both restaurants. He feels Mark isn’t ready to lead his team into the future.

He meets with everyone, saying change can be exciting and important. He speaks to Tim, saying the food needs to change as it isn’t 1972. Tim says the kitchen isn’t his expertise and the menu was the owner’s responsibility. One says he is the kitchen manager but doesn’t feel he is the head chef. Mark plans on bringing in Chef Cynthia as the head chef, the daughter of his head chef at the Phoenix. Gordon agrees that they need an identity, everyone expressing how there is a miscommunication; Mark assuring him there will be fundamental changes to the Brewery. Gordon says everyone in that room needs to fight for their job.

Gordon wants to get back to the barebones of the place, revealing he has Theresa who has been working for him for the last 5 years and one of the most amazing designers who knows several things about interior design. She is informed that the University of Maryland’s football team has arrived to help out; they are greeted with applauds as Theresa takes over. They all work through the night as Gordon comes to see Jeni at the Little Market Cafe. Dave, local business owner says he adores Jeni and she would give the shirt off her back if needed. Max, the manager at Little Market Cafe feels Jeni is the community leader, the best boss and best friend he has ever had. Angela, Asst manager feels Jeni gives and gives but finds it hard to ask for help.

Jenni is excited and grateful that Gordon is there. She explains what happened in 2016; Max called her and she got there when the river was already raging. Max couldn’t get out, saying he couldn’t swim as he was stuck at a little window. She got two men to kick the window in and he fell into her arms. She cries as she explains how scary it was. He wants to meet the team and catch up with them.

Inside the cafe, they talk about the second disaster in 2018. The staff explains how this is their family away from home and they would work for nothing just to keep this restaurant going. They praise Jeni, who admitted to taking off time just now. Jeni admits she likes to see her staff of 7. Gordon really starts to understand why everyone supports and gives to the business. He introduces them to Theresa, the team designer, and the National Guard team is there to help them strip and rebuild the place again. He tells Jeni to go have dinner with her hubby and he will call her when he needs her.

Gordon Ramsay heads off to the third place that needs renovation and help. He knows the city needs a facelift so he is bringing in Nate Berkus. He feels this is a huge project but he is going to give hope to the city, with several shadow boxes that will show their pride and joy to the people. He doesn’t think people really understand how scary a flood is. He plans to bring back the main street and has a plan for the storefronts, wanting to tell a story of the town. Gordon promises to pop by later.

Gordon returns to the Brewery and needs to meet with the kitchen staff. He enters the walk-in fridges and finds pork that has turned sour. He finds buckets of food that have been sitting in a bucket with a metal pan in it; causing rust to grow in the food. Mark is at a loss for words as he doesn’t run the Phoenix-like that. He goes up to the kitchen, calling Tim over to see the meat Gordon had a lunchtime. He wants someone to take responsibility, as Cynthia takes control of the kitchen to clean it; throwing out all the food. Gordon tells Tim that his staff needs to step up and take responsibility, but he will be back.

It’s pouring rain and he called a local business called “Eco Work” to help clean up the main street; asking them to give the town some love and get the main street up to life. Putting the whole town back on the map.

The transformations are happening inside and out of the stores, restaurants, and cafes so now Gordon has the chance to work on the menu. He needs to see what Cynthia can do. He wants her to walk into the fridge and cook the first thing that comes to mind. He has to go to the Market Cafe, but he needs to see what she can do and what they can make of her. She cooks comfort food, hoping she cooked it correctly and he won’t spit it out. She tells her father, Julio the chef at the Phoenix that she feels it is good.

Gordon returns to taste her chicken and various vegetables. She is terrified as he tries it. He says the flavor is there and seasoning is on point; telling her it was a good job, just needs to be a little less messy. Cynthia is a positive sign for him that she is assertive and in charge. He quickly presents her with a new menu, asking her to forget everything they were cooking before. She is very excited as Gordon spends time showing her how to create each dish. She asks him everything along the way, which he is impressed with. He reveals he flew in his culinary team who is going to work with them. He reminds them to listen, learn, and push themselves. Cynthia is sure everyone is going to love the food.

Gordon is in the midst of two massive renovations but he feels they need to do a third, confused about Jaxon Edwin, the first floor is a game room, second floor a coffee house, and the third floor is a barbershop. He feels it might be too much for his team to pull off but he feels they need it. He walks in and meets Jeff, the owner on the second floor; thinking it might have been closed. He likes how cool the place is; Jeff explaining that the barbershop is the third floor because it is their huge revenue and couldn’t be ruined in the flood. Gordon wants to know the company’s identity. Jeff is excited that Gordon is there and hopes he can teach them some new things. Jeff admits he is only there twice a week and Gordon says his presence needs to be felt as it is a small community.

Gordon knows the pressure, reminding him they are there to help him. He cries, extremely emotional from everything that has happened. Gordon says he is committed and appreciates the nerve he had to come back again after that flood. He wants him to process his commitment as it will help in a long way. Jeff understands there needs to be a change and he is looking forward to growing. Jeff cannot contain his emotions about the prospect of Gordon’s help.

Gordon checks on Nate, who is very hyper and excited about his work. Gordon is off again as Mark talks to his staff, Carrie. He is excited about the next chapter, but it is hard to let go of the emotional attachment to the Phoenix. Carrie feels that they are all together and once they open, it will be beautiful. Gordon feels Mark’s attachment is stalling him from truly moving forward. He is overwhelmed, feeling the structure he had at the Phoenix helped and is struggling with letting it go. Gordon reminds him he needs to put his business cap on, and let go of the emotional side. He introduces him to David, Laura, and Christina who are there to help him move on. They tell him it is important to cut ties and focus on the future as he admits he doesn’t know who can take him to the future.

Gordon introduces Cal Ripken Jr. to the staff at the Brewery. He congratulates Cal on the 25th anniversary of their baseball record. Cal advises how the two teams can merge; explaining in baseball it is called chemistry and magical. They had to struggle how to play together with the different cultures but they figured it out and it all rolled. Mark works with Cal, guiding him.

Gordon feels Jeff is a talented businessman but an introvert, whereas Jeni is the heartbeat of the city. He needs Jeni to lift him up, as neighbors of the whole town will fall apart. Jeni needs to convince him there is enough room in the town for both of them. Their companies are completely different, Jeff feeling they compete because they both sell coffee. Gordon says he can’t run the company solely, but he needs to be betting in the community. He says he is all in to spending time together as Gordon reminds him that he is only as good as his neighbor.

Jeni feels they have a solid community and Jaxon Edwin is a great addition to the town. She informs him that no one will be better at describing his place, other than him. He says she should run as a politician, but a cafe owner as everyone loves her. He would like his company to be an anchor for the community but maybe he needs to be physically the face of his company. He begins to deliver coffee to everyone who is working. Gordon realizes watching Jeff open up it is how important the community needs to rally for each other. He needs to get people back to Main Street. He has a restaurant in Baltimore and brings the owners to Baltimore.

They are brought to the Baltimore Ravens’ stadium, reminding them if they need to make an impact in their community they need to go BIG! He reveals his plan is to show everything off on the jumbotron in the stadium to present how lovely Ellicott City is. The team has agreed to play the post for the first game of their season. Mark admits he has season tickets. Jeni feels it is beautiful as Chad Steele, the senior vice president of communications for the Baltimore Ravens is thankful to be part of this day. Calvin Ball, county executive feels this is a wonderful way for people to experience what Ellicott City has to offer. Jeff feels it will help the entire community.

They don’t have any time to celebrate as it continues to rain during the renovations. They are up against the time and it is hard to paint the building while it’s raining. Theresa feels they need more people and he doesn’t care who he has to call. He begs her not to give up as he makes another call. The following morning, the rain has stopped and plants are being planted. Gordon says it is a huge day as they are relaunching 3 businesses. He feels they have success on their hands. He loves the shadow boxes that Nate created, showing special finds that people can buy in the specific stores. The final touches are being put on and it is time for him to reveal the transformations.

He brings Mark to see the Phoenix, Upper Main and an audience is watching him from the Hell on Wheels. Mark thinks it is spectacular. He shows Mark the POS system and stocked the kitchen with the state of the art equipment. He thanks Gordon, giving him a hug. The team comes in, and they are awestruck; Julio shouting he is ready as his daughter is now in charge. Gordon tells him he better not mess up or Cynthia will tell him! Mark admits he is ready to move forward as Gordon encourages them all to give Mark a group hug.

Gordon is ready to present Jeni with her Little Market Cafe, everyone clapping their hands as Jeni chokes up when she sees the crowd and how beautiful her cafe looks. She says it is so beautiful and there is no words. He says there is an extra surprise inside and he escorts Jeni inside alone. She loves how he has changed inside. He even has sticks to make smores over the firepit on her terrace. She feels like this is a dream as Gordon reminds her they are opening that afternoon and she needs to let her staff do it.

Gordon brings Jeff to Jaxon Edwin, both walking in as he is thrilled at the transformation. The place is inviting and feels warm. He is ready to see upstairs, the place has been given life a pillar on Main Street with the perfect social atmosphere. He encourages them to set up to open later that afternoon.

Cynthia is ready to rumble when it comes to the restaurant, people are gathered outside as Gordon thanks them for being a part of this moment for Ellicott City. Gordon talks about all of the places and the owners, encouraging everyone to go out and see all the places, joking that one of the men in the crowd needs to go there and he will pay for his haircut. He officially announces that Main Street is open.

The community feels this is the real motivation to bring people back, the shadow boxes are there to remind everyone that the past is just as important as the present and this brings them back to life. People are grateful to Gordon Ramsay for coming to bring this place back to life.

Gordon walks into Jaxon Edwin where everyone is eating, the place is buzzing. He is amazed at how everything is going, tells Jeff his place is gorgeous, and thanks to him for putting back into the community. Jeff thanks Gordon Ramsay, feeling extremely grateful with tears in his eyes.

He then goes to see Jeni’s Little Market Cafe, saying he is better with a pan than with a stick, burning the smores. It is packed as he finds Jeni in the kitchen. He knows that she loves busting the rules, encouraging her not to change. He promises to be coming in the summer to see how the cafe and firepit are doing. He reminds her to get out of the kitchen and be out there with her customers as she needs to be the face of her company.

The opening of the Phoenix Upper Main is about to happen, with Mark admitting he is nervous. They open the doors and Torrey Smith a former Baltimore Raven arrives with his son along with several customers. Calvin Ball even arrives. Mark is able to share how it was the University football team that set up the bars. Orders start coming in, the kitchen really communicating but now it seems like Cynthia somewhat stresses about the overload. Mark delivers the food but drops the fries even though he was warned how slippery it was.

The orders start to be created out of order, forcing Gordon to come back to the kitchen, wondering if they are okay. Cynthia reveals they were going the opposite way on the orders but they got it going right now. The patrons are loving their food. Gordon reminds Cynthia that an opening is never perfect and she needs to cut herself some slack. Tim checks in the dining room and he has positive feedback. Cynthia feels this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, crying happy tears, saying she is blessed and grateful.

Gordon tells Mark the buzz in there is beautiful and he deserves this. Mark feels the staff worked well together, they will grow and make this town stronger with this opportunity. Gordon brings Mark out to see Jeni and Jeff, who both say they are really great. Gordon has one more surprise for them, a mural on the walls. He reveals his job is done and reminds them that they need to stay pillars of the community.

The three of them will need to stick together and the whole town will follow suit. Jeff now has his identity with his Jaxon Edwin. Jeni with her Little Market Cafe is booming; everyone was so happy. Mark hugs Gordon, saying the Phoenix is pumping and now Ellicott City has a beautiful gastro pub they can be proud of. They may have been down but they are definitely not out. Back with a meaningful purpose.

Gordon says his work is not done as there are many other cities that have struggled and been hit by devastation. Ellicott is a gorgeous town. Gordon leaves off with one message…

“Shortly after my departure, Ellicott City, like the rest of the country, temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 virus. I truly believe Main Street will open and thrive once again. When it does, I hope you will join me in bringing life and tourism back to this amazing town. God bless you all, Gordon. PS. Seriously, wash you ******* hands!”