Married At First Sight Australia Recap 07/02/20: Season 7 Episode 13

Married At First Sight Australia Recap 07/02/20: Season 7 Episode 13

Tonight on Lifetime their hit series Married At First Sight  Australia airs with an all-new Thursday, July 2, 2020, season 7 episodes 13 and we have your Married At First Sight Australia recap below. On tonight’s Married At First Sight Australia season 7 episode 13 as per the Lifetime synopsis, “In this second Commitment Ceremony, one couple leaves the experiment.

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All anyone could talk about was the dinner.

What Mikey laughed about with his wife wasn’t going to be what he laughed about with his mates. Mikey was dealing with his wife being a loudmouth and what he didn’t need was advice. Apparently, Hayley went around the party offering advice. She was in such a good place with her own husband David who goes by Dave that she kept offering advice and she ticked off quite a few people. She upset Amanda who had wanted to punch her. She annoyed Mikey who wondered when she would shut up and she wasn’t the only annoying person at the dinner. Michael had upset a few people as well.

Michael had asked Steve about his marriage. He admitted in his confessional that he found Steve to be boring and so he had no idea how Mishel was doing with a man like Steve. Michael had just asked Steve about his marriage to be polite, but Steve chose to get offended and he even brought up something from weeks ago. He said he hadn’t liked what Michael had talked about several weeks ago. Michael had told everyone that he kissed his bride on their wedding day because he thought anything else would have been offensive and so Steve was angry about that. He was truly irrational about it.

Steve wanted to argue with Michael. They started raising their voices and Mishel tried to defuse the situation. She tried to shut down the fight. Her husband lashed out her and he talked down to Mishel. He didn’t let her talk. He shouted at her and both Michael and his wife Stacey were offended on Mishel’s behalf. They tried to tell Steve that he should treat his own wife better. He hadn’t liked that and Mishel did. She hugged Michael. She thanked him for his kind words and all the while Steve was fuming. He hated how his wife had sided with Michael. He thought that was the biggest slap in the face and it probably didn’t help seeing how Michael and Stacey were such a team.

Stacey and Michael had sided with each other from the very first. They didn’t let anyone else come between them and it was like they never had that fight. The two of them were getting along much better now that they have a common enemy. It was as they were on this high that Michael took the opportunity to talk to Mikey and Mikey was so upset that he needed to be alone. He went to the other room. Ivan followed him to check up on him and Mikey opened up to him. Mikey revealed how betrayed he felt. He told Ivan that right now he needed space. He didn’t want to talk to Natasha or seek her out. He just wanted to deal with his emotions on his own.

Ivan went back to the table. Natasha spotted him and she asked him what was wrong with Mikey. He told her the truth. He told her that Mikey was feeling embarrassed and so Natasha got offended. Natasha left the venue. Tash had to go after her and by time Tash brought her back – Mikey had left. Mikey hadn’t wanted to stay around people who heard intimate details about his sex life. He was embarrassed and Natasha’s first instinct wasn’t to be there for him. It was to flee. Natasha later blamed Michael for her husband being upset and sure Michael stirred up drama. He also wasn’t the one out of line here.

Natasha should never have said what she did. She sex-shamed her partner and there no fixing it with Mikey. They slept in separate apartments that night. Mikey was still by the morning and he hadn’t wanted to talk to his wife. Natasha and Mikey’s marriage was in trouble. They were going into their second commitment ceremony in trouble and their marriage wasn’t the only one falling apart. Cathy and Josh got into a horrible fight after dinner. Cathy had been jealous because she saw him talking to Hayley and it had seemed like they had clicked. Cathy has obviously dealt with cheating before. She was afraid it might happen again with Josh and so she asked him about Hayley.

All they did was talk. Josh even said that Hayley had talked about her own husband and that he had felt glad for the two of them. Josh doesn’t think Hayley crossed a line. If anything, he thought Cathy was in the wrong because he had never given her a reason to distrust him. He has been nothing but good to her this whole time and so Cathy should have remembered it. They were another couple going into the ceremony with problems. Steve and Mishel were the third couple. She was still upset with the way he talked to her at the dinner and she doesn’t feel heard. Mishel wrote a letter to Steve. She was going to read it to him at the ceremony.

Tash and Amanda were the fourth couple. They’ve been struggling from Day 1 and so there was a lot to unpack at the commitment ceremony. All of these struggling relationships were asked to make a decision about their marriages. Mishel’s letter went down like a demolished building. She accused Steve of controlling her. She gave him back his ring and she told him she was done. She voted to Leave. Unfortunately, Steve chose to Stay. The experiment only needs one of their consent and so Mishel was forced to remain in the marriage for another week with a guy she knows doesn’t respect her.

It was the same for Mikey and Natasha. Natasha chose to Stay because she did enjoy herself with Mikey and she liked him. She truly hadn’t meant to offend him by letting other people in on their inside joke. She thought that because he had laughed about it earlier that he would be fine with her telling other people about it and so her actions were not malicious. Just misguided. Natasha chose to Stay and Mikey chose to Leave. He just could not get over what she did. He had wanted to get away from her and he too was trapped. He, like Mishel, has to stay in the experiment. Both parties there was nothing worth fighting over and so hopefully their partners will release them from the experiment soon.

Then there was Cathy and Josh. They both addressed their issues at the ceremony and they realized that they do want to try again. Both of them chose to Stay. They were going to work on her trust issues and Josh wasn’t going to keep threatening her with leaving. He had to allow her the chance to say what she was feeling even if he didn’t like what he was hearing. Josh and Cathy agreed to go easier on each other and that’s why they chose to Stay. But the last and fourth couple had much more complex issues. Tash has been pushing Amanda away for weeks and so Amanda began pulling away. And once she was doing so, that’s when Tash accused her of not giving their marriage a chance.

It was a no-win situation for Amanda. She tried to be understanding and she was accused of not listening to Tash. Amanda tried to address their issues and she was accused of being aggressive. Amanda wanted to at least try and live together and Tash said they couldn’t stand each other. Amanda asked to take separate cars to the dinner and she was accused of giving up on their marriage. There was simply no pleasing Tash. Tash liked it best when she could play the victim and Amanda was sick of it. She was so sick of it that she wanted out. Amanda voted to Leave and thankfully Tash hadn’t fought her on it. Tash even got to read a letter out of it and the letter helped end things on a nice note in spite of it being a crap marriage.

Tash chose to Leave as well.

Tash and Amanda are the second couple leaving the experiment.

They just couldn’t get it together and Hayley’s attempts to “help” them at the ceremony had been annoying as hell.