Marrying Millions Recap 09/09/20: Season 2 Episode 6 “Mother’s Point Of View”

Marrying Millions Recap 09/09/20: Season 2 Episode 6 "Mother's Point Of View"

Tonight on Lifetime their hit series Marrying Millions premiere with an all-new Wednesday, September 9, 2020 episode and we have your Marrying Millions recap below.  On tonight’s Marrying Millions season 2 episode 6 called, “Mother’s Point Of View,” as per the Lifetime synopsis, “Bill is in the dog house after a disastrous dinner with Bri’s parents; so to make things right and reconnect, he surprises Bri with a magical trip.

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Brianna and Bill have been fighting. Its been a nonstop fight for them since they discussed getting married and Bill made his feelings on the matter quite clear. He doesn’t want to get married again. He’s been married twice already. Both marriages ended in divorce and so Bill didn’t want to go through that again. He didn’t want to feel like a failure again. He thought he and Bri should continue as they are. They were happy when they weren’t talking about marriage and so Bill was hoping he could change Bri’s mind. It was her that wanted to get married. She was pushing for it because she thought that would be an undeniable commitment to each other and she at least wanted to discuss the possibility of getting married. And that’s just something Bill doesn’t want.

Rodney and Desiry talked about getting married. She was ready to be a wife. They’ve been in a relationship for over a year and, at that time, she has asked for some kind of commitment. It didn’t matter to her if it was a ring or simply meeting his family. Rodney even bent on the last one. He originally didn’t want to introduce her to anyone and he only did so because he wanted to keep Desiry in his life. She threatened to end things if he changes. He changed in order to keep her and so he introduced her to his parents. He thought the meeting went well. His girlfriend was happy his mother seemed interested to meet the woman in his life.

What didn’t expect was how his mother would react. His mother did not like Desiry and she made her feelings plain after she met the younger woman. Rodney’s mother told him that everything about that night was a disaster for her. She didn’t approve of what Desiry was wearing because she thought it was too tight and hoe-ish. She also didn’t like it when Desiry mentioned they were saving themselves for marriage. Rodney’s mother thought it was inappropriate to discuss their sex lives and she also didn’t want Rodney marrying Desiry. She claimed Desiry’s motives were suspicious because Desiry to dating a different rich man in the past.

Lastly, Rodney’s mother told him he would need a prenup to marry Desiry. She thought Desiry was after his money and she didn’t want Desiry to get it. Rodney later said his mother was that protective of him because he was her only child. He didn’t think anything she said was unreasonable and so he was already taking what his mother said to heart. Donovan had spoken with his own mother about marrying his girlfriend. He’s been with Dani for years and he wanted to have children with her. She was the one who wanted to get married before having children. She always thought she would and only now was she worries because she could sense Donovan didn’t want to get married.

Donovan told his mother he didn’t want to get married. He thought it would bring money troubles to his front door and so he would rather they not get married at all. Donovan told Dani that he had misgivings. He said it carried too much of a risk for him and so she tried to use that old saying. She told him the bigger the risk, the bigger reward. He told her that no risk can also come with a reward. Donovan wanted Dani to work for him, live with him, and have his kids. He just didn’t want to give her in return for it. It was actually pretty frustrating for Dani. She was being underpaid at work and she was told to give up her dreams of a wedding.

Dani was so frustrated with Donovan that she went on job interviews. She knew she brought a lot to the table and so she went on some interviews to see if she could be making more for someone else. Dani told Donovan afterward what she did. It made him upset. Donovan said she didn’t usually keep secrets from him and that he thought the whole thing was sketchy because she tried hiding it. Donovan later spoke to his father about it. He and his father are close because he was sent to live with his dad after going through a rebellious stage with his mom. And his dad advised him to marry Dani before they start having children because he said he wanted Donovan to do things the right way.

Reese’s family wanted the same for him. They wanted him to meet someone his own age and who would provide a family for him. Reese’s mom was leading the charge on this. She thought Nonie was using Reese and she wanted them to break up. Reese told Nonie what his mother has been saying. He also added how pressured his feels to have a son because he was the only son of his father’s and it was up to him to carry the name, but Nonie thought that was all crap. She couldn’t have kids because of an illness several years ago and so she thought Reese not wanting children of his own should be respected by his family.

Nonie didn’t want to be disliked by Reese’s family. She thought she could still win them over and so she invited Reese’s mother and his sisters to dinner. It was Reese who wanted his sisters to be there. He knew his sister was at least willing to hear Nonie out. He also wanted them to act a buffer for him and his mom. His mother has a lot of strong opinions. She was almost as bad as Rodney’s mother and Rodney had to tell Desiry not to call his mother a phony because it was disrespectful. Desiry was still dealing with what her potential mother-in-law had to say about her while Reese’s family came to visit Nonie and Reese.

Nonie and Reese tried to make a case for them being as happy as they are and his mom disagreed. Reese’s mother doesn’t care about the lifestyle that Nonie could give Reese. She doesn’t care about the views from Nonie’s house. She wants her son to meet someone closer to his own age and she wants grandkids. She doesn’t want her son being in Nonie’s shadow. And so Reese’s mother and Nonie got into an argument.