Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Finale Recap 08/12/20: Season 7 Episode 12 “The End Is At Hand/What We’re Fighting For”

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Finale Recap 08/12/20: Season 7 Episode 12 "The End Is At Hand/What We're Fighting For"

Tonight the ABC series Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs with an all-new Wednesday, August 12, 2020 season 7 episode 12 and we have your Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. finale recap below. On tonight’s episode called, “The End Is At Hand/What We’re Fighting For,” as per the ABC synopsis, “With their backs against the wall and Nathaniel and Sibyl edging ever closer to eliminating S.H.I.E.L.D. from the history books, the agents must rely on their strengths to outsmart and outlast the Chronicoms. This is their most important fight, and it will take the help of friends and teammates, past and present, to survive.

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Nathaniel Malick opened a portal to the Chronicoms world. He let them into this world and the Chronicoms were using the opportunity to wipe SHIELD off the face of the earth. They were killing everyone. It was up to the team to stop them and unfortunately, their best bet was taken out of commission. They were taken out of commission early on. Daisy, Daniel, and Mack were kidnapped while they were on their way to saving the world. They were taken out of the air by the Chronicoms and they were forced to land in one of the Chronicoms ships. The team thought they had been kidnapped because the Chronicoms planned on killing them as well.

The trio armed themselves because they thought they needed to prepare for a fight. Except they opened the hatch and no one came to arrest them or kill them. The Chronicoms brought the team to them and then they did nothing about it. Daisy, Daniel, and Mack were able to move around on the ship of their own free will and so they went looking for the others. They still wanted to save the day. The trio went looking for Simmons and Deke and those two were in grave danger. They had been taken by the Chronicoms. Simmons had been injected with something to help dissolve her memory patch and the Chronicoms were one step closer to finding Fitz.

Fitz was the key. Sibyl saw alternate timelines and various ways things could end for her and her people and the one key thing that always there to ensure a Chronicom defeat was Fitz. Fitz was always shown saving the day. Fitz and Simmons were very careful about hiding his location and so the Chronicoms didn’t even know where he was. They were still looking for them. Sibyl wouldn’t let them stop their search and she was the one who was working directly with Nathaniel. Nathaniel watched as the Chronicoms destroyed all of SHIELDS bases. The only they didn’t destroy was the Lighthouse because the Lighthouse was designed to withstand external attack.

If they wanted to bring down the Lighthouse, they had to do so from the inside and Nathaniel offered up Hydra. He wanted him and his people to be the ones to take down the Lighthouse. It was personal for him. He sent Garrett to rig the Lighthouse because he knew Garrett’s powers would make it nearly impossible for anyone to catch him and he had been right. Coulson, May, and Yo-Yo had spotted Garrett only they didn’t know how to defeat Garrett. They were also thrown when SHIELD was more or less destroyed. It had hit May particularly hard when she saw everything she worked for had been destroyed and so they needed time to regroup.

Time was something neither Mack, Daniel, or Daisy had. They were informed by an informational blast that the rest of SHIELD was gone and so they split up. They wanted to take down the Chronicoms. Sibyl was so far letting them go ahead with whatever they were planning because she had seen the outcome. She had seen the right moment to take down the trio and so she wasn’t in a hurry to fight them. Sibyl thought Nathaniel would agree with her assessment. She thought he would understand that she was in charge and it turns out Nathaniel had his own ideas. He wanted to destroy Daisy.

Nathaniel saw the other timeline. The one in which Daisy quaked the world to death and so he was rightly afraid of her. Nathaniel thought she needed to be taken down now. So, he decided to act on his own and he convinced Kora to help him. Kora had confronted him about her mother. She asked Nathaniel why he killed Jiaying and he came up with some story. He claims that Jiaying said she never loved Kora. He told Kora that her own mother wished she was dead and so Kora quickly overlooked the murder. She had still wanted to believe Nathaniel and his vision. She wasn’t quite ready to let go of either.

Kora agreed to help Nathaniel kill her sister. The two of them ignored Sibyl’s plan and they went looking for Daisy. Daisy had stolen a Chronicom uniform by then. The uniform made her nearly invisible. She was able to slip past the guards and she found Simmons and Deke. Deke had to explain to Simmons who Daisy was. Daisy then found out that whatever they injected into Simmons was messing with her memories. She doesn’t know what’s a secret from not and she won’t be able to hide it if asked. Sibyl knew the exact moment when Simmons would be that vulnerable. She agreed to move against the team when she thought she could get something out of it and so she wasn’t counting on Kora.

Nathaniel sent Kora after Daisy. He hadn’t told Sibyl beforehand and that meant Sibyl couldn’t stop it. She had to watch as Kora ruined her plan. Kora finding the team as she did had stopped Simmons from rambling on and Simmons was just remembering she was married. She would have revealed Fitz’s location eventually. Except Kora’s intervention stopped her from talking. Kora was taking all the anger she had out on Daisy and so Daisy told Deke to bring Simmons to the Zephyr. She was going to deal with her sister on her own. Daisy didn’t want to use her powers to fight her sister and so she used her powers to get her sister to listen to her.

Daisy reminded Kora that she exists because Jiaying was so devastated by losing Kora that she tried to fill that hole with another child. Daisy was able to get through to Kora by reasoning with her and so Kora let her live. She let her sister escape. She later explained to Nathaniel that Daisy made sense and he didn’t want to listen to her. He knocked her out with one of his weapons. He had taken to a holding cell and in the meantime, he went looking for Daisy. He planned on killing her. Nathaniel just needed to find her and so he said the right words to Sibyl. He told her that he needed to look at the timestream again.

Nathaniel wanted to know Daisy’s next move before she did. All the while, back on earth, Coulson and the others were able to kidnap Garrett. They put him in chains that stopped him from teleporting. The team planned on getting him to call off the bombs and there was a slight hitch to their plans. Garrett tried to get Nathaniel to call off the bombs when it looked like he might die down there as well and Nathaniel basically told him “oh, well”. Nathaniel left him to die at the Lighthouse with everyone else. It was the team that saved Garrett’s life and so Garrett felt like he owed them something after all of that.

Garrett agreed to teleport the team. He just needed a location and they believed they found one. Coulson picked up a coded message for SHIELD Agents. He and the others traveled there and Garrett was killed instantly. He was mistaken for an enemy by the other agents. Coulson was able to do some quick talking and he saved his, Yo-Yo, and May’s lives. It turns out the agents had been gathered there to build something. They all had packages that were passed down from parents or grandparents and luckily this was where the other half of the team arrived. Simmons came and she knew what to do with those pieces.

Simmons didn’t know why she knew. She just knew. She put the pieces together and that along with her wedding ring was able to bring Fitz back. Fitz was alive. He’s been alive this whole time and Enoch left clues in the past to find him. It had all been a part of a grander plan. Fitz was back and still, Simmons didn’t remember him. But Fitz wasn’t offended or anything. He knew their plan had worked and that’s all that matters. Fitz also answered several questions. He explained how they had seen the timelines shifting and that he left like he did because he needed to be there when the team came back with the key. The key to taking down the Chronicoms was Kora. She was pivotal and the team didn’t have her.

They also didn’t have Jiaying. Jiaying wasn’t supposed to die and so Fitz’s grand plan was all over the place. He was out of options so he suggested an alternate timeline. He thought they should all travel to an alternate timeline. The others didn’t like that plan because they didn’t want to leave the remaining SHIELD Agents to die and so Deke came up with another plan. He suggested the team travel to a different timeline and this time they take the Chronicom ships with them. This would thereby free the current timeline. Deke and Fitz both realized that one person needed to stay behind to man the machine and that’s where Deke offered himself up.

Deke wasn’t from their timeline anyways. He said that as long as his grandparents got back together then there still remains a chance that they’ll see him again one day and so Deke sacrificed himself. He stayed behind. He powered the machine that Fitz came out of and that same machine saved the timeline that Deke was in. He was now free of the Chronicoms. Deke was going to use his current timeline to rebuild SHIELD and, with things the way they are, he was in charge. Deke also knew in 1983. He would know how to navigate it. He was going to be alright in his timeline and it was the rest of the team that now had to worry about the Chronicoms.

The team went to an alternate timeline. One where they stand a better chance of winning and to do that they had to help Simmons remember. It was one thing for Simmons to forget Fitz, but they weren’t going to survive if she know her science and so Fitz had to walk her through her memories. He walked her through her childhood until she could start remembering them for herself. Simmons came to remember them coming up with a plan. She also remembered a few things she didn’t like and so that’s when Fitz explained to the others that there were still a few moving pieces to their original timeline.

It turns out going back to the OG timeline meant there was a possibility of running into themselves. Simmons, Fritz, and Yo-Yo had to wear masks and pretend they were backup. The rest of their team took the fight to the Chronicoms. Daisy and the others went to the Chronicom ships and they boarded one. Daisy was fighting her way through enemy lines when she came across Nathaniel. They had a battle of the quakes and elsewhere Coulson had been taken prisoner by Sibyl. Sibyl used him to find out where the team was hiding on Earth. She learned from him that they were the Lighthouse and that’s when she put in her code to send a message to the hunters.

Coulson had let himself be captured because all along they wanted Sibyl’s code. May had been keeping an eye on Coulson and so that’s when she stepped in. They took care of the Chronicoms that were in their way. They then used Sibyl’s own device to teach the Chronicoms empathy. The Chronicoms couldn’t kill anyone once they realized how morally wrong it was and that was thanks to Kora. Kora used her powers to get to the Chronicoms on the Earth. She stopped them from killing more people and her sister took care of the rest of the Chronicoms. Daisy knew she could possibly die in her fight against Nathaniel yet she took the risk anyways of quaking all the ships.

Daisy just barely survived what she did. She was saved by the team and the day was won. They brought down the Chronicoms. Also, Simmons finally remembered why she did what she did. She and Fitz traveled to a hanger where they asked their friends to guard with their lives and inside the hanger was their daughter Alya. She was a toddler. She has a cute British accent and her survival also meant that one day they will see Deke again.

A year later the team was able to meet up again. They met up and they talked about how well they were doing in their own lives and it was all bittersweet. Some of them were retired like Simmons and Fitz. Coulson had taken a sabbatical. He wanted to travel the world and all the others were still with SHIELD. They asked Coulson to come back with one of them. They all had their own teams now and they would enjoy having him there with them. Only Coulson wasn’t ready to come back. He was still enjoying his sabbatical. He and the others all said goodbye and they went back to their normal lives.

Daisy went home to Daniel and her sister Kora.

May went to a lecture where she’s been teaching people at the Coulson Academy.

Fitz and Simmons went home to their daughter.

Mack and Yo-Yo went right back to work.

& Coulson used his hot ride to fly around the world.