My 600-lb Life Recap 04/08/20: Season 8 Episode 16 “Ashley T’s Story”

My 600-lb Life Recap 04/08/20: Season 8 Episode 16 "Ashley T's Story"

Tonight on TLC their fan-favorite series My 600-lb Life airs with an all-new Wednesday, April 8, 2020, Season 8 Episode 16 and we have your My 600-lb Life recap below. On tonight’s My 600-lb Life season, 8 episodes 16 called “Ashley T’s Story’ as per the TLC synopsis, “Ashley is 24 and lives alone. Her only sources of comfort are food and the relationships she has online. But not a single one of her profiles is real. Soon, Ashley learns that Dr. Now isn’t someone she can lie to like her online friends.”

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Ashley Taylor is twenty-four. Her current weight is unknown. She knew she is overweight and that the weight pulls on her. She said her arms, legs, and everything hurts. Her body is starting to shut down and it terrifies her. Ashley wishes she could stop eating. She just can’t help herself. She’s addicted to food and this addiction has been around since she was young. Ashley turned to food as a comfort. She grew up with only her mother and grandmother. Its been the three of them since the beginning and it was hard because her mother was ill. Her mother suffered from epilepsy. She was sick all the time and when she wasn’t she and Ashley would bond over food.

Some of Ashley’s favorite memories were going to eat with her mother at fast food places. They used food to connect and later Ashley turned to food again when her neighbor raped her as a child. Ashley didn’t tell anyone about the rape for years. It took another child coming forward about this man to get Ashley to talk and thankfully her neighbor went to jail. But Ashley’s addiction to food kept going. Her mother fell off a chair during one of her seizures and she seriously hurt herself. It became so bad that her mother had to be moved to a long-term facility. The only person Ashley had left afterward was her grandmother.

Her grandmother was later diagnosed with cancer. She did her best to fight it and she sadly died some years ago. Ashley withdrew from life after losing her grandmother. It didn’t help that a family friend turned out to be her father and the moment Ashley learned he was her father that was when he withdrew entirely from her life. Ashley felt like she had no one else. She couldn’t rely on her mother. She relied on food to feel better and that’s how her ex found her. Her ex went looking for someone overweight. He went looking for someone he could use and abuse and he found Ashley. Ashley’s ex used her weight to constantly put her down.

He told her that no one was ever going to love her. He called her ugly and all the while he kept trying to feed her because he wanted to make her bigger. Ashley later left him. She moved out and since then she’s been a homebody. Ashley was so used to staying at home that she developed a second addiction in her interaction with people. She became a catfisher. She would meet people online and pretend to be someone else. She became so addicted to this that she didn’t realize she was potentially hurting people until someone called her out on it. Ashley has apologized for her previous behavior. She didn’t catfish people with malicious intent. She was ill and she knows better now.

The whole incident served as a wake-up call to Ashley. She soon changed her life. She didn’t want her mother to bury her and so she worked on getting better with her weight. She was 600lbs when she began with all of this. She’s been working on losing the weight because she wanted to work with Dr. Now and to be considered for surgery. So, she didn’t know how much she weighed until she went to the doctor’s office. They put her on a machine and they told her she’s now 486.6lbs. She lost more than a hundred pounds. It was great news for her and Dr. Now acknowledged her hard work.

He also asked about her life. He asked her about her diet and she said it was hard because no one was around to help her. She also said she spends most of her time talking to friends online. Dr. Now was concerned because he noticed that Ashley’s moods are tied to her eating patterns and so he wanted her to talk to a psychiatrist. He wanted Ashley to finally receive help to stabilize her moods. Dr. Now was concerned about her medical history and he wanted her to lose an additional twenty pounds before he considers her for surgery. He wanted to see if she could stay on this current pattern of losing weight.

Ashley wasn’t happy about not getting her surgery. She felt she was ready for it now and so she was frustrated with the doctor. She also doesn’t believe she should see a therapist. Ashley said there was nothing wrong with her in that regard and so she later ignored his advice to see someone. She thought she had everything under control. She continued her diet plan and she came back to see him in a month. She had lost 10lbs by then. Her BMI is still pretty high and Dr. Now didn’t think she was taking her weight loss seriously enough. He wanted her to drop sugar. He wanted her to lower the calories she was consuming and most importantly he wanted her to stop laughing.

Ashley kept treating her appointments with him as a joke. She would giggle throughout it and she wasn’t taking his advice. He said she has a long history of manipulating people into getting what she wanted. He didn’t want that to be the case with her surgery and so he pushed her into seeing the therapist. She didn’t really want to go, but she did. She met the doctor and they talked. Ashley told her therapist that she wasn’t close to her remaining family. They had found out about her catfishing and they had pushed her away. Ashley talked about what it was like to be on her own. She also mentioned how she suffered a psychotic break.

Ashley was suffering. She’s been trying to hide it from herself as well as others and it wasn’t healthy. Ashley’s therapy session had been good for her because it got her to talk. It also made Ashley stressful now that she is talking and so she broke her diet. She later went back to see Dr. Now. She thought she had lost the extra ten pounds and she only lost two pounds. Ashley’s weight loss has received a setback. She needed to work on it and yet she kept pushing for surgery. She tried to get Dr. Now to approve her for surgery. He didn’t want to and he asked several important questions as well.

Dr. Now asked her if she was following her new diet. She lied to him by saying she was and so she conveniently forgot about the cheat days. Dr. Now didn’t necessarily buy her lies. He pushed back on several things because he wanted to understand why she was there and she snapped at him. She snapped at him overdrawing blood. She didn’t want him or his clinic to draw blood. She wanted to go to someone she was familiar to do it and so Dr. Now pointed out to her how ridiculous it is to not trust them with blood withdrawal and still want them to perform surgery on her. She became frustrated with him when he pointed that out and it got worse between them.

Dr. Now even tried to get her to understand that the surgery wasn’t a cure. She was still going to have to put in work after the surgery and so she started shouting at him. She then demanded to leave. She left with her two friends and she accused him of trying to play her. Ashley was still shouting about him once she left his office. So, she came back because she knew she needed to come back. Ashley came back because she still wanted surgery and Dr. Now wasn’t going to give it to her until they spoke. He told her that she had to trust him. She had to become dedicated to the weight-loss program. She couldn’t keep giving in to her temper.

Ashley said she didn’t mean to explode at him. She said he was being disrespectful and that’s why she lost it. She also accused him of being disrespectful in the past. She says that every time she comes to see him that he was negative and so she didn’t get why he was the way he was. He refused to be manipulated by her. He pushed her to be honest with him and she admitted that she has been overeating. She also told him that she was overeating healthy food now. She was keeping out the part where she ate that pizza. Ashley needed to be prodded to tell the truth and so Dr. Now gave her a new goal.

He asked her to come back in two months. He wanted to lose forty months in two months and so she has this new goal. It also inspired her to try something else. Ashley created a social media profile and she wanted to be honest on this new profile. She didn’t want to hide by pretending to someone else. She wanted to be herself for a change and the changes kept coming. Ashley took up kickboxing. It was a great way to lose weight. It also taught her some valuable skills and it got her out of the house. She was being sociable now. She was engaging with her kickboxing coach and she was talking more to her real-life friends than the ones on the internet.

Ashley tried reaching out to the family. She tried contacting her aunt and her aunt hasn’t responded back. Thankfully, Ashley hasn’t let that set her back. She went on to lose seventeen more pounds. She didn’t reach the goal for forty and that didn’t stop her from wanting surgery. She tried to convince Dr. Now to give her the surgery. He refused because he finally saw her medical records. He’s seen that she’s been at around the same weight for the last three years and so he knows now that she hasn’t been telling him the full truth. Its why he later demanded that they run their own tests on her. They drew her blood and they finally got a grasp on her health.

Ashley has been very sneaky with Dr. Now. She’s been coming up with one excuse after another about how she’s ready for surgery and she still isn’t where she needs to be. She needs to lose twenty pounds per month consistently. Dr. Now also wanted her to continue her sessions with the therapist. Ashley went back to see the doctor. She was diagnosed with depression and borderline personality disorder. The last one came as a shock to Ashley. She never once suspected she had a personality disorder even if it does explain the catfishing. Ashley eventually chose to continue with therapy because she knows now she has to get healthy both mentally and physically.

And she’s still taking things step by step.