Greenleaf Premiere Recap 06/23/20: Season 5 Episode 1 “The First Day”

Greenleaf Premiere Recap 06/23/20: Season 5 Episode 1 "The First Day"

Tonight on the OWN their new series following the Greenleaf family called Greenleaf premieres with an all-new Tuesday, June 23, 2020, season 5 episode 1 and we have your Greenleaf recap below. In tonight’s episode called, “The First Day,”  season 5 episode 1 as per the OWN synopsis, “With Calvary’s imminent demolition, Lady Mae and Bishop seek a sign from God; Jacob digs into the family mansion’s past, and Grace learns the real reason why Bob Whitmore is so invested in keeping the Calvary congregation under his wing.”

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Grace and Bishop watch as they take things out of the church. At Mae’s, Aaron arrives to see Grace. Mae tells him she doesn’t want the old church back. Bishop and Grace arrive. Bishop is still upset with Mae. She asks Aaron to pray for her.

Aaron delivers the news that AJ has been clear. They caught the real suspect. He shows a photo. Grace recognizes him. AJ and Grace are not relieved. Aaron is surprised. Meanwhile, Kerissa threatens Jacob. She wants to receive her share and more in the divorce and if she doesn’t there will be problems.

Grace visits with Darius. He shares that things have been rough trying to get over her. She needs a favor. They head to talk over coffee.

Aaron speaks with Jacob who believes the will is being used against him. Aaron prays he gets through it. He tells him to look into any prior wills. After Aaron leaves, Jacob calls Alexa.

The community from the church is prepping to make their move. They discuss a brighter future.

Grace tells Darius about the man she saw at Faith’s grave. Meanwhile, Jacob visits with Mac’s assistant. He tells her how he is trying to locate the paperwork. He also shares he is getting a divorce. He asks her if she is married as he looks at her little girl. She shares she was never married and no the baby is not his. She finally tells him about a storage locker and he apologizes for the way things ended with them.

Grace finds AJ in his room. He is still distraught. She reminds him he is free. He doesn’t feel good about it, another guy paid the price. Grace is happy about it even if someone is paying the price for him. He cheers up a little, putting on a fake happy face and agrees to go out. He packs a few things.

Bishop meets with some of the women from the church while Jacob visits Mac’s storage unit.

Sophia shows up to see Dante. His ex is there. She is upset and decides to leave. Bishop speaks with Mae about starting a brand new church. He proposes they head to city hall and get married.

Charity visits with Phil and tries to give back the ring. She doesn’t understand. She thought he loved her. He tells her he does but Mark is making him do it.

Grace meets with Darius. He has some information about the church. It appears to all be for political gain.

Everyone raises to meet with Mae and Bishop for their last-minute marriage. They realize AJ is missing. Grace finds him in the bathroom. He has cut his wrists.